Germany Says "We Won't Let Anyone Take Europe From Us"

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Yesterday we said that in the historic fallout and unprecedented confusion over Brexit, so far only one sure winner has emerged - namely Russia, where Vladimir Putin is watching the slow-motion collapse of this latest artifical aggregation of Europen states (a quick search of failed attempts at European integration results in tens of pages of results) with great interest and willingness to pounce at any opportunity - even as all of Europe is a loser, and nobody more so than Germany, whose chancellor Merkel is now watching her legacy go down in flames as first the UK, then France (National Front), Italy (Five Star Movement), Denmark (Danish People’s Party), and Holland (Freedom Party) have all called for either a EU referendum of their own or a renegotiation of their country’s EU membership.

As would be expected, the more worried and desperate Germany gets, the more ridiculous things Germany is apt to say. Case in point is what German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said earlier today, when he tried to reassure onlookers that the EU would weather the shock of the British vote to leave the union as he convened crisis talks.

Well, one small nuance: Steinmeier wasn't focusing on the EU, he was far more concerned about Germany and how the one nation that has benefited more than anyone one else from the customers union and the common currency is struggling to keep up appearance that asll is well.

As Steinmeier was heading into a Berlin meeting with his counterparts from the EU's six founding members, he said the following: "I am confident that these countries can also send a message that we won't let anyone take Europe from us."

Or else? Because while "us" was meant to refer to the EU, he really meant Germany.

Steinmeier called the European Union "a successful project of peace and stability" and said that there was a "strong desire" within the bloc to defend and strengthen it. It would appear that tens if not hundreds of millions no longer agree. 

The damage control continued when he said that "it is absolutely clear that we are in a situation in which neither hysteria nor paralysis are permissible." Indeed: which is why central banks, the G7 and the IMF all scrambled to prop up... the world's markets.

"We must not rush headlong into hectic action, pretending we had all the answers. But we must also not fall into depression or inaction after the British decision."

But didn't you have all the answers when you said that a vote for Brexit would assure financial armageddon? Odd how that changed so fast.

As AFP reported earlier, Steinmeier's French counterpart Jean-Marc Ayrault urged quick negotiations on Britain's exit from the union, saying that the pressure would be "very strong" on British Prime Minister David Cameron at an EU summit on Tuesday to speed up the process.

Cameron, who on Friday announced his resignation by October in the wake of the referendum, said it should be his successor who leads the complex negotiations under Article 50 of the EU's Lisbon Treaty which sets out a two-year timeframe to leave.

Steinmeier hosted Ayrault, the Netherlands' Bert Koenders, Italy's Paolo Gentiloni, Belgium's Didier Reynders and Luxemburg's Jean Asselborn in a lakeside villa north of the city centre.

Ayrault said he and Steinmeier, whose countries long represented the twin-engine of European integration, were working on joint proposals that could deepen cooperation among EU members that use the euro currency, or bolster security and defence coordination. Steinmeier said the ministers would discuss joint action on the refugee influx, the unemployment crisis and security during their meeting scheduled to wrap up around 1000 GMT with a news conference.

* * *

Meanwhile, as Steinmeier scrambles to reassure naive onlookers how "peaceful and stable" the European project remains, what he is most worried about is not just another EU member nation quitting, but specifically a nation that is a member of the Eurozone, and shares the Euro. If that happens, it's all over.

As Barclays wrote overnight, the biggest potential worry is that another country, especially one that is also part of the EMU, might set out on a political path towards exiting the EU and EMU. While a country leaving the EU is a big event, one potentially leaving the EMU would be a much bigger deal. If markets start attaching a greater probability to an EU referendum (and a possible exit) in an EMU country, it could spark a return of redenomination risk and financial fragmentation, undermining business confidence and hampering business investment and growth.

A series of recent surveys and statements by some European parties suggest that this risk is real. Anxiety over immigration and a weak economic recovery have greatly eroded pro-EU sentiment in the euro area. A recent Pew survey found that roughly half or more of the population in large EU countries such as France, Spain and Germany viewed the EU unfavorably. The same survey showed that overwhelming majorities in most countries disapproved of the EU’s handling of refugees, as well as the economy. In a similar poll released by Ipsos Mori in May, nearly half of euro area citizens wanted a referendum on EU membership in their own country, including majorities in France and Italy (Figure 2). And in recent days, leading political parties in countries such as France (National Front), Italy (Five Star Movement), Denmark (Danish People’s Party), and Holland (Freedom Party) have all called for either a EU referendum of their own or a renegotiation of their country’s EU membership. These calls have become louder in countries such as Holland after the UK vote.

And as the following chart shows, the pain for Europe is just starting:


It appears that the trade now is not to sell Sterling, at least not anymore: one should have done that at 1.50 when everyone was wrong about the Brexit outcome based on manipulated polls as we explained ahead of the event. If anything, sterling will rebound following the positive boost to the UK economy following the devaluation. It's the long EUR trade we would be far more concerned about here...

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Slippin' through your fingers like mud...

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The UK-EU “divorce” will be as messy and entertaining as Charlie Sheen’s divorces.

There will be accidental weapon discharges, restraining orders, alimony demands, burnt houses, slashed tires, custody battles, etc.


According to RT, Calais mayor wants French migrant camps moved to UK after Brexit vote

The mayor of Calais is calling for a revision of the border deal between France and the UK, saying migrant camps located on the French side of the English Channel should be moved to Britain, which must feel full consequences of its decision to leave the EU.

Revenge is a dish best served with… COLD FROG LEGS.   ;-)


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NAZI never really went away, it just adapted.


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AdolphLustig (not verified) Richard Chesler Jun 25, 2016 10:43 AM

AshkeNAZI maybe.

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As The Guru of Wall Street said yesterday, "The EU is phucked!"

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The EU will very soon consist of the Germans and er... the Germans and of course let's not forget, the Germans.


TahoeBilly2012's picture

German's are owned by global Zionism, having been beat to death by the "6 Million Who's" cry. Now they are crying in the milch that the original Zionist slaves, the Brits, are trying to free themselves.

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Agree. Besides, they only LET Brexit happen because the QUEEN didn't want anyone telling her how and where to steal.

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santafe (not verified) Son of Loki Jun 25, 2016 11:42 AM

News is manipulated Son of Loki.

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So waht the fuck does "I am confident that these countries can also send a message that we won't let anyone take Europe from us," even mean?
More of the same blather and prat that caused the separation from a leadership of unelected bureaucrats in the first place.

ack's picture

He means ZIO-cons including Merkel. He means ALL the "refugees" being forced on WHITE Europe. That's the REAL threat of changing and taking Europe from INDIGENOUS WHITE EUROPEANS. Like Trump. He can't come out and SAY things directly. He's messaging folks. The GOTTERDAMERUNG is unfolding. And Steinmeyer has been forced to CHOOSE sides. Merkel is DONE. Stick a fork in her. Doesn't matter if she stays in office or not. She's fucking OVER. And SO IS Hillary. NWO is on the ropes.

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Your last remark had me reaching for the popcorn...I hope you are right because this is an epic movie I have been waiting for so long to watch.

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- Open Society
- Center for American Progress
- Umbrella Corporation
- Galactic Empire
- Hydra
- Legion of the Unliving
- E.V.I.L.
- F.E.A.R.
- V.E.N.O.M.
- Democrat Party

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 Please bear in mind that any rabid animal is most dangerous when it is cornered.

"I am confident that these countries can also send a message that we won't let anyone take Europe from us."

Or else? Because while "us" was meant to refer to the EU, he really meant Germany."

Not Germany but the unspoken 'us' with names appropriated from German, eh Steinmeier?

I bet Barbra Lerner Spectre is just as furious about 'us' loosing Europe as you are -Steinmeier.

Funny thing Steinmeier; you look almost exactly as if you were cloned from George Soros.

The Joker's picture

Ha ha! The nwo on the ropes? You fool! Has everyone forgotten that just when you think you have it all figured out....? Has everyone forgotten Ordo ab Chao? You think we've seen Chao yet? Ha! This is the beginning of Chao.

ack's picture

Gawd you're tiresome. Have you EVER seen a fight? On the ropes doesn't mean OVER. They've been bloodied. And are cowardly whiny pissants. They cry out in pain as they strike you. So stay out of their greedy mendacious grasp. And don't believe ANYTHING they say. That's damage enough.  

smithcreek's picture

Well, "us" would be Germany, so "...we won't let anyone take Europe from Germany."  It's ours!!!

king leon's picture

So Hitler really won WW2, right!

Matteo S.'s picture

It may seem paradoxical but german defeat in WW2 gave Germany the economic domination of Europe It would otherwise never have gained.

Thank all the internationalist bastards from left to right. Especially the christian democrats and their globalist Popes. The worst of all being current Pope Francis who is a leftist and a pro-muslim maul.

WTFUD's picture

' more of the same blather . . . ' Didn't Sepp Blatter head up FIFA before the Vichy DC Stasi found financial shenanigans . . . . shame they couldn't find Clinton Foundation Wahhabi skulduggery taboot.'

The corruption in the EU is rife and the 5 Presidents should be strung up beside the Goldman Enablers who have ripped off peripheral vassals like Greece, before Greek refugees are begging like the Romanians in London Underground Stations and the South of France rail network.

The good news to take from this is that Poroshenko ( on surviving the Panama fallout ) has promised Vichy DC/NATO that should other domino vassals fall, Ukraine is ready to step into the void. s/c

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Isn't that hate speech or something?  Or maybe safe-place denial?

He said, "we", it could be a cult?  

rich1657's picture

It means they didn't learn much from the destruction of Army Group Centre.

NoDebt's picture

So, Germany is saying that they OWN Europe?

It must be in their blood or something.  It just never goes away.

Citxmech's picture

That's exactly what it sounds like.

funthea's picture

Actually there was a loss in translation. The actual German translation is: All of Europe are belong to us!

DutchResistance's picture

Germany going for a threefer

Matteo S.'s picture

Mmmmyyy Preeecioussss !

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Yeah, but the UK FSA isn't very happy (including and especially N. Drunkardland and Sheepfukistan):

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today's germany controlled by the jew shill merkel is trying to ruin europe with their mass subhuman invasion, it is merkel's fault britain woke up to her master plan, hopefully my homeland italy sees too and gets the fuck out of path of destruction. arabs and africans are the weapon of the jews and germany. divide and conquer. 

johngaltfla's picture

Germany has a point. Do you know how many Jews and Gypsies they had to kill 70 years ago to come back and win the war peacefully in the 1990's?

ack's picture

Do you know how many ethnic Russians the bolsheviks had to kill to take over Russia? Try 20+ million. REAL NUMBERS. Holodomor. But ZIO-scum are worried about MUH-SHEKELS. Oh noes!

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The Butcher of Congo

Only 90 years ago, the agents of King Leopold II of Belgium massacred 10 million Africans in the Congo. Cutting off hands as we see in Sierra Leone today, was very much part of Leopold's repertoire. Today, Leopold's "rubber terror" has all been swept under the carpet. Adam Hochschild calls it "the great forgetting" in his brilliant new book, King Leopold's Ghost, recently published by Macmillan. This is a story of greed, exploitation and brutality that Africa and the world must not forget.

FYI: British were first to create CONCENTRATION CAMPS late 19th century Boer War...

bamawatson's picture

cameron "let it happen", he gussed wrong "To mollify dissenters in his own party and stop the rise of the far-right UK Independence Party, Cameron promised to hold a referendum on leaving the EU if his Conservative Party won the 2015 election."

read this; see  the myriad obstacles ahead

Tarshatha's picture
Germany Says "We Won't Let Anyone Take Europe From (((Us)))"


Top Kek you fucking imbecile.

Look out the window Frankie boi, there's a million murdering, rapist haji scum, balls deep in the process of fucking taking Europe away from you.

WordSmith2013's picture
END OF THE EU? Germany warns FIVE more countries could leave Europe after Brexit



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Chris Dakota (not verified) TahoeBilly2012 Jun 25, 2016 9:09 PM

Zionists destroyed Germany with WWl, plus Russia

Destroyed the British Empire with WWll

Who's next?

OregonGrown's picture
Germany Says "We Won't Let Anyone Take Europe From "US"..... 


There you go tylers, i fixed it for you!


nibiru's picture

Just look at who is in Brussels - former socialistic party apparatchiks from both Western and Eastern Europe. Everyone seemingly agrees to everyone. Commission being the politburo has the only meaningful way of legislative initiative and "parliament" votes yes or no. Nothing else. 


EU is not undemorcatic. it is antidemocratic! If European Union tried to apply for the EU membership (bear with me) it would fail on the grounds of... lack of democratic principles!!!

Brits in 70s entered a Union of free market spirit - NOW it's a politically correct soviet-style EUROCOMMUNISM.

Ghordius's picture

bullshiteering, Nibiru?

there is a democratically elected EU P. the same that feautured Nigel Farage, and gave him the platform for BreXit

further, this club has an exit door. evidence: BreXit

"Steinmeier called the European Union a successful project of peace and stability and said that there was a strong desire within the bloc to defend and strengthen it"

that's the most popular politician of his country, saying something to which millions nods in two dozen countries. in fact, many of the "red" counties on the map criticize the EU for not doing *more* "superstate" stuff, something that generally applies to the whole of the european Left

reality, boyz and girlz. have a look at it from time to time. the British Lion wants out, the Scottish Unicorn prefers not. why? it's the same club, remember?

r e a l i t y . n o t . a l w a y s . o n . y o u r . s c r e e n

r e d . o r . b l u e . p i l l ? i t ' s . y o u r . c h o i c e

COSMOS's picture

The rapefugees are just Bashi-bazouk same pattern of rapes and destruction. Also look at the postcard from Constantinople, they are a mix of Arabs/North Africans. Some things NEVER CHANGE !

Ghordius's picture

OT, isn't it? the thread was about "the EU, undemocratic", "the EU, anti-democratic"

evidence to the contrary: the English voted for BreXit, the Scots voted for staying within the EU

the EU will start to pester the UK to have a quick exit, the UK has already millions signing a petition for a new referendum

one British commenter put it roughly this way: "Project Fear failed, Project Lie won"

millions of Britons think the campaign was a great feast of lies, particularly on immigrations, jobs and regulations

UKIP is already busy pointing out that they never promised it would be a good economic choice, or a smart one

evidence to the contrary: the European Parliament is elected, and with the proportional method that does not exist in British or US politics

the European Parliament featured UKIP, a party that was excluded from seats in the UK, the party that had the European Parliament as a platform for their campaign for BreXit. star of that team of elected Members of the EU P: Nigel Farage, the victor of this referendum

try with facts, from time to time. facts are red pills

piliage's picture

Gosh Ghodus, where do I even start with all the straw men and hyperbole in this post? I have a flight at noon, so I can't dedicate the time to this sky high rhetorical flourish of yours as needed, but let me hit a few key points...

>the European Parliament is elected

Yes, often by 3% of the population (a margin of error) AND it cannot introduce legislation. That is not a parliament, that is a private country club. The commission introduces legislation, the unelected commission, the appointed commission. The parliament debates legislation that is spoon fed to it like warm diarrhea.

>"Project Fear failed, Project Lie won"

Holy Christ, you're better than this meme, Ghordus. Both sides told porky pies, and the freekin' 'in' campaign was not some fucking paragon of virtue. Ultimately, the question was "does the public of our country vote and control the people who get to make our laws or not".

The EU is seen as a undemocratic institution by many 'Anglo Saxons'. If the French or old fashioned Saxons want democracy by dictate by folks who graduated from the Ecole Nationale, more power to them. We're getting the same shit in America now with an out of touch political class who all gave themselves reach arounds at Yale and Harvard telling everyone else how to live. 

That is why we have Trump & Sanders in America. That is why you have Farage and Lepen in France.

Don't forget please, the EU was funded and set up by the CIA actually, DeGaulle saw Jean Monet as a US agent (which he was). This was ALWAYS about elitists on both sides of the Atlantic having control over 'the people'. It was also about a united front against Russia for NATO.

Well.. Merkel, that fucking closet Marxist and political hack with sheeple as an electorate, drove the elitist bus into the ditch. She also succeeded where Margaret Thatcher failed. How's that for irony?



Ghordius's picture

piliage, what are you talking about?

"often by 3% of the population"?? again -> UKIP was elected there. not in the UK. in the EU

"cannot introduce legislation" so? Cameron and Lord Hill's job, for the UK. you know, the two that resigned. the two which the British Parliament might exchange with new appointees. I prefer this confederational setup, and don't want to see the federational model, which you seem are proposing as superior

""Project Fear failed, Project Lie won". Holy Christ, you're better than this meme, Ghordus. Both sides told porky pies, and the freekin' 'in' campaign was not some fucking paragon of virtue. Ultimately, the question was "does the public of our country vote and control the people who get to make our laws or not"." well, as long as you see my quote as me quoting a commenter of quite some stature, I could even agree with you

meanwhile, I abhor both sets of lies

and you lost me at the whole part starting with "The EU is seen as a undemocratic institution by many 'Anglo Saxons'..."

CurrencyCrash's picture

So Mr Ghordius, 

Teh legislative power in the EU, does it ait with the European Parliament or with unlected beauracratic bodies? 

Ghordius's picture

ok, let's say you are a Brit and you want an EU law changed or a new one set up

your first point of call is the British PM Cameron. a guy that admins on the recallable confidence of the elected British Parliament, note

Cameron has resigned, note, and the elected British Parliament will have to appoint a new Prime Minister

that's the first vote, by the PMs, in the EU Council

that gives the task to the EU Commission to draft a bill for the Council to approve

there, you first point of call is the British EU Commissioner Lord Hill. an appointee of Cameron, confirmed by the Council and confirmed by the elected EU Parliament

Lord Hill has resigned, note, and someone in Westminster will have to send an new one

then the bill has to be approved or not by the EU Parliament

there, you could call on any elected British MEP, if memory serves me 70 of them there, including Nigel Farage

actually, relatively straighforward, in the context of how legislation is done worldwide

that "unelected" applies to Cameron and Lord Hill, note

CurrencyCrash's picture

Thanks, that was clearly explained. Apologies for the double post, some technical mishap. 

Typing on a cell phone and got fat fingers, which equals typos... 

piliage's picture

So, Ghordius, who gets to call David Cameron to have that law proposed? Is it the 'common guy, SME entrepenur'? Or is it some crony capitalist or lobbyist with access trying to jam through something to help the wallet of a BIG company? That's not democracy, that's 19th century mercantilism.

So, to cut to the chase, let's say BP calls Cameron, who then has his commissioner try to influence a bill that is being drafted by the other commissioners. This bill will eventually make it to the council for vote, assuming the parliament rubber stamps it.

Gosh, you're right, what the hell is wrong with this structure? How could anyone complain?

I've actually worked with my US Senator on an issue I had with the IRS. He responded directly. Why? Because he was accountable. And no, I didn't give him a campaign contribution. I was damn impressed with how responsive his office was, actually.

I also met a US congressman at a function in DC a few years back, he recognised my name, and said he knew my father had given him a campaign contribution. We had a good long chat.

When the EU has that level of accountability to a normal SME owner and private citizen, then I'll consider it a functioning democratic institution. Until then, it's a private club for politicians who lost elections in their home country and large corporations with access to them.