Die Welt Calls For Merkel's Resignation, Slams "EU's Gravedigger"

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"Britain Votes Merkel Out Of Office, Too" is the astonishing headline from Germany's 3rd largest newspaper Die Welt. Pinning the blame for The Brits' vote, the op-ed lambasts The EU's political failure, "The British do not leave the EU as narrow-minded snobs that had not meant it to happen that way, but as proud democrats that no longer wanted to put up with the snags and political failures of the EU;" and puts the blame squarely on the sagging shoulders of Angela Merkel (and her solo attempts at refugee policy)... "voters in Britain basically also voted Angela Merkel out of office. Before she becomes the EU's gravedigger for good, she should follow David Cameron's example."

Via Die Welt,

Britain leaves the EU because a majority no longer wants to tolerate the union's political failure. One key factor contributing to that is the German chancellor's solo attempts in the refugee policy.

The exit of the British marks the beginning of a new era, perhaps less so for Britain, which never really felt at home in the EU, rather than for the rest of Europe. Eventually, citizens between Scotland and the White Cliffs of Dover did not only vote David Cameron out of office, but also the hesitant and narrow-minded leaders in the EU whose arguments did not persuade a majority. Their policy of stubbornly sitting it all out has also failed.

What has until now been the biggest democratic field test on membership in what used to be an exclusive club called EU has demonstrated three things: first, despite undisputable merits, the EU in its current state is simply incapable of mustering majority support. As a result, second, the institutions simply cannot muddle along, out of touch with reality as they are, as they have done so far. And third, the current leaders have been unable to halt the obvious erosion of the biggest political project of the day. Structural problems and crises have apparently been too much for the professional troubleshooters in the compromise factory called EU.

What the EU would actually need now is stringent reforms: tightening decision-making processes, simplifying the tangled institutions, ending the undemocratic procedures by strengthening the European Parliament, and, above all ending the selfish wheeling and dealing in the European capitals that, in most cases, leads to leaving Brussels holding the bag. Yet how is that supposed to be done? How can one calmly go about refurbishing a wrecked home that some of its residents have just left? And how does the administration in Brussels, involved as it will be over the next few months in customarily tedious and obscure exit negotiations, intend to prevent a domino effect?

The British do not leave the EU as narrow-minded snobs that had not meant it to happen that way, but as proud democrats that no longer wanted to put up with the snags and political failures of the EU. It was not them that divided the country into supporters and opponents, beneficiaries and losers, those preferring to live in the past and those looking ahead, nationalists and cosmopolitans. That was all the making of the EU itself. That same institution that accepted the Nobel Prize as a unique peace project has dramatically lost support by allowing chaos to reign over the euro and tolerating unregulated immigration far beyond Britain. Before the British said bye-bye, lots of other places were ablaze as well. The triumph of the neo-nationalists, Orban in Hungary and Kaczynski in Poland, as well as the advance of the leftwing populists of Syriza in Greece, the Five Stars in Italy, and Podemos in Spain have demonstrated how moribund Europe's disagreeing union has long since become. The Brexit is not a dress rehearsal that, when failing, can still be salvaged with a few repairs by the actors involved.

If we are unlucky, the historic drama is already in its final act. On closer examination, the Brexit is just the logical consequence of the EU constitution that failed in referendums in the Netherlands and France in 2005 already. After that, the intricate institutions rumbled on more or less without control and leadership while policymakers ignored to cut the most ambiguous projects of state sovereignty -- Schengen and the euro -- down to size.

Europe has neglected its citizens -- not the other way round. When those citizens can watch the EU, the spin-off and replacement of the traditional nations, doing badly on a daily basis, its leaders should not be surprised when an increasing number of people prefer the somehow functioning original to the shaky innovation. This is the real reason, rather than stupidity and backwardness, that made nationalism, already on the way out, fashionable again in the middle of Europe. The narrow outcome, which would have been impossible one year ago, also shows clearly that Angela Merkel's laissez-faire in the refugee crisis has ruined David Cameron's political career -- and estranged Britain from the EU for good. It was the pictures of the Balkans and the excesses of Cologne, which UKIP [United Kingdom Independence Party] leader Farage loved to refer to with relish, that decided the Brexit.

There are a number of precedents. For some 10 years or so, the EU has no longer been working properly, because it has bound together countries economically and politically that are simply not suited to one another. The fabulous career of Alexis Tsipras from Trotskyite nutcase to prime minister of a bankrupt euro-zone country is due to the failure of the single currency in Greece. Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann was the first, but not the last, head of government falling victim to the refugee crisis. France, Europe's central nation, has been governed for months in a state of national emergency because Islamist bombers were able to also cross the open borders in the Balkans and attack the core of Europe's liberal way of life. There is quite a lot that would allow the situation to be described as a multiple systemic crisis.

Is it a surprise then, when in view of such failure individual EU member states delegate responsibility for their immigration policy to tiny Macedonia and close the Schengen borders at will? Is it a surprise when a whole generation of hopeful young people in Southern Europe have given up on the EU, when the resolution of the euro crisis is deferred again and again for the sole benefit of the banks -- in contravention of all European rules? Grit your teeth and get over with it has long since ceased to be an option, because that stupid tactic has helped the EU go to the wall in Britain.

At the moment, and that says it all, the European Union is only popular and highly regarded in the countries in Eastern Europe. Where people are in fear of Putin's expansionist policy such as in the Baltic states, where billions from Brussels are pumped into infrastructure and agriculture such as in Poland, or where the domestic political elite is much more corrupt and undemocratic than in the EU such as in Romania or Bulgaria -- there, and unfortunately only there, people are eager to join the rundown golf club.

Yet a European Union that will routinely hold membership negotiations with Kosovo, Albania, or semi-dictatorship Turkey will only stagger into collapse. Citizens will simply not play along. And the next referendums could be on the doorstep in core Europe, with neo-nationalists such as Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and Marine Le Pen in France loudly demanding to let their people democratically vote on membership in the EU. When the benefits of a deal called EU are not eventually felt in the minds and pocketbooks of all citizens, it is unmarketable as a model for the future.

At the moment, the most powerful European, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, tries his hand at being crisis manager of the sorrowful countenance. As Luxembourg's prime minister, he has been diligently involved in dismantling the EU with elaborate tax tricks at the expense of the neighbours. It is an irony of history that Cameron, a democrat, steps down while bureaucrat Juncker could be allowed to slouch over his desk and even lead the humiliating exit talks. If the EU eventually wants to present itself as a democracy, the European Parliament must remove Juncker. Tightening and resuscitating the entire project must be in the hands of younger, changed leaders. If not now, when?

The European disaster in Britain, which - notwithstanding its bitter aftertaste - is a feast day of popular sovereignty, also puts a woman at the centre that has been highly praised by the media and the elites and that many already regarded as Europe's unofficial chancellor. Angela Merkel, together with her finance minister, made the euro crisis in Greece a matter for Berlin to settle. By making the breach of the rules -- the financing of governments -- a permanent state of affairs, she bought time and damaged the sensitive European currency project for good without structurally resolving the malaise in the Mediterranean countries. And when Angela Merkel opened the borders in the migration crisis entirely on her own only to negotiate a dubious deal with Turkish ruler Erdogan also on her own, she demonstrated to citizens what she thinks of the EU and its institutions: very, very little. For the head of a party in charge of the European legacy of Konrad Adenauer and Helmut Kohl, this is a confession of political bankruptcy. On Thursday [23 June], voters in Britain basically also voted Angela Merkel out of office. Before she becomes the EU's gravedigger for good, she should follow David Cameron's example.

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Do it Merkel.

Take one for the team.

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Fuck the EU
Unholy Satanic Alliance of the Self-Appointed to Subsume Mankind's Liberty, Freedoms and Happiness

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Remove Merkel before she can do more damage to Gemany and Europe.

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""Merkel's Resignation, Slams "EU's Gravedigger" ""



Harlequin001's picture

Fuck me! This is awesome.

What the hell have we done?


Is that hum the steady drone of Elite pacemakers going full fucking turbo?

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Frau Merkel needs to headback to Tel Aviv.

She's a zionist cock sucker extrordinaire.

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Merkel ate all her political opponents. The scene is empty without her and the vacuum could be filled with the AfD and for this political establishment cannot allow.


Imagine her resigning from all those flashes and stares of young horny immigrants? She resigns from politics and no one looks at her ugly face again!

Plus this year another million is going to say hi to Mutti Merkel so she is already readying her whip!


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The clip with Merkel and the German flag. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Rcc7xgD2dM

All I needed to know about that globalist SS matron.


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I thought that was Bidens job.

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Now we need Obama to go there and threaten to put "Germany to the back of the Que". That should guarantee Merkel out

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Somebody posted a picture the other day, how do I do that? I got some hot black and whites of Merkel flashing her bush.

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"What the hell have we done?"


if by this you mean yuo're a Brexit voter I can ensure you you have my warmest regards!!

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Merkel has been Germany's Gravedigger.

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Merkel is a mass graves kinda gal. She can bury the EU, Germany, and any place else her globalist masters instruct.

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Cape Breton gratiously will accept Merkel when she resigns. She can live next to Sharpton, Whoopi and Rangel when they leave the USA when Trump gets elected.

Freddie's picture

The English people saving the German people from the evil EU-SSR and zio-stooge Merkel.

Merkel and all the other open border Germans and their puppet masters need to be "Mussolini'ed".

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May I offer an alternate view, please stay, Frau Merkel, you are doing an admirable job of burying the totalitarian crowd and their one world govt., please give her one more year. She can wrap it up by then.

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Merkel is a POS. She should resign.

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She grew up in a Communist country, so all she has ever known from Day 1 was dictatorship.

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"She grew up in a Communist country"


Wrong she grew up in WESTERN Germany (GDR) then her family moved to Eastern germany (DDR). Her father was a minister which was not too good in a Communist country BUT he never was harrased. Some mean people imply the Merkel family was left alone becasue young Angela would rat out her turbulent friends for the Stasi... How many young ppl ended up in jail because of Angela? Interesting question...


The same mean people imply that in November 1989 the CIA got hold of Merkel's Stasi dossier and the US deep State has been blackmailing her since 2010 or so...

For about 3 years she's been Uncle Sam's cheerleader with her pro-TAFTA stance (among other things). Merkel's become a puppet and her strings are pulled from Washington.



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Germany should leave the Zio-empire and the German people should get holocausted for a third time in a century.

Fuck the JewU.

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You should learn to express your jealousy in a more sophisticated manner.

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Burn the Bitch !


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Exactly. At the end of the day, it's those Brussel parasites who have the power, not us (Brexiters). The narrow minded people perhaps are the remain campaign.

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Fuck Hitler's orphan!

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Merkel was raised in East Germany. Commie Bitch!

ack's picture

She's a bolshevik. They were ALL bolsheviks. Bolshevik ZIO-scum have lived in E. Germany since the WW2. They started and ran STASI. Stalin purged the Trotskyites -- who diasporared  to NYC and Mexico -- but LOTS remained throughout the Soviet satelites as "communists". Who gives a fuck what they call themselves. Cuz they're ZWO scum. And the enemy of sane humanity.  

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After they take Merkel's & Hollande's heads, how will they get rid of the rapefugees? There will be a civil war.

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Germans can be very efficient

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By all means Angleworm Merkel should be cast out in disgrace and dishonor, but is the EU rotten apple really worth saving at this point anyway?

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Merkel, PHD in Physics.  How the fuck can someone so smart be so stupid.

AdolphLustig's picture
AdolphLustig (not verified) Duc888 Jun 26, 2016 2:30 PM

Its (((quantum chemistry))) she studied aka jewish physics.

SuperRay's picture

That explains her tone deafness. She can't get that people disagree with her

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People not equal to Goyim. /s

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AngleDouche Murky

This NWO fat ass cunt needs to be sprayed with machine gun fire on live Pay Per Spew Zee Tee Vee...

Might solve the Yerp debt

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Best week in politics in living memory. The Establishment is under siege, and we haven't even started chopping off any heads yet.

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Just not the same without the ssssshhshhhshhKERCHUNK sound the slide and blade make, along with all the cheering of course.

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"we haven't even started chopping off any heads yet.

Ah! so many heads, so few axes......

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The current heads "leaders" of  a lot of other states will resign "well, run away" before this thing colapses.

"Self-preservation is a behavior that ensures the survival of an organism."


For now she stands, other than Cameron who goes "boe, boe they are all against me".

Can't even live up to a single election prommise.

Spineless fuck.



the.ghost.of.22wmr's picture
the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Jun 26, 2016 1:10 PM

Hug Obama > Step down as PM


Twice would be a pattern. Three times would be enemy action.

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No doubt Murky and Junky are very responsible for the EU mess.  Both need to go.  Author is right, UK is a symptom of very very bad EU policy.

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Show some balls, Merkel; kick Obambi in her vagina...

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There's ZERO difference between Merkel and Obama. They're both useful tools for the Neocon Agenda which is to subjugate western society in the same manner as they've accomplished in the 3rd world.

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How about criminal prosecution and execution?

Or was Islamic and African invasion of the EU and ethnic cleansing in the middle East and Africa part of the "EU" plan?

People have confused "EU integration" with "state sponsored invasion and murder", 2 entirely different events happened.

I think it was a planned event, like the ww2 extermination of Jews.

EU needs a Nuremberg redux war crimes prosecutions.

Merkel needs to be prosecuted "all official like Sadam was" then strung up like Mussolini.

Her brokenness is dropping bombs in Ukraine and slaving women in Syria.

The world needs brutal prosecutions of criminal leaders engaged in invasion and murder.

The leadership never gets punished.

The alternative is nuclear war.

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It is an irony of history that Cameron, a democrat, steps down while bureaucrat Juncker could be allowed to slouch over his desk and even lead the humiliating exit talks

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I won't believe these cocksuckers until they start deporting muslims.

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I'm glad to see that at least one person in Europe gets it.