More Confusion: EU Tells Cameron To Hurry Up With Article 50 As Merkel Says No Need To Rush

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While the political chaos slamming the UK over the weekend, will be its own chapter in the history books one day, with UK's dynamic leadership duo of Cameron and Osborne suddenly nowhere to be seen while the Labour party is undergoing a rebellion even as Boris Johnson has yet to make a concerted push to claim the victory the British people unexpectedly handed him, things in Europe are no better. Case in point, Europe's collective (or rather not so much) on the next major catalyst in the UK's exit from the Eurozone, which as we explained previously, is the moment Article 50 is triggered, widely expected to take place some time over the next several months if not much sooner.


According to Reuters, the EU is allegedly interested in a quick and clean divorce, reporting that Britain need not send a formal letter to the European Union to trigger a two-year countdown to its exit from the bloc, EU officials said, implying British Prime Minister David Cameron could start the process when he speaks at a summit on Tuesday.

The potential delay in the triggering of Article 50 has been interpreted by some as a case of Buyer's (or perhaps seller's) remorse, going so far as to suggest that a Boris Johnson cabinet may never invoke it at all, and instead opt to remain in the EU, openly defying the will of the majority.

"'Triggering' ... could either be a letter to the president of the European Council or an official statement at a meeting of the European Council duly noted in the official records of the meeting," a spokesman for the council of EU leaders said.

Why does the EU want a quick response? According to a second EU official cited by Reuters, who noted the mounting frustration among leaders with the British prime minister's delay in delivering the formal notification required to launch divorce proceedings, "It doesn't have to be written. He can just say it." Cameron will brief the other 27 national leaders over dinner at a European Council summit in Brussels on Tuesday on the outcome of Thursday's referendum at which Britons voted to leave the EU, prompting him to announce he will resign.

On Friday, he said he would leave it to his successor as Conservative party leader and premier to trigger Article 50 of the EU treaty, which sets out a two-year process to quit the bloc. That appeared to be a reversal of a pledge to launch the process immediately after the vote. It has angered EU leaders who want a quick settlement to limit uncertainty. It has also prompted some abovementioned experts to speculate that it is Boris Johnson who is delaying the exit when in reality the balls is, and will remain for a while, in David Cameron's hands.

What makes things complicated is that some Brexit campaigners have long said that Britain should aim to negotiate a comprehensive new relationship with the EU, seeking access to markets without submitting to EU rules or open migration, before binding itself into the two-year timetable that would be fixed for talks if Article 50 is triggered. Such talk worries EU officials and leaders who fear that a prolonged haggling with London will further increase the risk of a domino effect of nationalist-led demands for exit from other states. They do not see a legal way to force Britain to start the process but have piled political pressure on Cameron to honor his pledge to launch Article 50 negotiations and respect the popular vote.

The chief executive of Britain's "Vote Leave" campaign called for informal talks before London notifies the EU it wants to leave under the Lisbon Treaty, which provides for two years of divorce proceedings. But German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, a member of Merkel's Social Democrat coalition partners, showed a greater sense of urgency.

"This process should get under way as soon as possible so that we are not left in limbo but rather can concentrate on the future of Europe," he said after hosting a meeting with his colleagues from the other five founding members of the EU - France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Putting the heat back on Cameron, Reuters adds that the Council spokesman made clear that leaders cannot simply choose to interpret something Cameron says as the trigger without the prime minister saying clearly he means it to be.

"The notification of Article 50 is a formal act and has to be done by the British government to the European Council," the spokesman said. "It has to be done in an unequivocal manner with the explicit intent to trigger Article 50. Negotiations of leaving and the future relationship can only begin after such a formal notification. If it is indeed the intention of the British government to leave the EU, it is therefore in its interest to notify as soon as possible."

To be sure, all would be well - all things considered - if Europe could at least present a united front in its treatment of Brexit and Article 50, however even that appears impossible, because elsewhere Reuters writes that German Chancellor Angela Merkel sought to temper pressure from Paris, Brussels and her own government to force Britain into negotiating a quick divorce from the EU, despite warnings that hesitation will let populism take hold.

Almost alone in continental Europe, Merkel tried to slow the rush to get Britain out of the EU door. Europe's most powerful leader made clear she would not press Cameron after he indicated Britain would not seek formal exit negotiations until October at least."


Quite honestly, it should not take ages, that is true, but I would not fight now for a short time frame," Merkel told a news conference.  "The negotiations must take place in a businesslike, good climate," she said. "Britain will remain a close partner, with which we are linked economically."

The issue is that with the strongest person in the EU suddenly backtracking on the urgency, it will likely only inflame even more tensions in Europe, where virtually everyone else demands a quick separation. Ironically, Merkel's position may even help the Euroskeptic camp around Europe.

Eurosceptics in other member states applauded Britons' decision to leave the European Union in a referendum that sent shockwaves around the world, with far-right demands for a similar vote in Slovakia underlining the risk of a domino effect.


This has promptly led to concerns among Europe's core: French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault warned of the dangers of delay. "We have to give a new sense to Europe, otherwise populism will fill the gap," he said. They followed European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, who said on Friday it made no sense to wait until October to negotiate the terms of a "Brexit".


European Council President Donald Tusk made a start by appointing Belgian diplomat Didier Seeuws to coordinate negotiations with Britain. Britain's representative on the EU executive, Financial Services Commissioner Jonathan Hill, resigned on Saturday after campaigning against a British exit.

At the same time, the pressure on the UK is rising: after the referendum decision and Cameron's resignation, European politicians and institutions felt free to shower demands on Britain over its future outside the world's largest trading bloc. The European Central Bank said Britain's financial industry, which employs 2.2 million people, would lose the right to serve clients in the EU unless the country signed up to its single market - anathema to "Leave" campaigners, who are set to lead the next government in London.

But it is not just the splintering of the EU that has grabbed everyone's attention: as reported earlier, the United Kingdom itself could also now break apart as a result of Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's threat that her government was preparing to present legislation allowing a second independence referendum while continuing discussions on its place within the EU. She also warned that her government may veto the Brexit decision.

Amid all this confusion, one thing is clear: with countless variables suddenly emerging and even more path permutations forward, nobody has any clue how any of this will play out, which likely means another bout of global risk off now that the markets have had a chance to catch up to the new post-Brexit reality, which in turn will force even more central bank intervention, just as the Central Bank's Central Bank, the Bank of International Settlement, warns in its 86th annual review, that "easy-money policies and unprecedented monetary stimulus have started to backfire in global financial markets."

In short: everyone is praying that someone, somewhere will be successful in kicking the can for at least a few more days/weeks/months.

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Looney's picture

What a conundrum!

On one hand, the EU wants to make the separation as painless as possible (for itself), which would also lessen the UK’s pains and aches.

On the other hand, they MUST make it so horrible for the Brits, so other countries would be terrified to even think about leaving.


The EU’s low-hanging testicles are caught in the vice and whatever the EU does, the balls are gonna get squeezed tighter and tighter, until its eyes pop.  ;-)


johngaltfla's picture

This insanity and the French being French could drive equity markets down another 15-20% before any sense of stabilization occurs. Way to go Eurocommies!

And for that, for those of us who are short, we thank you.

Consuelo's picture



"And for that, for those of us who are short, we thank you."


"For those about to €€€€Rock, we Salute You..."

maskone909's picture

I just hope i have enough popcorn.

santafe's picture
santafe (not verified) maskone909 Jun 26, 2016 11:30 AM

Now Britain should divorce these warmongers.

giovanni_f's picture

Merkel, aka Erdogan's goat, won't politically survive this year. One bright and blessed day this power-obsessed cunt will simply fuck off, missed by no one but her sodomite osman lover.

Most if not all of the other feeble figures of the self-elected elite are bound to share her destiny and fall into oblivion as there is absolutely nothing remarkable about them.

Ghordius's picture

whatever, it's a club with an exit door, and the management of Hotel EU has to ask how the client and club member plans to settle prior to departure or after departure

England the Lion is a cat, i.e. adores open doors. Scotland the Unicorn understands that, but bitches with it

remember, it's family, for us. yes, that includes the batty grandmother and the untrustworthy sister and the insufferable mother-in-law

HowdyDoody's picture

The EU has an exit door, but TTIP doesn't (unless 100% of the other 'members' agree). Both Farage and Camoron support TTIP.

edotabin's picture

The key issue the EU wants to hide is the change of its character and nature. To be part of a trading bloc that fosters business, cultural exchanges and progress on a voluntary basis is one thing. To be part of a bloc that slowly transforms into an unelected, authoritarian command center that barks orders at you is another.

TPTB always use these finer details to deceive the public. Their biggest problem is that they are operating against the laws of the universe. The truth will always surface. They try to make enough changes prior to people catching on while hoping it will be too late when they do. In essence, they are swindling the world.

Ghordius's picture

"barks orders at you is another"
cool. give me an order of the EU to disobey, today in England

One. Just One. Shall I drive to the left? Drink a pint instead of using metric inebriation? Dodge an EuroCop swap team? throw stones at the Belgian military barracks? tell me, which EU reg I should break today as a symbol of my rebelllion against the EU

yes, it's sarcastic. yes, it's a lot of myths in danger of extinction, this week

edotabin's picture

Ok Ghordo, the EU makes no laws, forces nobody to do anything and is exceptionally democratic.




OverTheHedge's picture


If, as a citizen of the European union, I sell cheese in the UK measured in pounds and ounces, instead of grams or kilograms, I am threatened with a £5,000 fine AND 6 months imprisonment.

Please could you tell me who benefits from this law, and quite why such draconian punishment is needed to make sure perpetrators are sufficiently cowed?

I look forward to to your answer.

Btw, you are even less coherent than usual; perhaps you need a break.

Ghordius's picture

and that's all you have found? then rejoice about your newly found liberty of selling in pounds and ounces, instead of grams and kilograms

let me know when the British Parliament changes that law, btw

QuickFrozen's picture

The pre-Brexit EU was led by two alphas, the German Shepherd and the British Lion, that’s a dog and a cat. It was clear from the outset that there were going to be problems.

Robert Trip's picture

Every decision that is meaningful in the least has to pass through a phalanx of focking lawyers.

THAT'S the problem.

Kaeako's picture

"Sigmar Gabriel, Angela Merkel's deputy and coalition partner, has broken from her conciliatory tone and demanded Britain gets no "half-partnership".

"The British have now decided to go. We will not hold talks about what the EU can still offer the Britons to keep them in. It is clear: You can't be a bit pregnant. Nor have half a partnership."

Mr Gabriel said David Cameron had committed a "grand and historic blunder" and said Britons will "one day curse" Boris Johnson."

More bipolar messages out of Germany, or the actual thoughts and feelings of Merkel?

Robert Trip's picture

Might be an opportune time for Merkel to pack up her stuff and board one of those subs she gave the Israelis.

Scuba Steve's picture

A hint of desparation in those remarks ... her poker face is slipping

Lea's picture

Arf. All bluster, huffing and puffing, but no substance. Germany will be kind to the UK, as it is selling 30% of its car production to the Britons, and the Lord only knows what vast amounts of what else.

Germany will bitch and whine a bit, and then sign a cozy trade deal with the UK to carry on selling her shite.

Dre4dwolf's picture

These kinds of things should have automatic votes.

Every 5 years or so every nation in the E.U. should have a vote , to see if the country still likes being in the E.U., to see if its working out for them.

If they did this the corrupt unelected beurocrats in control of the E.U. would be more hessitant to put in place crazy regulations that cripple economies, for fear of becoming unpopular.


Lets be honest here, the E.U. is centralized and the people in charge favor certain countries.... they put in place policies that hurt some Euro Nations in order to benefit other Euro nations.

So some nations become leaches and others become hosts. . . . and everyone bribes officials to turn their nation into a leach as much as they can until the whole thing comes unglued.

The E.U. makes Europe weaker, not stronger.

Just look at it, the proof is in the pudding as they say...... they cant even mount a practical defense of their borders so they opted to sell the story that " they want an open border " pffft

" The enemy as the gates, we are too weak to defend ourselves , so just let them in and pretend thats what we wanted "

Thats whats really going on here.....

Ghordius's picture

"let's be honest..." sound good! when do you start?

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

I'd recommend the same 'every 5 year' vote for every US state as to whether to continue being part of the US.

Collectivism Killz's picture

Same level of maturity as a middle school couple breaking up, well, actually less....

DrZipp's picture

The 'formal notification' should be a selfie of Boris Johnson flipping the bird posted on the EU's facebook page.

atthelake's picture

The EU wants to form an army. England was going to veto the formation of that army. England had to get out of the EU. England is, almost, out of the EU and the EU can, now, form an army. We knew there had to be a reason the globalists allowed it to happen.

Scuba Steve's picture

Form an army? haha LMFAO ... gee, I wonder who from the ass-raped peasants or the elites will join that shit-show.

Goat-fuckers running into the country now become the EU soldiers? Haha, fox guarding the henhouse.

LOL, Antoine knows:


Caleb Abell's picture

The EU wants to form an army ???

The sensitive and delicate europeans don't even have the balls to protect their women and ten year old sons from the immigrant hordes.  Does anyone seriously believe that they would have the stomach to fight another country's army?

Ghordius's picture

cute, those keyboard warriors

Vageling's picture

FFS, what's with this haste suddenly. They know it needs to be run down by parliament. And fuck stasi Merkel and her minions. At times like these you see the true ugly face of the EU and who's really running things.

LA_Goldbug's picture

EU is a German Baby. Read John Laughland for more details.

bruno_the's picture

on a related news :

Syria, Egypt and Israel have formally applied for accession to the Shanghai cooperation organization

RawPawg's picture

Iran and Israel in the same club?

yeah,that will end well

bruno_the's picture

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer

Scuba Steve's picture

"When war comes Charlie ... and it will come, the winner will be the guy that gets his enemy to trust him"

Rothstein to Luciano.

me or you's picture

When all nations over the world start getting together the MIC will go bankrupted.

Caleb Abell's picture

That would make sense.  

Syria is an ongoing victim of US aggression and is rightfully looking away from trading with the west.

Egypt has figured out that their supposed ally is not a real ally at all, and is also looking east.

Our "special friend" Israel has seen where the dollar and the neocon empire is going, so they recognized the need to search for, and attach themselves to, a new host.  In due time, depending on who looks to be the best deal, they will fight alongside Russia and/or China to destroy the evil north american empire.  Meanwhile, US politicians swear undying loyalty to Israel ... at ANY cost ... but Israel never returns that kiss.

Scuba Steve's picture

@Caleb knocking it out. Spot on. (Golf clap)

Caleb Abell's picture

Merkel is not trying to slow down the process, she is only doing what the US orders her to.  The US just wants more time to figure out how they can sabotage the referendum.  Merkel is nothing more than a CIA stooge who can't even fart without CIA permission.  

Has she ever done ANYTHING to advance or protect German interests if they conflict with CIA/Neocon policy?

bruno_the's picture

It looks to me that results from the referendum have been planned (helped) some time ago. Too much conspiracy you say?

The British and US intelligence are positive about for months a Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union : in March said the former MI6 chief Richard Dearlove, that could make a withdrawal of Britain from the EU Britain safer. A Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union would have a positive impact on national security. "The Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union would bring two potentially important security gains from economies...

nice article in german - use google translate

And this from heritage

RawPawg's picture

if it all comes crashing down in the next few days,all this talk won't matter anyway

everybody will be out for themselves


spanish inquisition's picture

I smell trickery. When in the history of government has a bureaucrat not requested a form filled out in triplicate? They need to scour the rules to unearth the real reason.

Scuba Steve's picture

I'm guessin IOU's expire for amounts owed if a member leaves the Union.

Germany has sheckels coming ...

The rest of the EU owes ...

SparticusUK's picture

Go long on popcorn

Byte Me's picture

Eat yer cookin' ya fuckwad pols...

Maestro Maestro's picture


Exterminate all central bankers and upper management and major shareholders of all banks NOW before they kill us.

Exterminate all treasonous military, intelligence and police types before they attack us or start a war with a dangerous opponent like Russia or China.

Neutralize their assorted serf-dogs before they bite.

Then, abolish fraudulent paper markets which the elite manipulate to establish false prices. Start anew by creating a non-profit national banking system based on real assets like gold and silver, to serve people's financial needs.


Scuba Steve's picture

Amen ... but you might need something special for the Red shields.

Zero Squad, 1 night ... all perps gone by morning.



A new dawn in America

nailgunner44's picture

Or we need to go back to U.S. notes as opposed to Federal Reserve Notes. Here is an interesting video explaining, fast forward about 5 minutes in.

SMC's picture

The Brussels parasites are desparate to keep their cushy paper pushing jobs.

Their propaganda will become laughable over the next couple of months.

HowdyDoody's picture

Has Farage resigned from his MEP post now his job is done? Nah, those attendece fees are so lucrative.