Nassim Taleb Slams The World's "Intellectual-Yet-Idiot" Class

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Nassim Taleb dared to speak out against the status quo once again today (via Twitter):

When people vote the way of the IYI elite, it is "democracy". Otherwise it is misguided, irrational, swayed by populism & lack of education.

And in doing so, exposed the world of average joes to the awful truth of an "Intellectual-Yet-Idiot" ruling class... that is finally being overthrown... (via Facebook)

What's IYI?


Intellectual Yet Idiot: semi-erudite bureaucrat who thinks he is an erudite; pathologizes others for doing things he doesn't understand not realizing it is his understanding that may be limited; imparts normative ideas to others: thinks people should act according to their best interests *and* he knows their interests, particularly if they are uneducated "red necks" or English non-crisp-vowel class.


More socially: subscribes to the New Yorker; never curses on twitter; speaks of "equality of races" and "economic equality" but never went out drinking with a minority cab driver; has considered voting for Tony Blair; has attended more than 1 TEDx talks and watched more than 2 TED talks; will vote for Hillary Monsanto-Malmaison because she seems electable; has The Black Swan on his shelves but mistakes absence of evidence for evidence of absence; is member of a club to get traveling privileges; if social scientist uses statistics without knowing how they are derived; when in the UK goes to literary festivals; drinks red wine with steak (never white); used to believe that fat was harmful and has now completely reversed; takes statins because his doctor told him so; fails to understand ergodicity and when explained forgets about it soon later; doesn't use Yiddish words; studies grammar before speaking a language; has a cousin who worked with someone who knows the Queen; has never read Frederic Dard, Michael Oakeshot, John Gray, or Joseph De Maistre; has never gotten drunk with Russians and went breaking glasses; doesn't know the difference between Hecate and Hecuba; doesn't know that there is no difference between "pseudointellectual" and "intellectual"; has mentioned quantum mechanics at least twice in the past 5 years; knows at any point in time what his words or actions are doing to his reputation.


But a much easier marker: doesn't deadlift.

The IYI, Taleb addds, look down at the great unwashed Plebes who haven't read Foucault in college and treat them like crap - as if they were inferior forms of life incapable of directing their own affairs.

But when you make them feel uncultured, lacking in intellect, and unlearned, like all bureaucrao-journalists, being all tawk, they get very queasy: hit them where it hurts.

They are arrogant down, they will be arrogantified from up.

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Nassim Taleb my favorite trader - intellect.  Would enjoy merely being in the room when he talks.
Man Who Was Thursday's picture

Who here deadlifts? Mine is 315lbs/142.5kgs for reps.

santafe's picture

How'bout slamming the POLITICAL IDIOT class for the worldwide HATRED of America.

WTFUD's picture

. . . but as soon as Vichy DC lifts the jack-boot from our neck and falls to the status of a third world country, we'll like you again.

If you vote for she who must be obeyed or allow in the fix then we're all screwed.

DT might not be my cup of tea in the grand scheme but at this moment in time he's my brother and best man at my wedding.

ZerOhead's picture

Anyone here who thinks that the UK will not be eviscerated by the globalist bankers are kidding themselves.

The EU was the template for their NWO after all... and any nation that leaves must be severely punished in order to keep the other nations from even thinking of leaving. That's probably why they had Cameron call for a referendum he clearly shouldn't have wanted when almost no-one was even asking for it. Too many nations might think to leave... so the bankers will now turn Britain into Jesus and crucify him in order that the EU may live.

Unfortunately the muttonheads don't realize that the Globalist bankers already have ALL of the UK parties under their control. A controlled demolition will now occur before your eyes. Having a financialized economy that runs on new debt (out of thin air) creation is not going to help when the bankers smell a recession and lending stops.

Think about it.

adanata's picture


Ah, ZerOhead... they can try but they may be outflanked by the St. Petersberg Forum; little mentioned here on ZH thus far. If you believe they are running everything, it's almost like the Roths are in the process of throwing their western political/banking minons; the old school, under the bus and starting a whole new game. Who's zooming who...?

ZerOhead's picture

They are even going to throw the NeoCons under the bus if I read the tea leaves correctly.

They are truly brilliant people... too bad they don't employ their talents to better causes. Perhaps after they get their NWO.

Assume everything you see from here on in is a bankster illusion until proved otherwise.

11b40's picture

 I do not doubt there will be some attempts at punishing Britain.....but they better hurry up before the EU breaks apart.  The cracks are getting wider.

ZerOhead's picture

I agree... the cracks are getting wider faster. They need to slam the UK hard and fast unless the plan is to torch it all now and go directly to the IMF-SDR aka Phoenix.

Britain can't even feed itself and with it's financialized economy it produces next to nothing other than debt.

Without trade it is dead

In that case they should nuke Brussels, Basel and Frankfurt now.

Newsboy's picture

I bet they don't go to 11 either.

runswithscissors's picture

82...82...82...two hundred forty six total

ShrNfr's picture

My record was 500 lbs, but that was a long time ago. Due to arthritis, I had to give away all the weights. Too bad, I enjoyed it.


For reps at the time, I did about what you do.

WTFUD's picture

Have you tried Chinese acupuncture old bean? I had arthritis of the knob-end and now i'm lifting a hooker every other night.

Cigar Smoker's picture

"My record was 500 lbs, but that was a long time ago."  Me too, at age 60 and 190 pound class broke the state record, back 20 years ago, quit because I couldn't stand the stupid rock music in the gym

gobsmack's picture

My son turned me on to deadlifts and I've been at it for a month now.  I love it, very primal.  Going for 250lbs max tomorrow morning.

HowdyDoody's picture

I lift 1000 pounds every morning. Man, those 1 oz gold bars feel real nice.


Cynicles's picture

...and I enjoy long walks on beaches, reading a good romance novel, watching The Young & The restless and spending cozy time with my best friend, Fluffy.

-Man Who Was Thursday

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I deadlifted 750 (ml) of Jameson one shot at a time last night. And then curled some Guinness just to show off.

Mongoose's picture

My compliments, Sir.

You should celebrate your feat with at least three more shots of the next higher grade of Jameson.

Montani Semper Liberi's picture

 You were just a bottle of Baileys shy of the makings of an Irish Car Bomb.

CNONC's picture

It's getting hard to deadlift my own ass out of the driver's seat these days.  I had no idea getting old hurt this bad.

Mongoose's picture

In my case it's deadlifted. It was 325lb when I weighed 160, and was a loooong time ago when my friends were into olympic style lifting and a bit of power lifting. I didn't compete but worked out with them. It can be a good work out when done properly and is safe if done properly with a little bit of common sense.

Now days lifting Sierra Nevada and other IPA's seems much more fun. Back then it was Bud Light or even Old Milwaukee after working out.

Back to killin' snakes...

NeedtoSecede's picture

I did 5 sets of dead lifts today. Lift heavy shit as often as I can.  The more I lift, run, hike the less I go to the fucking worthless doctors and the fucking scam that is supposed to be "health care."

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Deadlifts are ok.  But I likes squats more for fitness.

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He's a brilliant statistician. I have read all of his books and thoroughly enjoy how he translates difficult abstractions into a space where most folks can comprehend. The guy is a genius. 

yovatti's picture
yovatti (not verified) Jun 26, 2016 5:15 PM

Kind of like most of the Obama administration

williambanzai7's picture

Obozo duffed three rounds of golf yesterday and then went hunting for colouring books.

STP's picture

But you can't trust him not to eat the crayons.

Panic Mode's picture

And they have massive holes up their cheeks.

AdolphLustig's picture
AdolphLustig (not verified) Jun 26, 2016 5:21 PM

Isn't this the guy whom the jew york times loves?

And his mentors are all (((jews))).
Pot calling kettle again.

Same as it ever was.

snakehead's picture

"What we are witnessing, in slow motion, may an infinte-Beta event, one in which the masses may awaken and refuse to be led around by their noses by jackal hyenas like Soros and the Clintons. The surest way to know that it has hit the fan is when the brain dead morons who are incapable of thinking for themselves start blaming everything on the Jews." 

LaugherNYC Jun 25, 2016 8:30 PM

NotApplicable's picture

I think you're confusing him with that jack-off Roubini and his wall of plaster pussies.

TheSecondLaw's picture

Well that description of an IYI basically covers everyone on earth except Taleb.  

NotApplicable's picture

Well, it's written specfically about the British IYIs who voted for Bremain. Replace those specific cultural references with your own and you might notice that it's (in my case), purely a reference to Joe-Sixpack, Johnny Paycheck, or whatever the common man in your area is called.

Chippewa Partners's picture

Sounds like WAPO readers!

eatthebanksters's picture

I'm waiting for the revolt....when all those anti gun intellectual morons wonder where the police are and why they didn't buy a gun.  If Hillary wins and her crimes are washed over this country is going to blow up.  The little guy is who is so tired of being told whats best for him as he get taxed more and more whule his earnings drop, all at the same time is publicly cursed for being a redneck rascist, well those people are going to explode if their corrupt ideological enemy evades justice and becomes their leader.  I'm finding a nice place in the hills to hide out and wait out the rebellion if it looks like Hillary will be our next president.  I'm worried it could get real ugly.

Btw, shit just got real in Sacramento.

NotApplicable's picture

I see the AP managed to get all of the proper labels attached to the group (I have no idea how relevant they are).

Divide and Conquer is proceeding along as usual.

Mr.BlingBling's picture

AP even had time to run the story by SPLC.  Attaboy AP!

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

"The issues are much too important for the [insert nationality here] voters to be left to decide for themselves."

-Henry Kissinger

michigan independant's picture"The+issues+are+much+too+important+for+the+Chilean+voters+to+be+left+to+decide+for+themselves."%0A%0A-Kissinger&source=bl&ots=xh6VZmjwdq&sig=tiaKJqkTFlI2nNGb9tnnAoX-tRk&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjhxamb0sbNAhVhxoMKHczPB4QQ6AEIITAB#v=onepage&q=%22The%20issues%20are%20much%20too%20important%20for%20the%20Chilean%20voters%20to%20be%20left%20to%20decide%20for%20themselves.%22%20%20-Kissinger&f=false He also said wipe out debt.

two hoots's picture

Britain's leaders failed this serious referendum.

If you want commoners to vote rationally and reasonably then leaders should provide them with rational and reasonable information to consider.  Lies, exaggerations, drama, fear, BS in = voter confusion/mistrust out.  What did they expect?

Bopper09's picture

They expected lies, drama, fear and BS to work, like it has for the last 40-50 years.

two hoots's picture

We should welcome them to New Age Enlightenment (digital information). 


VWAndy's picture

 The lies are different at each level. And we eat them up one after the other.

bloofer's picture

All our intellectuals these days are mere stooges. They attended stooge universities designed to stuff them full of stooge theories, to fit them for jobs being stooge apologists for the status quo. This is the purpose of much of what passes for education.

Killdo's picture

it's like that in England too - I studied there

Umh's picture

Being in agreement with the professor is worth a letter grade or two in most schools. It is the rare academic that is capable of giving a good grade to a person with a different point of view.

BitchezGonnaBitch's picture

They are faux intellectuals, lest we forget. Glorified lackeys, at best. True intellect imparts courage - and they have not a shred mate.