Jordanian Intelligence Has Been Stealing US Arms Intended For Syrian Rebels

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It's no secret that the US has a long and storied past when it comes to running guns illegally, and subsequently completely losing control of them. In its most recent debacle, a joint investigation by the New York Times and Al Jazeera has revealed that millions of dollars worth of weapons sent by the CIA and Saudi Arabia to Jordan intended for Syrian rebels was stolen by Jordanian intelligence officials and sold on the black market.

In a separate scheme than was administered by the Pentagon, the CIA-run program code named Timber Sycamore reportedly began in 2013, and the plan called for large shipments of CIA and Saudi arms including Kalashnikov assault rifles, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades to be delivered to Jordan, where Jordanian intelligence would then finish the job and deliver the arms to Syrian rebels. While the budget for the program remains classified, it was learned that the biggest contributors to the program included the US and Saudi Arabia, along with other US allies in the region.

As mentioned, following the delivery to Jordan, the CIA relied upon the General Intelligence Directorate to transport the weapons to Syrian rebels, however often times the weapons disappeared midway. As RT reports, Jordanian officials told the publications that the theft was apparently perpetrated by officers with direct access to cargo, who "regularly siphoned truckloads" of weapons while still delivering some to the designated drop-off's.

The stolen weapons were then sold on the black market in Jordan, and those involved in the scheme worth millions of dollars, used the profits to purchase expensive SUVs, electronics, and other luxury goods. Unfortunately, as was the case in Operation Fast and Furious (and presumably countless other operations), it is also believed that some of the stolen weapons were used to kill two Americans and three others at a police training facility shooting in Amman in November.

The investigation also revealed that senior Jordanian officers had knowledge of the theft and - surprise, surprise - systematically covered up for the lower ranking officers that did the actual smuggling. Only after the Americans and Saudi's started to complain of the theft did the Jordanian intelligence agency allegedly arrest several dozen officers, including a lieutenant colonel running the operation. According to Jordanian officials, a number of the officers were fired from the service but were allowed to keep their pensions and profits from the scheme.

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Alas, don't ever be concerned that America isn't exporting, as those official military exports are understated by the number of gun running operations that are being done behind the scenes - rest assured that Made In The USA stamp is on weapons being used by everyone around the globe.

Also let's not forget that it is absolutely no surprise that the Saudi's are in bed with the US in this effort, as it is the Saudi's who may be truly calling the shots at the end of the day when it comes to what ultimately happens in Syria.

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OrangeJews (not verified) Jun 27, 2016 6:44 PM


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The government wants your guns!! However, when it comes to arming other countries....

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Operation Fast and Furious to Operation Slow and Pathetic.

CIA keeping blackmarkets across the planet filled with guns.

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a joint investigation by the New York Times and Al Jazeera

Already laughing.

BTW, Moon of Alabama already exposed this story as a fraud.

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So does anyone actually still believe there is or ever was "moderate Syrian Rebels"? I mean it's pretty clear our CIA and the Saudis were equipping Al-Qeada,  excuse me ISIS and just calling them moderate rebels. 

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Did anybody see an end user certificate?  I seem to have misplced my end user certificate.
No, off the top I don't remember what was in the crates.

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santafe (not verified) knukles Jun 27, 2016 7:11 PM

America's Syrian Nightmare.

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Damn shame to think that the US government is the greatest force for evil on the planet.

The country is run by certifiable psychopaths masquerading as originators and facilitators of “policy”.

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Don't worry, Hillary will clean everything up.

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"Missing" email #1-  "Directions for Jordon as to where to pick up their paid-for stuff"......

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Can anyone tell me any action by this Soweto administration that hasn't shown total incompetence?

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What does the Federal Government NOT fuck up. Obie better make a speech, okie dokey?

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Sooo, is anybody else ready to start a good scam with a Middle East website and let these stupid buttfucks start shipping crates of full auto to us, or is it just me?

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OK the problem here is, The President is Complicit. How do you charge him? 

Never happened before.

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Greater Isn'treal is the goal.  Doesn't matter how many Iraqis and Syrians die due to CIA-funded PBLE (Priest Beheading Liver Eater) groups.

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Is there any way to get off the No-Fly List and onto the Moderate Rebel List?

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Chris Dakota (not verified) AlaricBalth Jun 27, 2016 7:24 PM

They want your guns to send to people who want to kill you.

it's what the jews do of course

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Boy, those Jordanians are smart.  Stealing those weapons kills at least two birds with one stone.  First, they make plenty of money, courtesy of the USA taxpayer.  You don't think the Saudis give one dinar to buying these weapons, do you?  Second, if the Islamic State (short for NWO degenerate rapist killers) is flush with weapons, IS could attack Jordan and anti-Christ Netanyahu's orders if the natural gas fields in Syria extend to Jordanian territory.   

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Common sense gun control.

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The MIC doesn't care...more guns for everyone, except law-abiding Americans...

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Just remember, according to Criminal Rangel (replacing Honorable with Criminal when referring to political whores should be commonplace), the politicians deserve to be protected...not us Whitebreads.

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I shake my head at the US military....they seem a little clueless how to deal with cultures different to their own.

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Based on the article, the military had nothing to do with this, it was the good old 'intelligence' agencies and the politicians who pull the strings.

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CIA (dark side) makes a giant mess because they are Assholes with a vision of a New World Order,  and our Military gets the job of cleaning it up.

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When your culture is based on Hollywood is it really surprising?

Well Vichy DC in Partnership with Disneyland are producing DAESH promotional materials and trailers.

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you call it stealing, it is just politically covered
delivery with a balance of payments and alternate network

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Everything and i mean everything that Obama and his Neocon pack of Dogs touch, turns to shit . . . and the MIC desperate to sell Arms to the Wahabbis will compromise , murder vast swathes of peoples of Sovereign Nations in the process.

That the UK/EU is complicit in NATO's Genocidal conquests and the French imposing their Rule in West Africa it's no wonder the whole shitfest is crumbling; it's built on fear, intimidation through the arming of private militias.

Madge Albright's worth the lives of 100's of thousands of Iraqi children right through to the Ukrainian Coup with Nuland's Fuck the EU.

The filthy fucking bastard that is Merkel and the so-called EU (vassal ) leadership need to be exterminated. Talking's done if the USSofA forces Hillary Clinton on us.

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Which Country is the only one best positioned to protect the Western European Union through it's recent intelligence gathering and dissemination in the Middle East that already provides the most capable gas and oil delivery to it's clients and may be at work to foil the biggest plots for the next major attack in the Union since they've introduced themselves in the Syrian conflict 9 months ago?...

If you said Russia you answered correctly.

The folks in Washington have nothing to lose and everything to gain at this point through moar false flag everything as they have no other cards to play outside of looting everyone elses shit before completely losing the floor they are standing on...And everyone from Britain to France, Italy Spain are sicking tired of the carnal abuse!...

Enter Russian Federation... Because not only will we keep managing your energy needs, but we will also be keeping a lookout for any attacks that might be coming your way both now and in the future unlike your North American partner 7,000 miles away!... What else does that mean for "you" in the EU management?... You try working an attack and moving assets from the Middle East to Western or Eastern Europe NOW?... We'll know about it guaranteed.

Which means we got your "front" and your "back"!  By the way?... Haven't we embarrassed your American partner enough already with the antics of moving your asset(s) between Turkey, Israel and Jordan already?...

I see a "If you can't beat 'em join 'em developing in your collective future(s)... Come on in the waters fine!

You'll just have to negotiate like the old days instead of raping, pillaging and murdering for it the Anglo-Zionist way the last 25 years!!!!

Shit gettin ever so real for the remainder hanging on for dear like at the ECB, BOE and Brussels.

I see mutiny in every direction and Uncle Sam is doin one hell of a yellow/brown in those red and white striped pantaloons as he watches everyone in the European neighborhood headin East out of anger not fear anymore!!!

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

The entire Middle East is an epic clusterfuck, has always been an epic clusterfuck (since the religion of peace showed up anyways), and it will always be an epic clusterfuck.

beijing expat's picture

If you think about it, the chaos the clusterfuck causes is quite effective in advancing the Imperial agenda.

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has always been an epic clusterfuck (since the religion of peace showed up anyways


For several centuries the Muslim world was far more advanced than the Europeans. But  you can keep pretending that history doesn't exist. Ignorance is your strength.

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Please don't go throwing facts around like that. It ruins the narrative.

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Well done BTP

What would math and science do without our Algebra?...

If you asked the graduating classes of most high schools in this Country these dayz I'm pretty damn certain they wouldn't be able to give you the origin for that branch of mathematics.

Guess I'm just too old but still remember when people in this Country use to actually be taught core knowledge of where major principles and tenets of mathematics and science came from!

froze25's picture

Only because they had the lost knowledge of the Romans (proto christian European ).

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Only because they had the lost knowledge of the Romans (proto christian European ).

Spoken like a true descendant of Europeans! I'd put /s tag on it if it wasn't true!!!

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ca ching , ca ching, with no moral depravity
on the receipts. hilary could support this
travesty in broad daylight too, just like 0 man.

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Jordan sells the arms the CIA gives them, to the people the CIA tells them to.

This is about a) muddy the waters so Cankles arms pipeline from Bengahzi, Lybia to Syria gets lost in the noise and b) keeping Jordan on team CIA. Jordan, like Turkey seems to be giving the death and destruction of the Syrian war a rethink.

One of the trucks Jordan donated to the moderate headchoppers just came back to the Jordanian border as a suicide bomb. Jordan waved it in as a friendly and then it detonated at the border check point, killing many Jordanian security dudes. Russia just bombed a bunch of US backed fighters on the Jordanian borders. Erdogan appologizes to Russia. Blowback heading into Turkey and Jordan. Looks like they both want out before they wind up destabilized. If so, great news for the long suffering Syrian people.

More from

There has been quite a bit of reporting that contradicts those fairy tales:
the international operations rooms to coordinate the Syrian rebels in Turkey and Jordan started in 2012
the CIA supervised smuggling of weapons from Libya to Syria in 2011/12
the Gulf countries depend in the U.S. for their intelligence and defense; they do not "go rogue" unnoticed and unchallenged unless it is in U.S. interests
no state, not even Jordan, will pamper officers who "stole" and sold weapons if these deeds were against orders and the interests of the state

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Russia should bomb Yip Yip Erdogan's palace.  And Obama's new house in DC.  We can dream.

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As of yesterday Russia and Turkey are friends again with an official handshake and smile.

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the charge will be to the american taxpayer, right? fuckin' ay, no problem. what are a few trillion among moron slaves to the federal reserve mastas? what does greenspan think of these expenditures? he must know. the system prolly needs lower interest rates or just take the first borns.

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It's a limited hangout. The real story is that Jordan won't allow the Empires terrorist army to open a southern front in Syria. When a vassle state is not obedient they can expect this sort of thing. It sets the stage for punitive measures.

blindman's picture

the elites want you and your offspring dead, do you get it yet?
prolly not, they smile.

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AdolphLustig (not verified) blindman Jun 27, 2016 7:01 PM

Don't try to wake the stupids here out of their self induced stupor, its a waste of time....

They enjoy being dumbfucks.
They....revel in ignorance.

They deserve death.

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you never know, it might work?

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I see that it's okay for The Most Transparant Administration and our Nobel PEACE(lol) Prize, Droner In Chief, to sell(or give away) automatic sub-machine guns, that end of in the hands of who....radical Islamic terrorists(echo chamber please).

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The distribution of US munitions with our "allies" ends up in the wrong hands...shocking. Happens many cases intentionally....they just don't expect to be caught.

blindman's picture

it is for the economy demanding growth in expenditures and
death, the death economy has its demands. then, they
would like you to embrace and pay for the needs of the refugees
created from their death weapons economy deployed in resource rich
and exploitable regions. they call it a chess board, economy, world order,
law, unionism of the european sort, whatever you like that sounds
better than fascism and murder for stupidity by mindless and heartless
goons pretending to be human.

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Why, its almost like Qatari stingers traced back to a CIA lot number winding up downing a US chopper!