UK PM Cameron To Tell Parliament "No Second Referendum" - Live Feed

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In a much anticipated speech to The House of Commons, UK PM (for now) David Cameron is expected to tell his parliamentary peers that he and his cabinet agree there will be no second referendum as part of a formal statement on the Brexit vote. As Channel 4 reports, they don’t want false hopes or complications beyond the ones already visited on the country.

This speech comes as Lord King, the former governor of the Bank of England, has just given an interview saying that the EU referendum was “the most dispiriting” he could recall and that both sides were guilty of exaggeration, but "thinks that the Treasury is in a difficult position now because it made forecasts which were at least exaggerated."

As one MP noted earlier, "You don't have a plan A for a Brexit, let alone a plan B."

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Bill of Rights's picture

Rolls hands, this is gonna be great

MANvsMACHINE's picture

Just get Cameron and Farage to duel it out in Ninja Warrior.  May the better man win.

TJ00's picture

I've heard from numerous people that most of HM Forces were for leave, Cameron doesn't want to precipitate a coup.

UnpatrioticHoarder's picture

The Queen herself wants Brexit, so short of a revolution....

land_of_the_few's picture

I want doesn't get. OK maybe for her ;)

land_of_the_few's picture

This is true, but some of those were also totally up for invading Russia once they had put down their Zimmer Frames and Pepto-Bismol and had a good spazz.

land_of_the_few's picture

Next Wednesday June 6 Chilcot will add the icing.Corbyn can then laugh himself unconscious at all the headless chickens.

land_of_the_few's picture

Next Wednesday June 6 Chilcot will add the icing.Corbyn can then laugh himself unconscious at all the headless chickens.

Déjà view's picture

H.M.S Bounty...

U.K. choice...Fletcher Christian or Captain Bligh..."To Be Or Not To Be"

BandGap's picture

"To be or not to be" is Billy Bob Shakespeare. I guess he was British.

land_of_the_few's picture

Mr Shakey was a subject of the Scottish James "VI and I", King of Scotland, Ireland and England. So yeah kinda British but probably he thought he was English, the kingdoms were still pretty compartmentalised back then in some ways.

Doubleguns's picture

We hell if they have another vote and its remain will they then go next for best two out of three. 

Joe Cool's picture

I doubt they have another vote...

land_of_the_few's picture

Probably worried in case there are any more white terrorists with home made boomsticks and machetes. 

If Scotland gets independence can they pack him into Mons Meg with a goodly amount of black powder and shoot him into space as an apology? I'm sure there would be plenty volunteers to help in the case that he is legally recognised as being the one who offed a petite defenceless youngish lady!


Ghordius's picture

+1 that would be very British. best two out of three and then call the Irish something for having had only two of them, at times

next task, Britannia: how to elect a British Parliament that actually supports in it's majority BreXit

nibiru's picture

That would be very EU like - knowing how they pushed for another vote in the Netherlands, France and Ireland. 


Never underestimate stupid people in big groups with a backing of banks. The socialism is contagious

Vageling's picture

Wrong! They ignored the Dutch and French vote.

nibiru's picture

True - the vote was in the parliament and they pissed all over majorities that were against the EU constitution and ratified Lisbon Treaty. 

Ghordius's picture

well, the EU excels in not doing much, actually. so no, they did... nothing

the Dutch have their Dutch referenda, and it's their Affair. the French have their referenda, and it's a French Affair

and now, the proof of all that: the Brits had their British Referenda... and it's their national affair

now the question here is more: how much respect do you have for Other People's National Affairs?

knowing ZH a bit, respect is not much of a currency, here

nibiru's picture

1. EU proposes more EU integration
2. When people are given choice of referendum - they refuse it
3. EU proposes similar regulation but requires lower threshold of acceptance - Parliamentary vote
4. EU is given more powers.

The cycle starts again. The EU excels at creating a slippery slope of power grabbing. New proposal from France/Germany is literally the United States of Europe - it is far from doing 'nothing'.


There is one point the cycle is missing (but this never stopped people in Brussels) - EU fails at solving big crisis it created -> EU wants more of itself involved in solving problem which is now bigger.

Ghordius's picture

no, nibiru. this is patently false

members propose more EU integration

referenda are always and only national matters. no "EU" involvement in this BreXit Referendum, for example

members propose treaties

it's a club of sovereigns. countries. with a kind of shared ministry for specific matters

what I am writing might not matter to you, but it matters to me and others

nibiru's picture

Ghordius - you are sticking to the textbook definition and you citing it pretty well. The problem with those definitions is that they are abused - especially when it comes to such a Kraken bureaucracy - the EU.

I'm not mentioning the case of what curve bananas should have (that make former French colonies being prioritised in trade) or Volkswagen case dropped by EU Competition authorities. I'm not even mentioning how they broke all their treaties to provide bail-out to Greece. What we see now it's something fundamentally deeper - it is a double-standard club of formerly fully sovereign states with a clear agenda of limitless integration. 

- Members proposing more integration - are more or less those who believe that EU should be a superstate - the United States of Europe. Recent proposals after 6 funding member states summit are clear. The EU is governed by German/France. Those two in tandem are the pillars of the EU and decision makers that push for its policies.

-> Mackerel said that everyone has to get some refugees and keep them? - Commission jumps like a doggie to provide legislation for that.

I have more examples so let's not 'assume' that this club is fully 'sovereign' because it's not. It didn't happen yesterday - it was a process I explained in my previous comment.


The EU achieved one thing - it manufactured a young generation of homo europaeus - hating sovereignty and insecure when something is not EU attested. Look at those poor souls crying about the second referendum - I guess they found new courage after there was no WW3 like Cameron said.

Vageling's picture

Nibiru, you are wasting your time on him. When he goes "look, a squirrel!" I know how late it is. But yes, you are spot on! Not even sure you are European. And ofcourse anyone who doesn't sing that tune is populist, raycisst, islamaphobe, xenophobe, etc.

Vageling's picture

Yeah Ghordo... A squirrel,  I saw it but can you stick to point at hand. I don't care about diversions you pull out of your magic hat.. These things stopped being national matters a long time ago. How politicians don't respec. Just do as the EU tells them. So they ARE doing something. Besides people who are not directly involved are entitled to their opinion. Just because they are not a national takes away their right to think something of it. And don't preach me safe space crap as respect.

Bank_sters's picture

Of course,gordo that is the due course for vassal states.  To quote Sarkozy when Ireland voted incorrectly, it looks like they'll have to vote again.

Sandmann's picture

One day Voters will get a majority in the H/C to reintroduce Capital Punishment.

Of course you know how unrepresentative Parliament is don't you Ghordius ?

Of the 525 newly-elected MPs in 2015 for whom data is available, 427 went to university (81%) compared to a fifth of the adult population and 131 (31%) of whom went to Oxford or Cambridge University. Further some 25% attended private schools (compared to 7% of the general population). 

MPs’ occupations. Two thirds hail from the professions or business, whereas the proportion of manual workers or farmers fell from 20% to just 4% between 1979-2015.

This is because the background from which today's MPs are elected is almost exclusively that of the comfortable middle classes. 

This might have been expected, of course, given the rise in living standards and the growth of university education over the period of years in question, but it is still remarkable that 40 years ago there were more than 30 miners, more than 20 engineering workers, a host of other manual workers and a total of over 150 teachers sitting in the House of Commons.

Many MPs in the 1970s, notably the lawyers - and there were more than 150 of them as well - had other jobs, paid employment which enabled them to afford a relatively affluent lifestyle. 

That was one reason why parliament did not sit until the afternoons - to enable those who wished to do so to earn their money in the mornings.

Thus it is that today's House of Commons has about 90 Members who have never had a "real" job outside politics including, as it happens, the Labour leader, Ed Miliband, and the Liberal Democrats' Nick Clegg, who both briefly flirted with careers in journalism before entering politics full-time at an early age. 

As for David Cameron: he was canny enough to get a job working in public relations for a TV company, when he had already worked as a Conservative adviser for six years and perhaps spotted that this lack of outside experience could have been a career handicap. 

And as for the rest of them, the miners and the plumbers and the telephone engineers are almost all long gone and at the last count there were just 24 teachers.

Only 10% of the UK workforce earns or lives on more than £40,000 a year, indeed more than half the population earns less than £23,000. Whereas MPs receive £64,766 a year plus a raft of ‘allowances’ that allow some MP’s to claim upwards of £185,000 in expenses alone. A Minister of state earns £100,568, a Cabinet minister £137,579 and the Prime minister £188,849, they too all have their snouts in the more than generouse expenses gravy train. So much for the UK being a representative democracy.


In truth, the only conclusion one can draw is the UK parliament is made up of a totally unrepresentative group of people, as indeed it always has been bar a few decades after WW2. If a representative democracy means anything it should mean just that, we are represented in Parliament by people who are just like us, whereas the current crop of MP’s live the lifestyles of only 10% of the British people.


Some of the most marked differences between the UK population and MPs are seen in education.  90% of MPs are university graduates, compared with 20% across the adult population.   Over a quarter of MPs went to Oxford or Cambridge.


  • Over one third (35%) of MPs elected in the 2010 General Election attended independent schools, which educate just 7% of the school population.


    • 54% of Conservative MPs attended fee paying schools, compared with 40% of Liberal Democrat MPs, and 15% of Labour MPs.


      • There are 20 Etonians in the 2010 Parliament -- 5 more than those who served in the 2005 Parliament. Overall 13 schools (12 of which are fee-charging) produce a tenth of all MPs in the new Parliament.


        • Nine in ten MPs in 2010 attended university – by far the highest proportion of any Parliament to date. This includes just under three in ten who were educated at either Oxford or Cambridge universities. Oxford has produced 102 MPs serving in the 2010 Parliament.

          • 38% of Conservative MPs were educated at Oxford or Cambridge compared with 20% of Labour MPs and 28% of Liberal Democrat MPs.

          • ?  Newly elected MPs were even more likely to be graduates – with 94% attending a university, including 69% who had attended a leading research university, and 28% who had attended Oxbridge. 


Kokulakai's picture

Get on with it already.

Bill of Rights's picture
  • Brexit will mean uncertainty and an adjustment for the UK economy
  • Britain is well placed to face the challenges ahead
  • UK financial system is far more resilient than it's ever been
  • BOE and UK Treasury will not hesitate to take further measures if needed
  • All parties will be involved in exit talks
  • Scotland, Irish and Welsh devolved administrations will be involved
  • UK will not trigger article 50 right now
  • Further negotiations with Europe is needed
  • Relationship with Europe will be determined by the next leader
NoWayJose's picture

While I wouldn't touch UK banks (without some central bank help), there are plenty of high divvy UK stocks on sale with a 25% off sticker price. Things could go lower of course, but anything paying over 6% with a well covered dividend will recover quickly in a world of NIRP. Other than some globalization Mumbo Jumbo there are few reasons for the decline other than active shorting. In fact, all the Central Banks are trying to do what the UK has done - weaken its currency!

wobblie's picture

They'll find a way to have a variation on the EU, ie, central control of European states. Watch out for false flags and new machinations!

The Wizard's picture

Nonsense, TPTB have a plan for Brexit or no Brexit. No need for a new vote the globalists have their butts covered. Brexit allows them to blame the people for upsetting the apple cart (their fiat system). They aren't stupid they were aware the system had to implode and were looking for a perfect scape goat. The mainstream media will cover their asses.

NoWayJose's picture

Their plan is to smash the Pound and UK market - then buy low before pumping it back up --not much different than their plan to smash oil and the pump it higher.

The Ram's picture

ah, you hit the nail on the head!  Never let a good crisis go to waste.  This is a real 'get out of jail free card' to the criminal elite.  The system was going to crash anyway, so why not blame the proles and let the air out of the bubbles.  I am not sure what the elite will do next, maybe a war, but they have a real opportunity of letting the fallout of the Brexit cover their tracks for now.

Johnny_is_already_taken's picture

WTF is going on with and its unreal campain against brexit ?

All articles depict a negative tone about brexit and makes readers feel like its the end of the world


Aren't they supposed to be an independent unbiased news agency ?

No one complains about this ? WTF is going on ? Who controls the media ?



Byte Me's picture

Shurely NOT!!! Gasp...

Tell me, of whom is this "cnn" entity of which you speak?

Strelnikov's picture

CNN is supposed to be a inda-what, unbias-what now?

Utah_Get_Me_2's picture

I love the cantankerous heckling of the UK British parliament.. something the US Congress sorely needs.. at least to make it more amusing to watch. 

GreatUncle's picture

Call a general election in full now! fuck em.

Then we can vote to elect based on the BREXIT / BREMAIN stance. Dont bother with any other issue.

Sandmann's picture

Cannot. Clegg and Cameron introduced Fixed Term Parliaments 2011

GreatUncle's picture

I know okay we do it the hard way ... shoot the fucking lot and start again.

That's the problem with Cameron grand plan you cant get nothing done like he doesnt do anything.

smacker's picture

If the matter got decided at a GE, both parties would campaign to Bremain.

What then?

BullyDog's picture

So many odious people in one room.   Where is guy fawkes when you need him.

GreatUncle's picture

Well it just gets more interesting all the time ...

This was conveniently not in the campaign whatsoever ... good that.

There is no mention of the solvency 2 legislation neither.

GreatUncle's picture

Read it and look at what we avoided.

OldFahrtyPants's picture

Something i love about UK politics is it is always in "colour" german politicos are so 1950s.

Btw where the feck is George? is he having a line?