Why Did The UK Enter The EU In The First Place?

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Submitted by Michael Shedlock via MishTalk.com,

Looking back, one really has to wonder why the UK subjected itself to all the inane EU nannycrat rules and regulations in the first place.

I can explain. Many readers sent me this explanation, but I also used it before on my blog long ago.

Please consider this clip from the British TV show “Yes Minister”.

The clip is amazingly funny. Play it.

Union Jack

Email Comments

From Pater Tenebrarum at the Acting Man blog.

I recently wrote this to my totally Europhile European email group, which has hedge fund managers, economists, journalists, insurance and pension fund asset managers, and even a few politicians from across Europe (every country from the UK to Latvia has a few people in the group, and a few fund managers from the US, Australia and Israel are also members).


A few days before the Brexit, they had all written paeans on the EU, and expressed both their expectation and hope that the UK would remain, while chiding the “leave” campaign for its intellectual inferiority. I was incredibly busy (still am) and didn’t find the time to properly join the debate. But one day before the referendum I felt I simply had to say SOMETHING to disrupt this love-fest.


So I wrote this (I was very polite, but it was met with speechlessness for a little moment. I did get several very friendly and well thought out replies after a while though. You must understand, these people are my friends, and I like them and they like me, generally. They know of course that my opinions on these things are very different from those of most of the European elite):


Leaving aside the “we’re doing it for peace” argument, which wily EU politicians tacked on out of the blue 40 or 50 years after the EEC was founded in order to cartelize the then state-owned coal and steel industries, what exactly are the advantages of being in the EU? If we want to have free trade, do we really need a bureaucratic Leviathan in Brussels regulating every nook and cranny of our lives? NO. We need the back of a napkin, on which we could write: “Henceforth, there will be no more tariffs between us”.


Today the EU primarily serves a tone-deaf bureaucratic and political class, which lives a high life on the back of people it nothing but aggravates. But surely not everything is bad? Indeed, the EU is looking after us….one might well ask, what would we do without it? I give you a few random examples of the great things the EU does for us citizens:


1. We sleep like babies:

There are 109 EU regulations concerning pillows, 5 EU regulations concerning pillow cases, and 50 EU laws regulating duvets and sheets.


2. You shall have shiny teeth, citizen!

Our toothbrushes are regulated by 31 EU laws.


3. Best apples in the world, man – the Class 1 EU regulated apple – no-one will ever manage to deceive you again about the color of the apple he’s trying to sell you:

In order to class a “Red Variety” apple as “class 1”, 50% of its surface must be red. To class a “Mixed red coloring variety” of apple as a “class 1” apple, 33% of its surface must be red, and so it goes for the 3 quality classes and 287 individually named apple varieties. The only slight drawback: due to the protectionist agricultural policies of the “free market supporting” EU, that class 1 apple costs at least 40% more than it otherwise would. The same goes for every other fruit and vegetable you buy.


4. The fight against culinary WMDs

Will you please stop looking for that jug of olive oil at the dinner table? That dangerous culinary WMD has been regulated away.


5. The planet is finally saved!

The EU is saving the planet! One emasculated vacuum cleaner and toaster, dead incandescent light bulb, muzzled shower-head, and shrunken flush tank at a time! Enjoy your modern morgue lighting citizen, and work that plunger a bit – it’s for a good cause!


6. Conquering the digital realm!

In exchange for paying EU bureaucrats a small fortune (an MEP can earn up to 10 times the average EU citizen’s salary, commissioners earn a whole lot more still), citizens can at least be sure that Europe will conquer the digital realm! The indomitable digital commissar Oettinger is on the case! Admittedly, he looks suspiciously like Beavis (of Beavis & Butthead fame), but a more qualified person couldn’t have been found to lead the EU into modernity. He’s practically the second coming of Steve Jobs!


His very first proposal upon getting the job immediately showed how much he cares….he wants to protect us from unfair competition! According to him, economically illiterate and hence dangerous normal citizens should be forced by law to stick with their internet service providers for seven years, come hell or high water. This is going to give these poor companies more “security for their investment planning”. That would be to the benefit of all of us! You’ll see, if you live long enough!


Also, Oetti wisely supports introducing an EU-wide surcharge for hard disk drives – as a pre-crime fine for all that illegal downloading citizens are apt to do on the intertubes.


Anyway, Oetti is the man! He knows what he’s doing….as he himself once said, he’s “going online every day”! Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. should cower in fear….with Oetti as our mastermind, the age of EU digital domination has begun!!!


And we’re getting all this at the every-day low base salary of approx. €250,000 per year (nearly tax-free…for Oetti, anyway), plus an annual “residence allowance” of €37,500, an “entertainment allowance” of approx. €10,000, a family allowance of €7000 plus €7,500 in “education and child support” for every child, free haircuts, 240 liters of free petrol per month, a €4300 allowance for traveling abroad (there is an extra allowance for “traveling at home” too), a daily “I’m actually here today” allowance of €304 for signing in, and a “general allowance” of € 4300 p.a. for secretarial expenses…and a bit of free health, theft and casualty insurance. Much cheaper than, say, the CEO of Google!


I could go on and on and on, but I don’t have the time at the moment…hence this somewhat random list with its strange focus on Beavis the digital wonder at the end (I’ve picked him as an especially bizarre example of the EU nomenklatura).


Absurd regulations? If I made a complete list, this mail would be longer than the distance from the earth to the moon.


In closing I just want to say: obviously, THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE for Britain! It must remain!

Unfree Trade

As I have frequently stated, we do not need an EU to have free trade. EU Membership is the very epitome of unfree trade.

If the EU wanted to do something that made sense, it would scrap 100% of its rules and regulations, to be replaced with three sentences:

  1. “Effective immediately all tariffs and subsidies are forever revoked”.
  2. “There is freedom of movement within the EU, not into the EU by non-EU countries”.
  3. “Each country is free to set its own tax policies and social benefits as it sees fit, subject to rule number 1 on tariffs.”

There needs to be some rules on what it takes to get into the EU, or be kicked out of the EU, but those are the three key rules that apply once in.

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N0TaREALmerican's picture
N0TaREALmerican (not verified) Jun 27, 2016 5:33 PM


Why did everybody vote for the Red and Blue Team for 60+ years?

Why did people believe the Weapons of Mass Delusion?

Why did people believe NAFTA was a great idea?

People believe bullshit.    Period.

cdevidal's picture

I thank years of globalist/socialist free education. Put your babies in the propaganda mill and don't be surprised when they grind out as sheep who want a tyrant's boot on their necks. #HomeSchooling

nibiru's picture

+1 for homeschooling - it's every parent's responsibility to teach children critical thinking and how to question authority.

N0TaREALmerican's picture
N0TaREALmerican (not verified) nibiru Jun 27, 2016 5:45 PM


That only works, tho, if the parents have criticlal thinking and can question authority. 

johngaltfla's picture
Why Did The UK Enter The EU In The First Place?


Because they got tired of sending 500,000 of their 18 year olds to Frogland to defend Paris from the Germans ever 30 years.

E.F. Mutton's picture

After the choice I made for my first marriage, I can't throw any stones.

Everybody pulls a stupid sooner or later.

Emergency Ward's picture

Like the son on the Mexican telenovela who asks his father for advice on relationships and marriage.  The father says, I'm sorry mijo, I would give you advice but you see that I married your mother.

war.on.bankers's picture

Read tragedy of the euro by Phillip Bagus. All you need to know about the EU and why is was created. 


In brief, it had a lot to do with the price of sovereign debt, controlling the bundesbank, and allowing big companies to drive out competition through legislation that suffocated SMEs. 

Ghordius's picture

well, the EUR is still a different, separate club of 19 members, not 28 or 27

"As I have frequently stated, we do not need an EU to have free trade. EU Membership is the very epitome of unfree trade."

that would be... protectionist, wouldn't it?

in this corner, unfettered, completely free trade, the kind that poisons you, ships your job overseas and feeds megacorps, their management boni and their owner's gigafortunes

in that corner, protectionism

now, roughly 50% of the EU's continental economies is still small and medium businesses. Poland is an excellent median case for that

I don't know if we can really call the EU protectionistic, at the moment, but I know I do not want that "free trade" over there

nor do I want FrankenFood, nor mega-agro-combines feeding me from the other side of the world, nor a lot of other things attached to all that

Panic Mode's picture

And we are the first one out.

glenlloyd's picture

It'll never happen, there are aprox 8 other nations who want the option to vote on leaving.

The EU was never a done deal, I doubt that many will sacrifice sovereignty when it comes down to it. What benefit would it offer? Absolutely zilch.

smacker's picture

"there will be No Exit"

I believe you are right. And it may become even more confusing ,,,

A majority of Brits on both sides of the vote probably wanted the same thing: to be a member of the EU Single Market Treaty and a few other things but not the Euro currency nor to take part in all the political federalisation that is gathering momentum to create a United States of Europe.

That being so, one wonders why Brits were driven into a Yes/No referendum when few people actually wanted a 100% Exit anyway.

This was probably a tactic by Cameron & Co to put pressure on Brussels because it refused to play ball some while ago during negotiations.

It's now backfired and the political elites are trying desperately to recover the situation. Hence their decision already not to invoke A-50 at this point. Even Boris Johnson has said he would not invoke it.

It will probably only ever be invoked as part of a back-to-back deal with the EU for Britain to Leave the EU and (Re)join the Single Market Treaty simultaneously. But the back-to-back deal will have to be negotiated ,,,

Kagemusho's picture

Go on YouTube and plug 'Enoch Powell' into the search block...and see that the present mess was predicted by him and many others 4 decades ago. The interviews of him in the early to mid 1970's period are extraordinarily prescient.

logicalman's picture

Yes Minister, Yes Prime Minister were both genius shows, but most people laughed at them without realising how much truth was contained within.

If you are a fan of Brit comedy and want to get a better understanding of how the Brussels bureaucrats (don't) work there was a TV show called 'Gravy Train'

Initially, the idea was to reduce red tape, but then the manufacturers or red tape (bureaucrats) managed to take over.

It was called the 'Common Market' which seemed like a good idea at the time. It all went to shit when the name changed to European Union.


sinbad2's picture

Here in Oz, members of Parliament would leave the house to watch the show.

kiwigal's picture

The rule I got the biggest laugh out of is that they are NOT allowed bendy bananas! No curvature at all. Only allowed a certain type of light bulb. Geez no wonder they told EU to feck off.

zippedydoodah's picture

There is a stupendous amount of shite from EU regulations but there are a huge amount of myths. I voted to leave. But just for a laugh and probably a lot of myths are close to the truth: here's a list of myths. It is a very big list:


zippedydoodah's picture

I think it was called "European Economic Community" at some point before the "EU".

south40_dreams's picture

Its kind of like, why did we elect obama....twice? Darned if I know!

apocalypticbrother's picture

For the health and security. (welfare)

armageddon addahere's picture

The first time because everyone was so fed up with Bush they would have voted for a stuffed dummy as long as it wasn't a Republican.


The second time he was running agains Mit Romney.

blindman's picture

fascism funny here too.
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Brexit (HBO)

blindman's picture

federalism and fascism are lovers. no?

GRDguy's picture

The Brits were obviously lead into the EU beause the financial sociopaths (agents of The Great Red Dragon) in the City of London Corporation are still trying to reach their 300-year-old wet dream to "own the earth in fee-simple."  BRExit or not, they will still be trying. For those who voted Leave, they're stll under its control. Why else would so many Goldman-Sachs sociopaths be in office in the EU.  I think BRExit is simply a cover, to be played no matter how folks voted.  For those who continue to do business with these sociopaths, they will get snake-bit.

TradingTroll's picture

Martin Armstrong already had the same clip yesterday.

Posted Jun 26, 2016 by Martin Armstrong


Mufasa Dali's picture

They entered it in order to destroy it.

horse cents's picture


Sabotage is by definition an inside job.

logicalman's picture

Sabotage is, by definition, sticking clogs in the cogs of the machine.

We need more clogs.

lakecity55's picture

After reading some of those rules, an Islamic invasion may be the best choice.

Youri Carma's picture

What a great comedy series 'Yes Minister' was and amazing how much truth you can say when you package it as comedy also thinking about Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb’.

Sandmann's picture

Britain was a basket case in 1972 after Heath pushed interest rates into double-digits for the first time in British history. He managed to cause 2 miners' strikes, power cuts, 3-day week, and high inflation by opening the monetary taps to cover the oil price hike in 1973. His dream was the EEC and his friend, Pompidou reversed de Gaulle's Veto. Heath gave away the UK fishing grounds as the price. France created a Fisheries Policy overnight to seize UK fishing grounds.

Politicians had decided the UK was a basket case and needed to be part of a stable market with Germany to prevent Germany becoming the leader in Europe

Déjà view's picture

1. Britain was a basket case way before 1972. It was not decided by politicians

2. 'English Disease' was not Heath's doing

3. de Gaulle was correct in vetoes of 1963 & 1967 concerning UK EEC application 

4. de Gaulle was also correct in taking France out of NATO 1966 and asking U.S. forces 1967 to vacate French soil 

Btw...you also write novels?


lalita93's picture

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