Farage Slams The EU Parliament: "You're Not Laughing Now Are You?"

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In his first appearance in European Parliament since the Brexit vote, UKIP leader Nigel Farage was greeted with raucous jeers and boos (presumably for enabling The Brits to exercise their democratic right to self-determination). Once EU President Martin Schulz had demanded (ironically) that they listen, Farage began his 'victory' speech by reminding his so-called peers of their laughter when he first suggested UK should leave The EU - "you're not laughing now... are you!"

"..and the reason you're so upset, the reason you're so angry, the reason you're not laughing is simple - you as a political project are in denial"


Other MEPs were vocal...

Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission

"Europe isn't exclusively a cerebral affair. Obviously we have to think but equally when you're sad, it's acceptable to be sad and I am sad after this vote in the UK and I make no secret of it. The British vote has cut off one of our wings, as it were, but we're still flying."

Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the EU Liberal group

"What makes it so hard for me...is the way it succeeded. The absolutely negative campaign. Mr Farage's posters showing refugees like in Nazi propaganda, which he copied at that moment. I never thought it was possible that somebody in this house should do a thing like that."

Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right French National Front

"The British have chosen a route which it was thought was closed for all time and you were some of those who believed it was closed. Those who said 'It's all irreversible, the European Union is irreversible', well, the British people have told you where to get off."

Martina Anderson, MEP for Irish republican party Sinn Fein

"If English votes drag us out of the EU that would be like Britannia waives the rules. There was a democratic vote. We voted to remain. I tell you that the last thing that the people of Ireland need is an EU border with 27 member states stuck right in the middle of it."

Alyn Smith, MEP for the Scottish Green Party

"We will need cool heads and warm hearts but please remember this - Scotland did not let you down. I beg you: do not let Scotland down now."

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Haus-Targaryen's picture

I love Farage.  Farage for PM. 

nibiru's picture

Now the task for him and Boris  is not to kill each other and find a way to cooperate without getting their egos in the way.

DeadFred's picture

We want Nigel to control the nuclear launch codes. Just like Angela... oh right, she doesn't have any nukes does she?

froze25's picture

This guy has some balls on him. Well done. Trump 2016

Manthong's picture

What a waste of time.

The EU Parliament is just a big, overpaid, fatuous discussion club with no ability to change anything.

Ghordius's picture

"The EU Parliament is just a big, overpaid, fatuous discussion club with no ability to change anything."

I beg to differ. The EU P allowed UKIP to grow, and get a voice it did not find in the UK. The EU P gave you Nigel Farage in the limelight

no EU P, no Nigel Farage Member of the European Parliament

HowdyDoody's picture

Wow, Farage actually stayed long enough to speak and not just collect the attendence fees. There's a first time for everything.


FireBrander's picture

If I paid you $1000 to show up, you didn't have to stay, just walk in and walk out if you wanted, to an hour long Bush or Obama speech...what would you do?

More Ammo's picture

an hour long Obama speech


You couldn't pay me enough to stay and listen...

cbxer55's picture

Damn straight. Be asleep in no time flat.

peddling-fiction's picture

The best part of Farage´s speech is when he describes most EU MPs as people that have never worked or been in business.

Most MPs are parasites and mediocre people that have been bought and have hidden agendas defined by secret societies.

McCormick No. 9's picture

I fuckin' love this guy. Balls the size of grapefruit. Well done sir!

eatthebanksters's picture

The EU is like Obamacare and all the other shit that was promised but was delivered different than represented.  The history of te EU shows that they started out to be a monetary/financial union but in fact the progressives were bent on a political union from day one.  Fuck all these elitists that think that they know whats best for the people!  Let the people decide, let the people make mistakes and learn and move forward, but stop inserting your will on the population because 'you know what's best for them'.  Fuck ilberalism and these fucktards that are so fucking intolerant.  Time to take these bastards out to the woodshed and teach them some fucking manners and what respect means.  I am so sick of the devious shit that is going on...

MrBoompi's picture

I see nothing "progressive" about a fascist dictatorship.  This is regressive by just about any measure.  

DocBerg's picture

Early on many American Progressives were enamored of Benito Mussolini.  He even made the Italian trains run on time, and put most of the Mafia in prison.  He was justly renowned for these difficult accomplishments until some doubts were raised after his alliance with the German National Socialists...

Rhetorical's picture

Then when we beat Italy the OSS or other intelligence services set the Mafia free again to destabalize and control Italy among countless other reasons I'm sure.

Oldwood's picture

It should be obvious to everyone that you cannot have an economic union without a political one. We have watched in America as the federal government has used money, used COMMERCE as an excuse to impose rules which are politically based upon the states and localities that were NEVER considered constitutional. Interstate commerce was the pry bar used to take the lid off of our constitution and our RIGHTS. 

The EU cannot pretend that an economic union is anything BUT a centrally controller society. Economics IS politics. Every political war has an economic base. To believe they can be separated is the ultimate in delusion.

ATM's picture

That and Congress shirking it's Constitutional directive to coin money and regulate it's value y setting up the blantantly unconstitutional Federal Reserve.

Mr.BlingBling's picture

Riiight.  Because there are no videos of Farage speaking there; none noteworthy at least.


Bay of Pigs's picture

Ghordo, take your EU and shove it up your ass.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

Lower case eu would be less painful entering the sphincter so to be kind, you should have suggested shoving the eu up his ass, not the EU.

Taint Boil's picture

Not sure why, but that was funny  - voted that bitch up.

Ghordius's picture

I think a comparable and equally childish answer would include some US stuff up yours. but what to choose? among things we don't have here?

IRS? CIA? FBI? NSA? Victoria Nuland? The Neo-Cons? The Neo-Liberals? Israel as a BFF? Saudi Arabia as a BFF?

problem is, like many europeans I like you Americans. I even cry when your boys die, and wish you would not spend them in wars we try to keep you out of

sorry, but whatever your problem is, it's not the EU. even if "Uncle Sam" is our ally, we are still not your enemy... even if you would be at war with your "Uncle Sam"

Amun's picture

" in wars we try to keep you out of"


Like the rape of Yugoslavia started with your long-time Nazi friends in Croatia - needless to say scenario then repeated in Ukraine


ceilidh_trail's picture

Like world wars 1 and 2? Otherwise, you'd probably be a lamp shade.

Manthong's picture

“like many europeans I like you Americans”

The feeling is mutual, just as long as we do not confuse the regular folks with the asshats that run our respective governments.

There are precious few in Washington DC I have any respect for,

Even if a decent person makes it to a position of power, the sociopaths that control the system soon either overwhelms or corrupts them.

Debt-Is-Not-Money's picture

"...sociopaths that control the system soon either overwhelms or corrupts them."

Either that or they get the JFK treatment.

Nexus789's picture

Actually the CIA, etc has thoroughly penetrated all the Euro intelligence agencies. Thr EU is and was a CIA project. NATO is also a vehicle by which controls Europe. Europeans are clueless to how they being manipulated.

Manthong's picture

I submit that the EU Parliament is window dressing for the unelected men behind the curtain who control the levers and make all the decisions with no recourse from the countries and people they affect.

True, the Nigel phenomenon evolved out of that environment, but that’s about the only effect they have had on anything.

If you eliminated every MEP, it would have absolutely no effect on the operation of the EU.

Ghordius's picture

that's not true because the whole setup is based on co-decision

the EU Council and the EU Parliament. Take the EU P out, no co-decision, no EU. not even a commission

perhaps, just perhaps, you have missed one little detail

the EU P is elected according to the proportional method common here on the Continent

neither the UK P nor the US Senate nor the US Congress is elected according to this method

that's the real explanation, imo, why UKIP flourished here, but did not there

Manthong's picture

OK, it’s your gig over there, but everything I have read or heard indicates that the EU P debates and advises, but the council gets the last word. If that is accurate, there is no actual “co-decision” involved.

As over here, when the Congress abdicates its responsibility to enforce the law or Constitution and just rolls over for the President, what’s written as procedure or law is rendered moot.

Perimetr's picture

Farage is the first REAL leader the West has seen in a long, long time.


F*CK the EU !!!  (F*CK yEU!!!!)

glenlloyd's picture

It's another layer of bureaucracy that's unnecessary. It was the idea of someone who clearly saw an opportunity to earn a very good living if they could wedge themselves in on top of existing political institutions in all these countries and make it sound like some fabulous club they would all belong to.

Completely unnecessary institution

PTR's picture

It's a mechanism of a failing Globalist agenda.  Can we agree on that?

sampo's picture

@Ghordius, The (elected) EU parliament has no ability to change the commission's decisions. The paliament can discuss and propose a change to comission's proposals, but their capabilities are close to farcical.

Now, please tell me how the EU comission gets chosen. Or, based on the past outcomes, who are they working for?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I don't care how the EUP is elected ... have literally zero power.  

If anyone is confused, EUP's only/exclusive power works like this: 

The Commission drafts legislation, which it send to EU P for approval.  The EU P can either reject or approve it.  If it approves it it becomes law.  If they reject it, it goes back to the Commission for optional amendment. Should the Commission decide "fuck the people we're gonna do this anyhow" they can send the exact same piece of legislation back to the EU P for approval.  If the EU P approves it this time, it becomes law.  If they reject it again, it goes back to the Commission again, again for optional amendment.  Let's say the Commission is feeling cheeky and they send the thing back to the EU P completely unchanged, the EU P has the ability to pass it (third time's the charm, eh?) or reject it back to the Commission.  If the EU P rejects it a third time, it goes back to the Commission for mandatory amendments.  After the "mandatory" amendments, it submits the proposed legislation back to the EU P.  The EU P can accept it with the amendments, or it can reject it as amended.  Should it reject it as amended, the Commission has the ability to overrule the EU P and make it law anyhow.  

What is considered an amendment?  There is no measure of "materality" in this decision making process, and so in theory* it might only be swapping a comma with a semi-colon.  

*The reason this is just a theory as proposed Legislation has never been rejected by the EU P as it is always green-lighted the first time it shows up there.  


Ghordius's picture

your premise is founded on "Let's say the Commission is feeling cheeky..."

well, if the commission pisses off the EU P... it can be dismissed by the EU P

that's the one main item that get's most easily and most often forgotten when Americans look at our parliamentary institutions

two commissions have already been dismissed, in the past, by the EU P, so it's not a potential power, it is one that it is used

Overfed's picture

Originally, US Senators were to be selected by the legislatures of the individual states. The 17th amendment to the Constitution changed it to direct popular vote.

The 17th amendment should be repealed.

More Ammo's picture

The 17th amendment should be repealed.




Yes, but it was a necessary step to remove state's rights and influence and put the choice in the hands of low information voters that can be manipulated with false flag events. 

If you believe voting even counts...

Also note that it was passed in 1913 when that fucked up bunch took complete control of the gooberment.

Manthong's picture

“necessary step to remove state's rights and influence and put the choice in the hands of low information voters that can be manipulated with false flag events. “


60 to 80 million dollars can pretty much buy a Senate seat nowadays (the price has gone up due to inflation, er depreciation of the dollar).

The 17 Amendment was part of the same takeover scheme of 1913 when the bankers gifted us with the 16th Amendment (income tax) and the Federal Reserve Bank Act.

Oldwood's picture

They tolerate UKIP because their structure pretty much prevent UKIP from doing more than making noise. They are so sure of themselves, so convinced of their superior position and status, that they could never envision anyone DARING to say NO. The simple fact that these former NATIONS found themselves being ruled from Brussels, with mountains of new regulations and prohibitions over person liberties, of which they had NO feedback or control, pretty much tells the story. I don't care what their agenda or mission was, how enlightened they perceive themselves to be....THEY HAVE NO RIGHT. The people of Europe did not AGREE to this, and the fact that they are feeling the full weight of the consequences is driving a reaction. People suffer the consequences of foolish actions all the time, but when they feel they are encumbered by forces well beyond their reach, we see the core of every revolution in history. Is this that hard to see? Or are we simply going to argue that the problem was not the EU, but simply how they went about doing it. 

The united states was a voluntary union. People of the territories were given a choice and petitioned to become a state. The citizens of the EU have not. They have been captured by an economic structure that demands their capitulation on every front lest they be financially destroyed. One only needs to look at Greece to see the operational function....a member state granted unlimited credit, profligate budgets and now a ward of the EU, surrendering their remaining independence for another year of debt forgiveness. Meanwhile the ECB can continue to buy up any and all assets and instruments needed to keep their favorite members "lubricated". 

How is the end result any different from a military conquest if the citizens living under its rules due so not out of free choice but as a hostage? 

Amun's picture

"The last time you will be asked to vote on an EU Treaty?

As something radically new, a general basis for shifting EU law-making provisions from unanimity to qualified majority voting has been inserted in the Lisbon Treaty to avoid the need to ask voters again about ratifying new treaties.. This is the so-called simplified revision procedure in Article IV-444 of the Constitution, which is now incorporated in Article 33 (6) TEU of the Lisbon Treaty). This article becomes Article 48 TEU in the final edition of the Lisbon Treaty. This may be used to introduce the principle of majority decision at the Federal level in all areas where unanimity applies, apart from matters relating to armed forces. As compensation for this exception, the armed forces can be developed in the special structured cooperation in some areas by a sub-group of nine or more Member States, even if the others are opposed. So there will no longer be any need for changing the new Constitution - the Lisbon Treaty - to permit this through the general amendment procedure. So this is probably the last time that we the European voters will have the chance to be asked about significant Treaty changes."






CuttingEdge's picture

So MEP's (lawmakers as they used to be called) can propose new legislation, Ghordius? We both know they cannot. The laws come down from that heaven on high, the unelected (its a democratic thing you probably do not understand) Commission, for the underlings to pass. Or not. But mostly pass, otherwise Uncle Jean Claude won't be dishing ouut liveried limousines next year, will he?

What you see is what Brits voted out: An unelected bureaucratic elite issuing the orders which are invariably passed by this magical (fucking toothless) powerful parliament's consent, because there is a gravy train to fuel and enlarge.

Ghordius, one day you will wake up and smell the shit you've been shovelling - because you are starting to remind me of that bloke in Bagdad during the Iraq war (Not Chemical Ali, but probably some other fucking Ali), when he starting sounding just plain ridiculous.

The EU (and I mean the 30k bureaucrats in the Commission, not the parliament you so loudly advocate) is a cesspit. Imagine you are Tim Robbins in Shawshank, crawling through that pipe full of shit to freedom - well the scene where he exits is a bit like many Brits feel right now.

cbxer55's picture

Would that be Baghdad Bob? That propaganda dude who made a fool of himself on the idiot box every night. That shit was too funny! Almost hilarious. Enemy tanks? What enemy tanks? There are no enemy tanks in Iraq. Bombs? No bombs falling here here. Fookin LOL!!!;-)

Manthong's picture

I don’t believe he shovels it on purpose.

But like most of the “Remain” voters  in the UK, has fallen for the illusion and lies.

+10 on the analogies, though.

medium giraffe's picture

Ghordy, as much as I hate to agree with you at the peak of your ZH persona non-gratadom, you are correct.  The UK is a plurality (first past the post, dummies), and a constitutional monarchy - a very different animal to a continental style proportional vote system.  In fairness, you have often pointed out over the years that this is the root of disparities between the UK and mainland politics.  I agree, and it would actually be rather good if more UKers realised the implications of living in a plurality.


qomolangma's picture

Hi Ghordius, initially I voted you up for your willingness to counter, but later I changed it to down after reading over more revealing posts.

pardon me for not being versed at the faraway EU things... thanks to some members (Manthong, Haus-Targaryen, Oldwood, CuttingEdge and some others that I may have missed out here) for taking efforts to open the eyes of many!!


To summarize the EU institutions: the REAL power is held by the UNelected European COMMISSION, controlled by whoever The-Big-Guy-Behind-The-Scene or possibly the See-Aye-Ehhh indirectly...

the EU P is just a well-compensated rubber-stamping "democratically elected (in proportional ways)" institution... call it window dressing, or a front desk face or whatsoever... btw, what's the monthly salary of each member of EU P? Other fringe benefits? Incl. the limousine each?  I can imagine the ECB will be willingly sending a chopper to drop the free money to the EU P as long as they're cooperative... it's cheap to print a bit more to buy up the loyalties  :-)