Queen Urges "Keep Calm" As Scotland Seeks To Block Brexit

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"If there is a way to stay in the EU, I am determined to pursue it," proclaimed Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in an interview with Greece's To Ethnos newspaper, noting that Scottish parliament is looking into legal grounds for a new referendum on secession from UK. This confirms JPMorgan's base case that Scotland will vote for independence and institute a new currency at that point. Shortly after Sturgeon's comments, The Queen made her first post-Brexit speech (ironically in Scottish parliament) urging Britons to "stay calm and focused," pointedly noting "real leadership requires deeper and more dispassionate thinking in turbulent times."

A nation divided...

Whih explains why Scotland is looking into legal grounds for holding new referendum on secession from UK, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is cited as saying in interview with Greece’s To Ethnos newspaper. As Bloomberg reports,

Other means are being examined in order to block Brexit include debate and vote in Scottish parliament, which would create constitutional issue for UK.


"We are in uncharted waters," Sturgeon says, adding that “all options are on the table”


“Scotland will continue to consider EU citizens welcome to reside and work in the country”


“If there is a way to stay in the EU, I am determined to pursue it,” first minister says, adding that she is very satisfied from her exchanges with EU officials in Brussels.


Main motive behind decision of many Scots to vote against independence was that staying part of the UK meant staying part of the EU; that motive doesn’t exist anymore, “thus creating new conditions”

* * *

Still, as we also cautioned previously, any veto or scuttling threat may be merely Scotland clutching at straws.

Scottish Secretary and Conservative MP David Mundell said: "We have to respect the result on Thursday, even if we don't like it - it was a UK wide vote - it was a vote by people across the UK."


Asked about the possibility of Scotland stopping Brexit, he said: "What we need to see is the legal mechanism that we go through to get to a situation of the UK leaving" and then said clearly that "I personally don't believe the Scottish Parliament is in position to block Brexit, but I haven't seen the legal documentation that you refer to in your interview with Nicola [Sturgeon]."

It is unclear what the final legal determination will be on this subject, but if somehow Scotland does succeed in scuttling a historic referendum decision by the majority of the UK population, we urge Edinburgh to build a very big and vary tall wall on its southern border that Hadrian would be proud of (ideally without waiting for Mexico, or the UK, to pay for it).

Meanwhile, as all this takes place, the UK ruling class is in a state of crisis, with both PM Cameron and Chancellor Osborne having disappeared, while the opposition Labour party is undergoing a real time coup attempt, in which as we reported yesterday, party leader Jeremy Corbin has been firing random MPs from the shadow cabinet, in an attempt to foil an ouster. For those eager to follow the drama live, the Telegraph has a good live blog at the following link: "EU referendum Labour crisis: Hilary Benn says Jeremy Corbyn 'is not a leader', after he is sacked over post-Brexit coup plot, as six shadow cabinet members quit and more expected to follow"

For those still confused, the following tweet by the Telegraph's Tim Stanley summarizes everything that has transpired in the past few days best:

Which perhaps explains why The Queen, speaking for the first time since the Brexit vote - ironically at the state opening of Scottish Parliament - told MSPs they should "remain calm and focused" and that they "should feel hope and optimism"... (as The Telegraph details)...

The monarch used her address at the opening of the fifth session of the Scottish Parliament to recommend to the UK’s political class that they allow “room for quiet thinking and contemplation” before they decide their next move.


Alluding to the political economic turmoil that has enveloped the country since the vote to Leave the European Union, she said that Britons “live and work in an increasingly complex and demanding world” with events and developments occurring at “remarkable speed”.


The Queen admitted that the ability to “stay calm and collected” in such circumstances can be “hard” but argued that a major hallmark of leadership is the ability to take a step back. She argued this would allow for a “deeper consideration of how challenges and opportunities can be best addressed." 


The opening of the five-year parliament was a "time for hope and optimism", she added, with a "real sense of renewal" thanks to the large number of new members returned in May's Holyrood election.


Her call for a period of quiet contemplation, her first intervention on the Brexit vote since the shock result was announced eight days previously, suggests she does not approve of demands by Jeremy Corbyn and some European leaders for the UK to immediately invoke the Article 50 process to leave the EU.

But Ms Sturgeon defied the Queen's appeal not to rush to judgement by delivering a highly political speech in which she said Scotland should play a part in a "stronger Europe".

She concluded that the parliament should “look forward with hope and a shared determination” to work for the good of Scotland “and in doing so to play our part in a stronger Europe and a better world.”


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Panic Mode's picture

Listen Sturgeon or Scotland, Spain won't let you join EU, even though I would love you to. UK or England won't let you block Brexit. What is done is done. Which part of democracy you don't understand. If you want to take Brexit away, come and take it.

bamawatson's picture

the only thing "done" sir is a NON-BINDING referendum. 

there will be NO EXIT

what part of PROCESS don't you understand?

there will be NO EXIT

Harlequin001's picture

You need to stop with the broken record shit.

and watch what happens instead of spouting off as if you have any more of an idea about what is going on than anybody else.

crossroaddemon's picture

He's right, though. I'm guessing this is all part of the lizard people's playlist somehow as I refuse to believe they could not have rigged that vote any way they wanted it to go. It's just like Clinton's email scandal... it would never have reached our ears if they didn't want it too. There is an agenda here.

Harlequin001's picture

My understanding was that it was a counted vote, rather than an electronic one.

And I believe they thought they would win, so might not have bothered...

crossroaddemon's picture

You trust the people counting the votes?

Harlequin001's picture

More than I do electronic machines yeah, and let's not forget, Brexit won.

Might be something in it...

knukles's picture

Honest question just for the sake of it ......

Are not the areas which voted to stay with the EU; N Ireland and Scotland, two of the very serious money net flows into them from the rest of the UK via London?
If so that helps make sense of the motivations

Harlequin001's picture

My understanding is that yes they are, and have been for many years, though I don't have the up to date figures to hand...

We pay serious wedge to the EU each year which they send back in small part to those parts of the UK in which the EU has mandated the destruction of the local economy, such as fishing...

eforce's picture

What the Queen may have forgotten is that she was addressing a House filled with traitors/nazis.

If Scotland leaves and joins the EU, England will need to build a wall to prevent a northern invasion of EU refugees.

quadraspleen's picture

Hadrian already built one. It might need some renovation though

Déjà view's picture

Scotland...let Engand leave! Hold a new referendum...Should be a minimum 10% swing towards yes camp. 2014 E.U. intimidated many yes voters by declaring Scotland is not welcome in E.U. Should be fine with oil and rich fishing grounds. U. K. show E.U. how to break apart a Union...Jack!

Harlequin001's picture

Smart move. No UK market, and no EU either. Brilliant.

Panic Mode's picture

Loser. Sour grape. Stick to your football.

crazytechnician's picture

Brexit or no Brexit , the EU is going to crack up anyway , Soviet Socialist models have been tried several times and they always fail. So drop the Stockholme Syndrome , once the EU banking system goes into full meltdown these fuckwit protestors will be protesting to fucking leave , not stay.

Freddie's picture

The Queen - some German woman with some pretty miserable children.  Scotland go independent - have a vote then piss off.  All these little countries should be independent.  Russia and Putin would probably guarantee your security from vile zato.

Was Russian Tsar Nicholas the only decent monarch?  He and his family including children were murdered by zio Bolsheviks aka non-Christian murderers backs by tribal western and NYC banks?

ebworthen's picture

How is Scotland going to have any sort of independence while suckling the E.U. teat?

And why would they want to be dependent upon Brussels and Germany for "independence"?

crossroaddemon's picture

Because nobody in the eurozone gets to be independent anymore. Most nations would fail outside of it, and that won't change until the whole system implodes. I have given up hoping that it will happen.

max2205's picture

This is ridiculous there are no do over votes......UK is so fucked up 

DetectiveStern's picture

There won't be an EU to exit from in 2 years time.

crazytechnician's picture

Exactly , the EU project has already failed. The only thing is whether it happens orderly or disorderly. Brexit means UK will suffer less carnage when the whole Brussels edifice comes crashing down.

Winston Churchill's picture

Its a bargaining position for more freebies from London.
Its a very old game that's been played for centuries, long before oil started pumping from the North Sea.
Give the Lowlanders back to the Irish from whence they came.
Their games certainly won't work in Brussels even if they
were allowed to join.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

Highlanders... The Scotti was the Latin, not Irish/Gaelic, name for the Ui Neill and other Gaelic tribes of Ulster. They colonized north west Alba/Scotland creating Dal Riada, which later merged with a Pictish kingdom and Brythonic Celtic tribes to create the Kingdom of Scotland which was Gaelic speaking for centuries.

Later, the Vikings took over becoming the Norse-Gaels, the origin of the Lord of the Isles and of Iceland which is Viking male and Celtic female mostly in origin.

I am a little surprised the highlands votes the same as the south. They no doubt feel the EU offers more subsidies and places to emigrate to.

Scottish Gaelic will be totally dead in 2 generations.

If you want to hear some lovely singing by a native and kinda-hottie, youtube Julie fowlis

NotApplicable's picture

Thanks for the history lesson.

Nothing determines the future quite like the past.

War Machine's picture

They just need to keep importing Indians and Pakistanis and nigerians and when the Scottish are a minority finally the Economy Fairy will come and make everything shiny, see?

847328_3527's picture

Isn't it tea time yet?

shovelhead's picture


From Braveheart to Bremain-fart.

vesna's picture



Scotland was a poor rural, agricultural society with a population of 1.3 million in 1755. Although Scotland lost home rule, the Union allowed it to break free of a stultifying system and opened the way for the Scottish enlightenment as well as a great expansion of trade and increase in opportunity and wealth. Edinburgh economist Adam Smith concluded in 1776 that "By the union with England, the middling and inferior ranks of people in Scotland gained a complete deliverance from the power of an aristocracy which had always before oppressed them."[132] Historian Jonathan Israel holds that the Union "proved a decisive catalyst politically and economically," by allowing ambitious Scots entry on an equal basis to a rich expanding empire and its increasing trade.[133]

Scotland's transformation into a rich leader of modern industry came suddenly and unexpectedly in the next 150 years, following its union with England in 1707 and its integration with the advanced English and imperial economies.[134] The transformation was led by two cities that grew rapidly after 1770. Glasgow, on the river Clyde, was the base for the tobacco and sugar trade with an emerging textile industry.Edinburgh was the administrative and intellectual centre where the Scottish Enlightenment was chiefly based.[135]

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

Curious wiki entry. Curious that Johnny Israel, not at all an expert on Scottish history, is quoted as authority.

He's not even an expert on the Enlightenment. As a dutch jew he wants to make spinoza (who is must read from a history of phil perspective but pointless otherwise) the epicenter of the Enlightenment - something basically no one else takes seriously, not, perhaps, being Dutch Jews themselves.

The industrial revolution per se would seem to have to do with the Lowlands' industrialization as well as the fact French was fairly commonly spoken.

I'm not sure the Highlanders would agree with such a smug, facile assessment either.

Regardless, now is not then.

loosh's picture

Laddie, your Jewiki story begins in 1755 when you can go back a mere 10 years to the Jacobite uprising and what caused the highlanders to revolt in the first place. Could it be TAXES ??? Wait, we know this same script played out in The Colonies later in the century.

Immediately following the uprising, the English banned the wearing of the tartan kilt in order to quell nationalism. Some of the stolen property was returned to the highlanders but they had been so badly beaten and a lot of it AFTER the '45, they sailed to the Americas.

So, "poor rural agricultural society" is somewhat correct but they got by OK until the English made them not only poorer but destitute.

Isn't it interesting how we view agricultural societies as being poor against some banker standard? I'd much rather be aligned with a poor Celtic clan than a "rich" Rothchild tribe.

War Machine's picture

If you dont think Jewish Jimmy Wales isnt allowing Jewish censorship and revisionism, take a look at the uss liberty entry, then read accounts by survivors etc.

Or check out the entry on this dead racist supremacist jew


His wiki entry doesn't mention at all his racial supremacism. Ovadia Yosef's entry gives 3 tiny paras, I guess his saying to a large audience 'non jews exist only to serve us' etc doesnt deserve the prominence 'antisemite' does with anyone who criticizes, even fairly, Israel or Jewish political and media power.

And of course Chabad, a Jewish Supremacist group, patiently explains where the Master Race stuff CLEARLY all over the Pentateuch, justifying theft and murder and cheating of non jews, why their worldview isnt racist

(Spolier alert: when jews do it, it can not be anything bad)

Or check out the entry on jewish bolshevism - where the truth is simply dismissed not merely as untrue (surely the jews were not the only top Old Bolsheviks - but they were wildly over-repped... And the Tsar's family was murdered by a roomful of jews) but, because it shows jews as other than sacred victims, is 'hate')

Or my favorite - compare the entry on 'criticism of christianity' (itself rather shabby) with the sparse verbiage allowed under 'criticism of judaism'

Bearing in mind were talking religion, not who your grandparents were, there should be no thoughtcrime.. But of course, despite the absolutely clear racism, xenophobia etc in the TEXTS OF JUDAISM, Approved and reiterated by TOP RABBIS... There should be, were Wiki really a scholarly and objective source, a nice, text-based entry.

Ah, but alas, no one can criticize judaism without being called an antisemite, which is a cute trick because judaism, by its own texts, hates everyone else.

As the dead rabbis themselves said, not that wikipedia will let you know.

GreatUncle's picture

+1 Rather be aligned with a poor hunter gatherer Celt of 5,000 years ago than the shit we have now.

ThrowAwayYourTV's picture

Why the fuck bother to even vote on anything anymore? This world is on its way to hell, in a basket.

Boing_Snap's picture

The Braveheart Scot no longer resides in Scotland, what remained were the complient to their master Scot, they stayed with UK, and now the even larger master is their choice. Scots should hang their heads in shame and not recount their heroes from long ago, they do not represent them now.

Freddie's picture

Most of those Braveheart Scots are in rural Alabama, GA,SC and Tenn.  Sadly, many are dumb to sign up for USSA bankster wars and join the military.

loosh's picture

The Bravehearts scattered to the wind (and the Americas) after the Jacobite uprising in 1745. They fled to Appalachia only to fight AGAIN in the Revolutionary War against the same encroaching taxing authority. Then AGAIN in the Civil War.

Maybe they are tired of fighting wars?  Maybe the current generation can rally the clans and we'll get to do it all over AGAIN.

gimli's picture

Meanwhile, here in the good ol' US of A, we are celebrating Fed Dependence Day.



Troy Ounce's picture



The Dutch government just transferred ownership of hard earned Dutch pension money to the tune on €1200Billion (twelve hundred billion Euro) to the EU. 

To be used, only in exeptional circumstances. Haha.

Nice to know:

1. Dutch pension money now forms 60% of the total EU pension fund

2. Germany is excluded from this theft,directive.

It is only a matter of time before some politician gets hurt.

GreatUncle's picture

This might be worth noting, Solvency II mentioned ...


On the dutch part blame it on the BREXIT


But note this paragraph,

There was only so much pension funds could do, however. The Dutch system was already struggling for solvency due to ultra-low interest rates imposed by the European Central Bank prior to the referendum, with many pensions facing the serious prospect of being forced to cut payments to retirees.

The bold bit is not BREXIT it was already there, but most pension funds are struggling there is no growth in the system with ZIRP and even NIRP.

Elco the Constitutionalist's picture
Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) Jul 2, 2016 1:28 PM

Removing the illusion of democracy and representative government is a brilliant way for the rulers to lose weight - about 10 lbs worth.

mary mary's picture

So... how much money do Scottish people want to give PIIGS this year?  Does 3-billion sound okay?

BritBob's picture
  • Scotland's deficit reached almost £15 billion in the last financial year after revenues from North Sea oil and gas fell by more than 50%, figures have revealed.

The Scottish Government published its latest data on revenue and expenditure, which showed a deficit of £14.9 billion for 2014-15 when a geographic share of North Sea revenues is allocated to Scotland.

That amounts to 9.7% of Scottish GDP, compared with the overall UK deficit of 4.9% of GDP.

North Sea revenue fell from more than £10.9 billion in 2011-12 to less than £4.8 billion in 2013-14, before dropping to £2.25 billion last year, according to the data.

Ooooh. Sturgeon got a magic wand?

Wants she going to cut?


No more free prescriptions and university education. Tax rises inevitable.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

god shave the queen

She is German, by the way.

Next on the menu, a Brexit from the Six Occupied Counties and a confederacy with the Republic.

Perhaps the prospect of being flooded with Muslims and Chinese will do more for 'reconciliation' than anything else.


Thank in large part Alan Shatter for that

webb_ster's picture

Citizen urges "f-o-a-d, you creepy bitch!!"

Lea's picture

So the centuries-old narrative about the British composure, stiff upper lip and self-restraint was bunkum too? You don't say?

Atomizer's picture

Thank you Queen Elizabeth. Let Scotland go. Become more active in your role. The people look up to you. Someone responsible for this shitshow with European Union should be fired without pension. Imagine it's a multitude of people. 

Allen_H's picture

I have said this before and will repeat it here again: Using the BREXIT as an excuse to break free of the crown is a weak excuse, and we are better than that! I say, fuck the crown, fuck the EU(no cookies intended) let it fall, if we Scottish folk want change it must come from within, from the people, we were once a proud nation of backstabbers, and sold out easy, but this must end, for our doom is within ourselves as we battle to unite under  one people, our  goals are not aligned and this is our weakness.

I was ashamed at our rigged independence vote, and once again I am ashamed at this.

You got to get mad, god damn it! If you want change, we have enough weapons in Scotland! All we need to do is target the banks, and belive me, things will change very fucking fast!

Bananamerican's picture

i hope you are involved socially/politically over there Allen...it seems you are outnumbered by PC Globalists....

I too am ashamed

All is chosen's picture

I wonder what Sturgeon values the Shetlander's oil at. Salmond thought it was worth $132.

If that pair had really wanted independence they would have gone for a UK wide vote. Polls showed the benefit providers from the south were 70%+ in favour of getting rid