"Here They Come Again!" - Precious Metals Traders See Third Smackdown

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For the third time since Friday's close, gold and silver prices are being vertically challenged by an urgent 'seller'. In the latest round of monkey-hammering 'someone' decided to opportunistically sell over $1 billion notional gold in 5 minutes...


As one veteran PM trader exclaimed "here they come again," - we presume meaning The BIS...

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It's OK, we're all used to it by now.

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keep rigging boys !!

you guys are stacker's best friend

IridiumRebel's picture

no shit

just time it and stack

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"We" should already be stacked, locked and loaded by now.

Just sayin'

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It's OK, a little more time won't hurt.  Everybody else has on their paper life vests.  It's OK with me...

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this is good.  BTFD, bitchez.  We all should have known last week that a smackdown was coming, especially after they allowed silver paper to vault up over 21/oz while our markets were closed for the holiday. 

Hopefully you all held off and didn't try to chase by buying phyzz over the holiday.  If you didn't, then today wouldn't be a bad time to pick up a roll of Eagles or Buffaloes and then sit back to wait and see which way things continue to go.

Even if you did buy over the weekend, well then BTFD now and continue cost-averaging your purchases.  No big deal.  We all know the upside potential over the next 1 to 5 years is off the charts compared what little down-side risk in phyzz there is at this point. 

It's all good...just stay calm and stack on!

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Hoarding gold and silver should be illegal for retail investors, because it is not a real investment. Non-accredited investors should be forced to put their money in a safe fund managed by a respected investment manager. This would force people to invest in the real economy instead of keeping their capital out of circulation in useless metals. In addition, it would ensure that uneducated investors are protected from making dangerous esoteric investment decisions that lose them money. It would be a win-win for everybody.


Save_America1st's picture

that was an awesome reply MDB....gee, I'm honored.  hahaha ;-)

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture


I'm curious how MDB would propose they do that. Stand for delivery maybe?

Yukon Cornholius's picture

The key term in your troll-post is respected investment manager. Those are few and far between if they exist at all.

DutchResistance's picture

MDB - I agree.  In fact, there should be only certain funds and investments that a novice can acquire.  They should be required to buy funds that support the government causes.

 For example,

Only allowed to invest in:


-Student loan backed securities

-Military and weapons manufacturers

-Facebook and other unbiased media moguls 

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That must have been Bob, my next door neighbor.

He day trades and always goes a billion or so short if the metals seem too high.

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I would generally assume that was sarcasm, but I have a  couple of stupid sob, liberal brother in laws that say things like that.

eternal_sarcasm's picture

You're fucking kidding right?! Either you're a master at sarcasm, to which I would applaud you, or you're an absolute statist fucktard, wasting precious oxygen and food. I'm really hoping its the former....

Took Red Pill's picture

you've been around here long enough. You should know, especially with your moniker, MDB is being sarcastic

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Honestly I think alls it was is profit taking on said 1billion gold... Somebody made what how much profit?

jakesdad's picture

is he just sarcastic?  not just an ubertroll?  hard to tell (serious ?)...

Antifaschistische's picture

Capital isn't destroyed when PMs are purchased.   Capital also isn't destroyed when some moron pays $40 million for a freaking piece of "art", or $50 million for an NBA player with a 4th grade education...at the end of the day, all that "capital" is right back in a bank for the money changers to wash and recirculate...to those "educated" and certainly "certified" financial planners.  :)

Countrybunkererd's picture

force people to invest... i wonder how that would work out.  Oh, i think Social Security is similar to that...how is that going?

It should be illegal for people to be stupid because it is a tax on society.  It should also be illegal for someone to tell someone else what they should do with their money, i think the reasons are obvious, at least to a thinking rational person.


Countrybunkererd's picture

Ban everything.  Only fun times are allowed and you will be executed if you are caught without a smile and a hat that says "everything is awesome!".

I think making everything legal (except for using one's intelligence) is the only way to get there.


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no doubt...u knew this was gonna happen as soon as the fucks in New Dork and Londone came on line today...

so predictable...

so pathetic...

i bought on Friday after the close...'



You are making the assumption that the World will have a functioning economic system in five years when in fact it will take a complete crash to restore any sort of fair trade and corresponding economic system. When the system crashes many gold hoarders will have their gold confiscated by government agents legislated to appropriate all PMs. All nations will end up hoarding gold and all will fail because all are hoarding. The USA does not have more gold than China or the Russian Federation. Disclosure is not forthcoming.

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Desperately pumping out the last brake fluid as the bus heads down toward the cliff.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Not being the type who suffers from a Learning Disability, and having driven past many a "Cliff Ahead!" sign, I'd day that...

"The Cliff is always further out than predicted by Libertarians"

TPTB will keep Extending & Pretending, by scorching offshore economies first, e.g. Argentina, Brasil, China, Russia, EU, UK. This makes the US the "cleanest dirty shirt/short".

By the time it hits us, "It's time to hunker in your bunker."  Until then, you keep rolling and keep dancing, so you don't miss out.  Just stay close to the Exit though.

Countrybunkererd's picture

Agreed.  I admit openly that i bunkered earlier than most and missed a few upsides.  I still have a bit in the bank too because i hate running every time to write out bills...and that is screaming in my ear every single night as i try to sleep..."WTF????!!!!"



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When demand  meets the reality that paper is over subscribed it will be a Wall Street's nasty surprise. Nobody is paying attention right now.

Quantum Bunk's picture

HOW COUld this possibky last so fucking long ?

Stainless Steel Rat's picture
Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Quantum Bunk Jul 5, 2016 10:44 AM

They can counterfit at least 7x the world's entire GDP.
How could it not last forever? 

Countrybunkererd's picture

The can also make owning barbarous relics illegal.  Does that mean my war antique war club will be taken away?

silverer's picture

Precisely!  They're not going to stop, but neither are we.  Keep those bargains going!  I still need some more time!

Eager Beaver's picture

It's all ok, straight down for a brief few moments, only to be lifted beyond the past two closes minutes afterwards, lovely to see somebody taking advantage of the buying opportunity, unfortunately, it was probably China.

So Close's picture

One bank to rule them...


Same shit, same day.

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patience grasshopper

Quantum Bunk's picture

fuck that. This has been going long enough. People have to die

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Whenever they put it on sale, I just buy more. 

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Come on, hit me. Harder. Harder.

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This kitten cashed out before.  Fuckera yeahhhh gon get me a cheeseburger tonight!

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Could be pruice manipulation or it could be some huge trader that is taking profits. Who knows? Whoever it is didnt really make too much of an impact...gold is trading at aROUND 1344 right now

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yep profit taking, then buy low tommorrow, then sell high simple math

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Fuck em..and fuck em hard!

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It's the Fed and their unaudited dark pools manipulating the gold and silver prices !!!

Mr. Kwikky's picture

I have a dark pool my self and it ain't manipulated...but it's al the shit they spray in our air that make people dumb animals.

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The tribe  came back from their holiday at the hampsteins. 

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Only 10 bucks ... what's the problem ?

We have seen worse .. haven't we ?