This Is How They Protect Us!

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Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

The Latest TSA Horror

“These people think they are God. They think they can do anything they want.”

A partially blind, partially deaf young woman returning home from treatment for a brain tumor was brutally smashed to the ground by goon tug TSA “security” while her mother, a nurse, was shoved away.

The goon thugs responsible should get at least 30 years in a maximum security prison for assault with intent to kill. But nothing will happen to them. Their corrupt bosses always cover up for the psychopaths who occupy so many “security” and police positions from which they exercise unaccountable brutality over those of us forced to pay their salaries.

This is America today. We are forced to pay for our own brutilization by a criminal element that has taken refuge in “security” that “protects us.” We are in far more danger from the security forces allegedly protecting us than we are from terrorists. Indeed, the security forces are the terrorists.

Remember, during eight years of the Iraq War, US police killed more Americans than the US lost troops in combat. We needed our soldiers at home protecting us from the police, not over there “protecting” us from Iraqis who were not bothering us at all.

The only way to stop the continuous murder and brutalization of American citizens by “security” is to give the same jail sentences to the psychopaths, who comprise a large percentage of police, as are given to criminals without badges to hide behind. Until this happens, no one is safe, not even a handicapped young women traveling home from a hospital with her mother.

The same prison sentences should be given to executive branch officials who initiate wars of aggression on the basis of lies and fraud. These officials are criminals, not “world leaders.”

Read the article from the Guardian and weep for your lost country in which we are far less safe from “our” government than we were under King George. Indeed with Washington’s record of destroying seven countries in 15 years, no one in the world is safe from the government of “the land of liberty.”

America is now justice-proof. “Security” has so thoroughly inoculated us against justice that justice cannot happen in America. Winning some taxpayer money in a civil lawsuit is not justice. Justice is prison for the goon thug criminals with badges.

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Happy 4th of July btw.

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This is to be expected with so many people employed in government security agencies. These people need to go on justifying their jobs, but there is a shortage of bad guy's to catch. That leaves them to pick out the upperty and vulnerable. The enemy is within rather more than on the outside.

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Hardly verifies it in the logical mind.  However, if security apparatus on the ground across the globe were dismantled, unemployment numbers would go off the charts.  Substantiating their right to exist is going to need more than an uncooperative or disoriented young female cancer patient.  The cost to run the operations could be diverted into creating an infrastructure.  Billions pilfered and pissed away will leave you feeling foolish, appropriately so.  The fear is that they will have the ability to carry out personal acts of vengence against another who happens to cross their path, and they use this opportunity to unleash a lifetime of pent up rage on the unfortunate victim they consider a repugnant and unnecessary form of human life, race/religion/political/opposition, and take it upon themselves to punish though physical assault and detainment during the course of what should have been a routine screen if terrorists were what they are interested in.  TSA is in place to allow the terrorists through. 

TSA are gate keepers to both professionally traind mercenary terrorists and those of the "lights, camera, action" sort (pass legislation).  Recording the event is essentially a trophy and a warning via releasing it and the cruelty and frustration to stop it is their assault on us, or anyone not there to witness it first hand, rather than reading or hearing it via rumor mill conversations.  Beating down human spirit by revolting images and memories requiring a remedy from the recoil, self medication in some form.  Our psyches are not equipped to be exposed to nonrelenting surveillance by hostile forces.  System has become a monster we are forced to subsidize for our own good.  But the enemy is hiding in plain site. 

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And forget about prosecuting this TSA GOON - put out a bounty on the MUTHA FUCKA's head.

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The article doesn't mention names, so I  suppose that makes ALL TSA guilty of this crime and should be worthy of citizen justice.

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The TSA guy was 'extremely careless' but no charges are recommended.

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That girl is a jewess. Tell us if that changes your feelings.

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Better to be a jewess than an asshole.

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No it does not. She is too young to be a politician, banker, or lobbyist.

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200 or so years ago, the USA belonged to Great Britain.  Attention spans are short.  War in early 1800s was after peace talks in Paris.  And according to the British, they won but facing massive army of citizens would have left their soldiers dead on the beach.  America created the middle class, with enough money to influence politicians.  No tyrant wants a middle class.  Stand back.  Look and see America and the middle class being sent into their graves.  Through cutting off supply route.

TSA is treating Americans like they are thieves.  Because they are working for Britain.  I have thought about this for 15 years.  Every night I have read and perused and watched and listened.  Every night for 15 years save but for under 10 days. 

There was once a time I blamed the Jews for the implementation of the NWO, but now I realize they are either not Jewish at all but changed names or appeared out of nowhere with a history hard to verify.  Jewish are the bankers, the accountants and henchmen for Britain.  Britain has invaded every nation but 22, a few of them several times.  The collapse of Great Britain was due to the loss of the American colony.

This is a war plan.  DNA proves the Queen of England is not authentic, that she is Jewish (Kharzarian).  London is command center.  Israel is a

British colony and so far, from what I have gathered so far, it is about to be wiped off the map as a distraction while the collapse of USA and middle class across the globe is underway.  Ukraine, the New UK, is occupied for this reason - for the powerful to relocate while the Jewish and Palestinians are left to deal with the new holocaust - a staged event.  Jewish people eat their own.  The brainwashed Jews do not see it at all. 

Tyrants want poor slaves who will do anything for food. Middle class was not supposed to happen.

The media portrays a different picture, however.  But, of course, the reason is obvious.  If one nuclear bomb were dropped onto the tiny island of United Kingdom, it would be over.

American Jewish community needs to reconsider where their loyalties lie.  They have the ability to end this strategically should they wish.  Life before America was a miserable mess.  Lawyers and snipers make up the British army in USA. 

Passport free travel from UNITED KINGDOM to Israel but not the other way around.  Largest land owner, 2nd largest gold vault, as quiet as a patient in the ICU of late, befuddled powdered wigs and indignant diplomats are stage actors.  They have Hellywood for a reason.

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You are quite wrong. The natural flow of a civilization is for the leadership to expand. The Government expands too big and collapses. At that moment, the middle class is the ruling class. people control the Government. 

Today in US, it is happening exactly the same, 47% of Americans get some free shit from the Government. 49 million people are getting food stamps. This are the ruling class. They are like Kings. they get free shit from the others who work hard. 

The System will collapse. everyone knows that. The very smart ones, know how to benefit from it. All others cry and weep and complain. Which one are you? think about it. 

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If left to our own devices, our society would run like a well-oiled machine based on supply and demand.  Without the propaganda and sublimal messages not so sublimal anymore (consumption beyond need so to leave us in a state of compromise financially, exhausting global reserves of natural resources and human talent to ensure every dime we have is spent, and more.  Financial terroism.  Not everyone wants to be a millionaire, some just want to do their craft, take part in their passions, and live with the ability to make a conscious decision to live a simple life in a well stocked and self sufficent home. 

Government expansion?  Silent coup.  Pilfer, rape, handicap, every leading man and woman in down is pushed out if deemed a leader in personal disposition, and admired by all.  This is a captured government creating a prison around it's citizens, now considered the enemy and on their land.

Capitalism has been turned into a ring toss game at a carnival or, a casino after regulations were lifted (racketerring).  It will collapse as Ponzi schemes do.  Politicians and their "no new taxes" while running up the credit card to an unpayable amount are not working in the best interest of their country.  Lawyers were once banned from politics.  Con artists and accomplished liars are in control.  The end?  The last of the rich standing will be shaking at every sound in the dead of the night.  Their private islands will be their prisons.  Their servants will be their only connection to common man, and I suspect that if society collapses, the servants will sell out their employers after an offer is made which is too good to refuse. 

bunnyswanson's picture

This helps to explain their strategy

EXPLAINED: Britain’s EU Policy in 90 seconds July 6, 2016 By  

21st Century Wire says…In the wake the UK’s recent EU Referendum ‘BREXIT’ drama, many are left wondering what is Britain’s real policy towards the European Union?

One of these is not like the others..'s picture

I wish you were correct there Mr Bunny Swanson.

If we were actually in charge then the UK standard of living might be a bit higher, due to us not having had to pay your country a sizeable percentage of our GDP (I have NO idea what percentage) for several decades due to our obligations under lend lease. Also Kellogs cornflakes would be MUCH cheaper here AND your F35 would actually work!

(We are the ONLY country to have ever mastered VTOL fighter aircraft manufacture with our harrier back in the late sixties. 50 years ago and a zillion dollars later you STILL can't get the F35 to work properly..)

Nah, your problems are the same as ours and everywhere elses. At school the popular kids are almost never the nice kids.

Until we start valuing those who ARE good rather than those who LOOK good we will always have shit leaders who do mean and shitty things, because that is what the normal people seem to buy into. IMHO The fight is way beyond race now, it is between the good and the bad. The preservers and the destroyers.

Round and round it goes, who'll prevail nobody knows! Place yer bets puhleeese!!

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Close but labeling this a "Jewish" thing is a mis-statement and distraction. Jews are pawns used to feed the millenia long fear of the Jews who killed the Christ figure. Rome used Judea to claim legitimacy in the Levant as a bulwark against the horde beyond the desert. The conversion to Christianity drove Jews into the waiting arms of the Empire. Again, all used to drive legitimate claim to the Levant which provided Rome with a bulk of the bread necessary to keep the growing masses at bay.

Britannina is the modern incarnation of Rome. Britannia's Colony in America is the logical expansion of "manifest" destiny and full-fillment of prophecy. Modern day Israel does not fit the prophesy, only America full-fills the prophecy. Israel's establishment by the Crown is again to develop a bulkwark against the emerging Arab Horde.

knotjammin2's picture

You are one seriously fucked up individual!!  Do you really think it makes a difference?

Benjamin123's picture

Never said it does. I asked if it does.

Bunch of hypocrites in zerohedge. Same crowd that cheers whenever some bomb goes off in Israel "cause of Gaza".

eyeswideopen1963's picture

I"m not from the USA although I have many good friends who are Americans.  I refuse to travel to your country anymore.. won't do it.  I book direct flights that fly over the US if need be..  This kind of garbage has to stop

WP45's picture

Lock and load is as far as it ever gets i'm afraid.

fellatio is not fattening's picture

Since when was their job to assault young ladies, I thought it was to stop terrorists and prevent weapons on board the plane, does she look like she had a bomb or gun??  Just outrageous, this does need to stop, if i were her dad and I was there, they would just have to arrest me for assaulting the asshole TSA agent

are we there yet's picture

Lucky to have a photo. TSA forbids photographing unless they do it.

Dr. Dooms-a-lot's picture

How much more will we take?

Happy 4th of July!

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I quit flying shortly after TSA came on duty because I was certain I would eventually make one of the stupid, groping, arrogant agents look like this poor, poor woman; and then, of course, be locked up for a long, long time. I hope she miraculously receives just compensation, though no amount of $$ can compensate for such abuse.

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Don't wait for the DOJ to help.


Expat's picture

Why is anyone here surprised or shocked by this incident?  All one has to do is read the comments on this site to understand the morality and logic behind the TSA and the other jackbooted organizations running the nation on behalf of the 1%.  I am waiting for a follow-up to the "her last name is Cohen" comment, perhaps a claim that this was a set-up by Israel to justify something or other.  Maybe this girl is a Trump supporter and was specifically targeted by Hillary?  Maybe she was a Muslim terrorist (gotta be afraid of those One-Eyed Mullahs! and she has one eye that works!).  Someone will no doubt wish that this girl had been Arabic and then we could have really stomped the shit out of her..heh heh!

Ask yourself what kind of hate and invective you have written here about anything at all.  Think about how many times you said we should kill, beat, torture, or bomb someone or other.  Then ask yourself why these TSA thugs are any worse you are. 

Hatred and violence breed hatred and violence.   Enjoy it, America.  You deserve it.


Colonel's picture

"Maybe this girl is a Trump supporter and was specifically targeted by Hillary?"

 Why would that be a stretch? After the way the left has been acting towards Trump's supporters.

138's picture

Everyone can bitch, moan and wish horrible things to happen to these assholes that beat up that poor girl but the truth is everyone that still flies commercially are complicit in some degree to what happened. I stopped flying years ago after the tsa goon squad was put in place to violate our rights and beat up blind, deaf girls in airport "security theater". If everyone stopped flying as well I GUARANTEE that the tsa would disappear. Sure it can be inconvenient not flying, but liberty was never meant to be convenient. 

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

Why all the faux outrage? Don't you American imbeciles realise, it was the population as a collective, that signed off on the War on Terror and the Patriots Act? The TSA was set up to make you fools feel safe and has been abusing from the outset, yet voices were silent. It's always the same 3 card trick to desensitize white America, to accept the same treatment they authorize on others. First it was Arabs and Muslims that took the initial abuses. Then the blacks and Latino's. Then it was whites.

It was the right of paranoid white passengers to demand Arab/Muslims being removed from a flights(because they looked suspicious) Don't forget TPTB, started with putting anti-establishment and alternative media journalists, as well as Arabs/Muslims on arbitrary NO-FLY LISTS, with little recourse within the legal system to challenge it and Middle Class America said nothing.

If I had my way, the TSA should be allowed to violate all the bastards who supported the TSA agency coming into being, with a broomstick up your fucking rectums, in punishment for allowing your civil liberties to be crushed and destroyed, for a faux war on terror, especially against foes, yours and my government have helped create, finance, train and provide logistics too, like ISIS. The beat down of good, decent, law abiding whites, was the inevitable consequence of allowing other groups to be violated by this agency and signing off on it, "Because it effects them and not us" How many times has this short sighted scenario played out? We're seeing it today played out in the ever increasing police-state. 

Colonel's picture

Wrong, its leftist tards that are gung ho for more "government" expansion.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

Bullshit! The right are just as and even more culpable than the left, in asking for the TSA and Patriots act to come into being. From my lofty perch, it was the flag waving, sitting on the front porch loons, who wanted all of this and they primarily vote for the right. Gotta keep America safe from all those muzzies, who want to take away our feedumbs. Anybody blaming the TSA on the needs and wants of the LEFT, is a biased fool and intellectually dishonest. The left would invite the real terrorists in, not attempt to keep them out. You can't have it both ways.

Colonel's picture

"The left would invite the real terrorists in, not attempt to keep them out. You can't have it both ways."


 How does that even make any sense? Most of those on the right are trying to keep them out which is sensible minus big governments "solutions". While the left/government are trying to bring them in. How are they trying to have it both ways? It's obvious they are trying to implement completely different strategies. But I know what you are trying to say but the truth is this is the classical case of the government causing the problem and their "solution" being far worse as in the case of the Patriot Act. This is why the Alt-Right has been gaining traction because the "right" in the country is being led by the GOP who are nothing but faux opposition to the commie/democrat/globalists.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

How does that even make any sense? Most of those on the right are trying to keep them out which is sensible minus big governments "solutions".

You answered your own question and hence why I call many of you stupid. The RIGHT wanted to keep them out and thus accepted the TSA and Patriots act becoming a reality. There was virtually no dissenting voices from those you would label traditional Republican voters, when Bush and his Neocons duel-citizen cronies, were pushing through these draconian and unconstitutional laws. The reason this demographic was happy to sign off on it, was because they never in their short-sightedness saw themselves as being the recipient of these laws. It was aimed at towel-heads/Muzzies.  Never in the history of mankind, have we protected our freedoms, by diminishing them at home through laws. It is a fucking oxymoron.

bookofenoch's picture

It doesn't sound like you are from America. 

novelator's picture

"Don't you American imbeciles realise, it was the population as a collective, that signed off on the War on Terror and the Patriots Act? The TSA was set up to make you fools feel safe and has been abusing from the outset, yet voices were silent."


So, are whole people's to be condemned for what was done in their name while they were asleep?


How mad would you be to wake up and find out you'd been played, in the worst way known to Man?


Oh, TPTB: woe the unintended consequences.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

We on Zerohedge lump whole groups together and make the sin of a few, tar the whole group, so join to the club.

Lost in translation's picture

For me, what was done to this poor girl is the clearest picture of what the USA has become. That what happened to her is sickening doesn't begin to describe it.

I am ready to go to war and have been for 25 years. Unfortunately and apart from ZHers, my neighbors and countrymen are ruled by women and homosexuals, are afraid of being labeled "racists," and are comfortable living in the totalitarian Matrix. They don't stand for anything, won't do anything, and will accept, anything, up to and including the brutality against disabled girls.

I am much older now. And, I am increasingly of the opinion that owning and training with weapons won't do any lasting good, neither growing my own food, fixing my own truck, doing my own plumbing, or any other skill set, for that matter. Having been brutalized, subjugated, and emasculated, America appears to be done. DONE.

I fear that ZHers in the US will, under the coming Clinton Regime, be hunted down, imprisoned, tortured, and murdered. One by one.

Therefore, I have to consider leaving the US, permanently. The country has become fat, drugged, complacent, perverted, and frighteningly ignorant. It is administered by the largest terrorist organization on the face of the Earth, and the most destructive institution in human history: the US Government.

While I pray for the health, welfare, and safety of my fellow brethren and ZHers, I can say without remorse, may God damn the USA.

Colonel's picture

+10,000 You get it. The young lady looks like a Trump supporter after having met killary's leftist thugs.

bunnyswanson's picture

There is nothing wrong with the USA.  It is the prime real estate.  Trump crowd is huge.  They obviously are against the status quo.  If you are interested in damning the US government, however, that would make sense.  There are few countries which are 1st world nations innocent in the perpetuation of the collapse of their own nation via expanding the need for security through weaponizing the entire globe.  But it is a prison they are creating.  And we are their prisoners.  No one will be spared in the end, it's a several billion person cull.  That sounds like a mic drop to me.

Lost in translation's picture

Agree that the Trump crowd is huge. I also do NOT believe the BS polls being run showing "a tight race."

But after yesterday's announcement re: sham investigation into Killery, I am fully persuaded that Trump will never be allowed to win any election, not even if he won 90% of the vote.

No Sir. Soros, Silverstein, Dimon, Pope Francis, GS - you name it - the Money Power is fully committed to doing anything and everything to get their bitch in the WH. They murdered Scalia - so killing is a breeze for them.

After yesterday I am convinced: US is done, it's over.

Colonel's picture

The people in the U.S. are by and large pretty decent. It's US government that is completely morally bankrupt at every level. And of course there is the leftist scum that support the government no matter what.

Lost in translation's picture


When I see the throngs of people cheering and clapping at the Hillary/Obama rally I wonder just who the heck these people are...

the.ghost.of.22wmr's picture
the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Lost in translation Jul 6, 2016 6:35 AM

There are plenty of positions available for you and other motivated Americans in Donbass:

Lost in translation's picture

I read about that guy. Not sure what to say about all of that, but he certainly walks his talk.

I found it humorously entertaining how that New York (Jewish) reporter tried so feebly to deny that there are neo-Nazis in the Ukraine...

finametrics's picture

Agree, that's why I'm buying a place in the Carriebean soon. The first sign of trouble. I'm out. 

NuYawkFrankie's picture

re I fear that ZHers in the US will, under the coming Clinton Regime,  be hunted down...

Two can "play" the hunting game.

Lost in translation's picture

I thought West Virginians use outhouses, still.

novelator's picture

And I will THANK GOD every day that YOU ARE NOT WHO WE ARE.

Lost in translation's picture

As I thank God I am nothing at all like you, either.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!

Ghordius's picture

for various reasons, the whole world had some small security checks at airports

except for US domestic flights, that is

then... 9/11

btw, the first thing the US federal government did was to ask every other country to increase their security on international flights bound for the US

except that 9/11's flights were domestic, mind

zip forward, and now the TSA is a huge, monstrous security apparatus

lack of a sense for proportions