WTF Chart Of The Day - Factory Orders Collapse To Longest Streak In US History

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For the 19th month in a row, US Factory Orders decline YoY (-1.2% for May) with a 1% drop MoM. Simply put, in 60 years of historical data, the US economy has never, ever suffered a 19 month stretch of consecutive annual declines...



And yet we are supposed to believe there is no recession?

What happens next? 


Charts: Bloomberg

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CNBC says it's just a minor blip on the road to socioeconomic nirvana.

I quote. ".....but growing order backlogs and lean inventories suggested the worst of the manufacturing downturn was probably over."

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It's different this time.  Always remember that.

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Who needs things of physical substance? You know things you can touch or use with your hands. When we have "assets" based on the value of other paper "assets". Loony, and this can't keep up forever. Get prepared.

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Factory Orders Collapse To Longest Streak In US History


Do you believe in miracles?



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I told you none of us would live long enough to see the next officially-declared recession.


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Head & Shoulders Bitchezzz, with a tall order of dandruff & bryll cream


ride the storm out ! - AMerican Woman !


the Guess Who ???????????????????????????????

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Main Street America has been in a recession since 2008. Without the forced Obamacare spending, there GDP would be in the crapper.

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We collapsed some folks.

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i's a got's a what you'sa smokin' !


someone posted the Kenyan In Chief''s last  correspondents dinner speech :

the Dude is a Smooth-Talkin' MoFo, and any of y'all still small talkin' that the Wook is a He oughta be SmacKed !   There's a REASON he has no Colombia graduation proof .... Obama could talk his way out of a slimy wet paper bag at the bottom of the ocean and wind up on shore drip-dri !

move on BitChazzzzz, Nothing to See here...

watchout - the Next Orlando Aurora Theater Goblin is Gonnnnna Git ya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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<----Fucked Up

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Nothing a few solar panels can't fix. Solar panels, social media and other fucking crap - that will make America great again. 

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At least Solar panels produce electricity. Now if we can get electricity storage down then we got a good combo. Look into Graphene based electricity storage units. Single layer sheets of carbon = very high capacity, with unlimited use (unlimited power cycles) energy storage (batteries).

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One word.....Solyndra.

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This technology is going to be so expensive, it's just another way to drain what's left of the middle class.  The cost will be higher than the marginal gains of its use in industry.  We'd all be better off going back to life without electricity because technology will fail.  It would also make society stronger and healthier again, and get corporations out of everyone's wallet.

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Hmmm.  What could explain it? What happened 19 months ago?  Hmmm.  

Well, October 2014 was the start of the collapse in oil prices.  How many months ago was that - one, two, three, . . .  Why, November 2014 to May 2016 is 19 months! What an incredible coincidence!?

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So are you saying when Saudi Arabia drove down Oil prices to ostensibly hurt the Russian economy but with The US Shale Industry really in it's crosshairs - it took down US Factory Orders as a bonus?

OK Saudi; you win.  We won't release those 28 pages..

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according to people like Jim Willie, that is when the Petro-Dollar died.

OPEC collapsed.   Everybody is on their own, kind of ... while we try to keep everyone on the Central Bankster Fiatski Uncle Benjamin FRN pogroms....


City_Of_Champyinz's picture

Makes sense, oil is a raw material that is used in countless ways.  When you use less of a raw material that is the base of so many products, the price will go down. Simple supply and demand.  But low gas prices are good for the economy, right? Says every douche politician/commenter the last couple of years....

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"For the folks that want their economy, they can keep their economy".

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Perhaps Boris could give someone tips on how to build a Soviet style Left Boot factory.

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Count on a "revision" as November gets closer.

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New highs on moar QE hopium....

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Obvious what happens next. "Markets" levitate near all time highs, just like they have with all other bad economic data coming in. Yay central banks!!

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Still so very little discussion of cell phones.  Since the carrier discounts went away, how many people do you know who have actually bought a new phone?  And how many have deferred, nursing along an older or semi-broken unit that they'd have gladly traded in for a $100 'nice' new phone?

Stories like that lurk throughout the 'real economy'.

Another clue--the barrage of car ads and almost nothing else on TV.  OK, useless pharmaceuticals and car ads.  Not bloody much else.

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If you sell some of the oxycotin that your doctor overprescribed you, you can afford to buy a new phone - New New Economy

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By day's end this will be spun into a good thing

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Wow, this sounds bad. Good thing the US depends on consumption and not manufacturing to keep the economy going. /sarc

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The American people have to understand that their own government sold them out to Communist China. In return China finances the American war deficit.You can thank Bush jr. and especially Obuma.China gets to import as much as it can so that American Corporations can mark up the products more.That way,companies like WalMart can double and triple their profit margins.

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We build everything in apps now so we don't need factories or their orders #AppStoreNation

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The Trumpet says he is going to magically fix this.  

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If the government would stop propping it all up and let it collapse then we could finally have some growth again rather than this zombie stagnation 

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1400 is still too high for the S&P

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It's the 50+ crowd downsizing and eliminating expenses. The Federal Reserve can't print demand.

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Financial products, Student Loans, Free Shit, and Vanishing cream are the only products left that the USA manufactures. The Gubbermint is hard at work figuring out how to export more of these fine American products.

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Banbait #350

Got knee-pads?!

Protocols 6:6 "...What we want is that industry should drain off from the land both labor and capital and by means of speculation transfer into our hands all the money of the world, and thereby throw all the Goyim into the ranks of the proletariat [poverty]. Then the Goyim will bow down before us, if for no other reason but to get the right to exist."