It's Over: DOJ Won't File Charges Against Hillary, Ends Probe

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Bloomberg headlines


Note: "unanimous"

As AP reports,

Attorney General Loretta Lynch says the Hillary Clinton email investigation is being closed without any criminal charges.


Lynch announced the Justice Department decision Wednesday, one day after FBI Director James Comey recommended against any prosecution.


The decision was largely a formality given Comey's public statement on the case.


Lynch said last week that she intended to accept whatever recommendations and findings were presented by the FBI and by her career prosecutors.

Here is the full statement from the US Attorney General Loretta Lynch regarding the State Department's email investigation:

“Late this afternoon, I met with FBI Director James Comey and career prosecutors and agents who conducted the investigation,” Lynch said in a statement. “I received and accepted their unanimous recommendation that the thorough, year-long investigation be closed and that no charges be brought against any individuals within the scope of the investigation."

As The Hill adds, Lynch largely relinquished her role overseeing the investigation following outrage that she met privately with former President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton's husband, on the tarmac at Phoenix's airport, in what she has described as a purely social but nonetheless inappropriate encounter. After facing backlash last week, Lynch said she would defer to the FBI and prosecutors' recommendations. Which, incidentally, may have sparked an even greater flame of public anger.

The Justice Department's decision Wednesday nonetheless formally closes the book on the investigation into Clinton, which began with a referral from inspectors general at the State Department and intelligence agencies one year ago. The issue has loomed over Clinton’s campaign for longer, and criticism will likely continue to haunt her through the presidential election in November.

Some critics questioned Comey's decision to get out in front of Justice Department lawyers since prosecutors — not the FBI — ultimately decide whether to press ahead with charges. As such, his public announcement of his recommendation could be seen as tipping the scales.

“I disagree with the FBI necessarily telling the prosecutors, ‘Here’s what you should do,’” Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) told The Hill off the Senate floor on Wednesday. “That should be left up to the Justice Department.”

Burr nonetheless maintained that he had faith in the FBI’s “thorough” investigation, he said.

The decision has inflamed criticism on Capitol Hill, where Republican lawmakers questioned how Clinton escaped indictment despite Comey’s scolding of her behavior as “extremely careless.”

Comey will testify before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Wednesday to respond to critics’ allegations and defend the FBI's efforts. Not like that will change anything, of course, because "what difference at this point does it make." Incidentally, none at all. All that matters is that "justice" has again been served:

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TomGa's picture

There is no more "rule of law."  The Director of the FBI announced on live TV that the rule of law is dead in America. We all witnessed it. The Attorney General just confirmed it.  There is no longer any moral obligation to follow federal law at this point except to the extent that you are afraid of being shot by an agent of the state. RIP America  DOD: 7/5/16. 


If the Law does not apply equally to all, then it applies to none.

GadExp's picture

That lady is too big to fail!!!

Skiprrrdog's picture

when Bubba wants to fuck her, he rolls her in flour and looks for the wet spot...

beemasters's picture

And a new independent investigation into the collusion of DOJ, FBI and the Clintons must now be opened.

beemasters's picture

Seriously though, I'm not sure how the people could ever trust the DOJ and FBI again after this.

Manthong's picture

It ain’t over until the fat lady sings…

And President Trump’s AG will have Lynch singing like a canary.

It’s going to take a wholesale purge of State, the DOJ  DHS and the Pentagon to start restoring confidence in this government again.


Billy the Poet's picture

I've decided to beat the rush and start ignoring Hillary now. This is going to be a long four years.

beemasters's picture

Lynch should never be in any role over the case after her suspicious meeting with Clinton. Her decision should be deemed invalid.

Manthong's picture

To good people, yes...

To villains , no.

Prosecutions next year in a Trump administration are necessary to restore honor and dignity.

The current regime and villainous Democrats must be thoroughly repudiated.

J S Bach's picture

I can think of no other case in history of such open, blatant, in-your-face-I-don't-care corruption than what we're witnessing with this email fiasco.  Even members of the tribe must marvel at the chutzpah of the Clinton creatures.

Our Republic is indeed dead.  Only violent revolution will right our world again.  These people - including the obsequious sychophants in the FBI and Injustice Department - need to be summarily executed for treason.

OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture

There are plenty of cases like this: in Nigeria, Mexico, China, and a whole host of other Third-world banana republics. Like the US.

J S Bach's picture

No other case in Western First-World history.

Money Boo Boo's picture

The Republic


has run out of Bananas. 

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) Money Boo Boo Jul 6, 2016 7:54 PM

I think most of America is as PO'd about this as I am.  The fact that Comey outlined the criminal acts and then recommended No Charges just boggles the mind.  I don't know if that was his intent but it is obvious that the lack of chages was a political decision by Obama and/or his underlings.

This will hang Hillary this summer because I doubt that it will go away.  People will demand that President Trump re-open the investigation.

crossroaddemon's picture

You're as wrong as you can be... most people simply don't give a shit. Nor will it change the election picture one iota. The Clinton supporters are still Clinton supporters, the trump supporters will still vote trump, and it doens't matter anyway because the president has already been chosen.

Kissy Ass's picture

We The People of Zero Hedge, we luv Hillary. Let a woman lead us to prosperity.

Scuba Steve's picture

The road to hell is paved with Liberal prosperity ...

Mr. Universe's picture

The thing is now having received complete absolution Hillary when elected will be able to do ANYTHING she wants without fear of reprisal...and she will.

thesonandheir's picture

Yep, looks from over here that Merica has died.



We told the globalists to fuck of with our Brexit and hoped you would do the same.


Sadly it seems that Merica has no balls anymore.

Cloud9.5's picture

There will be no revolution, not until the EBT cards fail or they start going house to house to confiscate guns.

Lordflin's picture

Nonsense... there is nothing new under the sun.

One can read of such times and such people in the histories. On the other hand, it is one thing to read of these things and another to witness them come to life.

That said, Hillary is the most diabolically evil creature it has been my displeasure to witness. One has only to look at her to see that she is completely and utterly out of her mind.

They will come for our guns next. Fast approaching put up or shut up time.

Here2Go's picture
Here2Go (not verified) J S Bach Jul 6, 2016 8:58 PM

Now the Ex Presidents are gonna have to make Johnny Utah wear a Hillary mask on their next bank robbery.

chunga's picture

They're gonna tear the country apart and I think I know what comes next.

spastic_colon's picture

the plan is coming together; obama has not yet succeeded in a gun grab; his hope is that this will piss off someone enough to "do something about it" or someone they have set up; hitlery will become the patsy in his final exec order to take our weapons; his handlers are not happy.

chunga's picture

We've been very determined not to vote because we believe the votes are counted fraudulently, making a joke out of the whole thing. We just now might up out minds to quickly register/unregister long enough to vote for Trump. If it's fake it's fake, but fuck it, just in case. After that there is nothing left.


I think on the first night of pResidont Hill'rey club....we're gonna have to fight.


* - maybe I'm crazy but I like to emphasize the backdrop on this fraudulent FBI. It was TWO WEEKS AGO, allegedly, the biggest shooting murder in US history took place at the gay bar. The shooter obtained his gun permits by way of FRAUDULENT/FORGED psych evaluations and his wife, perhaps a conspirator, was simply ALLOWED TO VANISH. The MSM does NOT talk about this at all. It's all fraud, it's all fake, it's all criminal.

KyttenX's picture

There is no rule of law.

Consequently, there is no obligation to vote only once.


So... vote Trump, vote often!

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) KyttenX Jul 6, 2016 7:58 PM

As my state supreme court justice friend told me once, vote early and vote often.

Cruel Aid's picture

Problem w vote often is that the white hats dont do that... we'll see. We need a ground swell! that is too big to cheat

Osmium's picture

It's a shame that once again the popular vote won't matter.

effendi's picture

I really hope multiple people "do something about it". I also hope they don't use guns but explosives. Not hard to make a few big IEDs and take out a few cars, houses, offices etc. Will require closed coffin state funerals for bits of cankles, kenyans, their family members and other riff raff. They can take your guns but can they take your pool cleaning supplies, chemistry text books, home workshops and fertilizers?

Bollixed's picture

Bernie Madoff must be PISSED right about now...

beemasters's picture

Well, he didn't use the "extreme carelessness" defense. His fault.

From now on, if ANYONE gets into trouble with the law, remember that you can always use this Hillary case as precedent. Plead "extreme carelessness"!!!

Bollixed's picture

Indeed. From now on writing traffic tickets is going to be a bitch for a lot of LEOs.

CNONC's picture

And about ANYONE else convicted of ANYTHING of a non violent nature and spent time in prison, been fined, and put through the system's dehumanizing and disrespectful tendencies. NOT EVEN A #&*@ FINE!

Skiprrrdog's picture

Lynch should be stripped naked, trussed up, and tossed into a Mexican prison for violent sex offenders...

Never One Roach's picture

"Crooked" Comey and "Crooked" Lynch gave Get Out of Jail Free card to "Crooked" Clinton, eh.

Manthong's picture

“Lynch should be stripped naked, trussed up, and tossed into a Mexican prison for violent sex offenders...”

One little problem there…

After all of the violent Mexican sex offenders vomited upon having their eyes and brains violated they would wrap her up in a blanket and (it would take a dozen of them) heave her over the fence.


The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) Skiprrrdog Jul 6, 2016 8:00 PM

To kill a snake you need to cut off its head.

Scuba Steve's picture

Amen, it only takes 1 lonewolf FBI/SService dude.

I'll pray hard.

JamesBond's picture

Dear citizens of the United States.  Don't expect to have a cohesive country come January 1, 2017.  

DeadFred's picture

LOL, you're an optimist if you think we can make it to January.

greenskeeper carl's picture

Sorry Manthong, but you are dreaming. Id love to be proven wrong, though.


Im guessing the apparently seperate probe into her influece selling through the Clinton slush fund foundation will likely end the same way. Probably involve another statement basically saying that "just because hillary clinton got away with taking bribes to approve arms deals, don't let that make you think others will get away with doing the same thing".


The fact that they admitted there is a two tiered system of justice in this country is telling as well. Most of us on hee have known this to be a fact for a long time, but they don't even try to hide it anymore.

Oldwood's picture

Conviction requires ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of proof. As we have seen with her emails, proof was everywhere, but the unwillingness to acknowledge the facts, choosing to simply ignore their relevance if not existence, assures the perp will walk.

Our justice system is not two tier, it is completely arbitrary. They can convict Scooter Libbey based on the issue of if he forgot a relevant fact or lied about it, when the fact at hand was not even relevant to the issue under investigation and then turn around and ignore billions if not trillions in theft and fraud by banks, ignore selling guns to Mexican criminals by US officials, ignore the IRS targeting conservative groups, ignore the administration allowing Americans to be killed in Libya and on and on to infinity it seems. AND HEAR NOTHING, SEE NOTHING AND DO NOTHING.

There is no higher crime in our nation that what we are witnessing.

KyttenX's picture

Yet the so called "opposition party" is doing NOTHING.


That says to me that the Republicans are totally OK with this. They want America to be a country with laws only for the poor.

Bring the Gold's picture

Oh yes, make no mistake there is only one party with nested rings of levels of corruption that lead eventually to a totally corrupt core. A core that appears to take its orders from abroad.