This Is All That Was Left Of The Crashed Self-Driving Tesla

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While it is no longer a secret that Elon Musk has been handing out NDA to those Tesla buyers who have encountered "quality control" issues to prevent any negative publicity from leaking out about his overhyped vehicle, he will have a difficult time limiting the damage control from a deadly crash two months ago that claimed the life of its driver who was allegedly watching a DVD while the car was on autopilot.

Exibit A: a photo of the Tesla Model S involved in the fatal crash on May 7, 2016 shows with the top third of the car sheared off by the impact of the collision of the Tesla with a tractor-trailer truck on nearby highway and coming to rest in the yard of Robert and Chrissy VanKavelaar.


Additionally, as Reuters reported today, investigators found a laptop computer in the Tesla Model S sedan involved in a fatal crash in May while running on autopilot, Florida investigators said on Thursday, leaving it unclear whether the driver was distracted at the time. Neither the laptop nor a DVD player also found in the vehicle was running after the crash, said Sergeant Kim Montes of the Florida Highway Patrol. Montes said investigators could not determine whether the driver was operating either at the time of the accident.

Which is odd because as reported previously, the driver of the truck in which the Tesla slammed, said the Tesla driver was "playing Harry Potter on the TV screen" at the time of the crash and driving so quickly that "he went so fast through my trailer I didn't see him." The car was equipped with a computer stand, but the laptop was not mounted on the stand when investigators recovered the laptop, Montes said.

Witnesses who came upon the wreckage gave differing accounts last week about whether the DVD player was showing a movie.

It could be weeks if not months before officials make a final determination of the cause of the crash, the first known fatality of a Model S driver while using Autopilot. The accident has opened debate about whether drivers were being lulled into a false sense of security by such technology.

What is worse for Musk, however, is not the immediate fallout from the crash, but the viability of the underlying business and investor confidence with a model which is burning billions of dollars in cash every month.

Furthermore as RBC noted in a note today, "Tesla Confidence Tipping Point May Near With Each Target Miss." As a result, RBC's Joseph Spak - who lowered his price target from $220 to $210 - cut his Tesla 2016 delivery estimates to 75k from prior 79k after Tesla 2Q delivery figures this week implied production of ~50k vehicles in 2H 2016, putting total year deliveries at low end of 80k-90k forecast, RBC analyst Joseph Spak  He also cut the 2Q per-share loss est. to 86c vs his previous loss est. 36c. He adds that while the market “may not care” on some short-term issues, still sees “mid-to-long term opportunity” but there could be a “tipping point” where continued missed targets lower confidence in Model 3 ramp up, adding that “most investors we talk to” don’t think TSLA can make target of 500k vehicles in 2018 and 1m in 2020.

With any news of more Tesla crashes, those targets will certainly become increasingly more elusive.

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Hitlery_4_Dictator's picture

Machines taking over, just like T2. 

WernerHeisenberg's picture

Another witness said "Tessy" was shouting Allahu Akbar! before driving under the trailer and decapitating the owner.  But like most early stories out of Florida, this one has vanished down the memory hole.

NidStyles's picture

Careful, you're going to incite further terrorism.


The idea of a self driving car is absolutely absurd on the more than one level. Giving someone else control of your life is essentially a base admittance that you have no or little regard or agency for your own well-being.

marbilly's picture

moar moar moar moar moarrrrrrrrrrr yea hthis is fuckign awesome more rich white and wigger faggots posing for instatwatter and whatnot while in a 70mph capsule please keep up the shalow end dnaself-culling,


seriously tho: is this the real purpose of tech?? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha to eternity.....bougois faggot cullign

Mr. Universe's picture

I remember this short story about rocket ships to the Mars Colony. All your friends and family are there already...see the happy faces? Get on board for your new life on Mars.  They sent them to Mars alright, well in the general direction of Mars I believe. Either way they got the population of Earth under control.

not dead yet's picture

Probably thinking of the great short story written in the 1950's by C M Kornbluth called "The Marching Morons." Talk about nailing our not too distant future from way back then. The premise of the story is the earth of the future is populated by morons with the small numbers of intelligent people working undercover to keep the world running. It all came about as the not too bright bred like rats while the intellegent people had few or no kids. Sound familiar? An excellent and entertaing read of one of the great short stories of all time.

TradingIsLifeBrah's picture
TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) Hitlery_4_Dictator Jul 7, 2016 6:19 PM

"It could be weeks if not months before officials make a final determination of the cause of the crash, the first known fatality of a Model S driver while using Autopilot."


Who is looking into this, the FBI?  The accident happened on May 7th, its already been "weeks if not months", are they asking Musk to do a non-recorded, not under oath interview to talk about his grandkids?

Seek_Truth's picture

No, they just want to find out what Musk's "intent" was.


LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Seek_Truth Jul 7, 2016 6:29 PM

I believe that's now a hazardous waste site with all of the battery internals/chemicals strewn all over the place.

MontgomeryScott's picture

COMEY: How's the golf game going, Elon? I have to warn you, we talked to the caddy already.

MUSK: I'll be honest with you. I'm worse than Soetoro lately.

COMEY: THAT'S a good boy. I see no reason to do anything that would jeapordize your future. You've been quite honest with us. By the way, how are the grandkids?

omniversling's picture

For me this event is a metaphor we could all inspect: Do you take control of your own life/destiny? Or do you hand it over to a corporation/government?

(Disclaimer: I LOVE driving, and have never watched a Harry Potter movie, especially whilst driving..)

ThrownOffZHTwice's picture
ThrownOffZHTwice (not verified) omniversling Jul 7, 2016 7:48 PM

I only watch Harry Potter movies when I am driving.

Caledonian's picture

And I thought Hydrogen fuel cells were dangerous.

Raffie's picture

This is a good picture to tell everyone SEAT BELTS SAVE LIVES....

Socratic Dog's picture

Good point.  Can't duck when you wear a seatbelt.

Happened to an uncle of mine and his girlfriend, in Sydney Australia, in the '70's.  Just like this guy, they drove under a tractor-trailer.  No seatbelts, they ducked.  Came out the other side in a convertible.  Didn't crash.  Just a few scratches.

I guess this is technological progress....

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Are talking about the stock crash or the vehicle crashes?  They are both on auto pilot...

TradingIsLifeBrah's picture
TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) RaceToTheBottom Jul 7, 2016 6:16 PM

Do you pay extra for the flames or is that standard?

giggler321's picture

You guys are missing the bigger picture - I mean which Harry Potter movie was it?

Abbie Normal's picture

In addition to auto-pilot, the new improved Tesla offers auto-cremation.  Save your loved ones the pain and hassle of organizing a funeral.

TradingIsLifeBrah's picture
TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) Jul 7, 2016 6:15 PM

That guy was lucky, I hear convertible TSLA's aren't going to be available until 2022.  

RafterManFMJ's picture

The idiot would have been ok if he was lying down in the back seat sleeping. Harry Potter movies are the real culprit here.

Swamp Yankee's picture

I, for one welcome our new google overlords.

Pumpkin's picture

It's just a glitch.

Bay Area Guy's picture

That's going to leave a mark.....on his chest.

Raffie's picture

Not as damaged as I excpected.

Was expecting a big smoking crater where the car blew up.

My trust in Tesla is now shifting.





kbohip's picture

Must have smelled like fried douchebag for hours after that crash!

SHsparx's picture

If the idiocracy wants to believe robot cars will make their lives easier, who am I to protest. Maybe this will be the culling of the herd that we need.

Dormouse's picture

Self-driving cars should have gone a different direction. They should have created a separate lane on freeways like the HOV and that's where it self-drives, not around town. All the self-driving cars should recognize each other and be able to communicate with eachother. If this were the direction they went things would be cheaper and safer. You could stack cars bumper to bumper going 100mph in a private lane. Once you get to your exit, your lazy ass has turn off Harry Potter and drive like the rest of us.

1980XLS's picture


On CNBC they told me Enron Musk's tears can cure cancer.

Didn't JUNO?

Dormouse's picture

In an effort to maintain logical consistency with anti-gun rhetoric, I'm calling for a ban on all Prius (which kill 40% more people per 100K than guns)

Lmo Mutton's picture

No damage to the grass. No grass on the vehicle.

Worse than a false flag staged event.

hxc's picture

What, you mean like the missile that hit a huge empty part of the pentagram?

apoorboy's picture

WOW a car accident...who knew!  Better buy more gold, silver and guns per the crack reporting here at the hedge!


gregga777's picture

Tesla is a Ponzi-Musk scheme; a Goldman Sachs production to fleece their muppet clients and suckers worldwide.

Mr. Magoo's picture

As long as the government subsidies keep rolling in it doesn't matter

SHRAGS's picture

I use highly automated systems for my working life, and can say for mission critical application in the complexity of the real world, they cannot be trusted, and I doubt they ever can be.  You have to have situational awareness and be ready to take over at any time, or be ready when the automation simply gives up.  Here is a relatively short low jargon, readable report on a turbulence encounter: LOSS OF CONTROL EXPRESSJET AIRLINES EMBRAER EMB-145LR, N16954 LONDON, ONTARIO, 53 NM W 05 SEPTEMBER 2014.  Note how many times the pilots re-engaged the autopilot, only to have it drop out immediately.

Joebloinvestor's picture

I think the NHSTA is going to have some interesting ?'s to Elon about using the nations highways to "beta test".

FiatFapper's picture

Much like flying cars, it will never happen...or perhaps it could. Allocate victor airways, set the computer and off you go. Tesla cars may get their own road infrastructure and those using archaic petrol engines with a steering wheel will be penalised through higher insurance and car tax until everyone is assimilated.

redd_green's picture

Well at least the driver and passenger of the Tesla are ok.  That's what is important, they didn't get hurt.

Due North's picture

I don't think of myself as a control freak but I'm simply of the opinion that you don't take your hands off anything that you truly value......even if Tyler Durden endorses it. ;)

ThrownOffZHTwice's picture
ThrownOffZHTwice (not verified) Jul 7, 2016 7:42 PM

Driving a car is a pretty complicated process, with a lot of unconscious stuff going on, sort of like typing on a keyboard.   Also there is a lot of "social contract" stuff going on, since we rely on others to act a certain way, which may or may not be legal or illegal.  I can't really see how a computer can drive a car without significantly increasing the risk of injury to the passengers.  If we all rode around in Abrams tanks, a computer driver might be okay.