Startling Videos Capture What Motorists Do Inside Tesla Self-Driving Cars

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As reported two days ago, following the deadly crash involving a Tesla self-driving car, another Tesla was allegedly involved in a car which in autopilot mode, a troubling development for Elon Musk coming at a time when the NHTSA is now openly probing the Tesla auto pilot feature, and which has also led to a vocal war of words on Twitter between Musk and Fortune magazine. 

Through this ongoing scandal, Musk's defense has been a simple one: the auto pilot feature (still in beta) is not meant in any way to reduce driver vigilance and their attention to driving: "The autopilot does not turn a Tesla into an autonomous vehicle and does not allow the driver to abdicate responsibility."

But what really happens inside the car? 

As the following compilation of clips reveals, drivers in self-driving cars do anything but: from playing patty cake to taking part in arm wrestling matches, these motorists appear to be concentrating on anything but the road. The startling videos posted to YouTube show people lounging around while their self-driving cars do all the work.


h/t @WallStCynic

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If it is not to be left to handle the driving, then what's the point?

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Instead of “Tesla”, Musk should’ve named the company “Stasi”.

Tesla tracks all its cars 24/7. They know absolutely everything you do behind the wheel – the places you go to and traffic laws you break. On top of that, they track everything else, just like Google does.

Musk was forced to reveal these capabilities a couple of years ago when a reporter test-driving a Tesla faked his report.

Very soon they will start selling YOUR DATA to insurance companies and those will charge you higher premiums for the coverage.

Most importantly, the .GOV can subpoena Tesla’s records if and when they want to. The Patriot Act doesn’t even need to be amended – Teslas use the same wireless technology for the GPS and transmissions as your phone, so it already is covered by the perverted law.

So, fuck Teslas, fuck that pretentious cunt Musk, and fuck his Unicorn-X rockets!

</scream off, giggle on>      ;-)


froze25's picture

I would never be able to sleep in one of those.

NoDebt's picture

I'm not sure I could prevent myself from falling asleep in one of those.  That isn't driving.

Just wait till the cops do their first DUI stop on one of those.  They just punch in the plate number and the car drives itself to the nearest police station.

Sentient B-ing's picture

When the car arrives they put the breathalyzer on the exhaust pipe, right? :-)

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

I think this is just awesome. I'm sick of these macho drivers who relish the feeling of 'being in control'. This constant need to be in control is an ugly side of human nature, and is associated with aggression, testosterone and unstable behavior. We need to learn to 'let go' as a species, and start to relax more. Technology is making our lives easier than ever before, and liberals are embracing it. But uptight conservatives are eternally fearful, and continue to lash out at anything new or progressive.

cdevidal's picture

MDB, you know a good place where a guy can really let go and relax? Free meals, good security. No need to feel "in control" with all that testosterone.

It's called "Prison."

zeronetwork's picture

I can not sleep in a car if its engine is running.

de3de8's picture

Can't wait until one of these douche bags acting like assholes kills someone in another car, will they be held responsible. The ironic thing is that the auto pilot is better than some drivers out there so who knows.

Beatscape's picture

I guess I'm a dying breed -- I get a serious testosterone thrill and thoroughly enjoy hard driving my BMW M3 through curvy, hilly roads.  MDB has been completely brainwashed by Musk, Google, Apple, etc. and is willingly handed over control of his life to these companies. I beseech my fellow readers not to follow the mindless sheep like MDB. I wonder if he has been castrated as well -- or would willingly submit to being castrated?  He's one step away from it...


City_Of_Champyinz's picture

MDB is a fucking moron, nothing more needs said.  All he does is type something incredibly stupid, then links to his incredibly stupid website.  He needs to be Fonestar'ed ASAP.

NotApplicable's picture

He's a sarcastic troll, and everytime someone like you bites, he wins.

On one hand, I find it hilarious that there's a constant supply of suckers.

On the other, his posts do tend to train-wreck entire threads.

Poe's Law is certainly his friend.

Umh's picture

I occurred to me that train wrecking some threads could actually be a goal.

Automatic Choke's picture

My sister's proctologist's dentist's gardener gave up his day job to make up to $18,666 or more per day by inciting train wrecks on ZH threads for a living.  Now he never wears clothes, eats all the green slime twinkies he wants, and has money leftover for dwarf porn.  You can do this too, just visit our website at to sign up today!

Tapeworm's picture

Aw, c'mon.

 MDB distills the BS of the universities into a concise post.

kbohip's picture

My sister used to have an M3.  She said the biggest thrill she used to get with it was the copy of the repair bill from the dealership.  Awesome car though.

zvzzt's picture

I have an M16, lots of thrills, but crap to drive


(sorry - had to write it)

ThanksChump's picture

If you spend what these self-drive systems cost on parts for your manual drive vehicle - engine upgrades, ECU upgrades, suspension upgrades, and braking upgrades - you wind up with a seriously sweet car and money left over to buy eggs.

MDB thinks this is humor. It isn't, but she thinks it is. Women and humor, right? Sometimes they come close, but never quite make it. There are no female George Carlins or Bill Burrs.

RichardParker's picture

who relish the feeling of 'being in control'. This constant need to be in control is an ugly side of human nature, and is associated with aggression, testosterone and unstable behavior...


Perfect description of HRC and company.

glenlloyd's picture

If no ones behind the wheel, like the case of that one idiot, who gets the speeding ticket?

Tesla can say what they want but if a person has to be at the ready for auto-pilot failures then it's really more of a distraction than anything else.

If I can't sleep worry free while the car drives itself the product is worthless.

zeronetwork's picture

Tesla can say what ever they want but when these people want to play "Tesla Roulette" who can stop them.

Cruel Aid's picture

till they take you out....oops renegade electron... its not my fault, as my old mac used to say

dirtscratcher's picture

Hmmmm.... speaking of DUI.....How can someone be guilty of Driving Under the Influence when  he's not in fact driving when the car is on autopilot? 

JLee2027's picture

Self driving cars will put most traffic cops and courts out of business. Which is why you see an endless barrage of negative coverage on them.

European American's picture

If no one is in the drivers seat, who's going to get busted in a DUI?

peddling-fiction's picture

Good point. <chuckle> Just as long there are no open containers in the vehicle right?

Bush Baby's picture

When these cars can truly drive themselves , I'm getting one.

Be nice to grab a couple of beers at the pub and take a nap on the way home.

Mr Pink's picture

Future Darwin award winners. That's if someone doesn't beat these patty cake playing homos to death first. I know I want to

ThanksChump's picture

Thank you. I thought it was just me, needing to go back to AM classes.

any_mouse's picture

That guy was wrong about his Tesla trying to kill him. The target was the oncoming vehicle. A HVT was in the vehicle.

The Tesla is uplinked to Creech AFB? How would you know?

FireBrander's picture

I wouldn't mind Darwin being proved correct, again...but I know these stupid fucks won't just take themselves out; eventually they're going to kill other people.

If your hands aren't on the wheel, autopilot should give you 5 seconds to put them back...if not, the car greatly slows and eventually comes to a hard is that to program into this car?

Abbie Normal's picture

You can bet someone is already selling fake hands that grip the steering wheel, leaving yours free to do whatever.

cdevidal's picture

So I guess a mobile distillery operation is out of the question...

NoDebt's picture

I am definitely going to start drinking and driving again when I get one of those.

TradingIsLifeBrah's picture
TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) NoDebt Jul 7, 2016 11:03 AM

If I can't drink and drive with a self-driving car then what the fuck is the point?  That's the only benefit of it that I can see.

Automatic Choke's picture

drinking and driving is the same as driving >100 mph:    you don't steer the car, you just aim it.


any_mouse's picture

The autopilot should not be exceeding the legal speed limit ever, and should be lowering speed for changing conditions. The latter is what a  rational human would do.

The airbag knows if there is a butt in the seat, why doesn't the autopilot?

Something tells me that Autopilot is half baked. They did not test it with real people, only with white coats thinking that lab conditions are the standard in the real world.



PS I  typoed "standard" as "SATANdard". A new term for HRC's normal mode?

DownWithYogaPants's picture

It is dumb as fuck what these people are doing. Unless you're trying to commit suicide.

zeronetwork's picture

I don't understand how a stupid makes money.

NotApplicable's picture

Central banking debasement combined with nanny-state care has temporarily undermined the natural law known as "Stupid Should Hurt!"

Consequences forthcoming. YMMV

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

So do the new GM's, Fords, and eveyrthing else. If the car is driving, does that mean that the car gets the ticket, not me? Self driving cars will kill the insurance industry.

tmosley's picture

"Very soon they will start selling YOUR DATA to insurance companies and those will charge you higher premiums for the coverage."

That is like a horseless carriage reporting that you are a horse beater to horse sellers. Moot.

Government tracking is more of a problem, but to be honest, as long as they are mass harvesting information, they already know where you are and where you are going thanks to your cellphone. I say flood the bastards with so much info they freeze up with information overload. Keep an older car in your garage to drive to your anarchist meeting, and be sure to leave your cell at home.

nuubee's picture

The lack of attentiveness will continue until they get pulled over and shot for reaching for the beer.

Phil Free's picture

Like Philando Castile in Minnesota?  Except he'd been reaching for his ID, and not a beer...


As an aside, did you know his girlfriend facebook live-streamed him dying, seconds after he'd been shot 4 times by a cop?

Links to British website, The Daily Mail. Some crazy shit.

Badsamm's picture

They are suppose to be shopping god damn it

JuliaS's picture

Officer: Do you have any idea how fast you were going?

Driver: No, sir, I don't.

Officer: I was talking to the car.

tovar2's picture

no road action?

TradingIsLifeBrah's picture
TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) tovar2 Jul 7, 2016 11:01 AM

You know the video is fake because not one person is caught jerking off to porn