Dallas Shooter, Army Vet Micah Johnson, "Wanted To Kill White People"

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Now that the Dallas shooting tragedy is officially over, attention turns to what the motive behind the murderous rampage may have been.

And while the Dallas police chief said during a press conference that while talking with police negotiators, the suspect said he was not affiliated with any group, as we reported moments ago the "Black Power Political Organization" took responsibility for the killings, calling the shooters "our assassins." It remains to be confirmed if that is indeed the case.

However, something else that has emerged and is now confirmed regarding Thursday night's attack, which the police described as a carefully planned and executed ambush, is that according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown, who said that during the exchange of gunfire with the suspect, he made the following announcement: "The suspect said he was upset about Black Lives Matter," said Brown, who is black. "He said he was upset about the recent police shootings. The suspect said he was upset at white people. The suspect stated that he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers."

Here is Dallas Police Chief David Brown

Additionally, moments ago, the suspect was officially identified as Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, of Mesquite Texas. According to Reuters, Johnson was a private first class in U.S. Army Reserve from 2009 until 2015 who served in Afghanistan.

Here is a picture of Johnson shown on the right.

And a photo of him in the army:

There has not yet been a comment from the administration on what appears to be an attempt to stoke a race war by targeting police officers.

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Looking Like A Long HOT Summer ...

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Government deprerately trying to figure out how to make this guy's skin color white

froze25's picture

and a Republican Trump supporter or twist it to Trump made them do it.

Antifaschistische's picture

"carefully planned and executed ambush"

please...let's not try to make it look like this required anything above a 4th graders IQ.

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) StackShinyStuff Jul 8, 2016 9:50 AM

Keep spread'n the luv, Obama.  Keep spread'n the luv.

This shit is right out of Obama's mentor Saul Alinski's Rules For Radicals.

A$$hole In Chief.

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If you own a conveience store, you might want to think about having a sale right about now to empty the shelves so that within the next few days, you don't lose inventory to looting.



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Guns and ammo... BULLISH.  Forward!

MagicHandPuppet's picture

Re: micah's photo: he looks like another angry repressed homosexual (and possible bastard son of O'bummer)

...in search of a "cause"

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"The suspect said he was upset about Black Lives Matter," said Brown, who is black.


OK, now I've lost track completely.

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He's ex-army, but don't worry, Obama's got a plan for vetting the middle-east migrants that will keep the terrorists out.

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Here is a picture of him in military uniform.


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! ! !

Obama Does Dallas To Distract From Comey Debacle
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Has there ever been a more likely looking patsy?

Tarzan's picture



Will they call this patsy out, and call him a RACIST? 


Was it a "hate" crime?

cdevidal's picture

Eddie Murphy, "Kill de white peoples..."


Is this really a race war? There's too much racial integration for there to be any kind of concerted, drawn-out battle across the 50 states. Race skirmishes maybe, but I just don't see logistically any kind of a race war breaking out.

Tarzan's picture


You only need a match to start a fire,

but I'm sure your right, a civil war would be much more then a race war.


DC and the elite are preparing for war with someone. 

I suspect, it's not bearded "terrorists" they're preparing  for.

Dormouse's picture

1.6 Billion rounds of JHP that are banned from use on international battlefields. Silly fuckers only budgeted 5 rounds for me!

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Wow, you're very under-informed.

These are the steps to determine if it was a hate crime.

Is the perp white?

No --> Not a hate crime.

Yes --> Was the victim a Christian heterosexual white male?

No--> then it was a hate crime.

See how simple that is?

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"Wow, you're very under-informed."

Was slavery just a sleep-over gone wrong?

Yes--->You might be a redneck, queer, boneheaded, pedophile walking target.

No---->You know how to read.

See how "simply" you ignore reality?

Definition of a racist?

They always want to start the discussion from "now"(the last 10 years)...

SYantiss's picture


One of just MANY!

There have been many million more white slaves than black throughout history, and today the vast majority of slaves are white, so what's your point?

Are you a slave?

Do you want to use the fact that most blacks in the U.S. We're slaves 150 years ago as a reason why you can't succeed today? Okay.

What is a racist? Someone who thinks a certain race is superior to another. But since these discussions always seem to focus on subsets of the "Human Race" I'm not really sure I understand the question.

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Photo of him blown up by anal bomb probe from Johnny 5 or it didn't happen!

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“A suspicious vehicle was pulled over on Interstate 35E after a person walking down Lamar Street threw a camouflage bag in the car — a black Mercedes — and sped off. Police stopped the car on southbound I-35E and are questioning its two occupants.”



Gee, anybody can understand how speeding away from a massacre after throwing a camo bag in the back of a Mercedes is an everyday occurrence.

Anybody want to bet we never hear anything more about this again?


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This morning it was reported that two suspects were in custody and were not cooperating with police. They are changing the narrative as we type.

you know they are lying because they are talking's picture

I'm surprised they didn't torture them to get them to cooperate.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) Manthong Jul 8, 2016 12:52 PM

They said they were cleared.

ack's picture

He DOES NOT have the face of a psychopath murderer. The moment I looked at his picture I cried. This guy has been given psycho-drugs for PTSD, set up, used as a patsy, and murdered. It's CIA-Mossad ZIO-scum.

Those who DO this shall rot in whatever hell takes them.

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Just heard on a local Dallas station that Micah X acted alone.  Guess they got a call from the DOJ.

Michael Savage has a good point.  If the route was known only to BLM operatives and not published, how would the sniper know where to set up?

Hugh G Rection's picture

Like Mossad trying to blow the GW bridge on 9/11?  Just a tad fishy that Israelis driving around with multiple truck bombs on 9/11 gets no follow up.  Good thing we have honest media and representatives in DC looking out for us.

Umh's picture

Camouflage is a really bad choice of camouflage in an urban environment.

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I wonder if the script writer is on hand when the show goes live. Multiple snipers triangulating police from elevated perches don't become a lone wolf veteran with no known ties to any terror groups without a serious rewrite.

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Baltimore thug's family received over $6 million. Charleston church received over $30 million from Lynch's DoJ. How much will this guy's family, terrorist organization, receive under the table. DC is waging war against us.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) daveO Jul 8, 2016 12:54 PM

Before 911 never heard of people getting money for being victims of crime from the Federal Government.

false flag after false flag

color revolution after color revolution

war after war

these fuckers are demonic

ack's picture

The only power evil possesses is to destroy itself.

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It's annoying how many on here fall into the race war false flag psyops trap. Disheartening. Some ZHers are just super upset and understandably so. I feel others have an agenda with making this a race thing instead of the obvious Government vs. Freedom issue that it is.

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Found another picture of him in uniform. He hated White people but he loves kittens.



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Chris Dakota (not verified) froze25 Jul 8, 2016 2:41 PM


 Cop Shot in the Neck by Black Man this Morning During Traffic Stop.



Authorities say a man opened fire on a police officer investigating a report of a damaged vehicle in south Georgia and was wounded when an officer returned fire.

“21-year-old Victor Alonzo Majia Nunez.”


Black man shooting at passing cars kills one injures three (one a cop.) Says he was angry about police shootings

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'Ex-army' or 'ex-military' are completely meaningless, trust me. Sure, everyone gets some basic shooting time in boot camp, but just because he was in the military doesn't mean he knew jack shit about shooting or tactics. Most people in the military don't get anything beyond basic forearms instruction, which is no different than what any competent civilian can give you.

He was probably in some support job. Most of the hard jobs in the military are done by white males. All the support jobs are stuffed with minorities. The kind of job that keeps you inside in the air conditioning, sitting in a chair at a desk, doing a make work job. Things like 'postal clerk'. I'd bet money he was not any of the jobs you think of when it comes to military.

froze25's picture

I am not sure if you can make it out but does the patch on his hat mean anything to you? http://imgur.com/T5du4t7

DirkDiggler11's picture

No, I can't make out his unit crest on his beret.

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

Shitty photo, but most likely the 14th Cavalry


Could also be the 32nd Armor but the bend looks blue not red.


toady's picture

Hmmmm..... my experience is the opposite. They even have cliches about it... "put a nigger on the trigger" and "the brass is in the rear with the gear".

Tactical Joke's picture

Anyone who downvoted this is an ignorant fuck. He was a carpenter, which means he qual'd once a year at best. Hell, even Infantrymen get horseshit, least common denominator, training that only works if you can call in armor, artillery and air support. Ten years of constant war hasn't changed that unless you're CA in SOCOM.


yellensNIRPles's picture

Did you even watch the video? He was absolutely trained in close quarters combat and probably a veteran with time in theatre. You do not learn movement like that and stay calm under fire playing xBox.

froze25's picture

He is a Vet, and I agree had combat experience based on his movements. But I am no expert.

Citxmech's picture

Unless this guy was a sucker pulled in by the website, and left holding the bag when the pros left the scene without him.  Do we know that the dead guy was the same guy doing the shooting in the vids?