Ukraine Teens Embrace Soviet Style Military Training

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Yesterday we noted the US Marines decision to relax the requirements attached to the force's physical fitness test. As the US does whatever it takes to boost their enlistment numbers, Ukraine youth squads wearing Russian soldier uniforms are breaking down Kalashnikovs inside 10 seconds, blindfolded.

And in some instances the youth soldiers are 15 year old girls.

The leader of the teens, Sergey Fomchenko, tells GlobalPost "Since Soviet time, the military and patriotic education of school children was a cultivate love of school, motherland, and city."

GlobalPost reports the youth squads of the Soviet era are making a comeback in eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian youths seek to embrace the national history that is tied to the Soviet past. The teens yearn to revive the Soviet tradition of youth squads being birthed within cities.

The training of youths in Ukraine is nothing new but in lieu of the new rules being adopted by the US military, it should be concerning for US citizens to see what their forces are up against.

In 2015 VICE News embedded in the Donetsk region and reported that they witnessed schools where children were educated in hand-to-hand combat.  As Veronika Silchenko reported in June 2015:

"They [the regional youth of Ukraine] have been trained in fighting with knives, hand-to-hand combat, and how to operate guns at the local school in Amvrosievka for the last five years. And they invited us as to see them participate in a regional competition called 'Future Warrior'."

On a tangent note, in South Africa the youth military is being used as a deterrent, not an enlistment effort.  The organization is sold as a way to prevent a swelling gang membership, increasing drug abuse, and increasing unemployment.  As News24 put it:

"The ANC and its allies believe military training will tackle the social alienation of youth, gangsterism, alcohol and drug abuse – and instill discipline, patriotism and volunteerism. Hlagala said it was envisaged that some participants would emerge as professionals including doctors, pilots and engineers, while others would take on technical and artisan jobs."

We are not military generals but we would advise the American forces to not bring their push-up counts to a teenage Ukrainian Kalashnikov fight.  

National defense is a way of thinking.  It is not something you merely do by the numbers.  The focus needs to begin in the mind, not in making sure some potential servicemen or servicewomen are able to complete an arbitrary fitness test.  The children abroad are being trained in school for combat and conditioned to defend the "motherland". Sadly, the US is focused on whether or not to supplement push-ups with either pull-ups or a fixed-hang.

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Wish my school had taught me things like that.

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I'm principal of a very small school. (Home school.) Our school will one day (soon?) be teaching things such as how to break down a rifle. And how to balance a checkbook. And how to change a flat.

You know, things they may need in life. Things I was never taught in public school.

Unless of course one day they get into a job interview and are asked about the Pythagorean theorem. Then they'll be lost.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I wonder if these schools will have transgendered bathrooms? 

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


I wonder if these schools will have transgendered bathrooms?

As these schools have been targeted for two years by the artillery of Banderatard Nulandistan, I believe they prioritize other things, such as roofing, windows, functional plumbing and heating, and repairs to holes in the walls.

Harlequin001's picture

They just look like a bunch of kids who are really worried about offending other cultures and being insensitive to others.

I bet those guns have really fucked up someone's 'safe space' you know...

Stackers's picture

A one armed half retarded monkey could break down an AK47 blindfolded. I think they have all 5 parts ?


Nothing that crazy about this either. Our high school ROTC building had an indoor shooting range that they practiced on.

flyingpigg's picture

Taking a weapon apart is easy indeed. Assembling a gun blindfolded will be more challenging...

medium giraffe's picture

Of course they will.  EUkraine is an equal opportunities puppet government.

gatorengineer's picture

read more closely or from a different source these are in Russian Eastern Ukraine....  

medium giraffe's picture

probably should have read the article.  good job you were on duty.

Husk-Erzulie's picture

It's an important distinction.  These kids are Novorossian, not Ukranian; it's a completely different culture at this point. 

Déjà view's picture

According to Pythagorean theorem...Yes!

"They'll be lost"

Harlequin001's picture

Fuck it, send a missile. That'll work, won't it?

nmewn's picture


There's a sign on the front door...No Missles Allowed.

Harlequin001's picture

Oh, er, wait a minute, be right back...

Just need to find my 'safe space' for a mo...

peddling-fiction's picture

These are a non-wristband toting kind of people.

loosh's picture

Hopefully, balancing a checkbook becomes a thing of the past as fiat currency is replaced by something of real value and banks become irrelevant.

cdevidal's picture

No matter what the currency is, accounting for your currency is a useful life skill that I wish I'd have been better taught (or taught at all?) in public school.

johansen's picture

teach them how to remove and re-install a tire on a rim with just a few tire irons and pry bars.. and teach them how to make soap.. (i mean litterally, how to render animal fat with wood ash (hotter it burns the more -OH you get) )

neutrino3's picture

Ewwwww ...   :-) ...  (oximoron?)

acommenter's picture

Downvoted. Pythagorean theorem is actually very useful in real life.

Harlequin001's picture

Yes, I use it all the time for making sandwiches.

cdevidal's picture

@acommenter Yes, I use it all the time when picking Pythagoreans off my money tree.

Seriously though I think I have used it maybe 2-3 times in the 20 years since graduating and starting my career in IT. I had re-discovered it for doing Permaculture things. Yet I certainly would have discovered it had I not been taught it in high school. So would my kids; I'll be heavily focusing them on life skills.

Downvoted for a lack of a sense of humor and for not realizing, kids will learn what they need to know when they need to know it.

1033eruth's picture

Oh, I think you could make a decent sandwich without the pythagorem.  However, if you're making masterpiece sandwiches, that's a different story.  

Lost in translation's picture

If I had children, I'd be asking how to enroll him/her for classes at your campus.

Seriously, no sarc.

cdevidal's picture

No need to come to my campus, start your own. No sarc.

CNONC's picture

5 down votes already.  I guess the public school teachers are up early today. 

AchtungAffen's picture

I don't wanna hear cries about militarism, the military-industrial complex or foreign entanglements then...

Lost in translation's picture

How is a working knowledge of personal weapons tantamount to endorsing the MIC?

Go back to your State Department desk, junior.

AchtungAffen's picture

Military style education at school level, how does that sound to you?

lolmao500's picture

At least this is more useful than learning about the ``climate change`` propaganda, how to be politically correct and ``diversity training``.

Western civilization has been taking over by the stuck up feminists nazis and their lackey, rendering our society full of weaklings, texting and twerking all day long.

the.ghost.of.22wmr's picture
the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Jul 8, 2016 3:59 AM

This is really old news. WTF is it doing on ZH anyways?


Here is a quality video on the subject if you are interested.

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Yes, same training but in the Youtube done in 2015 they were using old shitty Kalashnikovs but in the current pictures they are disassembling the latest Russian issue AK and have Russian uniforms. I have looked on E Bay and haven't seen Russian uniforms or Kashnikovs for sale so I guess they are getting them from .....  mmmm  give me a moment ...RUSSIA.  But of course Russia says it isn't supporting Donesk and Lugansk.

Amun's picture

Jay, like Japan invading San-Francisco and Los-Angeles and the rest of US not supporting them

Bendromeda Strain's picture

But of course Russia says it isn't supporting Donesk and Lugansk.

Actually, they parse their words a little more carefully than that.

Lea's picture

Russia may be supporting Donetsk and Lugansk, but much less than the USA and NATO are supporting, arming, training and feeding the Banderastan Ukie "military".

smacker's picture

I appreciate that this youth training has parallels with what may have happened during the Soviet era, but I think one should avoid drawing a fuzzy link between what's happening today and that past era. It would be a valid link if Russia was trying to recreate the Soviet Union but I don't believe it is.

I suspect the reason for publicising this training is to send a message to NATO forces who may be thinking of invading the Ukraine and/or Russia that they will find a citizenry trained and armed and ready to resist.

Similar training took place in Britain during WW-II ... civilians were trained in armed combat and guerilla warfare in case the Nazis landed ...

SoDamnMad's picture

This organization is going on in the Russian ethnic communities of the former Soviet countries. In some cases the children return to Russian summer camps where weapons and military skills are taught when the governments ban such outright training.  In other cases groups are formed with Moskirovka indoctrination and then training is held (under the semblence of scouting) out in the field.  While it might sound "cute" and insignificant, be very afraid that this can and will play out into domestic terrorism wherein Russia moves "to protect" it's former citizens in places like Moldova.  Remember the original "Red Dawn" with Partrick Swayze?  Your just as dead from a young girl giving you a picnic basket with a grenade in it as you are from a professional soldier.   Just sayin.

Amun's picture

"Your just as dead from a young girl giving you a picnic basket" 


Well get your picnic basket then from a Texan girl 

Or have they run out of both - pussies and picnic places, in USSA

smacker's picture

I think this youth training also goes on inside Russia as well as the outlying republics and places where ethnic Russians live like the Ukraine.

Amun's picture
"a message to NATO forces who may be thinking of invading the Ukraine and/or Russia"

No, these kids are preparing to pick up a fight and defend their homeland, now


"Invasion already happened: NATO starts massive war games in Ukraine"



smacker's picture

Not sure how your comment differs from what I already said ,,,

Ghordius's picture

yes, it's a message to NATO: "we are ready, so... don't". no, NATO is "good" in the the business of encircling Russia...

but the whole concept of NATO attacking Russia is completely preposterous. perhaps, in a day of too much booze and drugs the US neo-cons could even start such an idiocy... but the rest would not follow. Freedom Fries as side-dish

so the message is nominally to NATO but in reality it's target audience is domestic

stop thinking about the Soviet Union. it's just a sign that you got too much WWII in your history book

Russia is old. Russia has a lot of history outside of the XXth Century that explains much, much better why Russia is the way it is, and why this makes sense, in Russia

Russia is a Federation. It contains Republics like Tatarstan, for criminy. It's motto is "We can", it's population is Muslim... and yet it is a Russian Republic

Russia needs a broad-based conscription-type Defense Army just for the simple fact that it borders China, for criminy, a country that sports a two-million strong army during peacetime

Russia was, and still is, an empire. No, I am not using this word as as a way to criticize Russia. I am just frigging describing the thing using the word the way it was used before the anti-Imperialism movement started to complain

Moscow is the fulcrum, the capital of a vast mass of deals, treaties and military accords stretching over dozens of countries that could be described as partly colonized by Russians, over generations

Yes, Russia is the only european colonizing power of old... that is still in full contact with it's former colonies. For the simple fact that it did not use ships but trains

Yes, Russia "lost" it's "Stans". Yes, Russia lost it's satellites. No, Russia could have and still could lose more. And that would not improve matters for anybody

forget about the XXth Century, or at least excessive comparisons with it. We have come back to the XIXth Century. The Great Game is on, again, for starters

Russia has it's own realities, and it's own way to cope with them, based on it's own history. A serious discussion about all things Russian ought to include them

Including the very Russian fact that nobody ever successfully invaded their Rodina, and that it's a stupid thing to do for starters, and even thinking or talking about for seconds

neutrino3's picture

Feel sad to say that Russia is currently the Freedom beacon for average Joe outside RF.

But that Goddess in Bundestag also irradiates strongly.

Amun's picture


"Sahra Wagenknecht called for Germany to let the people have their say on whether they want to sever ties with Brussels."


smacker's picture

My reference to the Soviet era was simply because there are a lot of people in influential positions who would have us believe that Putin is trying to recreate the Soviet Union and they would assert that this sort of domestic training is part of that plan. "Militarising the youth".

But I don't believe he is. And we should not forget that the Soviet Union was not really created by Russian people, but bolsheviks. They ursurped power and imposed the USSR onto the Russian people. Apart from a few leftovers from the Soviet era, Russian people overwhelmingly want nothing to do with all that communistic nonsense. They never did.

I agree with you, Russia has a very long and mostly glorious history and extends influence into many Republics. IMV it is this co-operative empire that Putin is trying to rekindle because he already knows that the Soviet Union and its ghastly in-your-face socialism-heavy was a disaster.

I don't agree with your comment about NATO never attacking Russia. I believe that is one option that's being worked on and recent Western provocations including lining up military hardware along the Russian border provides evidence of that. Of course we know that NATO = mostly Washingtown with its puppy-dog Westmonster yapping "me too" in the background.