What Happens When This Chart Hits Zero?

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Nothing good will come of this...


Source: The Burning Platform

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Depends on whether or not the EBT cards are turned off before it hits zero...

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I was at a meeting today and briefly discussed this shitty week for America.

I told them that it is people like me (and them, and ZH-ers too I guess) who will have to be the ones to clean all of this up.

Scary that it would be people like me.....

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We're all gonna die. 

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Eventually - it's inevitable and the ONLY guarantee in life!!  Ironic huh?

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Perhaps, but I prefer to die on my own terms as opposed to the timetable of some BLM knuckle-dragger or some stormtrooper cop with superiority complex or at the hands of an illegal that has been deported a dozen times for violent crimes... Fuck me, the US is now no better than Venezuela...  

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The Culling of the Heard Begins.
It's what means the End of Days

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So after Kennedy's assasination, trust in government actually rose a bit?


Born in the late 70s, I can't imagine a world in which 3/4s of Americans trust the government.

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They might not trust the government but they sure love the government when the payments come rolling in.  They might not trust, but that doesn't mean they don't believe.  Just look at all of the big government liberals (oxymoron) roaming every major city.

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A lot of grief carryover from 11/63.  Then the swine LBJ upped the troop count in Nam and its been downhill since.

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And LBJ did nothing when Israel strafed, bombed, rocketed and torpedoed the USS Liberty.

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was the kennedy murder the start of the end? it is a testament to how strong america was built by our forefathers that it lasted till now, coasting on the fumes of their mighty engines. rip america.

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That's what I, and many others I know, believe.

The CIA took out Kennedy, then installed the shadow gubmint.

They work for the Globalist billionaires and trillionaires- so do the other alphabet agencies, POTUS, SCOTUS, Senate, and Congress.

Anyone who won't play along gets "Kennedy'd."


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2016 is going to bring that number down even further based on what's happened this week alone.

For all those I've been hearing say that we need to stop the war on police I think that's all fine and dandy, but first we need to stop militarizing the police into an army.

Stop militarizing the police with DOD hand-me-downs and then maybe the citizens of the United States won't have to worry so much about what the police is up to. When they're no longer potentially an extension of the federal government then I'll be happy.

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"the start of the end"

..when Kennedy fired Allen Dulles and the real evil shadow government began...


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I know exactly where I was standing when I heard Kennedy was assassinated and 2 weeks later I knew exactly where I was when I lost all trust in my government.

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As a member of the unheard, I guess that means I'm safe.

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Sorry Knucks, the "Culling of the Heard" originates from a different entity than that which begins the "End of Days although the distinction is converging by ancient design to the point of universal confusion which will even deceive the 'very elect'.

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It's more like the culling of the not-heard, but you're right it will be the culling of the herd.

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taxes are not guaranteed. cannot tax that which is not produced, and those who are well armed.

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Are you on S. Florida. Caught any dolphin? Blackfins or whoos?

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Toady: even the ZH slogan is on the money:

"On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero."

No fear and God Bless.

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Hoban 'Wash' Washburn: This landing is gonna get pretty interesting.

Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: Define "interesting".

Hoban 'Wash' Washburn: [deadpan] Oh God, oh God, we're all going to die?

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You've been around ZH a long time Dochen.  You're exactly the type of person we need to help clean up this mess.  Cheers.

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No fear Do Chen and ZH.

Righteous people need to do their part.

Part of what we do is share the truth as best we see it here in ZH.

That already is causing trouble to many of us, including me.

God Bless

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Joe Rogan has a comedy bit about that. A grocery bag boy called him 'sir'. And he thought, "Wait, I'm adult, holy shit, were fucked. As a kid I thought adults knew everything and had a plan...... shit were screwed."

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Scary indeed - guys like you and me who seem to have maintained a level of sanity and balance that has become all too rare.  And yes, we're all gonna die, I'd simply rather not rush it, though.  And I'd prefer it not be preceeded by an extended period of misery and fear.

My mailman (who is cool and a retired physicist himself) brought me a box to the door today (cool to live where I do - they do stuff like that).  Another sane one - his comment - "let me off this rock, everyone is going nuts".  Meaningful especially as this is a pretty level-sane community and he sees all of us almost every day.

There's more or less zero violence here - we see it on TV in the cities and are amazed and disgusted in turn.  While most of us don't even bother to lock our doors.  No need.

And a bit freaked out.  Luckily, at worst, the attitude "out here" is "y'all go and kill each other over there - way over there, and leave us the fuck out of it."  Here we are more concerned with racking up good-guy points by helping one another as much as possible.

Glad to be a refugee from DC - quite a long time ago.  A lot of this appears to be a symptom of high density overcrowding and another form of negative selection - the losers go where the welfare is. 

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Helicoper money will save the day.

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Return the stolen wealth. The bankers must repay us.

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You mean a State sponsered liquidity injection to depressed civilian markets.

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TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) Troy Ounce Jul 8, 2016 7:39 PM

FEMA Camps

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

I guarantee you that if credible information comes out in the next 8 weeks that the lawless Fedcoat tyrants are taking citizens to FEMA camps, you will see thousands of citizens gunning down agents of the state . . . every day.

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Hitlery trusts the gov't to make good decisions.

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Just go up to one of the mindless drones that keeps calling for stricter gun control laws. Ask said drone, "do you trust the government?"  When they blankly reply "no", remind them that they want laws that would make that government for which they have so little trust be the only entity to have guns.  Be prepared for the ensuing blank stare.

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People believing in outlawing guns generly believe in live birth abortions where the baby is born and the brains are sucked out. Get that picture in your mind. The .gov supports and funds this. They will put you in jail for killing a stray cat.

You live in this world, you just do not see it.

  Aliens. There is a price to pay for this. 

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After the coup when Kennedy was killed, confidence collapsed.

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Good catch.  Pretty amazing non-coincidence.

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I know my parents always said that they thought Johnson was behind it...and my Dad never trusted the government after they listed him KIA in Korea...and yet he stood in an Army payline for 2 more years getting his pay.  Pretty shocking when you're mustered out...with an honorable discharge no less...and no one's at the bus station to meet you...and your parents first words to you as you're standing on the front porch are, "What are you doing here?  You're supposed to be dead.". Army claims the death benefit was paid out...his parents said they never saw a dime.  Dad never was able to get it corrected.  Went  to Congressman after Congressman & nothing....but he was always told he wasn't permitted to write a book & don't leave the country.  To the day he died he thought it was more than a simple clerical mistake but could never figure it out and/or prove it.

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Now wait a minute; how did the suspect in Dallas 'throw a cammo bag in the trunk of a Mercedes and drive off at speed' if we did not give all the returning veterans a Mercedes on their return?  The LSM did finger the perp as a veteran?

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Yes. It falls consistently through the 70's, then rises during most of the Reagan 80's and again in the Clinton 90's before falling again. Looks like belief in government is more a measure of one's perceived (future) wealth and income rather than belief in government. People are willing to believe in whomever is making them feel rich.

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Yep the "American Camelot" died the day Kennedy's head exploded, we've been in a slow steady decline ever since.

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With both sides of the aisle doing everything they can to fill their pockets instead of represent the people, it probably won'y be a long ride to zero.

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That would be great if that was the problem that we are dealing with. Unfortunately the lining of the pockets is just the gravy. What is going on is far more sinister than that. 

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It's already close to 3%, if you don't count the 17% of the population that directly works for the government.  Actually, if you include all of the people who work for companies that are hired by the government (e.g., MIC), it's probably already Less than Zero.  At that point, I think that Robert Downey, Jr. chugs cock.  What else may happen is anyone's guess.

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I have friends in government....they trust it less

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Looks like a very encouraging chart. Shows people have been waking up. Now if people will just stop believing MSNBC and CNN, et al., and start looking beyond Democrat and Republican, we might get somewhere.