Fed's Labor Market Conditions Index Tumbles For 6th Straight Month

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Despite Friday's 'magnificent' goldilocks jobs print, The Fed's Labor Market Conditions Index (once Janet Yellen's favorite indicator... until it started to turn down... and now just "experimental") tumbled 1.9% in June, dramatically worse than expected and down for the 6th straight month.



Of course it's probably nothing... better to focus on one extremely noisy data item than a 19-factor smoothed model that has historically correlated extremely well to recession...

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TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) Jul 11, 2016 9:11 AM

Your move, Yellen...

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Yes but not the worst of the 6th readings and looking like it will pop into the green soon so enough for a record open today...

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 $100B/mo. or $150B...?


To be, or not to be...



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TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) StackShinyStuff Jul 11, 2016 9:20 AM

Needs more adjustment seasoning...

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If you don't like the answers we'll just change the questions...

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Who needs a labor market when you have CTRL-P to infinity.

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Less people spending money or not going on vacations, means less college educated bartenders and waitresses needed?

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unemplyment rate is now 4.1% - Your dear leader

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ALL I can say is that ALL the comments have been great.... at least so far!

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We have a hiring freeze but still have unlimited overtime. Gotta hand it to the state budget people to do their jobs right.

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Better M3 that index asap.

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Nonfarm payrolls clearly show this economy isn't dead.


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1.9% is chump change. They can easily paper over anything greater than -20.

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The forcast at Tradingeconomics was for a -5.  That makes this number significant beat (if negative).