Merkel Admits That Terrorists Were Smuggled In Europe's "Refugee Flow"

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Following months of sternly refusing to accept that her "noble" initiative to open up Europe to over a million refugees from the middle east had adverse consequences in not only sending anti-immigrant parties soaring in the polls but also indirectly encouraging terrorism, German Chancellor Angela Merkel today admitted that some terrorists entered Europe among the wave of migrants that fled from Syria adding that the refugee flow was used in part to “smuggle terrorists” on to the continent.

Speaking to supporters of her Christian Democrat Union party in eastern Germany, Merkel admitted that militant groups had smuggled jihadists among those genuinely looking to seek asylum in Europe. "In part, the refugee flow was even used to smuggle terrorists," she said, as cited by Reuters.

As a reminder, it was Merkel’s open-door policy which allowed more than 1 million migrants to arrive in Germany in 2015, with a number of those originating from Syria. Merkel was criticized by a significant section of the German population, culminating in a collapse in Merkel's approval rating.

Merkel's admission came just over a week after Germany’s spy chief Hans Georg Maassen said the domestic intelligence agency had obtained information on 17 IS militants who had entered Europe under the guise of refugees.

“There is strong evidence that… 17 people have arrived under Islamic State instructions," Maassen said cited by RT.

In the same month, a plot emerged involving a group of Syrians linked to IS who wanted to carry out a terror attack in Dusseldorf. Two members of the four-man group planned to detonate suicide vests in the center of the western German city, while the other members would look to kill as many people in the vicinity with a combination of explosives and gunfire.

Three of the suspects were identified as 27-year-old Hamza C., 25-year-old Mahood B., and Abd Arahman AK, 31. They were arrested at various locations around Germany. Their plan was revealed when a fourth member, 25-year-old Saleh A., handed himself in to police in France in February.

"According to current investigations, the four accused were planning to commit an attack in Germany for the foreign terrorist organization Islamic State," said the prosecutors, as cited by AFP.

Adding insult to Merkel's ruinous refugee policy, the head of Germany’s police trade union, Rainer Wendt, said that budget cuts are potentially making it easier for terrorists to cross into the country amongst the refugee influx because it is impossible to screen all the migrants. 

“It would have been useful in the second half of last year to create conditions for background checks on all people who came to us, in fact, before they traveled [to Germany]. But that is past history now, as we cannot afford it,” he told the news show SWRinfo. 

The German authorities announced in June that they are monitoring 499 Islamic extremists who are deemed by the security services to pose a threat. Interior Ministry spokesman Johannes Dimroth said security agencies had received regular tip-offs about possible Islamic extremists coming to Germany as asylum seekers and were systematically checking those reports.

However, placing all migrants under suspicion after the arrests would play into IS’ hands, Wendt stressed. 

"We know since the attacks of Paris and Brussels that Islamic State wants to influence the migration debate in Europe and to whip up sentiment against refugees," Wendt told Reuters. "This is part of their strategy. We must not fall into their trap."

Instead Germany had a "better" idea, which was to do nothing. And as shocking documents published by Germany's Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper and broadcasters NDR and WDR, today revealed, the previous estimates of the infamous Cologne mass sexual assaults on New Year's Even, were just dramatically revised — upward. As WaPo reports, authorities now think that on New Year's Eve, more than 1,200 women were sexually assaulted in various German cities, including more than 600 in Cologne and about 400 in Hamburg.

More than 2,000 men were allegedly involved, and 120 suspects — about half of them foreign nationals who had only recently arrived in Germany — have been identified.

Only four have been convicted, but more trials are underway. In other words, Germany has absolutely no idea who it has admitted into its territory as a result of Merkel's generosity that permitted more than 1 million migrants to enter Europe's most prosperous nation.

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Give or take a few 100,000.

walküre's picture

file this under

no shit sherlock

Angela Merkel and Theresa May are every Islamofascists wet dream

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Angela Merkel: "Wasser ist nass."

Escapeclaws's picture

Merkel admits that some immigrants have been smuggled in amongst the terrorists.

indygo55's picture

Who doesn't see this as totally intentional to create strife and chaos? To destroy the bonds of nationality. It will make them stronger. They fucked up.


Global Hunter's picture

I suspect our leaders are occultists or satanists and feel that they derive their power from other people's suffering and chaos.

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Since Germany makes the rules in the EU... every EU country should do everything they can to send the hordes of refugees out of their countries and into Germany. Sadly, this will mean more death and sexual assaults for Germans, but since that's where these decisions are made... 

MalteseFalcon's picture

In addition to terrorists, the invaders include criminals, mental defectives, economic ciphers and every kind of undesirable imaginable.

Merkel is still in charge, why?

Trogdor's picture

I suspect our leaders are occultists or satanists and feel that they derive their power from other people's suffering and chaos.

More precisely, they are Luciferians (they would be repulsed by being labeled as lowly "Satanists").  One goal of the Luciferian is to "become as a god on Earth" - i.e. to be Omniscient (all-knowing), Omnipresent (All-places), and Omnipotent (All-powerful) - and you can see how everything they do is in support of these goals e.g. the surveillance state, police state, calls for one-world government, etc.  "Order out of Chaos" is their mantra - create the chaos so that the sheep will demand THEIR version of "order" - aka - slavery.

nmewn's picture

So, I'm sitting here as an American at 5:00AM, staring at the back of a uniformed German guard, watching over masses of people lined up on a train platform, waiting for it to take them away to "somewhere"...with all the "historical psychological baggage" that comes with those thoughts.

And as I try to analyze that picture rationally (and myself, it struck me once again, as it has so many times in the past.

>>>I don't see any females or children or elderly or infirmed among these "refugees"...only young, healthy, military aged...males.<<<

Now, what was the photographer trying to convey with the picture? And no doubt many of you who read my first paragraph thought I would go in another direction.

It wasn't how you thought it would play out, was it, Frau Merkel? Or is it? ;-)

froze25's picture

Thr orthodox Imams called for a jihad of immigration and then it happened.  Anyone that can't see this is am invasion is willfully blind. Trump 2016

Trogdor's picture

It wasn't how you thought it would play out, was it, Frau Merkel? Or is it? ;-)

Again: Order out of Chaos.  The nasty bitch is doing exactly what her masters told her to do.  I just hope the German people can shrug off the housepet mentality and pull their culture and country back from the brink.

Antifaschistische's picture

Am I the only one that's sick of this position on "terrorist".  We're going to have to deal with rogue trouble makers.  We always have.  It's the 99.9% of the rest of immigrants that are causing us the real problems!!!

OldPhart's picture


Motherfucking bitch.

I'm looking forward to the crowd that strings your ass high off the street.

You'e brought certain war to Europe, the Holy War (from the muslim viewpoint), you've already killed millions of germans, though you won't acknowlege it yet.

You will be viewed in history as worse than Hitler.

all-priced-in's picture

Maybe they mean 17%.



VWAndy's picture

 Keep in mind it only took 19 to bring down the twin towers? snark

UncleChopChop's picture

but they had boxcutters. those things are sharp man.

SoDamnMad's picture

And 1 guy in Dallas took out 5 trained cops.  Trust me, the Poleitzi ain't no Dallas police, not by a long shot (no pun intended)

indygo55's picture

Where are all the funerals in Orlando? Where are the wounded being released from the hospitals telling of the ordeal. It was a false flag. And now Clinton is gone from the news cycle because of all these shootings. Where is the blood? Where are the EMTs?



leftcoastfool's picture

Merkel's a fucking genius!  She'll be re-elected in a landslide...

Azannoth's picture

Between vote fraud and stupidity of the Germans that is likely, that she(or her appointee) will rule Germany for at least the next decade. The opposition(their quality is another matter) has 15%, the rest are pro-Merkel one way or the other,.. and in 10-15 years Germans will become a minority in their own land, this situation does not have a political solution.

Ghordius's picture

"Merkel's a fucking genius!  She'll be re-elected in a landslide..."

it's not out of the question that this will be the exact historic verdict. in fact, it's completely possible

as a reminder, we are Continentals. a near-opposite of that would be "Insular", or "Islander"

the UK, the US, both countries that can, from a geographical point of view, disregard the realities of living on the greatest landmass of the planet. or at least dream of it

yes, Merkel opened Germany's doors. consider the alternatives, though

first, a few hundred jihadists? they could be smuggled in anywhere on this planet, given a bit of funds. a few dozen willing to go kamikaze? even easier

second, Germany did collect a lot of points on the international scene for that

third, the German electorate is not going up in flames about this move. only small parts that are actually even diminishing themselves in intercine conflict

so yes, it is possible that Merkel will be remembered well, in Germany, for exact this move, and

so yes, it is possible that Merkel will win by a landslide, at the next Germany federal elections

meanwhile, Merkel succeeded in having a verb in her name: "to Merkel"

"to Merkel" means sitting on something and waiting until the time is ripe for it. a leadership technique she learned from her mentor, Helmut Kohl, btw, so the verb ought to be "to Kohl"

just to highlight the fact that Merkel is seen both in Germany and in Europe as a slow broker, and an excellent politician, despite the once-a-blue-moon rapid moves of her

Kohl jumped only once into gear. result: German Reunification

Merkel jumped only once into gear. result so far: I would not judge yet, but it looks it could become one of those golden pages of German history

Subliminal messenger's picture

Golden pages in German history?

- 50+ billion spent on migrants who have barely anything to offer to Germany

- A complete failure to distinguish real refugees from migrants (or is there war in Albania and Morocco?)

- a spectacular drop in safety for women in public places

Sorry, you're right. I almost forgot. Pepperspray sales rose about 600%. She made some salesmen happy for sure.


The only gold I could find was your post. Comedy gold.

OldPhart's picture

That post isn't comedy, it's tragedy  It's what's actually going to happen, and Merkel will go down in history as worse than Hitler for the German people.  But they deserve it, since they voted for this (they wha?....)


Ghordius's picture

LOL. great reaction, so far

you see, what I wrote here can be proven right, in the future

in the near future, by the next federal elections in Germany

in the further future, when Merkel steps down, and later

haters, eat your liver with a sauce out of your bile

look, I don't mind the rabid Far Right, I mind the rabid... incapable of hearing anything else then their echo chambers.

it's... kind of stupid, you know? reality bites, you are better off facing it then hiding from it

at the next German elections I will post a nice little comment, link this one to it and yes, possibly put a nice litte...

.... " TOLD   YOU   SO " of mine

Joe A's picture

Her mentor Hemut Kohl whom she stabbed in the back. And despite what she says about making Germany European and not by making Europe Germanian, Merkel does quite the opposite.

Beneath this image of "Mutti" is a calculating politician that ever since she was a member of the DDR youth movement has done anything to advance her own carreer including throwing her mentor under the bus, drive European economies down the drain by imposing austerity, sacrifcing Greece and violating EU treaties such as Dublin and Schengen by opening the door to unchecked masses of migrants/refugees/terrorists. Next up: She wants the German army to play a more prominent role on the world stage. It is a bit of a Godwin but we all know what happened last two times the German army wanted to play that role.

Escapeclaws's picture

As Mike Tyson says, "Everybodies got plans...until they get hit." I imagine that at that point "could be" won't cut it. Wait to you get on their shit list before you feel too warm and fuzzy.

ramius's picture

  The irony is strong with you my dear. The only problem is, oil and vinager do not mix, no mater how hard you shake the bottle. Merkel may have scored some points on the international scene, but none of those will mater when german cities will start popping, as sleeping cells are being awoken. If that doesn't bring down the classical german society, demographics will. So eighter way, say bye bye Deutschland. And maybe France for that mater. So, I don't think Merkel wrote a golden page in german history, but rather an epitaph . But hey, it's they're right to suicide as a nation. Nobody said the chancellor and the parliament are there to serve the intrest of the nation that elected them. How did Schulz put it? " It's not the european way for people to chose they're own fate". Welcome to the 4th reich, this time turned inside out. And learn to say " Aloha snackbar" right, if you don't want to offend your new masters. 

samjam7's picture

First off, 'to Merkel' was not a verb she was at all proud of when asked at a press conference. So that is certainly not the legacy she's looking for. 

Secondly, US is in North America, with a huge border to Mexico that is only 500 km shorter than the entire German border. If Washington truly wanted it close its borders to immigrants, and so could Berlin if it truly wanted. 

Thirdly, did Germany collect a lot of points? From whom exactly? George Soros is certainly pleased, but if I'm not wrong you're not his biggest fan either. From the Visegrad states? I dare say they have been alienated. I think on a diplomatic stage the move backfired big time. Merkel pleased the US maybe but there is no need for that as she does anything Washington demands anyway.

Is she seen as an excellent politician? I think leave that judgment to Historians Ghordius, many politcians also in your country were regarded as excellent while they were still in power and I need not name them.

You are of course entitled to continue dreaming. 

Ghordius's picture

thank you for confirming the "to Merkel" verb. of course she is not proud of it. nevertheless, "it works" as a political technique

"to Merkel" means not doing things while everybody is clamoring for a decision immediately, note

re "points collection"... there is a whole lot of foreign countries out there. sometimes called "the internaltional community"

those "points" are also called "soft power", or "diplomatic reach", or "goodwill"

Germany is both an exporter and a kind of "global brand", and can use all that

Escapeclaws's picture

"to Merkel" means not doing things while everybody is clamoring for a decision immediately"

I doubt very much that your average German would give that definition! More likely they would construe that as "ignore the desires of the citizens and do what you want, knowing that you always know better than the people who elected you."

Human experience shows that if someone else knows better than you what is good for you than you do yourself, you should always follow their directives.

My recommendation for you, Ghordius, is that you move into Mollenbeek and raise your children there, sending them to public schools. Just imagine the cultural enrichment they will receive! I know what is better for you than you yourself do, so get thee to Mollenbeek sofort!

Ghordius's picture

here a link:

Merkeln: "nichts tun, keine Entscheidung treffen, keine Äußerung von sich geben"


to Merkel: "do nothing, don't take any decision, give no comment"

Mollenbeek is small, compared with a frigging continent that hosts half a billion souls, you know? and it is in Belgium, while the article is about Germany and it's Chancellor, Angela Merkel

Escapeclaws's picture

That seems to reinforce my point ex post facto. She has decided to flood Germany with third world immigrants (a decision of hers taken out of the blue) then refuses to listen to the complaints that has wrought (do nothing and take no decisions, thus letting things get completely out of hand), hold yourself aloof and too far above the fray to vouchsafe having your actions questioned (give no comment).

For a purported leader of a first world democracy, "keine Außerung von sich geben" in particular sounds incredibly arrogant, high-handed, and against the democratic idea. Who does she think she is, Frau Pantsuit?

"Mollenbeek is small, compared with a frigging continent that hosts half a billion souls, you know?"

We are not all stupid American hayseeds who know nothing about Europe. I live there and know whereof I speak. Sometimes your pride of being a continental seems like a veiled insult, especially when you cite freedom fries in the same breath, which stereotypes Americans. May I recommend watching youtube videos "The Continental" to catch the true continental spirit?

Ghordius's picture

Escapeclaws, what is arrogant about not giving a statement?

ok, you are cognoscent of the european political systems. then you also know that she is supported by a coalition of two parties

you live near Mollenbeek? fine. what has Merkel or Germany to do with Mollenbeek?

BarkingCat's picture

Golden Moment? When all is said and done what Merkel has accomplished is the same thing that Hitler accomplished-  hatred for Germany by its neighbors.  However Hitler did it with armies, bombs and bullets.

Merkel will manage it with absolute stupidity,  arrogance and complete disregard for the neighboring countries.

Ghordius's picture

"hatred for Germany by its neighbors"

seriously? let me see... Germany proposed a big reallocation...

and everybody, in particular the Visegrad Group, said.... NO

and that. was. it.

now, please make the case of "hatred". do it. who? why?

where is that "disregard"? more importantly, where are those refugees? how many?


three hours later.... still     <crickets>

debtor of last resort's picture

Yes. Terrorists and a lot of muslims. Choke on douche bank treasones piece of shit.

Techpriest of Mars's picture

Mrs Merkel please stop taking your citizens for idiots,

So you are basically telling us that all those so called "Daesh terrorist" that you nurtured, armed, financed, trained and unleashed in Syria have entered into Europe with the refugees ???

Or more propably you and your MOSSAD buddies gave them some free pass to room the EU, like the one they have in israeli hospitals or in ZATO camps in turkey.

you created those monsters, i bet my ass that you have a database with all their names, footprints, history, even balls size.

Filthy Zionist bitch, i hope you and your ZATO buddies will be assraped to death for all the crimes you have done.

walküre's picture

That would be a nice and deserved treatment for her but I've concluded that there won't be a change in Germany and that it will be you or me who are likely to receive the ass raping treatment...

Greece was the warm-up. Italy will be the real wealth killer. The money that we make here is becoming worthless and our taxes and fees are increasing to pay for all the bullshit.

Time to pack up. Why should my kids and their kids pay for this shit here? Let the new immigrant class and the Eastern thieves and parasites take over. It's done.

AfD got close to being a real contestant to challenge the Status Quo. Not sure if AfD is being her own worst enemy or if the destruction is by design.

The focus of AfD shouldn't be exclusively immigration. Focus should be the failing EU and the ensuing liabilities for Germany when Italy implodes.

wachtamrhein's picture

no worries about the Germans - as long as they get cheap (good) beer, sausages and toilet paper life goes on as before: getting up early to be punctual at work (despite crumbling infrastructure), working like a dog and paying taxes duly... Living only 2 weeks a year when staying in Greece or other mediterranean countries  and sensing a spirit of freedom...

Techpriest of Mars's picture

Well, it seem that from the two sides of the mediteranea the ass raping is going to be our destiny,

I read today that the fucking pussies of the french army was not far from the bataclan but they stood and watched as their citizens were executed, this is becoming very sick, it remind a bit of the story of october 1988 and how our country descended slowly into brabarism, madness and autoritarism.

You still have the chance to leave (alas many dont have it), wish you best luck.

Ghordius's picture

are you accusing Germany and/or Merkel of arming, financing, training and unleashing terrorists?

are you accusing Germany and/or Merkel of creating those monsters?

Germany was against the war in Iraq. and all this mess in Syria is a result of this war in Iraq and the INSANE "nation-building" that went on, there

Germany... Zionist? Germany isn't allied with Israel, buddy. The US... is

You have some homework to do. Learn a bit how this world is really shaped

Eat some Freedom Fries, will you?

walküre's picture

Germany wasn't against the war in Iraq. Germany had nothing to offer to Bush in Iraq and agreed to invest military in Afghanistan instead. We also had a different political leadership under Schroeder who in my opinion, would have stopped the immigration to Germany years ago. The problem didn't just start last year. It started soon after Merkel was elected because her friends wanted an endless supply of cheap labor in Germany.

Ghordius's picture

now that's complete historical revisionism. Bush was pressuring, and no, he was livid when France and Germany said no

from Americans spilling French wine in the gutter to "Freedom Fries" in the Congress Cafeteria, Bush's answer to all that was:

"you are either with us or with the terrorists" and a Coalition of the Willing

to which later Polish politicians were taped by Russian intelligence services of having made the wrong choices, with Bush

Techpriest of Mars's picture

Im sorry Ghordius but you dispointed me this time,

It was Gerhard Schroder who was leading germany in 2003, was it merkel the result would be very very different.

>>"Germany was against the war in Iraq. and all this mess in Syria is a result of this war in Iraq and the INSANE "nation-building" that went on, there"

ohhhh so do you seriously think that the 250 german soldiers and the 06 tornado that are present at incirlik ZATO base are there to play golf ???

it always amazed me how a fucking rag tag group bearded cavemen unable to build a bathroom can stood 02 years of the so called "NATO Bombing" plus the might of the Russian Air Force, The Battle hardened SAA, Hezbollah and IRGC, all that while making hollywood style propaganda and bombing everywhere in the world

Still dont get It ?? ZATO is resupplying them and the germans tornados are providing recon to their "Daesh" ground asset.

>>"Germany... Zionist? Germany isn't allied with Israel, buddy. The US... is"

Please tell me you didnt say that !!!!!!!! .... sigh.

The EU, and germany especially, is a US Occupied country without any independant foreign policy other then pleasing their zionist masters.

Ghordius's picture

the fact that Germany and France were against the war is not being disputed, here. at least that

Incirlik? yes. the same as Afghanistan. we have to mend the pieces... broken against our will

yes, German Tornados and a French carrier operating with Russian-supported troops. a small thing nobody wants to see, that there is an understanding between Moscow, Berlin and Paris in regard to Syria. it spois the simple narratives

yes. the US is allied with Israel. that's a fact. no, Israel is not a part of NATO. that's a fact, too

nope, them "Zionist Masters" aren't that happy with continental european countries in general. check on it

samjam7's picture

Oh no, Germany is entirely innocent of the destruction of Syria, you were only dragged into this mess because you're in NATO and had no other choice, is that the narrative you're trying to spin Ghordi?

Well let me break it to you it's not as simple as that! Have you heard of Volker Perthes? Well if not, you should. He's a distinguished mid-east professor and director of the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (how you Germans love your Stiftungen, there's one for everything and it always sounds so philantrophical doesn't it?)

Anyway, this man with the backing of the Merkel government has been actively conspiring to bring down Assad with the likes of Jeffrey Feltman, former US-ambassador to the Lebanon and now director of political affairs at the UN. 

Pethers is also directing the 'day after' programme, which is coordinating the potential takeover of new forces in Syria once Assad is ousted. but see for yourself. I am quite certain the 'Zionist Masters' are very happy with Germany under Merkel.

Ghordius's picture

my case is that the havoc in Iraq spilled over to Syria. do you argue with that?

meanwhile, you have not delved into the relationships of Israel itself, have you?

my case isn't about "no hawks, no warmongers in Germany", btw. I am judging the whole case, not parts of it

you have a funny way of reading, I guess. some stuff there is fabricated, other stuff has to be seen in context, imho

example: the "relationship" that Guido Westerwelle tried to have with the Muslim Brotherhood

samjam7's picture

It's not the only source I use but the one I had most readily available to show German involvment in Syria. 

What I am saying is that Germany contributes its share to the destabilization of the region, same as it contributed its share in the Balkans in the 90s and to think otherwise is closing one's eyes from reality. Even if that reality is painful to admit.