The Reasons Why The Globalists Are Destined To Lose

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Submitted by Brandon Smith via,

Under the surface of almost every sociopolitical and economic event in the world there burns an ever-raging, but often unseen, war. This war, for now, is fought with fiction and with truth, with journalistic combat and with quiet individual deeds. It is defined by two sides which could not be more philosophically or spiritually separate.

On one side is a pervasive network of corporate moguls and elites, banking entities, international financial consortiums, think tanks and political puppets. They work tirelessly to reshape public psychology and society as a whole into something they sometimes call the “New World Order;” a completely and scientifically centralized planet in which they control every aspect of government, trade, life and even moral compass. I often refer to them simply as the “Globalists,” which is how they at times refer to themselves.

On the other side is a movement that has developed organically and instinctively, growing without direct top-down “leadership,” but still guided through example by various teachers and activists, driven by a concrete set of principles based in natural law. It is composed of the religious, the agnostic and even some atheists.  It is soldiered by people of all ethnic and financial backgrounds. These groups are tied together by a singular and resounding belief in the one vital thing they can all agree upon — the inherent and inborn rights of freedom. I call them the “Liberty Movement.”

There are those who think they do not have a dog in this fight, those who ignore it and those who are completely oblivious to it. However, EVERYONE can and will be affected by it, no exceptions. This war is for the future of the human race. Its consequences will determine if the next generation will choose the conditions of their environment and maintain the ability to reach their true potential as individuals or if every aspect of their lives will be micromanaged for them by a faceless, soulless bureaucracy that does not have their best interests at heart.

As you can probably tell, I am not unbiased in my examination of these two sides. While some of the more “academically minded” cynics out there do attempt to marginalize the entire conflict by accusing both sides of simply trying to impose “their ideology” on the rest of humanity, I would say that such people are generally ignorant of what is at stake.

There is in fact an elemental force behind this war. I would even call it a conflagration between good and evil. For a more in-depth analysis on the evil behind globalism, read my article “Are Globalists Evil Or Just Misunderstood.”

Some people don’t adhere to such absolutes or they think good and evil are fantasies created by religion to keep society in check. I have no intention of trying to convince them otherwise. All I can say is, I have seen and experienced these absolutes first hand and, therefore, I have no choice but to remain a believer.

I would also point out that the general experience of most men and women is that the act of organized and legitimate oppression is inherently evil and such actions in the name of satisfying delusional elitist narcissism are even more evil. While these experiences are subjective, they are also universal, regardless of the culture, place or time in history. Most of us feel the same horror and the same defiance when presented with rising tyranny. We can’t necessarily explain why, but we all know.

While I am firmly on the side of liberty and am willing to fight and trade my life to stop the “New World Order” the globalists are so obsessed with, I will not turn this examination of their tactics into a blind or one sided farce. I will point out where the elites are effective just as I will point out where they are ineffective. It would do more harm than good to portray the globalists as “stupid” or bumbling in their efforts. They are not stupid. They are actually astonishingly clever and should not be underestimated.

They are indeed conniving and industrious, but, they are not wise. For if they were wise, they would be able to see the ultimate futility of their goal and the world would be saved decades of tragedy and loss. Their cultism has dulled their senses to reality and they have abandoned truth in the name of control. Here are some of the primary strategies that the globalists are using to gain power and work towards total centralization and why their own mindset has doomed them to failure.

Globalism vs. “Populism”


The globalists have used the method of false dichotomies for centuries to divide nations and peoples against each other in order to derive opportunity from chaos. That said, the above dichotomy is about as close to real as they have ever promoted. As I explained in my article, “Globalists Are Now Openly Demanding New World Order Centralization,” the recent passage of the Brexit referendum in the U.K. has triggered a surge of new propaganda from establishment media outlets.  The thrust of this propaganda is the notion that “populists” are behind the fight against globalization and these populists are going to foster the ruin of nations and the global economy.  That is to say — globalism good, populism bad.


There is a real fight between globalists and those who desire a free, decentralized and voluntary society.  They have just changed some of the labels and the language. We have yet to see how effective this strategy will be for the elites, but it is very useful for them in certain respects.


The wielding of the term “populist” is about as sterilized and distant from “freedom and liberty” as you can get. It denotes not just “nationalism,” but selfish nationalism. And the association people are supposed to make in their minds is that selfish nationalism leads to destructive fascism (i.e. Nazis).  Therefore, when you hear the term “populist,” the globalists hope you will think “Nazi.”


Also, keep in mind that the narrative of the rise of populism coincides with grave warnings from the elites that such movements will cause global economic collapse if they continue to grow. Of course, the elites have been fermenting an economic collapse for years. We have been experiencing many of the effects of it for some time. In a brilliant maneuver, the elites have attempted to re-label the liberty movement as “populist” (Nazis), and use liberty activists as a scapegoat for the fiscal time bomb THEY created.


Will the masses buy it?  I don’t know.  I think that depends on how effectively we expose the strategy before the breakdown becomes too entrenched.  The economic collapse itself has been handled masterfully by the elites, though. There is simply no solution that can prevent it from continuing. Even if every criminal globalist was hanging from a lamp post tomorrow and honest leadership was restored to government, the math cannot be changed and decades of struggle will be required before national economies can be made prosperous again.


Communism vs. Fascism


This is a classic ploy by the globalists to divide a culture against itself and initiate a calamity that can be used as leverage for greater centralization down the road.  If you have any doubts about fascism and communism being engineered, I highly suggest you look into the very well documented analysis of Antony Sutton. I do not have the space here to do his investigations justice.


Today, we see elites like George Soros funding and aiding the latest incarnation of the communist hordes — namely social justice groups like Black Lives Matter.  The collectivist psychosis and Orwellian behavior exhibited by race junkies like BLM and third-wave feminists is thoroughly pissing off conservatives who are tired of being told what to think and how to act every second of every day. And this is the point…


If you want to get a picture of America in 2016, look back at Europe during the 1930’s. Communist provocateurs, some real and some fabricated by the establishment itself, ran rampant in Europe creating labor disintegration and fiscal turmoil. The elites then funded and elevated fascism as the “solution” to communism. Normally even-handed conservatives were so enraged by the communist spitting and ankle biting that they became something just as evil in response.


The U.S. may be on the same path if we are not careful. The latest shootings in Texas will make hay for the globalists. Think about this for a moment — on one side you have Obama telling the liberals that the answer to police brutality is to federalize law enforcement even more that it already is. On the other side, you have some Republicans arguing that a more militarized police presence will help prevent groups like BLM from causing more trouble. Notice that the only solution we are being offered here is more federal presence on our streets?


I do see, though, a rather large weakness in the plan to ignite a communist vs. fascist meltdown in the U.S., and that weakness is the existence of the Liberty Movement itself.  The movement has grown rather sophisticated in its media presence and prevalent in influence. It does have enough sway now to diffuse some aspects of a rise to fascism in the political Right. The only option the elites have is to find a way to co-opt us. If they can manipulate the liberty movement into supporting a fascist system, then they would be very close to winning the entire fight. This would be highly unlikely given the stubbornness of liberty proponents when adhering to their principles.


The elites might be able to get a large part of the public to take sides in their false paradigm, but if they can’t con the millions that make up the liberty movement into the fold, then their job becomes much harder.


Moral Compass vs. Moral Relativism


Moral relativism is perhaps the pinnacle goal of the globalists. Why? Because if you can convince an entire society that their inherent conscience should be ignored and that their inborn feelings of morality are “open to interpretation,” then eventually ANY evil action can be rationalized. When evil becomes “good,” and good becomes evil, evil men will reign supreme.


The problem is, conscience is an inborn psychological product, a result of inherent archetypal dualities universal to almost all people. It is ingrained in our DNA, or our very souls if you believe in such a thing. It cannot be erased easily.


Moral relativism requires a person to treat every scenario as a “gray area.”  This is not practical. Conscience dictates that we treat every situation as potentially unique and act according to what we feel in our hearts is right given the circumstances.  This does not mean, though, that there is no black and white; or that there are no concrete rules.  There is almost always a black and white side to any situation dealing with right and wrong.  Moral “dilemmas” are exceedingly rare.  In fact, I don’t think I have ever encountered a real moral dilemma in history or in personal experience. The only time I ever see moral dilemmas is in movies and television.


Only in television fantasy is moral relativism ever the “only way” to solve a problem. And despite the preponderance of moral relativism in our popular culture, the ideology is still having trouble taking hold.  If it was so easy to undermine conscience, then the NWO would have already achieved complete pacification. We are still far from pacification. Whoever hard-wired our conscience should be applauded.


Collectivism vs. Individualism


The very core of globalism and the NWO is the position that sovereignty and individualism must be sacrificed for the "good of the group"; in other words, they promote collectivism.  Of course, groups by their very nature are abstractions; they only exist as long as the individuals within them recognize them as viable.  Unfortunately, collectivists do not accept this fact because it would mean that the group, not matter how utopian, is not the pinnacle of human existence - rather, the individual is and always will be the pinnacle of human existence.


The elites MUST convince people that individualism is dangerous and that collectivism is the only way to prevent the tragedies wrought by those who wish to be separate.  Of course, most of the tragedies we experience on a national or global scale are actually engineered by the elites, not by wild individuals or sovereign nations looking for trouble.  They then blame the very concept of sovereignty as a barbaric ritual from the past that must be abolished for the sake of all.


In order for the globalists to reinforce the need for collectivism, though, they must engage people on an individual psychological level.  Most human beings have an inherent desire to interact with their fellow man, but they also have an inherent identity and drive to pursue their own development without interference.  We like to be a part of a group as long as our participation is healthy and voluntary and our associations are a matter of choice.


Human beings are instinctively tribal, but we have psychological and biological limits to the size of the tribe we prefer to be a part of.  Robin Dunbar, a professor of evolutionary psychology prevalent in the 1990's, found that there is a cognitive limit to the number of individuals any one person can maintain stable relationships with.  Dunbar found this number to be between 100 - 200 people.  A limitation also extends to the size of effective groups versus ineffective groups.  He found that effective tribes and communities tend to remain between 500 - 2500 people.


The human mind does not adapt well to a vast tribal groups, and recoils from the idea of a "global tribe".  The truth is, human beings function far better in smaller groups and they do not like to be forced into participating in any group, let alone larger groups.  This may account for the feeling of isolation that is common among people who live in metropolitan areas.  They are surrounded by millions of neighbors and perhaps hundreds of associates yet they still feel alone because they do not have a functioning tribe of acceptable size.


Vast numbers of people can be tied together by an ideal that resonates with them, which is the only purpose for nations to form (to protect that ideal), but that is as far as the voluntary association goes.  Globalist collectivism is simply unnatural.  People know it unconsciously, they know it is an act of force and oppression, and will invariably move to sabotage its false tribalism as they begin to see its true colors.


Total Control vs. Reality


This is where the globalists philosophy really begins to break down. The elitist pursuit of total information awareness and total social control is truly perverse and insane, and insanity breeds delusion and weakness.  The fact is, they will NEVER complete the goal of complete micro-control. It is mathematically and psychologically impossible.


First, in any system, and in complex systems most of all, there are always elements that cannot be quantified or predicted. To understand this issue, I recommend studying the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. To summarize, the uncertainty principle dictates that anyone observing a system in action, even from a distance, can still affect the behavior of that system indirectly or unconsciously in ways they could never predict.  They are also limited by their ability to objectively perceive all available elements of what they observe.  Unknown quantities result, predictability goes out the window and total control of that system becomes unattainable.


This principle also applies to human psychology, as numerous psychoanalysts have discovered when treating patients. The doctor, or the observer, is never able to observe their patient without indirectly affecting the behavior of their patient in unpredictable ways. Therefore, a completely objective analysis of that patient can never be obtained.


What the elites seek is a system by which they can observe and influence all of us in minute detail without triggering a reaction that they wouldn’t expect.  The laws of physics and psychology derail this level of control.  There will always be unknown quantities, free radicals, wild cards, etc. Even a seemingly perfect utopia can be brought down by a single unknown.


To break this down even further to the level of pure mathematics, I recommend study into Kurt Godel and his Incompleteness Proof. This, I believe is the ultimate example of the elites struggling against the fact of unknown quantities and failing.


Godel’s work revolved around either proving or disproving the idea that mathematicians could define “infinity” in mathematical terms. For, if infinity can be defined, then it can be understood in base mathematical axioms, and if infinity can be understood, then the universe in its entirety can be understood. Godel discovered the opposite — his incompleteness proof established once and for all that infinity is a self inclusive paradox that CANNOT be defined through mathematics. Keep in mind that a proof is a set of mathematical laws that can never be broken. Two plus two will always equal four; it will never equal anything else.


Well known globalist Bertrand Russell worked tirelessly to show that the entirety of the universe could be broken down into numbers, writing a three volume monstrosity called the Principia Mathematica.  Russell’s efforts were fruitless and Godel’s proof later crushed his theory. Russell railed against Godel’s proof, but to no avail.


Now, why was an elitist like Russell who openly championed scientific dictatorship so concerned by Godel? Well, because Godel, in mathematical terms, destroyed the very core of the globalist ideology. He proved that the globalist aspirations of godhood would never be realized. There are limits to the knowledge of man, and limits to what he can control.  This is not something globalists can ever accept, for if they did, every effort they have made for decades if not centuries would be pointless.

As mentioned earlier, the issue is one of unknown quantities.

Can human society ever be fully dominated? Or, is the act of rebellion against stagnating and oppressive systems a part of nature?  Is it possible that the more the elites wrap the world in a cage, the more they inspire unpredictable reactions that could undermine their authority?

This might explain the establishment’s constant attention to the idea of the “lone wolf” and the damage one person acting outside the dictates of the system can do. This is what the elites fear most: the possibility that despite all their efforts of surveillance and manipulation, individuals and groups may one day be struck by an unpredictable urge to pick up a rifle and put the the globalists out of everyone’s misery. No chatter, no electronic trail, no warning.

This is why they are destined to lose. They can never know all the unknowns. They can never control all the free radicals. There will always be rebellion. There will always be a liberty movement. The entirety of their utopian schematic revolves around the need to remove unknowns. They refuse to acknowledge that control at these levels is so frail it becomes useless and mortally dangerous. In their arrogance, they have ignored the warnings of the very sciences they worship and have set their eventual end in stone. While they may leave a considerable path of destruction in their wake, it is already written; they will not win.

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santafe (not verified) Jul 14, 2016 8:32 PM

And who are these elusive "Globalists"?

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One day the whole world shall know the story of your genius.


SWRichmond's picture

Resistance sites are saying it's time to buy more ammo.

Time to buy more ammo.

skinwalker's picture

What are some resistance sites? WRS and its ilk?

NidStyles's picture

This article made a lot of claims to historical facts without a single citation...

froze25's picture

Read "tragedy and hope" it gives you lots of names. 

Archibald Buttle's picture

in base 3, 2+2=11. just sayin...

Implied Violins's picture

He mentioned Antony Sutton, who wrote much of what Brandon is rehashing here. One of the most overlooked historians ever, probably because he wrote TRUE history: that of the losers, and not glorifying the elite.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) Implied Violins Jul 14, 2016 9:23 PM

Robot picking strawberries.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Globalists have won and their legacy will go on forever. Their pandora ills of multicultural diversity, envy, hatred, social justice, glorification of perversion, and victimization have been released from the bottle and they cannot be put back. The damage will extend for a thousand years.

newmacroman's picture

A thousand years of damage? You are way too optomistic.

The blinding light has a half life measured with about six zeroes behind it.

This is The End, my friend

Archibald Buttle's picture

long live the children of ATOM!

Lordflin's picture

The article makes some good points... most significantly the fact that complex systems are doomed to unpredictability and destruction.

So far as control over the general population goes... they do not intend for the majority of us to be there... rather given control of biolgical systems via genetics, robotics and so on, in their minds the utopia planned will admit to limited membership.

I might point out that the authors grasp of mathematical and physical principles is a bit weak. Leaving go of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle for the moment... the fact that 2 + 2 = 4 derives itself from definition and not proof. A proof of this would be impossible. Moreover mathematical proofs are only as good as their axiomatic basis and are not set in stone for all time. Let's hope the Liberty movement, as the author calls it, fairs better than his grasp of mathematics. But I suspect things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better. In the end we will all be losers in this one... the so called and self appointed elite as well...

Ms No's picture

You make some good points and you are probably right.  I do, however, think that people who are super high functioning "left brained" dominant tend to relegate other forms of thought as having low value when they shouldn't.  It's hard to explain but what I am trying to get at was described well in Nikola Tesla's autobiography, which is a very short read and available free on the internet.  As I'm sure you know, he was a remarkably brilliant man.  His autobiography is fascinating as well.  He had this creative "right brained" genius faculty in addition to his other remarkable traits.  He described this in detail in this shot book and wanted others to study in the future. 

I guess what I am trying to say is, a lower math functioning is not always indicative of a complete loss of value, far from it actually.  And for the record, if it matters, I don't suck at math.  ( :

Edit: Here this link actually works.

Archibald Buttle's picture

if we'd only gotten diesel and tesla, instead of ford and edison, things would be very different, but, alas, bankers intervened. so it goes.

runningman18's picture

I am an engineer and if I'm recalling correctly I'm pretty sure Smith is right, and you are wrong. 2+2=4 is a proof based on "successors", and all axioms are built on numerical definitions, they're just definitions that always prove to be true. Here is the proof for 2+2=4:


Read Landau's Foundations of Analysis for more on this.

A mathematical proof is a statement based on axioms (which are based on definitions) that has to be proven always to be true. So you are wrong again there. He didn't say that complex systems are doomed to failure, he said that global centralization is doomed to failure. Centralization is forced simplification, not complexity. Plus, his summary of Heisenberg was adequate. It's not a math essay so I wouldn't expect a definitive treatise on the matter. You should save the criticism until you have actually studied the subject.

Lordflin's picture

It seems that you are correct regarding the two plus two proof... still seems axiomatic to me but it goes to show why there are mathematicians in the world and I am not one of them. Seems I made an idiot of myself.

So far as your statement regarding the Uncertainty Principle I would suggest this to be a good reason to keep engineers away from physical chemistry.... others have suggested the same... if it were not for the fact there are those who would agree with you, the discussion is metaphysical, or would be if those who made such arguments did not reduce all human experience to the physical... i.e. the only arrow in the quiver is the Uncertainty Principle as free will does not exist... and it seemed to me a distracting issue. I only mentioned it for the benefit of those who recognized the tired argument and were as bone weary of it as I was.

As to the body of the article itself... you seem to have missed the idea that tribal systems beyond 250 members were thought to be unsuccessful, or his statement that increasing complexity lead to greater unpredictability. In fact I suspect he might agree that collectivist systems could work in small tribal units... and in fact have over and over again... and that it was the enforced complexity... again, increased complexity leading to increasing unpredictability... that ultimately lead to failure. In other words the enforcement of a global population with global solutions of which collectivism certainly was a key component... but leading to a system with enumerable points of break down as the outcome, collectively and individually, would be uncontrollable. I think he is probably even correct that human systems that maintain their liberty, and by extension their accountable, are potentially and ultimately successful.

I am quite certain he is incorrect that there is a movement that will accomplish this, not that such a movement does not exist, but that it is far too little too late... but then I was wrong once already and I would be happy to be wrong again. I am tempted to return your sarcasm... there are so many witty rejoinders... but what is the point. I hope that this clarification has been helpful...

Oh, and one last thing... because I had forgotten you actually made this point... history is filled with examples of mathematical proofs that have fallen into disrepute.

root superuser's picture

But the goal of elite is not to have it better for them. THey just want to keep their elite status FOREVER. If that means ruling wasteland instead of being a member of nice advanced society - so be it. All they need is to make sure that nobody escapes their clutchess and makes better society than their hellhole.

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Why, you can only shoot yourself once?

Archibald Buttle's picture

not if you're a banker with a nailgun. then you can go on shooting for a while. i guess that's why they get paid the big bucks.

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Lose? you got to be kidding. they've already won. We have Open borders with hordes of violent people pouring into the USA and Europe. We have a dumbed down public who still support these assh*les. They have more control then ever and are just a stone throw away from turning the Western world in police states.

Losing? LOL!


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Shit...going back up to read the post before commenting.


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"Dunbar found this number to be between 100 - 200 people. "

Before facebook shut me down I had over 8,000 followers/fans.  They shut me down when I asked who we should shoot first, politicians or's a chcken and egg problem.  Then sent the FBI to my front porch. (FBI, you now know who I am, so fuck you.  Send another pussy to my doorstep.)


I was not aware how popular I was.  The same FBI agent was in my town to seek out another eight 'terrorists' in my nieghborhood.   Holy shit, do you realize how pissed off people are that the FBI is sending out agents to investigate nine assholes in one town in one fucking day!!

It's laughable.  It's comical, it's a tragedy.  And I'm still nonplussed about it all.

So, FBI, I hope to see Hillary meet her Sirhan Sirhan in the form of a pissed off Bernie supporter, on live TV.

I want to see her shot multiple times in her head.

I want to see her dead.  DEAD.

Now, come and see me again, you fucking pussies, I am not intimidated by you.  Come to MY front porch and ask me a question.  You illigitimate waste of tax dollars.  Fuck YOU, FBI.

Seriously, this is an actual challenge to the pussies in the FBI.  They monitored facebook, or were notified, I expect that they've been actively monitoring Zero Hedge asshole comments.  Here's mine.

Come and get me, fucktards.



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for an old phart, you take the whole "get off my lawn" attitude to an appropriate level. <golf clap, crescendoing into a standing ovation>

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He kinda lays it all out there don't he?

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Does it irritate you that half the people in this site (that call themselves pro-freedom) support that FBI just gunning you down or blowing you up without due process?   

skinwalker's picture

One could argue they've already won.


It's kinda hard to lose when you have help from superintelligent aliens with technology 10,000 years in advance of our own.


The catch of course is the aliens might get bored and go bother some different planet, leaving the elites in the lurch.


Downvoters have not yet recieved the message of The Prophet David.

Things that go bump's picture

Well, if that's the case, then perhaps a requirement for membership in the galactic federation is a united planet with a single world government, without which we're considered uncivilized and unworthy barbarians.

tricorn teacup's picture

If a domineering global government is a requirement for membership in the Galactic Federation they can't be all that intelligent.  On the other hand, a general state of global peace is a sign of a civilized people worthy of a larger federation that may be worth joining.

Archibald Buttle's picture

thanks, elites! looks like we get to blindly choose between potential galactic utopia and pledging a galactic fraternity. this is why i went to college!

sleigher's picture

"superintelligent aliens with technology 10,000 years in advance of our own."


Lemme guess...   They can see the pokemon without the phone right?  Bastards...  I hate having to hold the phone up.  

Implied Violins's picture

The real irony behind your post is that one of the best, most heavily documented books detailing the history of how we got to where we are now was written by David Icke ("And the Truth Shall Set you Free (1995)" - basically Sutton/Quigley/Abraham/Allen, but on steroids) -

...who is best known as the man who says the elites are reptilians.

Did he say that just so that the elites could always wave him off as 'that crazy dude who says we are aliens; don't believe a word he says' - thus freeing him to write truths that got others killed for revealing? Or does he really know something??

Phoenix Pilgrim's picture

Try this book: "Flying Serpents and Dragons" by R. A. Boulay.

a Smudge by any other name's picture

Oh yeah well when's that gonna happen you bible thumpin (whump) OW DANGIT! COME ON MAN! A ROCK FROM A SLING? SERIOUSLY? Oh great just look at me. It's already swelling. OK hoss, perform another miracle: let's see you explain this to my wife.

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Awesome. Very encouraging.

CoonT's picture

"free radicals"  aka  'white guys'

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At the end of the day here is what everyone should do: If someone tries to tell you how to live your life punch them in the face really hard to make sure they never dare tell you how to live YOUR life again.

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betchur mom would love that.

Chupacabra-322's picture

"This is what the elites fear most: the possibility that despite all their efforts of surveillance and manipulation, individuals and groups may one day be struck by an unpredictable urge to pick up a rifle and put the the globalists out of everyone’s misery."

The Hit List:

The Bush Crime Family
The Clinton Crime Syndicate
Queen of England
Bilderburg Attendies
Davos Attendies
Club of Rome
Trilateral Comm

Please feel free to add to the list.

a Smudge by any other name's picture

Cersei, Geoffrey Lannister, The Mountain...

NidStyles's picture

There are too many Rabbi's that belong on that list to type out.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) Chupacabra-322 Jul 14, 2016 9:28 PM
Committee of 300

The Committee of 300, also known as The Olympians, is a group alleged to have been founded by the British aristocracy in 1727.[1] Proponents of the theory alleging the Committee's existence believe it to be an international council that organizes politics, commerce, banking, media, and the military for centralized global efforts


The theory dates to a statement made by Walther Rathenau in a 1909 article "Geschäftlicher Nachwuchs" in Neue Freie Presse:[2]

Dreihundert Männer, von denen jeder jeden kennt, leiten die wirtschaftliche Geschicke des Kontinents und suchen sich Nachfolger aus ihrer Umgebung.

This could be translated as: "Three hundred men, all of whom know one another, direct the economic destiny of the continent and choose their successors from their area."[3]

In context, Rathenau was actually deploring the oligarchic implications of this statement, and did not suggest that the "Three hundred" were Jewish. However, by 1912 Theodor Fritsch had seized upon the sentence as an "open confession of indubitable Jewish hegemony" and as proof that Rathenau was the "secret Kaiser of Germany." The idea became more popular after the World War I, and the spread of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Rathenau addressed the issue in a 1921 letter, stating that the three hundred referred to were leaders in the business world, rather than Jews.[4]

After Rathenau's assassination in June 1922, one of his assassins explicitly cited Rathenau's membership in the "Three hundred Elders of Zion" as justification for the killing. This prompted the Reichstag to pass a Law for the Protection of the Republic making propagation of the myth a prosecutable offense. Nevertheless, it was still used by the Nazis before and after they took power.[5]

Later theories

Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich wrote that the group may also be known as the "Hidden Hand", which is headed by the Rothschild family of international financiers and based loosely around many of the top national banking institutions and royal families of the world.[6]

Implied Violins's picture

Ah yes, good ol' Major General Cherep-Spiridovich. He wrote a very provocative book which revealed in great detail the history of the Rothschild family and their plans, even revealing their penchant for live sacrifices. Here is what happened to him in 1926, just prior to his book being released to the public - from Wikipedia:

"Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich died in a Staten Island hotel, with a gas line pipe stuck in his throat. The police reported that he had committed suicide. However, when the body was discovered at the hotel by the staff, the gas line was shut off. No autopsy was performed and no further investigation put into the case."

They thought killing him would keep his material from being released. It didn't, but his death did keep his work 'underground' so that it wasn't widely read. By the way, a free download of that book can be found doing a simple internet search. It is actually pretty badly written, and the man was an arrogant, self-aggrandizing bastard, but there are a lot of priceless nuggets in it. One was his prediction that WWII would start with an attack on Japan.

Things that go bump's picture

With all their generations, wiping out their genetic lines so they will never trouble us again. Its the only way to be sure.