We're Witnessing A Complete Breakdown In Western Values

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Submitted by Simon Black via SoveeignMan.com,

Two months ago I was with the former President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, at his home outside of Medellin.

He was telling me some hilarious stories about his interactions in the early 2000s with Hugo Chavez, who had recently seized power in Venezuela.

Chavez was a fanatic socialist. He believed so strongly in the idea of redistributing wealth from rich to poor.

Yet even when it was clear his policies weren’t working and Venezuela was rapidly sliding into economic chaos, Chavez’s only solution was to double down and redistribute even MORE wealth.

It was the classic definition of insanity.

Chavez failed to understand what Uribe told me so succinctly: “If there’s no wealth creation, there’s nothing left to redistribute.”

We know how Venezuela turned out; its failed socialist experiment led to today’s infamous shortages of food and toilet paper.

But here in Russia is perhaps the most famous example in our modern times.

Marxists came to power in a bloody 1917 revolution with the goal of eradicating poverty and redistributing wealth.

Yet like Venezuela, the only equality the Soviet Union managed to achieve was making everyone equally poor to the point that this vast wasteland of destitution finally collapsed in the late 1980s.

These economic disasters almost invariably start with a rising gap in wealth and income– a growing percentage of the population feeling left behind who rally behind someone promising to “spread the wealth around.”

As Historian Will Durant wrote in his incredible 1969 book Lessons from History:

“The concentration [of wealth] may reach a point where the strength of number in the many poor rivals the strength of ability in the few rich. . . which history has diversely met by legislation redistributing wealth or by revolution distributing poverty.”

This is exactly what’s happening in the West now.

The statistics are obvious: the wealth gap is bigger than it’s been since the Great Depression.

Middle class wages, when adjusted for inflation, are stagnant.

2015 was the first time in years that the average wage increase in the United States actually surpassed the rate of inflation.

But on a longer timeline, household incomes haven’t kept pace with either productivity or the cost of living.

We can see the effects of this anecdotally.

Thomas Piketty’s 2013 book Capital in the Twenty-First Century, which criticized such inequality and advocated a global wealth tax, was an explosive best-seller.

A 2011 Pew Research Center poll showed that 49% of US respondents had a favorable view of socialism.

And of course, Bernie Sanders made wealth and income inequality major issues in his presidential campaign, resonating with tens of millions of people.

On the way over to Russia I was reading an article in Newsweek about Uber, the ride-sharing pioneer that is currently worth around $70 billion.

The author was upset because the company’s stock isn’t publicly traded like Apple or Facebook, meaning he’s not able to own any Uber shares for himself.

He complains that the founders of these tech companies have been “actively deciding to keep as much for [themselves] as possible and shut out the rest of the populace by avoiding public stock offerings.”

According to the author, we’re apparently all entitled to our “fair share” of other people’s businesses and private property.


He’s not alone– there’s a growing chorus of politicians beating up on Uber, evidenced by Elizabeth Warren’s statement in March 2016 that “all the benefits [of Uber and related “shared-economy” companies] are floating to the top 10%.”

What an ignorant comment to make.

Uber loses billions of dollars each year.

So if anything, investors’ capital ends up in the pockets of the hundreds of thousands of drivers who use the app to generate extra income.

In reality Uber constitutes an enormous transfer of wealth from investors to workers and consumers. So her comment was totally wrong.

But what was more amazing was that she was complaining about how it benefits the top TEN percent.

Usually these people whine about the top 0.1%, then the top 1%. Now it’s the top 10%.

When will they start complaining about the top 20%? Or those evil people in the top 55%, i.e. the percentage of households that actually pay US federal income tax.

Wealth and income inequality is real, and the gap is growing. So is the consequent rise of socialism.

People know they’re getting screwed. And they are. They just don’t know why.

They have no idea how central bankers who conjure money out of thin air have rigged the entire economy against them.

So instead they blame “capitalism” and naturally embrace its opposite.

Seven centuries ago when Europe was just a plague-infested backwater, glimmerings of economic freedom began to appear on the continent.

The West adopted core values, like the sacrosanct protection of private property; the ability for an individual to work hard and build wealth; and spirited intellectual debate.

This is how western civilization became the most prosperous that history has ever known.

But this is all changing.

Being wealthy used to be a virtue worthy of widespread aspiration.

Now it’s met with skepticism and derision.

Similarly, intellectual dissent used to be embraced.

Now it’s increasingly considered “hate speech” that must be banished from university campuses and their infantile ‘safe spaces’.

And the entire west, it seems, is moving towards an ever-expanding, fiscally unsustainable welfare state that creates swelling masses of dependents.

This is a complete breakdown of western values, and that has serious consequences.

It’s incredible how rapidly this trend has unfolded– it’s a very steep line from the economic chaos of the 2008 financial crisis to where we are today.

And given the speed of this pro-socialist trend, just think about where it’s going to be in a few more years.

More than likely, it will progress straight into your wallet.

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Ghordius's picture

funny. this is the article that is given by PropOrNot.com as example for "absurd Pro-Russia content"

perhaps those guys at PropOrNot need some additional training


hold your horses. just found the proper article that goes into more details about ZeroHedge:

An Example of Multi-Source Identification: ZeroHedge.com


The Duke of New York A No.1's picture

If Hillary gets immunity from the law ... shouldn't everyone get immunity?.

santafe's picture

It's the WAR on Christianity.

WolfgangCire's picture

all religions worship lucifer the mass deceiver. christians tho are his favorite terrorists. 

Mr. Kwikky's picture

"What's coming isn't about economics, it's political. America's police are being trained by the Israelis. As Americans are quickly discovering, the millions of tax dollars syphoned to Israel everyday have not been wasted. American taxpayers are getting the benefits of their tribute via their brutal police and security services. Enjoy and maintain your gutless faith in your prefab religions, governments and fiat currencies, right up until you can't any more.

After the sickos have died off, those of you left will obey, while kissing the hand which feeds you. O! And keep praying to your mad, impotent redeemer because that's what we want."

A.J. Fozdyke.

Manthong's picture

“We're Witnessing A Complete Breakdown In Western Values”


We are experiencing a complete transformation of western values from respectful civilization to greedy opportunism and careless depravity.

But we are witnessing a complete breakdown of adherence to the principles that have made western civilization successful over the centuries.


BlindMonkey's picture

So Russia again comes in as a defender of Christendom and as a protector of private property.


Go figure.

Mr. Kwikky's picture

Don't shoot the messenger..please

Crash Overide's picture

"People know they’re getting screwed. And they are. They just don’t know why..."



Oh I know exactly why... and by who.

cougar_w's picture

"This is how western civilization became the most prosperous that history has ever known."

Western civilization became prosperous through the exploitation of undeveloped countries (colonialism) and later fossil fuels after slavery was no longer acceptable.

Framing is everything.

Billy the Poet's picture

Lots of cultures have enslaved and exploited others but no one else came up with the Industrial revolution. At the very least admit that there are more factors at play than just exploitation.

Azannoth's picture

With unlimited slavery you may have your cotton fields and your pyramids(afaik) and your castles and palaces but you will never have a space programm, nanotechnology, gene research, nuclear energy etc. Europeans have brought civilization to the world, slavery is just an insignificat footnote in the grand scheme of things. And yes we actually ended slavery too and banned it across the world.

ATM's picture

Lots of countries throughout history have exploited and had slaves. They didn't also create the greatest wealth seen in history and have it distributed throughout the population as we have seen in the modern West.

The East and South also have had access to fossil fuels in the same time frames but they haven't created that mass distributed wealth either. 

Framing is everything.

Pickleton's picture

"Framing is everything."


Which is exactly what you did, though you're wrong you lil SJW you.  This "civilization" was built upon the people here who had the freedom from opressive govt to invent.  And when you eventually open your mouth and shout something stupid like 'BUT slavery' - big fucking deal, it built big tobacco and big cotton. It didn't build the biggest advances in medicine, or the auto industry, or mass production, or automation and on an on.  Free people did that and this country UNDENIABLY changed the entire fucking world, wheres the whiny little bitches like you that scream UNFAIR, are trying to change it back INTO a cesspool of slavery and worldwide misery by enshrining that UNFAIR into law.

Boondocker's picture

Some do....many are still asleep

Tallest Skil's picture

Oughtn't you be the one writing the articles? It's astonishing just how off the mark the author is and how simple it is to correct him.

eatthebanksters's picture

When can we take out the pitchforks and piano wire?

OldPhart's picture

Every day, since 2008.  Or even into the 1980's if you want to be strict about it.

These fuckers should already be feeling the air beanathe their heels. 

I'm for twists in the piano wire.


Breakdown in Western Values...|.., here's my take currently.  Our goobermint has turned to traitors.

The only solution, at the federal level, is to fucking shoot them.  Politicians, Beureacrats, and their various minions.  (Save one, my dear friend in the Federal/Private Prison System...a good egg that needs to be rescued).

And, yes, FBI, I'm advocating shooting you and everyone else in federal government. You must die or adjust to a Constitutional Society.  And you will, on either account.  As will other 'law enforcement' at the federal level.

We don't need you, you've proven yourself political and ineffective.  You have to go.  We cant' afford such a useless agency. 

So come inspect my ass, make sure I'm not going to actively shoot fuckin Hillary or Trump0, just hope t see it happen in real life, particularly for Hillary. 

FBI, You're useless, Comey made sure of that, so did ynch.

You are a useless drain on tax payer dollars.  You need to be abolished,  You're useless.

You know where I am, you know where I live, you've been on my front porch, and you asked me questions.

And I'll be THRILLED to see Hillary meet her Sirhan Sirhan in the worst possible location on LIVE televsion.

In other words, I want to witness her being shot in the head, multiple times, until she's dead.  DEAD.  As in violently, bloodily, killed and you fucks couldn't do a thing about it.  I want her DEAD by the hands of soem pissed off Bernie Supporter and you have to fish through records that pull out Edgar's high heel shoe size.  You're pussies.  And you're so fattened that you don't even realize how disgustingly pussy you are to the rest of us.

Try that shit NOW, mother fuckers.


Bob's picture

You've certainly raised the bar for free speech and thought, OP!  And it is said, legitimately so, I think, that "a right not exercised is soon lost," after all. 

Should violent and "revolutionary" thoughts and fantasies become a crime by simply speaking them or even publishing them?

I don't think so, personally, FWIW. 

But, of course, I'm neither a lawyer nor government LE personnel.  And laws have gotten so fucking crazy, especially since the "Patriot Act." 

My question here is how will we know if you've been bagged and tagged by TPTB for this?  After all, silence is all we'd hear. 

If you're going to extend this escalating series of challenges, maybe it would be a good thing to just post a regular morning status report, something like "OP, still standing" so we'll at least know how it's gone. 

I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to see just how far this can go in the good ole Homeland. 

Will it be tolerated simply as an "extreme" exercise of a constitutional right or will it be crushed . . . as most of us no doubt expect?  I feel like I'm watching a slow motion train wreck.

As if ZH isn't an intensely monitored site, LOL. 

OldPhart's picture

Still here.  Will be.

HedgeJunkie's picture

Oldphart has been banned.


Long live Oldphart.

Lore's picture

Beware the fallacy of "collective guilt."  Entitlement culture is a form of learned (hence taught) helplessness.  Nowhere does the article address fascism IN CONTROL OF socialism.  Nowhere does the writer address the changes in organizational behaviour that result from hijacking of executive boardrooms by PATHOCRATS.  WHO SPONSORED MARX?  The program always trickles down, not up. 

Heavy's picture

I'm pretty sure India birthed most of the gods of the western world, they certainly have the better stories...and way more breasts in temples.  Any of you Russians feel like converting?

TheReplacement's picture

There has never been a true Christian terrorist.  The faith does not allow it.  There have been plenty of misguided and miseducated wannabes but Christianity requires observance to the teachings of Jesus, not the old testament.  As such, nobody who is actually a practicing Christian can commit such acts.

techpriest's picture

Even with the Old Testament all of the fighting was over one people group taking and keeping ownership of one tract of land. I would love to see if historical Israel was any more violent than any of the other kingdoms in various points in history. Personally I doubt it. It does infuriate me that people would misconstrue the book to try to claim that the USA is the New Israel and that the whole planet has been deeded to us. This is called Replacement Theology, and it is absolutely evil.

Speaking of the OT, if there are two verses from that book that are especially needed now, the first would be "owe no man anything" (get free from debt) and the second would be "God hates dishonest scales" (fiat money is theft). If enough people practiced just those two things a great deal of economic turmoil would disappear.

Azannoth's picture

I am not the one to cite the bible but here goes: Matthew 10:34 "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword."

Uncle Sugar's picture

Google the meaning of that verse and try again 

Pickleton's picture

Its so easy and yet so many cocksure imbeciles spout shit without doing the slightest bit of looking into what they're talking about.


Uhh DERRRRRR it said sword so it's violent.  /SMH

darteaus's picture

What a stupid little man you are...

Only those that Con-Tribute to the Clintong Crime Family Foundation [e.g. many ME countries],

or raise money for the Clintong [e.g. John Cwhorezine - MF GlowBull],

or those who have proven years of complete submission [e.g. Sidney Blumenthal - stealing docs from the National Archives]

or those that pay for secret "speaches" from her Thighness [e.g. Goldman]

or those that pimp for Bill Jefferson (BJ) Clinton [e.g. Epstein - wonder what BJ's thinking here]

get immunity.


Yes, and theyre busy fighting for it right now. #blacklivesmatter. That's what they really want. For their thugs to run with impunity over evil whitey. They deserve it because they've been treated so poorly. 

Firepower's picture

it is merely the united FFOL of Liberal NAZISM: http://wp.me/p2kmGE-h4

NidStyles's picture

When you're a leftist, everything that doesn't fall into your world view of liberalism is from nazi's....


National Socialists were traditionalists, paleoconservatives if you will. They were against liberalism, and fervently anti-communist..

Firepower's picture


anti communist socialists.

is that like Sandernistas being anti-hippy?

NidStyles's picture

So you seem to think using socialism as an ad-hom is effective while you constantly promote communist idealism?


Interesting, that might work on some the of the lesser minds here, it doesn't work on me.


National Socialism is a tribe acting in it's own best interest and putting it's tribe ahead of other tribes within it's territory. It's the only form of socialism that actually makes sense. Communism is the destruction of tribes and their loyalties to each other to open the region up for foreign occupation. Communism isn't socialism so much as it is a clever con game of to allow foreign occupation and imperial rule.


Never let the Jew define your terms. Not even the Jew that derides socialism, while promoting communism.


My people in my country should come before your people in my country.




In plain English, so your simple mind can understand it, fuck off kike.

effendi's picture

Most socialists (other than the communist subset) are anti communist. Socialists have thousands of subsets and subsets of subsets. The socialists in 1917 Russia had a subset that was communist, the communists had subsets such as the Bolsheviks and the Bolsheviks had subsets that included Stalinists and Trotskyists. And those various subsets hated each other with a passion such that they had regular bloody purges. Same as the German National Socialists (AKA Nazis) hated the socialists in the German Communist Party.

 Or the socialists that support Bernie hate the socialists that support Clinton.

booboo's picture

The mis identification of a ism by another ism

gregga777's picture

"And given the speed of this pro-socialist trend, just think about where it’s going to be in a few more years.

More than likely, it will progress straight into your wallet."

No, it is going to progress straight to revolution and then into your wallet.

The political parasite class have consciously overseen the greatest increase in income and wealth inequality in American history. They will have absolutely no grounds to complain about the resulting inevitable outcome.

The Merovingian's picture

First they will rob us all blind. Then when the TP and food are short comes the boot to the face and chest in the form of the police state aparatus to insure your prompt arrival at the appropriate FEMA camp. Forward Amerikanski!

Shadow1275's picture

Forward Soviet. Just blow it up already. I despise socialism and he is correct in his analysis, but unfortunately the sheeple are too selfish and stupid to understand that their leftist politicans are promising them Socialist fool's gold. Better to let Natural selection take over so common sense and reason can eventually set in instead of idiotic biased emotionalism.

gigalax's picture

This article misses the deeper point. Welfare states mainly arise due to extreme wealth inequality in the first place. Someone who owns resources (land, house, car, etc.) that can be used to produce wealth doesn't need welfare. Welfare is nothing more than a tool used to control the masses by the ultra rich.

nmewn's picture

Now see, if the middle class had any money left it wouldn't be a problem to give charity but finger pulling prankster-pols have fooled 51% of voters into believing they have EVERYONES interests at heart.

Once "IN" they only have one concern...staying IN. Just the tip this time baby...I promise, really I'm serious...this time...lol.

You WANT TO BELIEVE don't you? Even though you know whats gonna happen ;-)

The Jackal's picture

Welfare states arise mainly due to the presence of a system of welfare to exploit.

As for it being a system of control, absolutely. 

conraddobler's picture

Huge difference between some guy who owns 10 chain fast food stores and is in fact wealthy and got there because he or she was a shrewd business person and some corporate crony fuck who has an army of lobbyists cranking out legislation that tilts the game board in their favor.

Real wealth is created in the first case, in the 2nd case real wealth is effectively stolen.

The socialists have no idea there is a difference ie you didn't build that.

No actually someone probably did, following the RULES of the GAME.

These same RULES that no one seems to think apply to THEM!


gigalax's picture

Owning resources isn't the same as creating wealth. Wealth is created when you convert resources into something usable. The ownership class in today's world mostly does not create wealth. That is why they own so much in the first place. Other people create the wealth which is then stolen from them through underhanded means.

new game's picture

or labor one increment at a time x thousands without profit sharing. and add to that an influx of immigrants, walla, a fucked middle class w/o many options but to work for shit wages(the masses) or become a free shitter or break the law oR ____.

buzzardsluck's picture

Will rating articles ever come back TD?

adr's picture

No, Uber does not make money for consumers. After you pay your expenses you make about $10 an hour. If you actually operate legally and carry commercial auto insurance, which is required for any Uber driver by the way, you might break even.

Uber made worthless individuals billionaires on paper and will make the IPO underwriters billions.

The drivers will be replaced by software as soon as it is possible. 

Fuck Uber.