Caught On Tape - CNN Reporter Cut Off Air As She Critiques Hillary Clinton

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Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

So did CNN intentionally pull the plug on its reporter, or was it just a convenient coincidence.

I’ll let you decide.

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It was time for her "re-education training" in the back room...

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They did not want to show her beating on public TV.

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One must speak poorly of the red devil if you wish to remain on-air.

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They pulled the plug, the other news caster didn't miss a beat he knew that they did it. He would of fumbled his words a little if it was a random un expected glitch.

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The Clinton News Network has strict journalism standards.

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Commandment #1 in the Mainstream Media:

Thou shalt not say anything negative about our annointed ones nor the state of israel.

Lest "technical difficulties" ensue.

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This should surprise exactly no one

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That's not the first time the feed was cut at an opportune time...

ENHANCED VERSION: BBC News Reports WTC7 Fell Before It Happens!

Here's the anchor caught in a cover up lie and admitting it!

We Are Change UK - Phil Hayton and WTC7

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remember when the clintons flooded the black communities with cocaine with the help of the cia in the 80s? yeah me too.( a whole generation of black lives lost because of the clintons,bush1, the cia and ollie north during iran contra mena.) dick gregory was right. today blacks lick the clintons boots, man have they been head fucked.
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Did they pin them down and jam crack pipes into their mouths?

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Lets cut to "that powerful moment of the teenage son!"...lmao!

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Technical difficulties, WTF, where are we the 50's?

this stuf is digital, fiber or satelite and it reconnects in exactly (300 milliseconds)

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This should surprise exactly no one

Except CNN's entire audience (excluding those watching for reasons such as media analysis, schadenfreude, masochism, intensification of righteous indignation etc)

The cut did more to emphasize the critique than to silence it. It put an exclamation on the end.

Were you listening to the Dude's story Donny? We're talking CNN VIEWERS HERE.

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Clinton News Network!
Awesome wish I thoughta that

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What we see makes no difference unless the general public recognizes it. We appear to be at a stage where the public knows it's being screwed but can't figure out exactly how it's being done... which generally leads to deep frustration, then rage and aiming at all the wrong targets. I think we need an evoloutionary intellectual leap by humanity finally locating its survival instinct...

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That reporter is going to find hershelf sharing a Swingline stapler with Milton in a basement office

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Move my desk one more time and I'll burn the building down.

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"I said, no salt ... no salt !!!"

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That would be the tell.  Does she find herself unemployed or worse in coming days weeks and months.  Probably not if she repents of her sins of entertaining bad thoughts about the Queen.  But if she doesnt, or if she is deemed to have knowledge which if widely shared might result in falling poll numbers for the Queen, then she just might find her throat crushed in a freak weight lifting accident in her home, whether she has weight equipment there or not.

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She will stay on, most likely she hasn't had the "talk" yet about what is proper conduct when discussing Hillary.

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like the talk they gave to every could-be offender since JFK, while showing his assassination video:

back and to the left

back and to the left

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ya'll are silly.   We know that CNN is in Atlanta and all you have to do is check the weather.   Besides, CNN would NEVER do what you guys are saying.  I mean come on.   This is just conspiracy theory suff.  Our press corps is top notch and should be respected as the professionals they are.


MDB, can you hear me now?

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TPTB can literally print currency.  She doesn't need to be fired at all.  Give her a ridiculous raise and never let her on the air again except for puff pieces about nothing much at all. 

This running a shadow dictatorship thing is easy.

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I always say to people, "With all the people in the world and so many things that happen in our country and around the world, do you think its a coincidence that all the papers and TV news run the same stories?" That usually get a response of, "yeah, that's pretty F'ed up".

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do you think its a coincidence that all the papers and TV news run the same stories?" That usually get a response of, "yeah, that's pretty F'ed up".

... and then they go back into zombie mode and believe it all ... hook, line, and sinker .....

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The catch with propoganda is you can spend decades laying it on, and it can be undone with a single event.

cheka's picture

there is a central control room in nyc that runs/coordinates the propaganda on all of the news channels

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Exactly...way too smooth of a transition to be accidental.  Timing was perfect.

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

Here is cctv view of what happened in the control room.

(not to unlike what happened to Dr. Paul at the RNC convention in Tampa 2012,

that episode open Ali's eyes to the 'Tru-man' Show going on around us.


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It was EXACTLY like that.  Love that film.

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Clinton bashes Trump on what Obama did with race relations?  This shit is luaghable!

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Why not, you can ask Clinton supports "why do you support Hillary in her re-election" and they will give you answers as if she is the current president. They are brain dead. the distant past's picture

Is it possible there is a connection between HillBilleries supporters and the morning after pill.  Think about it... when do you take the morning after pill? 

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Same thing in this July 9 NPR interview

The police spokesman is not delivering the appropriate sound bite.

NPR reporter interrupts to say very little time left, 60 seconds.

The interviewee starts to make the complex topic into a concise statement including that the media works to make the news fit an ongoing narrative.

15 seconds in, she ends the interview…. Out of time.

NPR proceeds to air almost 60 seconds of fill music to cover the gap.


NPR's Lynn Neary talks about the public perception of police and law enforcement tactics with Doug Wyllie, an editor at Police One, a news site for law enforcement.

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And examples like THIS, are precisely why MSM personalities need to be shot, along with the politicians and the bankers. 

Where's that "Fair and Impartial Journalism"? 

I guess they've gone "Supreme Court" on us, huh? 

"The System" needs to die, period. 

No quarter, no mercy. 

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Impartial Journalism became Imperial Journalism

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@ Croesus,

Comment of the Year. Open Criminality on all institutional levels. The newly worded Smith Mund Act in a defense appropriations bill now makes it somehow legal in their sick, twisted Psychopathic minds to PsyOp / Propagandize The American People.

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Bill will re-educator her....first she needs to put on a blue dress and buy a cigar! 

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They were merely Careless and Negligent with the switches, but they "did not intend" to cut her feed.

No reasonable Editor would discipline the Crew.

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Probably best she she avoids the gym... 

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They brought her out back to the chemical shed.

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She needs to stay away from nail guns...

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Chose a side folks.

Chose wisely.

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Ha ha...what, like it makes a stitch of difference? Surely you're kidding.

It's been either team red if team blue for 230 years. Same snake, but with two heads.

Democracy it is not.

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That is the kind of thinking that got Obumer in office. That worked out well...NOT!

Doubleguns's picture

Yep its either a glass of hemlock or a glass of strychnine and the party bosses keep telling us how more beautiful their glass is compared to the other glass. Fortunately the R glass holders don't like Trump so there is a bit of hope here. Please dont let it be like the last "hope".


If it makes no difference this time there is a poster for that.

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Doubleguns Jul 15, 2016 11:44 AM

It's not that I like strychnine, I am just voting against hemlock.  You're surely not a hemlock supporter, are you?!?!?