French Prime Minister Slammed For Saying "France Will Have To Live With Terrorism"

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In the aftermath of last night's latest tragic terrorist attack in Nice, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls made the statement: “Times have changed, and France is going to have to live with terrorism, and we must face this together and show our collective sang-froid,” he said. “France is a great country and a great democracy and we will not allow ourselves to be destabilized.”


Perceiving this is a preliminary admission of retreat against terrorism, social media reacted with furious anger to the PM's assertion that France “will have to live with terrorism.” Users shamed the PM, saying that more people apparently need to be killed in terror attacks to wake up the French government.

Some examples of people who now longer believe in #hastag diplomacy included @DamienLcc  who wrote that "The government is “unable to protect French people,” while @lazgougeon added that the nation doesn’t have “to get used to the incompetence of our leaders!”


Others were incredulous: “What? More people should be killed to wake you up, fool!” @MathiasLiurno added.

Some called on Valls to resign after uttering such words

“You don’t have any shame?” “It gave me chills.” “The sword of Damocles over our heads” – these were the angry comments on social media.

“This phrase [Valls’] is horrible. We don’t want to live with terrorism, we want to live in peace," @FlowerofFields added.

Trolled were also present  “Okay this is reassuring” “Best sentence of the day, again congratulations Mr. Valls” “Thanks Mr.Valls.”


Whether this was just the latest diplomatic faux pas by the young and inexperienced PM, or a true admission that radicalized Islam now has the upper hand in France, and elsewhere, is unknown but what is clear is that the European response to the surge in regional terrorism has so far failed to yield results, whether on purpose or not, and that a far greater escalation in the conflict is imminent. What is troubling is that such an escalation which will trigger even more violent retaliation by radicalized forces.

And so, having stirred the hornets' next when he sided with "coalition" forces in attacking ISIS - an ISIS which was unleashed with the purpose of destabilizing the Syrian regime and has now failed in this mission and so finds foreign conduits to its aggression - Hollande now finds himself with no way out.

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ss123's picture

Good thing the truck driver wasn't a Real Terrorist (TM)

MFL8240's picture

No passport found this time we have an ID card!  When do people wake up to who is behind this mayhem?

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""French Prime Minister Slammed For Saying "France Will Have To Learn To Live With Terrorism"

~~~ SURE, and You will Gladly learn to live Without your 90 Bodyguards ???

BaBaBouy's picture

Boy ~~~ Valls Got Balls ~~~

JamesBond's picture

Obama's response essentialy said the same thing.  "It's all bad and stuff, but suck it up."



SofaPapa's picture

The "elites" do indeed face a choice.  They have staked themselves on the altar of "multiculturalism".  Saudi style Wahhabi Islam is the first culture they have run into that violently refuses to adopt western moral norms, in particular regarding the role of women.  Until they are willing to acknowledge the link between the form of Islam that is dominant in the MENA region today and the cultural disaster we are all witnessing, the PM is right: they will have more terrorism. European leaders made a deal with the devil when they decided to tap the MENA region for cheap labor.  They imported people from a culture that is radically different from (and in certain areas radically opposed to) their dominant culture and then proceeded to ignore those people and not provide genuine opportunities for them to thrive.  The result is completely predictable. Now they will eventually have to acknowledge the reality of the cultural mismatch and deal with radical islam head on.  But of course that would require a divorce from the house of Saud and the other oil monarchies, who now control significant financial power and its stepchild, political control.  The day the conservative Islamic monarchies in the middle east are cut off from western acceptance will be a day of celebration.  Ironically, one of the most logical allies for this change of policy would be Iran.  Iran has its own brand of Islam, but it is a form that actually has caused significantly less damage internationally in the past ten years than the states to their south.

The odds of any of this happening any time soon are about zero. The lunatics are still firmly in charge of the asylum, and Israel is terrified of Iran, because Iran is actually powerful enough to represent a genuine challenge to the zionist goal of regional dominance through spreading of chaos.

So Europe gets more terrorism until the far right acts, eliminating the establishment's little remaining control over events on the ground.

Chaos. I'm not optimistic it can be avoided at this point.

Calmyourself's picture

"European leaders made a deal with the devil when they decided to tap the MENA region for cheap labor." 

Have you ever met a Muslim, they hate labor especially anything manual, they consider it demeaning, its why Saudi Arabia imports thousands of Indonesians and others to do the work.  They are not in Europe to do labor they are in Europe to guarantee the elites maintain power.

SofaPapa's picture

There's a big difference within the muslim community.  I've met both.  The Iranians I've met have been smart, hard working, and totally rational.  They know their government is insane, but it's insane in much the same way western governments are insane, though admittedly with a "moral", religious component to the insanity which is greater than anything in the west (but significantly less than that of the southern monarchies).

I've also met people from Saudi Arabia, and I have never yet been impressed by a single one of them.

There is a civil war going on in Islam right now, and for the moment, the wrong side is winning, largely with western support.  Western political leaders are so thoroughly corrupted that they are empowering the exact elements that they are now watching overwhelm the control they have held in Europe for centuries.  It's remarkable.

Not all Muslims are the same.

847328_3527's picture

The French's real enemy is their own politicians...muzzie tearrists are second.


Presently, France is in a downward tail spin mode.

ATM's picture

The French will wake up and realize that terrorism can work both ways. The rest of the West and the Camel-fuckers will end up realizing this too.

When we start to see the retaliations then it will get really interesting.

Calmyourself's picture

Ok, Iranians are not Arabs and they are by and large Shia not Sunni..  There has been a civil war in Islam since Mo's progeny did not take the throne of Islam, you may have heard of it Sunni vs Shia...  We would be much better off getting sunni and shia to fight it out again, the only probelm with the Iranian/Iraq war is that it is not still going on...

OrangeJews's picture
OrangeJews (not verified) JamesBond Jul 15, 2016 10:25 AM

They love them some white flags!

espirit's picture

So how do we know this [Hello Kitty] was Not a...

?panty sniffer

?disgruntled truck driver

?brownlivesmatter supporter


?brown identifying as white


Plenty of material here for MDB to work with

JamesBond's picture

We know he wasn't any of those because he didn't shout it out to people the first second he saw them.

Volaille de Bresse's picture

"Boy ~~~ Valls Got Balls ~~~"


yeah it's Abdul's and they're rubbing against Valls' buttocks.

FireBrander's picture

LOL!....France just raised the White Flag..."We SURRENDER!".

Ms. Erable's picture

He meant to say the French peasants must learn to die at the behest of their well-armed and well-guarded betters, and must never ask why.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Unless you are a hair stylist.  For a few people you can get some free security while performing $10000 haircuts....

PT's picture

Funny you know.  EVERY safety induction that I have been forced to attend over the last five years or so has asserted that ALL accidents are avoidable...


... then again, perhaps I should keep quiet.  We all know damn well how govt will attempt to "avoid" "accidents" - by loading up ever more burdens on the victims while continually blaming the victims.

Nikki Alexis's picture

French Slime Minister took the words right out of Obama/Hillary/Lynch's disgusting mouth

PT's picture

It was probably over a decade ago when I realized that the "terrorist problem" was not going away in a hurry.  First clue?  Probably when US govt started asserting that catching Bin Laden was "no longer a priority".  "Oh, we smashed the Taliban, that's all that matters".  Really?  Like Batman saying, "Yeah, the Joker got away but it is okay because we smashed his organization." or James Bond saying, "Yeah, Blofeld got away but everything is okay because we destroyed SPECTRE".

Terrorism is here to stay and will never disappear until the politicians stop getting mileage out of it.  The End.

FireBrander's picture

Freudian slip; plain and simple.

More refugees = more terror. There are no plans to send them back, so France, the EU, will disintegrate into a Muslim vs. Christian hell hole.

In France, "Known Muslim Terrorists" are "watched" rather than being deported; so yes, France most certainly needs to learn to live with, and accept, Muslims, Islam and Terror...


Calmyourself's picture

Every six months take one of this guys family memebrs out and shoot them, he'll have to learn to live with it..

Dormouse's picture

I have this idea for an app, kind of like a celebrity tour map, but instead the homes of our elected leaders are pinpointed instead. Users can post pictures and comments, and shit--make them Pokemon hunting places as well.

NidStyles's picture

I think it was carefully scripted to be honest. Something is afoot with these fuckers, something big is coming down the pipeline.

rbg81's picture

Something big?  From the Europeans?  Surely you jest.

The leaders have already decided that Europe will become Eurabia.  Fuk what the people want.  And, frankly, most of the people are so morally confused, that they will just meekly accept it--especially the Women.

fleur de lis's picture

I think he means that there are more nasty surprises in store.

The French need to dump these EU/NWO/NATO concubines who are dragging down the whole country, and Frexit asap while they can.

The whole EU fraud is going to collapse.

The migration policy, the attacks, the strange loyalty to Merkel's kooky decisions, it all looks engineered.

By whom and toward what is the question.

CuttingEdge's picture

Operation Gladio Redux.

Look no further than Langley. At the behest of Tel Aviv. As compelled by HRC, McCunt and co.

Dormouse's picture

Do not [mis]underestimate the lengths to which tyranny will go to demonstrate their necessity in the light of recent revelations of massive corruption and fraud in institutional governments around the world. The level of criminality at the upper levels of society has become disturbingly obvious.

samsara's picture

I wish more people would come to realize the lengths they wil go.  Exactly right.

The more the corruption is made visible the more extreme the acts will become to retain control.

Bank_sters's picture

Flow chart- Perpetual war> Perpetual terrorism> Perpetual reduction in constitutional rights> Perpetual gain in state authority.  


Clinton is chortling in deep pig grunts over the headlines.   Americans have forgotten her lies for bigger lies.

Chupacabra-322's picture

No worries. Trump will most definitely resurface her Criminality in the debates.

silverer's picture

I think the politicians should have to live with terrorism.  French citizens, it is now your turn.

Doom Porn Star's picture

Guns of The State protection for them and teh rest learn to live with violence and oppression from both the counter-State and State violence and oppression apparatus.

Then consider that almost all lage scale criminal activity is either funded or condoned by one State or another...

'Terrorists' are almost always State financed, sponsored or supported via one or more 'financing' and/or 'intellignece sharing' aparatus, 'State Sponsored' enterprises, back-door funded NGOs..........

Ghordius's picture

Terrorists without " " are *almost* always State financed

in the case of some terrorists here in Europe, my suspicion is still that they are privately funded by private people

that they are relatives of Kings and Sultans is the "State" part, in the sense that some cousins refrain from stopping their cousins

FireBrander's picture

To truly stop terrorism, the US would need to strike at the very source of their arms, cash and political support. Since it is clear that this source resides in Riyadh, Amman, Ankara, Doha and even Washington itself, it is obvious why the scourge of terrorism appears “unstoppable.” - Ulson Gunnar, geopolitical analyst/writer

Crash Overide's picture

The French were quite famous for their use of guillotines once, Vive Le Révoultion!

Volaille de Bresse's picture

"The French were quite famous for their use of guillotines once, Vive Le Révoultion!"


You're right but that was a long time ago. After the 2015 killings (Charlie and Bataclan) we had :


 - a male asshole (okay a German one) playing "Imagine" on piano in the street.

 - a female cunt (100% French this one) who wanted to "go painting little hearts on the walls of Paris mosques" as a sign of friendship with Muzzies (true story).


With these libtards cunts you can bet your ass the guillotine will keep gathering dust soemwhere in a museum warehouse.

wildbad's picture

i like this thought.  All politicians are free to move to islamic countries.  All Islamist may now return home or face the wrath of the law abiding citizens.

All Islamists who do not recognize the sovereignity of the state of laws will be subject to expulsion to the nearest Islamic country if not already a citizen of one.

In other words, you are no longer welcome here.  Neither the ones who profess to be nonviolent members of the religion of peace or the violent ones who claim the same.

You "peaceful" muslims have abdicated your right to claim to be peaceful by belonging to a hegemonic organization which does not disavow violence and deception against the kafirs / infidels.


Arrest the islamist clerices TODAY you slimey politicians who just pretend to fight bestiality.  I lay this at the feet of Holland, Merkel, Obama and all of the globalist destabilization SCUM who enable and encourage these BEASTS to proliferate in a state of laws.

Mr. Universe's picture

It seems to me that this is the go to play in the Globalist handbook. Imagine...

You "peaceful" Americans have abdicated your right to claim to be peaceful by belonging to a hegemonic organization which does not disavow violence and deception against the whole world.


Doubleguns's picture

Time to assemble the guillotines and roll them down to the capital. Let those bastards live with some terrorism for a week or two. Maybe they will get the message. If not, put those blades to work and pike a few heads. Shouldn't take long to get a new opinion or leaders. 

Hohum's picture

Probably true.  Restricting weapons won't work; giving everyone weapons won't work; even restricting immigration at this point won't work.  But we'll have to try something.

WTFUD's picture

Radical Christianity has the Upper Hand in the Middle-East.


war on terror = terror

DirkDiggler11's picture

A decent starting point would be kicking every fucking Muslim out of France, but we all know the French would rather just take it in the ass and have more of their citizens slaughtered. It's a damn shame, France was a great country long ago...