Pokemania: Nintendo Just Became The Most-Traded Stock In Japanese History

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Thanks to the fad-tastic launch of Pokemon GO - more popular than porn - Nintendo stock has exploded over 93% in the last 7 days (the most ever) to 6 years highs. But the Pokemania was really in the trading volume where 476 billion yen changed hands for the highest daily turnover on the Tokyo Stock Exchange this century...


Second-highest turnover for any given day was Tokyo Electric with 446b yen on May 21, 2013, followed by SoftBank with 431b yen on Nov. 29, 2005.

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Seems sustainable, right?

Having second thoughts? Maybe you're right? From Gawker:

"Pokémon Go Is a Government Surveillance Psyop Conspiracy"

Less than a week after Pokémon Go’s launch, our streets are already filled with packs of phone-wielding, Weedle-catching zombies. They’re robbing our teens, filling our churches with sinners, and tricking our children into exercising. But worst of all, Pokémon Go is turning us all into an army of narcs in service of the coming New World Order.

Allow me to explain.

More like Privacy Poli-See Everything

Lots of apps have sketchy privacy policies, that’s nothing new. But the first set of alarms go off as soon as you realize that Pokémon Go’s policy does seem a bit more liberal than most, because not only are you giving Pokémon Go access to your location and camera, you’re also giving it full access to your Google account (assuming you use that to sign in).

There’s one section of the privacy policy in particular that seems to be getting the conspiracy theorists of the world up in arms and which Reddit user Homer_Simpson_Doh calls “very Orwellian”:
Most Orwellian of all is this line:
We may disclose any information about you (or your authorized child) that is in our possession or control to government or law enforcement officials or private parties.
As TechCrunch explained, Pokémon-loving millennials are far less likely to object to a few extra permissions when its Squirtle staring them in the face as they abandon their every god-given freedom than they do when Google reads their email.
Pokémon Go comes directly—directly—from the intelligence community
And it’s not like Pokémon Go itself doesn’t already have a direct(-ish) line to the CIA. After all, Pokémon Go was created by Niantic, which was formed by John Hanke.
Now, Hanke also just so happened to help found Keyhole. What does Keyhole do, you ask? I’d tell you to go to Keyhole’s website—but you can’t. It just takes you straight to Google Earth. That’s because Keyhole was acquired by Google back in 2004.
Before that, though, Keyhole received funding from a firm called In-Q-Tel, a government-controlled venture capital firm that invests in companies that will help beef up Big Brother’s tool belt. What’s more, the funds In-Q-Tel gave Keyhole mostly came from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), whose primary mission is “collecting, analyzing, and distributing geospatial intelligence.”
Still unsure if Pokémon Go’s creator is a government spook? Check out this excerpt from the NGA’s in-house publication...

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skinwalker's picture

Remember back in the day when there were any number of search engines?


Why did google become top dog? How did it become the backbone of the internet?


My guess is it had lots of help from 3 letter agencies in exchange for handing everyone's data over.

balz's picture

Google was simply better than Altavista. No conspiration here.

erkme73's picture

Where the hell is Mofio/Santafe/Aristotle of Greece?  It's the highlight of my evening to expose our resident spammer.  That's two nights now.   

tmosley's picture

Pretty much this. Google had the best search algorithms, so you would get what you wanted faster, and they did a better job of monetizing it. If it was a CIA hack job, their service would suck and people would still use other search engines (many of which still exist).

J S Bach's picture

A proper sign of our times... inanities sell!

Also... in regards to the Google monopoly... I think a lot of it has to do with the name itself.  The brilliant marketers got the phrase, "Just Google It" going early on.  I mean... if you apply the competitors' names to the same phrase, it doesn't seem to ring the same.

"Just Alta Vista It."  "Just Yahoo It."  "Just Bing It".  

See what I mean?  (If they could have a search engine called, "Fuck"... it would take over the internet.  "JUST FUCK IT!")

malek's picture

Yeah, especially "Just Alphabet It." convinced me

CC Lemon's picture

I disagree. Google was faster, and therefore better for lazy people. I much preferred Altavista becuase it allowed for Booleon operators to refine what you were looking for.

malek's picture

 Google was simply better than Altavista.


I used Altavista until it was sold to Yahoo in 2003.
I from time to time compared it to Google and there were no killer result differences - if you knew how to use Altavista:

Altavista simply missed the train by sticking to their original approach that when entering multiple search terms, it OR'ed them.
That made sense in 1995 when few hits came up, but not anymore in 2000.

You could still force an AND on your search terms by putting a plus sign in front of each, but few users bothered to do so or ever take a look at the advanced search options in the first place.

JuliaS's picture

Google was Yahoo without the ads.

tmosley's picture

It's not sending video data back. If it were, it would eat up everyone's data like crazy, but it only uses about 0.01GB an hour.

SMG's picture

Not yet.   Also how do you know the telecoms/google don't have some sort of agreement not to meter it?

tmosley's picture

Data usage is monitored on the phone itself.

Also, if all those people were streaming video, there wouldn't be any bandwidth. Too many people together would mean nothing works because of network congestion.

Maybe when we get 6G or AI chips on the phones themselves that can create send just the important parts of the data. That is a few years off, as I see it.

Urban Redneck's picture

That presumes that a smart phone is incapable of running apps smart enough to transmit data without incurring usage or moving data counters?

Has anyone actually documented any known .gov spy tools that are actually still such unsophisticated apps?

JamesBond's picture

Use DuckDuckGo if you have issues with Google.

tmosley's picture

There are doubts as to the founder's committment to privacy. I suggest startpage.

silverer's picture

You mean the one that says "enhanced by Google", just to the right of the search box? Give me a minute...

silverer's picture

Use DuckDuckGo all the time. They don't track you and save every search you do forever.

Spungo's picture

Remember when search engines would give you thousands of results that had NOTHING to do with what you searched for? Yahoo and Google were the only ones that actually worked.

E.F. Mutton's picture

Webcrawler was one of those.  That was the first one I used somewhere in the mid-90s

Midas's picture

Does anyone remember dogpile?  That was a catchy name.

Catullus's picture

Fascinating. I love the asymptotic nature of these manias.

JuliaS's picture

Ice bucket challenge the videogame.

At120's picture

My phone shows that the most valuable Pokemon is hidden in the depths of 33 Liberty St.




TradingIsLifeBrah's picture
TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) At120 Jul 15, 2016 8:47 PM

Went there and just found an empty cave with some Zubats :(

silverer's picture

Fad investing. This will continue until the fad is over, as it usually is.

TradingIsLifeBrah's picture
TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) Jul 15, 2016 8:46 PM

Nintendo's back bitchez!!!!

ThrowAwayYourTV's picture

Beam me up Scotty, theres no fucking intelligence down here. Matter fact, beam me anywhere but here.

So great a cloud's picture

The past evening I'm out at the town square, enjoying the great weather and throwing the football around with the kids.  Can't tell you how annoying it was to have all of these "extra" people milling about glued to their frickin phones.  I'm coining this as people pollution. I don't like crowds any way and I feel like they've violated my space just because I can see them walking about.  

Arnold's picture


Be aware of all large panel trucks from now on, too.

adr's picture

Ok what I don't get is Nintendo stock going up 93% because of a game they don't even produce. A game that is free and in essence doesn't make a dime. Sure millions of people are playing it but the game as of right now is losing momey.

But in Bizzaro world a money losing mobile game that isn't produced, developed, or distributed by Nintendo can cause the stock of Nintendo to double in five days.

What planet do I live on?

Is it possible for momentum traders to be any stupider?

nailgunner44's picture

They say it is taking in $1.6m daily revenue from people buying "PokéCoins" at the following prices:

100 Pokécoins: $0.99
550 Pokécoins: $4.99
1,200 Pokécoins: $9.99
2,500 Pokécoins: $19.99
5,200 Pokécoins: $39.99
14,500 Pokécoins: $99.99

Pretty gay. Funny thing is I've been following Nintendo closely for awhile. Recently (before they went mobile last year) they were actually trading under cash. Not anymore. :( Oh well too expensive now anyway- adding $15B to the valuation on $15M in revenue is a bit much. But I'm with ya, crazy world we live in.


SimpleJackBlack's picture
SimpleJackBlack (not verified) Jul 15, 2016 11:21 PM

Pokemon GoFuckYourself.

Victor999's picture

A resounding indictment of modern civilisation rooted in Idiocracy.

Tom Green Swedish's picture

I find the whole thing absurd. But whatever floats their boat.  I can see this going "viral" though.