The Counter-Coup Begins: Erdogan Purges 2,745 Judges, Prosecutors; Arrests Hundreds

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The Reichstag Fire of 27 February, 1933


When we described the aftermath of Turkey's failed, and painfully disorganized military coup attempt, we asked rhetorically, "Who wins?" To which we answered: "Why Erdogan of course. As he said during a press conference upon his arrival back in Istanbul in the early Saturday morning hours, the coup is an opportunity to "to purge the military." Erdogan also vowed to exact "the highest price" from the perpetrators. Or, to summarize, the military said Erdogan's power consolidation justifies the attempted coup; Erdogan said the coup justifies further consolidation of power."

Overnight, when analyzing the market's take of the coup, Renaissance Capital's Michael Harris said that "for markets to respond positively, we think Erdogan must go the reconciliation route, pledging not to hold elections for the coming year and committing to a consensus approach to constitutional change. More likely, though, Erdogan will seek to leverage this into a constitutional super-majority via a snap election."

Their conclusion: "A military coup has failed, but if Erdogan responds to this historic moment the wrong way, a democratic coup could be the result."

Not surprisingly, as of this morning, Erdogan is indeed responding to this historic moment the "wrong way."  But before we get to that point, there are questions whether this coup was even that.

As a NYT analyst on the ground pointed out, confirming what we said last night, the planning, organization and implementation of the attempted military overthrow were suspect at best and outright laughable at worst:

We don't have to remind readers that when military coups take place in the middle-east, they are i) ruthless, ii) extremely well-organized and planned, and iii) succeed on virtually every occasion. But not this one. The question why is what the media (or at least its fringes) will be pondering over the next few days and weeks.

What there is no question about, however, is Erdogan's response, which as he warned last night, would begin with a quick crackdown against the army. As of this moment, hundreds of soldiers have already been arrested.

As AP adds, local NTV television has shown footage of a Turkish colonel and other soldiers being taken into custody at military headquarters. The video shows them being hand-searched by special forces police, their hands behind their heads. Some are later seen kneeling on the ground, their hands still held behind their heads.

According to Hurriyet newspaper's online edition, some of the privates who were detained told interrogators they were not aware that they were part of a coup attempt. They had been told by commanders they were taking part in military maneuvers. Some said they understood that it was a coup attempt when they saw civilians climb on tanks.

The pro-Erdogan, state-run Anadolu Agency added all soldiers involved in the attempted coup at the military headquarters in the capital, Ankara, have been taken into custody. The report says anti-terrorism police will now conduct a "detailed search" at the headquarters.

However, the real punchline was revealed moments ago when Anadolu said a top body overseeing judges and prosecutors has dismissed 2,745 judges across the country. Anadolu Agency says the emergency meeting of the Judges and Prosecutors High Council was held Saturday, mere hours after Turkish forces quashed an attempted coup, and promptly purged the slate clean of anyone in the judicial branch who was seen as even remotely opposed to Erdogan.


Promptly following that, Turkey's state-run news agency also said that authorities have detained 10 members of Turkey's highest administrative court as the government pressed ahead with a purge of judiciary officials with alleged links to a U.S.-based Muslim cleric, which impressively was concluded just hours after the coup had fizzled: almost as if it had all been planned all along.

The Anadolu Agency added on Saturday that arrest warrants were issued for 48 administrative court members and 140 members of Turkey's appeals court: as if members of Turkey's judicial system - long on Erdodan's black list - were involved in the army's failed putsch.

The report said the meeting was called to discuss disciplinary measures against members suspected of links to the movement led by the U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen. The government says the attempted coup was carried out by a clique within the military loyal to Gulen's movement.

However, as we reported last night, the cleric Fethullah Gulen, who is currently residing in the US, said he condemned the coup “in the strongest terms.” Gulen, as those who have followed recent Turkish history know, is Erdogan's quasi-imaginary bogeyman nemesis; Erdogan has repeatedly accused Gulen of plotting a "parallel state" whose intention is to overthrow Erdogan, and has used that strawman narrative as justification to expand his powers and to push for a shift from a parliamentary to a presidential regime.

Gulen wrote in his blog that "As someone who suffered under multiple military coups during the past five decades, it is especially insulting to be accused of having any link to such an attempt. I categorically deny such accusations."

Was Gulen behind the coup? Hardly. But as over the past several years, the spectre of a Gulen "coup" - now culminating with last night's events - is all that Erdogan will need to further cement his ruthelss, authoritarian grasp over the country, which this morning, with gun shots still heard in Turkey, began with the cleansing of all judges and prosecutors even remotely critical of the "president." Recall that just two months ago, we reported that "Erdogan Nears Absolute Power With Appointment Of Puppet Premier, Stripping MPs Of Immunity."

As of right now, Erdogan has removed the two last hurdles on his way to absolute, supreme power: holdouts in Turkey's judicial branch and in the army.

As such, the path forward for Erdogan - now left with no domestic opposition whatsoever - is all too clear.

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TheReplacement's picture

Was there a fire at the Reichstag or something?

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Well he is a fanboy of Hitler, there were reports of Turkish troops running around in Polish army uniforms, I think Erdo got a little confused.

thesonandheir's picture

It's events like these that make me want to dump risky precious metals and run to safety by buying biotechnology and HLF.

Manthong's picture

The coup plotters did not understand the evil they were up against…

They were not vicious and ruthless enough.

nmewn's picture

Good thing he had been busy compiling "lists" beforehand or it would have taken him forever to fully investigate & round up these "enemies of the state"...2,745 intransigent...

...judges ;-)

JamesBond's picture

Amazing.  We have allowed another saddam hussein and momar khadafi in the middle east.  

BaBaBouy's picture

""We have allowed another saddam hussein and momar khadafi""

Let them solve it ~~~ US don't Need No more Shit ~~~

mofio's picture
mofio (not verified) BaBaBouy Jul 16, 2016 9:26 AM

The coup was an Israeli plot.
Warning to Erdogan:

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

A clean wipe of the Turkish judiciary? Sounds like a caliphate is being born, (again). Allahu akbay, baby! It's all about "what the right hand possesses", Erdogan's, that is.

Stuck on Zero's picture

The military coup leaders lacked any fighting skills and fought under a flag marked: "yanlis."  That translates into "false."

AVmaster's picture

Clearly, it was ISIS that formed the bulk of the "civilians" that took to the streets, and there is a huge possibility that this was a false flag event.

The whole scene has all the hallmarks of a isis ran operation: bearded men, no women, children being used as pawns.

Literally within minutes of the "coup" starting, the huge crowds had formed and all of them had turkey flags... HOW CONVENIENT.

The army rolled over fairly easily, but can withstand fighting the kurds for months on end???? Sure, and im santa claus and I keep the easter bunny in my pocket...

This isn't over yet... the lame stream media wants to portray this as the so called "people of turkey" resisting the coup... That "resistance" was only true in Ankara. The other major cities in turkey, and the rest of turkey in general, welcomed the coup with celebrations, THIS FACT is very underreported and the lamestream media is burying it as best as they can...


Anyways, the ball has already started rolling. erDOGhans' time is up, his kneejerk reaction will be to crackdown on the real turkish people and to kill alot of them, this will in turn cause a reciprocal reaction in which the persecuted will start killing in return... resulting in another syria....


The next few weeks/months in turkey will prove very interesting... 

walküre's picture

German charter flights are resuming service to Turkey. I truly hope that Germans are cancelling their vacations in Turkey and that the planes are being sent in to get every last German tourist out of there.

The country is 100% no longer stable and the complete seizure of power by Erdogan's AKP party is imminent. Opposition will not be allowed. Tourists will be scrutinized.

Who would want to go there? Prepare for millions of Turks to plan their exit from Turkey before they end up in camps.

Western government's collective response is ABSOLUTE CHICKEN SHIT

What the fuck do they think happened there? Democracy died on July 15th in Turkey. There will never be another election until Erdogan is DEAD.

How about those 61 nukes we have stationed in Turkey? How about we get those out like yesterday before Erdogan starts fiddling with the world?

Why is every government from Washington to London to Berlin so fucking HELL BENT and carrying the fucking water for the future genocidal mass murderer and his goons in the AKP?


Tom Servo's picture

Looks like Ergodan re-enacted the plot of Revenge of the Sith, pretty much to the letter...


Thankfully cutting out all the Anakin / Padme crap...

Ms No's picture

You know things are about to get real when Erdogan pulls the ploy that they are angry and out of sorts with the US, so that the US can distance themselves from whatever horror Erdogan is about to engage in.  It looks like they might toast a huge portion of the judicial branch and gawd knows who else.  This is some sick treacherous shit, brilliant though.  Hopefully people are paying attention because this is a great modern example of how this type of thing often goes down.  People still believe that this type of thing is tinfoil hat stuff.

The population must have known and that's why they wouldn't touch the "coup" with a ten foot pole.  That puts them at at least 15 points higher on the IQ scale then the American publlic.

WordSmith2013's picture
Turkey COUP: Here’s Why They Did It and Who the Real Plotters Are

Justawhoaman's picture

It still isn't clear that Erdogan didn't, in fact, stage this coup.  Why would a F-16 fighter fly next to his plane and not do anything?  It would be in his best interest, if he wanted to "clean house" to start by staging a coup" against himself and then come out the victor?  We want it to be the fault of the US (after all, why not... they are usually at the center) but it is not in either their interest nor the interest of Russia... or any other major power.  It IS in the interest of Erdogon given that he has been playing both sides of the fence in the last week.  Now he is the hero having staved off the coup... the question is, really, what is next?

Rubicon727's picture

Well informed Europeans in Italy and France are veering towards a "staged-coup" by Erdogan.
He's nullified independent-minded military commanders; now it was time to sack over 2,000 judges.

My friend in Europe (at his time of writing) notes that the US -nato base in Incirlik, Turkey has been shut down. No one is allowed to go into or out of the military base there.


Manthong's picture

There should not be a single administration running dog lackey that is safe out in public until justice is restored.

Y’know, I kind of like the sound of that.


MANvsMACHINE's picture

Looks like we'll be eating chicken or duck next thanksgiving.

Ms No's picture

This just came out: 

"The preacher who has been accused by the Turkish government of trying to seize power in a military coup has hit back, appearing to accuse President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of conducting a deadly false flag operation, and comparing him to Hitler."

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) WordSmith2013 Jul 16, 2016 10:19 PM

I don't think Erdogan did it, but i think he left the door open like 911.

He prepared for the aftermath and let them go ahead.

risk.averse's picture

No, Erdogan staged this. Who benefits? He does. The so-called coup soldiers were told it was a military exercise they were undertaking, blocking bridges etc. A central core of plotters -- the ones who fired on the parliament house etc -- were part of the conspiracy. The coup leaders were in on it and they will come out of this unscathed after a sham trial but their underlings will be hung out to dry. This is a terrible escalation in Erdogan's war against democracy. For the Americans to accept this is equally terrible. America (and NATO) needs Turkey more than Turkey needs America. America supports yet another MEast autocrat...same old same old. Sigh.

Erdogan's supporters will be given all the plum jobs and this will entrench his grip on power. This is Dictatorship 101 in the Middle East; Saddam did it and Gaddafi did it. It wasn't enough to save them in the end but their regimes lasted for decades.

General Hubbub's picture

Wrong! It was those Zionist Roswell Greys from the planet Jewpiter...

PTR's picture

Saturn is the planet you might want to pay attention to.

General Hubbub's picture

Wrong! It was those Zionist Roswell Greys from the planet Jewpiter...

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Ms No Jul 16, 2016 10:08 PM

Because they believe the media, most young people don't even know it happened.

It wasn't on their phone.

Supafly's picture

Oh boy.  I can't wait until he launches Gulen across the city!

new game's picture


another shit hole on earth.

plez! , merica, stay out and run away...

but, we know what happens next, nato alliance strengthens.

maybe he has chemical weapons? calling cheney and bush....

lo fucking l

Vatican_cameo's picture

Does he have any jurisdiction in the US?  As long as he's Purging Judges, I have at least one more for his "To Do" list.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) walküre Jul 17, 2016 5:03 AM

The truck in Nice has no blood on it.

Hit over 100 kill 84 no blood.

graphic truck hits deer.

Truck Nice

OldPhart's picture

I don't know where to put this so it can be read.

I was just answering someone I believe Peddling Fiction

I asked "Why the locked post."

He answered "Because the alphabet agencies sometimes change my posts."

I answered "Me Too!!! But I always figured it was blackouts."


His post disappeared.

Mine was altered to another post as "Me, too."

This happened in a span of thirty minutes.

Someone please read this and acknowledge.  Copy me and spread this on Zero Hedge.

omniversling's picture does one 'lock posts'...

BTW, for many years I've been copying and pasting all my posts to an offline doc, with the post # and URL of the article I'm posting on, just in case I become even more senile and cant remember that I used to like ZH before it was shifted to the US...and the lead-ins and sub-narrative started becoming, well...'establishmenter'...or is that just my imagination Tylers? Still my favourite blog, thanks. And for the forum of commentors...

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) walküre Jul 17, 2016 8:43 AM

"Who would want to go there?"

Well the closing of the Bosphoros bridge was a travel log type of shot

sort of made me even want to go there.


BaBaBouy's picture

""Clearly, it was ISIS that formed the bulk of the "civilians" that took to the streets""

Thats what I was also suspecting...

Those guys don't sleep, Rust never sleeps...

Civil War Next ???

EU better start preparing ~~~ Which im suspecting they Won't and be caught with their Pants Down, Again...

DosZap's picture

The U.K. pulling out is the SMARTEST move I have seen from across the pond in a LONG time.

Let's see if the conservatives put the brakes on the radical Muslims that live there.( they were finally sick of "Let them eat CAKE!".)

France has been asking for it for years, well their getting it, and it's JUST getting started(like here,IF Hellary gets the WH.)

Rubicon727's picture

Given the amateurish US media coverage of the "coup" don't expect anything coming from their mouth to be worth much.

They have a vested interest in gullible Americans in denigrating everyone from the ME as "terrorists." You believe that nonsense, then you deserve to live in total ignorance.

Stuck on Zero's picture

If it works in Turkey it will work in the EU, USA, ...

cougar_w's picture

No doubt you are correct on most or all counts

Now I'm wondering -- who gets to control the nuclear weapons?

If as you say ISIS (or some other similar party) is already in there playing for Erdogan, I wonder if they are getting any closer to those vaults. It doesn't even need to be a quid pro quo conspiracy (anyone outside NATO getting the nukes means Erdogan is dead dead dead) they just have to suck up enough to become allies, replace the the deposed army units the will shortly be purged, and wait.

Everyone is worried about the Muslims coming up with a make-shift nuclear device and floating it onto the Hudson River. Why bother with all that shit when they can lift a a bunch modern nuclear mines, put them on regularly shceduled Turkish Airways fllghts, and denotate them on the tarmac at every major destination airport in the world?


CPL's picture

We just watched the jews shit in the Turks punch bowl is what happened, and he's firing the judges to do some major house cleaning.  Here's the interesting thing to be on the look out for, watch how the rats leave the ship.  With what comes next is we're going to probably hear about lots of people just disappearing pretty soon.  Means all the countries around turkey should be aware of the border crossing that is going to happen once the black bagging process starts up.  Turkish prisons are well known for their 'tenacity'

People forget that Turkey historically has a very short fuse with this sort of thing because of their geographic location being the doormat to three tactical areas of interest, and a very mobile military towards this type of thing.  The Hun btw, their ancestors, are also known as the 'Scourge of God'.  They are an ancient professional zerg hoard that know how to knock civilizations over with a traditional tagline of 'no mercy'.  Israel is so fucked.

Stuck on Zero's picture

The term "counter-coup" is just wrong. I prefer "Coup Coup."

dumbStruck's picture

Logged in to give you +1, your tonue in cheek wise ass comment sums up it up perfectly.

JamesBond's picture

Is there an Obama anti-gun message to be found anywhere in all this?  If so, expect in 3, 2, 1...

consider me gone's picture

Coup coup kachoob (I am the walrus).

General Hubbub's picture

Incorrect, but close... 'Putsch coup'... Or 'tea house putsch coup' to be precise!

poeg's picture

Soon as I read the numbers involved (actual), timeline and the arrests, False Flag was exactly what I came away with too.

Justawhoaman's picture

As in "staged his own coup"... Exactly.


CClarity's picture

I am quite sure that Erdogan himself was behind the "coup".  He had a perfectly prepared speech at 3 in the morning, "fearlessly" coming right into Istanbul, and now with an excuse to remove anyone powerful in the military and scare dissidents of all iik.  The 3 friends I checked with in Ankara, Antalya and Marmaris all said it was bizarre, very little if anything happened near them, and it feels very contrived and false to each (none of them know each other - independent comments).   They also each said that Erdogan benefits through consolidation and they fear further moves toward an Islamic rather than secular government.