Turkey Suspends All US Operations Against ISIS At Incirlik Airbase, Which Vaults B61 Nuclear Bombs

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Following the failed Turkish coup, U.S. military operations out of Turkey’s giant Incirlik Air Base - critical in the ongoing campaign against ISIS - came to a halt Saturday afternoon as the Turkish military closed the airspace around the base and suspended all US-led operations, mostly targeting the Islamic State.

A statement posted by the US embassy in Turkey said that local authorities are denying movements on to and off of Incirlik Air Base adding that the power there has also been cut.

Emergency Message for U.S. Citizens: Incirlik Air Base and Adana Airport Information, July 16


Be advised that local authorities are denying movements on to and off of Incirlik Air Base. The power there has also been cut. Please avoid the air base until normal operations have been restored.


In addition, the Adana airport has re-opened but flights to and from Istanbul and Ankara remain suspended. Please check the website of your airline for up to date flight information before going to the airport.

This was confirmed moments ago by ABC's Jon Williams:


The Pentagon's press secretary, Peter Cook, said Saturday that U.S. officials are working with Turkish officials to get permission to resume air operations as soon as possible following the attempted coup. The U.S. has been flying Air Force A-10 attack planes from Incirlik base as part of its air campaign against the Islamic State. Cook says U.S. Central Command is adjusting flight operations in the anti-IS campaign to minimize the effect of the closure of Turkish airspace. Cook also confirmed that Incirlik lost commercial electrical power.

The also NYT added that Turkish authorities' suspension of American-led strike missions against the Islamic State was "the first major impact of the coup on the broader allied campaign against the group."

“At this time, Turkish authorities are not permitting aircraft to depart Incirlik,” an American military official said on Saturday morning.

The American official said the United States was seeking an explanation for the decision and other details. As the NYT adds, the move may reflect a desire by Turkey to control its airspace for a time today, as opposed to any shift on its policy toward ISIS, although that remains to be seen especially with Kerry and Lavrov concluding their agreement on how to extend the "long-term ceasefire" in Syria.

Pentagon officials had said late Friday that the unfolding coup had not affected the bombing and surveillance missions from Incirlik, the opening of which to the allies has enabled commanders to accelerate and intensify airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria.

President Obama planned to convene a meeting Saturday morning with his national security and foreign policy team about Turkey.

Unconfirmed media reports have since reported that the airspace has been reopened, but there was no update on the status.

Some have speculated that the airbase may be held "hostage" by Ankara as a bargaining chip ahead of demands for the extradition of Erdogan's arch enemy, Fethullah Gulen, currently a resident of the state of Pennsylvania.

As a reminder, Germany's Deutsche Welle recently estimated that Incirlik's vaults currently held 50 B61 nuclear bombs.

For now, the situation remains in flux.

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One And Only's picture

I don't always hold hostages, but when I do I make sure they're nuclear missiles. 

BaBaBouy's picture

Butt, Butt, Butt, Turkey Is NATO ally ...

Harlequin001's picture

This is the American empire, where you pay everyone else's bills and ask permission to come and go as you please, and don't when you're told not to.

It's not quite the same as the British Empire is it?

'adding that the power there has also been cut'. WTF...

Déjà view's picture

Invite Turkish Air Force to Davis-Monthan AFB to protect southern border...USAF don't have any time...to busy in overseas entanglements.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

It seems amazing that they can shield that much radioactive material with such a thin casing.  It would be interesting to use a Geiger counter around this weapon.

Bokkenrijder's picture

Seems as if Erdogan has planned this 'coup' against himself pretty carefully. What a coincidence that less than 24 hours after this 'coup' was squashed, he is already having judges (WTF?!) arrested as co-conspirators.


How long will it take before Mutti Merkel will show up again on Erdogan's lap? When will Erdogan unleash the next wave of rapefugees in order to blackmail the EUSSR?

Stuck on Zero's picture

Good point. What a terribly planned coup. Absolutely everything has Erdogan's way.

mofio's picture

The Turks know WHO REALLY orchestrated the coup.
Warning to Erdogan: http://bit.ly/1SpGAhB

0b1knob's picture

Dress rehersal for the US?  Summer of chaos ends with Obama seizing total power and a third (at least) term.   Numerous false flag terrorist attacks, assassinations, and fake coup first though.


JRobby's picture

You become unreasonable when you add ether to your pre post preparations.

BarkingCat's picture

It will not happen.

Hell, I bet Obama wants to get the hell out now and probably has his bags already packed.

Pretending to be president is taking away time from Reggie and golf.

zeronetwork's picture

Fake 9/11 has completely screwed up world political and strategical mind set. Now every country is doing fake and drama incidences to forward their agenda. 7/7 London, Madrid , Bombay and clearly now turkey. If US can get away with lies, every one else can too. world stage is completely fucked up.

robertsgt40's picture

I'm bettingErdogan knows Putin will turn Turkey into glass WTSHTF. "Man's gotta know his limitations"-Dirty Harry 

Blankone's picture

If he did not plan it he had a plan for how he would respond.  If the attempt was real the west either participated or showed they wanted it to succeed by denying Erdogan safe haven for a few days (turned out he did not need it).  If Erdogan did plan it or use double agents/informants to help instigate it he played his hand extremely well by getting Germany and others to show support for his overthrow.  (Release the refugees now or make Germany cough up a billion or two.)

Very surprised by Erdogan's skill on this one.  And now pivoting towards Russia for the pipeline to Europe (future card to play against the EU?) is more attractive.

50 nucs at the US airbase!  Erdogen has shown in a subtle way (thus far) that the security of those nucs can be quickly brought into question.  Bold move there for Erdogan, the boldness of even that subtle threat has to be a big surprise to the US.

Could Erdogan try to work out a deal with Putin to where he gets a chuck of northern Syria and Putin stands down while the Kurds (after being painted as a type of coup group) are wiped out?  This would complicate the US taking NE Syria where they have a smaller airbase now and would remove the Kurds as a tool/proxy of the US to control the area.

Right now Hand Clap to Erdogan, but can he defend against the response.

bid the soldiers shoot's picture

Don't be surprised, Blankone,  THINK PUTIN

Blankone's picture

I do not think Putin had anything to do with the coup, although some initially posted that idea before it failed.

But, it very well could be that Putin sniffed out the plan with his eavesdropping.  (Especially if the US had a hand in the coup.)  And that it was then Putin who informed Erdogan and even devised the plan how to allow it to start and then use it to Erdogan's (and Putin's) advantage.  Would give Putin a chance to drive a wedge of distrust between Erdogan and the west.  It is just too well done - asking for safety from Germany so they can refuse even though it was not really needed. 

If Putin is involved there will be more to come. 

pprada's picture

Know what is funny Kerry on Friday had a secret meeting with Putin n refused to tell what about hmmm I wonder why

bid the soldiers shoot's picture


You can bet your bippy Putin was involved.  He devised the coup to fail and catch CIA agents and pro-Western officers in the Turkish military.

This false "coup" or 'entrapment by coup' was used at the birth of the Russian Federation in a 'coup' against Gorbachev holed up, in all places, in Crimea.

In case you haven't noticed, in the last month Russia and Turkey were repairing what the shooting down of the Su-24....


Why am I wasting my time explaining yesterday's very obvious events to you?

As much as I like you, I don't care what you think.



You Only Live Twice's picture

Erdogan did not plan this. However, the culprits fled to Greece where who was there recently? Georges Soros. Probably a second Ukraine for him. Reason: Ergdogan has reconciled with Russia and is considering Turkish Stream one again. The US doesn't want Turkish Stream at any cost. That is why they are in Syria.

earleflorida's picture

turkey has the largest standing army in NATO and UN

the ussa is the only larger standing army/ military

* note: this excludes russia and china of course

GEOGRAPHY: Turkey and Afghanistan hold the key transit points of interest via the Asian continents

Offthebeach's picture

US Air Force, and the Army are busy protecting Iraq, Afghanistan, S. Korean people and borders. They don't have time for Serfland security.

Offthebeach's picture

US Air Force, and the Army are busy protecting Iraq, Afghanistan, S. Korean people and borders. They don't have time for Serfland security.

HowdyDoody's picture

The U.S. has been flying Air Force A-10 attack planes from Incirlik base as part of its air campaign against Syrian hospitals.



Déjà view's picture

Any chance those hospitals have many seriously injured children as patients?

Savyindallas's picture

Don't worry-  no one is better at bombing hospitals than the US. We still hold the single day hospital detruction record when we took out Hiroshima -and then Nagasaki. Since then no one has ever come close. We'll continue bombing them from another base. Everyone knows that goddam hospitals are simply harbingers of terrorists. 

Poundsand's picture

Not even close.  The real winner was 2/13/45 when we fire bombed Dresden.  Killed about 135,000 that day.  Some say more than Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined although it's up to dispute.  And number two goes to Tokyo itself where at least 100,000 were killed.  But you know, it took most of the day and about 300 bombers so the 100,000 dead Japanese didn't think it was quite as bad as the single bomber/bomb of the two more famous bombings.  I have to believe there were more hospitals in those two places as each was over 40 square kilometers of complete destruciton.

Offthebeach's picture

Nanking Karm's a bitch. Ditto 15 million Chinese, the Koreans, Burmise, Vietnamese, Phillipinios ( Battle of Manilla, 100k dead.)......

Yeah, '30's-40's Japanese were sweethearts

Offthebeach's picture

Nanking Karm's a bitch. Ditto 15 million Chinese, the Koreans, Burmise, Vietnamese, Phillipinios ( Battle of Manilla, 100k dead.)......

Yeah, '30's-40's Japanese were sweethearts

edotabin's picture

I can't believe someone didn't say it yet: "All your base are belong to us."

Calmyourself's picture

Well said..  US Imperialism is not quite Kitchener and Indian Suttee is it??


Drudge is calling erdogans coup a false flag, we need those B61's out of Turkey, much safer in Greece.  Don't tell me about arming codes, electrodes on nuts = arming codes or a workaround..

omniversling's picture

"critical in the ongoing campaign against ISIS"


Since the Tylers moved the US I read more and more subtle but wholly incorrect, deceptive and misleading lead-ins. Encirlik traffic = arms, trainers, cash out, drugs and human traffic for shipment to US, in.

Sibel Edmonds has broad info on this, plus Gladio and the Turk influence in the US. The reputation for intrigue and brutality of the Ottoman Empire, is not a mere invention: http://www.boilingfrogspost.com/ and search Turkish Lobby in US. Background here:

Sibel Edmonds Explains Who’s At The Top of the Pyramid (Video)

U.S. Supplies ISIS through Turkey

Turkey is key supplier of weapons, military hardware to ISIS - Russian envoy to UN
Turkey could cut off Islamic State’s supply lines. So why doesn’t it?

CIA’s Favorite Channel, New York Times, Lobbies for Mullah Fethullah Gulen

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

What a great way to become a nuclear power overnight just drive into the base and load the trucks up. Erdo is nuts enough to do it.

Arnold's picture

Secretary Of State carries a football, too.

Number 4 on the line of succession.

Hillary put hers in a safe, secure place, I bet.

Vageling's picture

And do what with it? He needs bombers to deliver them. Like we don't see those coming. As long as this fool don't strap it to ICBM's there is a low threat. Besides steal tactical nukes from the deep state? Smart plan...

Btw, Saudies have them too. Will glady us Turkey to deliver it from then or give it to them.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Erdo supports ISIS go figure. The man is insane.

He needs bombers to deliver them? I think you will find he has plenty of jets at his disposal, don't be so naive.


Calmyourself's picture

These are air dropped and f-16 can do it easy almost any us made aircraft can

abyssinian's picture

Total staged coup by the dictatior president. now he arrested all that against him. and holding US nukes!  


Obama might just take a page from his playbook soon. 

Omen IV's picture

take a look at the reporting of the NATO meeting in Warsaw - Erdogan was ignored by Obama et al

this is about Clinton /Obama/ Washington DC Objectives

quote from Politico blog -  "The bombshell awaiting is Gulen's long and intricate relationship with Hillary and Bill Clinton. Gulen and his associates were large donors to the Clinton Family Foundation and to Hillary's presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2016. This sparked unsuccessful demands from Republicans to return the donations. Gulen received favors from Hillary Clinton's State Department, and Bill Clinton has paid tribute to Gulen in speeches as recently as last September.

The Clintons are up to their eyeballs in Gulen and Gulenistas, and Gulen appears to be the kind of covert operations mastermind that the Clintons cultivated also in Honduras and Libya. The real question which will get asked before November is whether Gulen was not plotting a Turkish coup with Clinton-machine assistance"


JRobby's picture

Get your "Clinton Shadow Government Edition Escalade" (black of course) before they are all gone!

Citxmech's picture

If we really wanted to get those bombs out of there, we'd just load them up on mission capable planes and ferry them out with instructions to start dropping them the second one Turkish plane left the ground or anti-aircraft system went live.

Of course, I'm not so sure that we want them out of there for some reason. . .

Why are they there in the first place again? 

Vageling's picture

Valid question! It's not like we are there (well we, my country is out now) to send IS to their 72 virgins. And 50 is a bit too much in case IS goes out of hand. Yes, why are they there?

Rubicon727's picture

"Why are they there in the first place again?"

I would suggest you acquaint yourself with world geo-politics and how the US hegemonic powers of finance and military are ALL tied together under such synonyms as "NATO," the US "DOLLAR" currency, and the construction of the "EU."

Cloud9.5's picture

Rent a truck, deliver it to your port of choice and drive it where ever you want yell Alanis Snack Bar and flip the switch. 

monk27's picture

Unbelievable ! It appears, after all, that we (as in US of A) are at least involved in (if not the main cause of) this Turkish mess. Somebody at the Foggy Bottom got impatient with Erdogan, maybe ? Or it was just another personal initiative from Langley ? In any case, even it doesn't make any sense (yet) as to "Why", it does make perfect sense regarding"How". Incirlik base looks to have played a big role in this, and its commander just got arrested. No wonder Erdogan ordered a full lock-down. Considering how badly this abortive coup was organized from the very beginning, it almost bears Obozo's admin. seal of total incompetence.

Once more, pieces start to fall into place and old news to make perfect sense:


The bad news: we suck at things we used to do so well a generation ago... :)

Ms No's picture

It's the US and Israel creating the appearance of distance between them and Erdogan as he gets ready to perform a crimes against humanity Bulshevik purge.  That base isn't going anywhere and if it does it's because they are going to start big war in some way.  Turkey is just another proxy.

junction's picture

Erdogan will now show his true ISIS colors (unlike Obama).