29-Year-Old Black Male Dead After Killing 3 Cops, Wounding 3 More In Baton Rouge "Cowardly" Ambush

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  • Three police officers were shot to death Sunday and three others wounded in Baton Rouge, the same city where Alton Sterling was killed two weeks ago, after they responded to a call of shots fired when they were attacked by at least one gunman, Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden said. The three officers had died in what he described as "an ambush-style deal."
  • The gunman, who has been killed, has been identified as 29 year old, black male named Gavin Eugene Long of Kansas City, Missouri. CBS News reports the suspect gunned down three Baton Rouge police officers on his birthday. He was born July 17, 1987.
  • According to CBS News, Long was honorably discharged from the Marines in 2010.
  • Authorities initially believed that two other assailants might be at large, but hours later said the dead gunman was the only person who fired at the officers. However, a state police spokesman said investigators were unsure whether he had some kind of help from others. “We are not ready to say he acted alone,” Major Doug Cain said.
  • President Barack Obama condemned the "attack on law enforcement in Baton Rouge" and vowed that justice would be done. "We may not yet know the motives for this attack, but I want to be clear: There is no justification for violence against law enforcement. None. These attacks are the work of cowards who speak for no one," Obama said in a statement.
  • Sen. Bill Cassidy told CNN “there’s a war right now on police.”

A timeline of today's events:

  • About 9 a.m.: Less than one mile from police headquarters, shots fired at police officers from the Baton Rouge Police Department and the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office. Five officers are rushed to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital. Three are dead on arrival, one is in serious condition and another in fair condition. One gunman is killed while two other possible suspects are at large. The scene of the shooting remains active as police continue their search of the area. State SWAT officers arrive, and a robot is sent in to scan for explosive devices.  A witness told television station WAFB that he saw a masked man in black shorts and shirt running from the scene where the three officers were killed.
  • 12:06 p.m.: Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards tweets a statement calling the act "unspeakable" and "unjustified."
  • 12:30 p.m.: Dallas police chief David Brown, whose department lost five officers last week in their own ambush of police, tweets support to Baton Rouge.

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Update 18: Hillary Clinton condemned the attack on law enforcement in Baton Rouge. In a statement on Sunday afternoon the Democratic presidential nominee said, "There is no justification for violence, for hate, for attacks on men and women who put their lives on the line every day in service of our families and communities."

* * *

Update 17: A spokesman for the Louisiana state police says they believe the gunman who killed three officers in Baton Rouge was the only shooter but that officials are unsure whether he had accomplices.

Major Doug Cain said Sunday, "we are not ready to say he acted alone." Cain says two people had been detained in another town called Addis, which is near Baton Rouge, and called them "persons of interests."

* * *

Update 16: Baton Rouge gunman identified as 29 year old, black male named Gavin Eugene Long of Kansas City, Missouri.

* *  *

Update 15:   The governor of Louisiana says the attack on law enforcement in Baton Rouge was unjustified. Gov. John Bell Edwards told media Sunday afternoon that the gunman committed, "an absolutely unspeakable, heinous attack."  Edward says the hatred has got to stop.Three officers are confirmed dead in the attack outside a store in Baton Rouge about a mile from police headquarters early Sunday morning. Three others are injured. The gunman was fatally shot.

Police added there is no active shooter in Baton Rouge where three police officers were killed Sunday morning. Col. Mike Edmonson told media, "We believe that the person who shot and killed our officers that he was the person that was shot and killed at the scene.

* * *

Update 14 -  Attorney General Loretta Lynch, responding to the police shootings Sunday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, says there is no place in the United States for such appalling violence.

In a statement issued Sunday, Lynch says she condemns the shooting deaths of three officers and the wounding of several others "in the strongest possible terms." She also is pledging the full support of the Justice Department as the investigation unfolds. The attorney general says Agents from the FBI and Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are on the scene, and Justice Department will make available victim services and federal funding support, and provide investigative assistance to the fullest extent possible.

Lynch says everyone's hearts and prayers are with the fallen and wounded officers, their families and the entire Baton Rouge community in "this extraordinarily difficult time."

* * *

Update 13 - The White House releases a statement proclaiming "There is no justification for violence against law enforcement. None."

*  *  *

Update 12 - Confirmation of multiple suspects:

A sheriff's spokesman in Baton Rouge said earlier that one suspect is dead and two others are believed to be at large.

*  *  *

Update 11 - Louisiana GOP delegation issues statement from Cleveland on BatonRouge: "We will stand united and prayerful against evil"

*  *  *

Update 10 - Donald Trump respons to Baton Rouge police shootings... (via Facebook)

We grieve for the officers killed in Baton Rouge today.


How many law enforcement and people have to die because of a lack of leadership in our country?


We demand law and order.

*  *  *

Update 9 - It just got serious - President Obama has been made aware of the murders...

The White House says President Barack Obama has been briefed on the shooting of police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and has asked to be updated throughout the day as more details become available.


The White House has been in contact with local officials in Baton Rouge and offered any assistance necessary.


Obama spent most of last week focused on trying to reduce tensions and helping build trust between police and the communities they serve.

It's not working!

*  *  *

Update 8 - Police in Louisiana say they are using a specialized robot to check for explosives near the body of a suspect who was shot and killed in Baton Rouge early Sunday.


The suspect is believed to have been involved in the shooting of law enforcement officers in the Louisiana city early Sunday. Three officers are dead and three are hospitalized with injuries. The shooting occurred less than 1 mile from police headquarters

*  *  *

Update 7 - Reports of shots fired at Cortana Mall in Baton Rouge

*  *  *


* * *

Update 5 - CBS adds that while 1 suspect is dead, 2 other suspects may still be at large.

* * *

Update 4 - the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's office reports that while the scene is still active, it is now "contained"


* * *


Update 1 - CNN is reporting

Three officers are feared dead after a shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, officials said.

Kip Holden, the mayor-president of East Baton Rouge Parish, said authorities were still trying to get a handle on the situation, but added, "The count is three officers dead possibly."

The victims may include police officers and sheriff's deputies.

"There is still an active scene. They are investigating," he said. "Right now we are trying to get our arms around everything."

*  *  *

As we detailed earlier, police have closed streets between Baton Rouge Police Headquarters and I-12 where at least three law enforcement officers have been shot. According to local media WBRZ, shots were fired around 9 a.m. Sunday morning kicking off a manhunt for the shooter or shooters. There is an active shooter situation in the area of Airline and Old Hammond Highways according to The Advocate. A police spokesperson was not ready to release specifics as of yet.

Obviously, police-community relations in Baton Rouge have been especially tense since the killing of 37-year-old Alton Sterling, a black man killed by white officers earlier this month after a scuffle at a convenience store.

A witness told WBRZ News 2, a man was dressed in black with his face covered shooting indiscriminately when he walked out between a convenience store and car wash across from Hammond Air Plaza.

“The scene seems to be contained right now,” said Sgt. Don Coppola, Baton Rouge Police Department. “We’re asking everyone to stay out of the area.”

* * *

While we hope it is unrelated, it is notable that ovenright WBRZ reported that Baton Rouge residents gathered Saturday afternoon to form the newest chapter of the New Black Panther Party.  The New Black Panthers arrived in Baton Rouge last Saturday to protest the officer-involved shooting death of 37-year-old Alton Sterling. Two videos of the shooting sparked national outcry and protests across Baton Rouge.

Jerald Justice said the group was approached by local residents like Edwin Smith to help establish a Baton Rouge chapter. 


“It is time for new leadership and a new organization to step forward in Baton Rouge,” Smith said. “I feel like the New Black Panther Party is the organization that can bring new leadership to Baton Rouge.”


Founders met Saturday to formally establish the chapter as well as gather names for new members. WBRZ News 2’s Earl Phelps was able to briefly attend the event on the condition that he does not reveal the meeting’s location.


“With the help of the New Black Panther Party, these members should be able to handle any or everything in their city,” Justice said.


Over the course of five days, authorities arrested 185 protesters in Baton Rouge. Friday, District Attorney Hillar Moore said that his office will not prosecute 100 protesters who were only charged with misdemeanor crimes.


Justice said that the Black Panthers were involved in the protests, but none of their members were arrested or were carrying guns during the demonstrations.

* * *

Live Feed:

*  *  *

SWAT now on scene...



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Impoverished Psychologist's picture

If you like your helter-skelter you can keep your helter-skelter.

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You can only poke an animal so many times before it lashes out.  It is no different that then continuous bombing in the ME - eventually, actions have consequences.  Bad cops that beat down on civilians (black OR white) will eventually develop such a hatred from the public, especially when citizens see the 'bad' officers are found "justified"... it's no wonder.  Quite frankly, it's about damn time.

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BTW, tylers, can we PLEASE kill the ambush audio?  You trying to get people fired when they visit ZH at work?

Deathrips's picture

Under the NDAA the media can legally propagandize the people.

The media should share accountability for this...the other accountable party is the law makers who have stitched together a tithing to the state racket that allows highway robbers to extort at will ...sometimes even to fund their pensions.


The media propagandizes the law makers and enforcers just as much as the public.


Its a shit party and in order to stay cleaner turn off the tee vee and grow food.

The main events up next.


DeadFred's picture

I'm guessing this will drive the DOW up at least 1%.

MagicHandPuppet's picture

When did ZH start deleting comments?  First time I've experienced this.  Guess when they deleted the spammer's comments it removed the entire thread.

BuddyEffed's picture

The dishonest lawyers and professionals are much more deserving.

What do you call 50 lawyers in a bus at the bottom of the ocean?

A good start.

MagicHandPuppet's picture

Fuck the police.  They are all complicit for either actively covering up the horrible acts of the rotten apples or by standing by and doing nothing while knowing about the cover-ups.  EDIT: Or by being useful idiots for enforcing the war on drugs (aka war on us) as well as other unconstitutional "laws" their political masters put on the books for personal gain.

espirit's picture

Alton Sterling - African American Hero. Give me a fucking break.     

·       Alton Sterling's rap sheet

9/09/96 – Aggravated battery

10/31/97 – 2nd degree battery

1/06/98 – Simple battery

5/04/00 – Public intimidation

9/20/00 – Carnal knowledge of a juvenile

9/04/01 – Domestic violence

5/24/05 – Burglary of an inhabited dwelling place

7/11/05 – Receiving stolen things

9/12/05 – Burglary of inhabited dwelling place

3/17/06 – Simple criminal damage to property, simple robbery, simple theft, drug possession, misrepresentation during booking, simple battery, aggravated battery

4/12/06 – Aggravated battery, simple criminal damage to property, disturbing the peace, unauthorized entry

4/04/08 – Domestic abuse battery

6/03/09 – Resisting an officer, drug possession, receiving stolen things, possession of stolen firearm, illegal carrying of a weapon with CDs, sound reproduct without consent

10/12/09 – Illegal carrying of weapon, marijuana possession

8/13/15 – Failure to register as a sex offender

4/08/16 – Failure to register as a sex offender

6/14/16 – Ecstacy and marijuana possession

lovemesomeZH's picture

Don't forget. He loves his family so much he is out after midnight selling cd's.  Anyone hanging out at the liquer stow after midnight is waiting to be murdered. But usally it's a black on black killing.


nmewn's picture

Here we go...

Update 16: Baton Rouge gunman identified as 29 year old, black male named Gavin Eugene Long of Kansas City, Missouri.

...oh well done Soros...another "investment" pays off.

azusgm's picture

...and Gavin Eugene Long was recently in Dallas and Houston, home of that useless instigator Quanell X.

Wonder where he went to celebrate the day of rage on Friday evening. That the day of rage was a big zero must have been a triggering disappointment for him. /s

Firepower's picture

whytes only care when Wyte HeroCOPS get greased...

NOT white kids - like the 19 year old hillbilly


WorkingClassMan's picture

Stellar performance by Mr. Sterling.  A man of sterling character and of coonmoonitay fambly values!

Omen IV's picture

he deserves more respect.......he voted for Obama - twice!

MagicHandPuppet's picture

I was recently ambushed by a "cowardly" police check point while driving home from a late dinner on a Friday night.

swmnguy's picture

Hell, in the past two years:

- A family member was driving across North Dakota on Highway 2.  Stopped by local sherriff, with "Homeland Security" border patrol guys along.  No reason given.  Was asked where they were from, where they were going, purpose of trip.  You'd think the towed camper and the minivan full of dirty kids who all looked like each other and their parents would have given away the story, but no.

- Another family member riding Amtrak's "Empire Builder" from Seattle to St. Paul.  Train stopped in the middle of nowhere, Montana.  "Homeland Security" with German Shepherds go through all the cars, ask a few people to show ID.  I imagine they didn't say "Achtung, Papers Please!", but they might as well.  

- Last year, I was driving to San Diego with my wife and son in the car.  We're all white people from Minnesota, in a car with Minnesota plates.  I have brown hair, my wife brownish blonde, my son a blond 17 year-old.  Just into California from Yuma, AZ, all traffic blocked while what looked like US military with dogs and lots of weaponry walk along, looking into every car.  The obviously Hispanic "Homeland Security" guy in fatigues with a long gun and a German Shepherd, just waved us on when he saw the car full of Minnesota Nordic types.

The police state is still pretty friendly to middle class whites like me.  I doubt that will last, however.  It never does.

azusgm's picture

Yet more respect -- he was a published author under the name Cosmo Ausar Setepenra. Seems to have been obsessed with melanin.


MisterMousePotato's picture

Another commentator on this forum made the pithy observation: If there were any good cops, bad cops could not exist. It is the other side of the same coin; to wit: The bewildering behaviour we see in the black community when the entire black population, from the president on down, rally to defend each and every black as a innocent choir boy no matter how blatant their violent and criminal behaviour, egregious character flaws, and general thuggishness might be. On the world stage, it's Muslims celebrating when children out with their parents for an evening of fireworks are smashed with a truck. It's all the same thing, and I'm tired of it.

ACES FULL's picture

Shaping up to be a battle of knee grows vs popo. Try not to become collateral damage.

MisterMousePotato's picture

I spent a couple hours reading all the way down through this thread. Near the bottom, someone posted a link that needs to be seen by everyone looking at this thread.


Before you do, though, I want you to understand that it is not a joke. Not a spoof. Not a Saturday Night Live skit or Onion parody. It is, in fact, the official response of the City of Orlando, Florida to the nightclub shooting there. If you think you've lost the ability to be shocked by the behaviour of our 'public servants', you're wrong. Watch the video. It is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.



azusgm's picture

The video is under three minutes but I couldn't watch the whole thing.

Maybe it would have been okay for the tourism department to put that thing out, but not the police department, not now.

Beyond tone deaf.

Liberty2012's picture

MisterMousePotato - the video was posted well before these police shootings.

The context is a "dance challenge" in the community.

MisterMousePotato's picture

It is Orlando's response to the nightclub shooting there.


For instance, from KTLA: http://ktla.com/2016/07/04/after-tragedy-sheriffs-office-takes-on-challe...


Note to homosexuals ... if any of you decide to drop a nuclear bomb on the Orlando government offices to avenge their ridicule of your tragedy, make sure that you and your lawyer do everything in your power to ensure that I am one of the jurors seated at your trial.

MagicHandPuppet's picture

No, L2012, it was not.  The video post date is clearly marked "Published on Jul 1, 2016".  The date of the Orlando massacre (many of the dead very likely killed by cop "friendly fire") was June 12, 2016.

Huckleberry Pie's picture

20 years of crime! Looking a list, good riddence...Worthless POS.

curbjob's picture

So obviously the cops knew all of this before they shot him .. otherwise it would be just a lucky coincidence.

swmnguy's picture

OK, I see the record of a fuckup who can't act right and can't win for losing.  I also see a lot of redundant "stacked" charges, and I have no doubt there's a lot more subjectivity than objectivity in the choice of some of those charges.  It's very common that a guy in a horrific relationship  winds up with a sheet like this.

Anyway, despite what the corporate MSM tells you, this isn't about Alton Sterling.  I couldn't care less about Alton Sterling.  

It's about the philosophy, techniques and tactics of US law enforcement.  Every time they kill somebody, with almost no exceptions, they're found to have "Followed Procedures."  

This includes incidents where concerned neighbors called for a welfare check on a neighbor with recurrent mental health issues; the police respond dressed in Star Wars Bondage gear looking like monsters, with barely-restrained dogs, bright lights and bullhorns; when the person having the mental health episode freaked out they invaded the person's home, sicced dogs on them and tried to drag them out of the closet or out from under the bed where they were hiding, often naked; and then killed them for resisting the dog.  Because a dog is a police officer, and a dog's fear of being harmed outweighs your right to live, don't ya know.  Just in the Twin Cities, where I live, we have at least one of these incidents a year.  

We had one a couple weeks ago, and not long before that, an incident where a guy was flipping out on meth in his own car in an otherwise-empty parking lot.  Somebody called and the cops showed up to check.  The guy was so far gone he seemed unaware they were there.  So they smashed in the windows of his car and tried to tase him, and when he panicked at being attacked and tried to run, they blew him away.

In both cases the police were found to have followed appropriate procedures.

My Ass.  If that's what the police consider appropriate, we've got a fucking problem.  If that's what we want from the police, then we only need about 1/10th as many cops, because 90%+ of all police calls don't require armed commandoes.  If we had a squad with an EMT and a social worker, that would do it for almost everything people really call the cops about.

Every so often I come across somebody in a mental health crisis, whether it's a crazy guy walking down the middle of the street, or somebody in a hysterical breakdown.  I can't call the police because I don't want these people to be shot like a drunk-dancing raccoon at noontime, and there isn't anybody else to call.  

Fuck Alton Sterling.  But he didn't do anything that merits summary execution without due process, arrest, trial, legal representation; the works.  This is still supposed to be the United States of America, dammit.  15 years of non-stop fearmongering in the media and Official Channels hasn't drowned out the memory of our national values, at least in my mind.  I don't care if the police think they're some Guatemalan dictator's bodyguard; free citizens are still supposed to be in charge in this country.

greenskeeper carl's picture

I agree. Ive seen "crazy people shit" a couple of times, and thought to myself that 10 year ago Id have called the cops for them to come get this person out of here, but since I don't want that person's death on my conscience when the cops show up and escalate things, I don't.


And as tothe rest of your post, the other reason I hate when incidents such as this happen is because this gives the police even more of an excuse to ramp up the militarization. The feds also feel free to play an even bigger role in domestic policing. This two recent high profile incidents make it looks like cops have this outrageously dangerous job, when the numbers show that it really isn't. Nowhere in the top 10 most dangerous jobs does it mention being a cop. This distrust of police is one of the few tenets of libertarianism that was taking hold with a large portion of the public, but every time this happens, more and more people return to blindly trusting the police again. This obviously sucks for the cops killed and their families, but its a big win for police and governments in general. They get to become even more oppressive, and a large portion of the populace will support them. Also off the table - doing anthing about their insane pensions that can really put a hurting on small city governments budgets.

gattaca's picture

You dont know what the fuck goure talking about. Until you actually work with these violent meth heads you cAn go fu k yourself. I do and i have and they would just as soon break your neck as say hello. Mental illness does not preclude dangerousness or sociopathy, and in fact as far as meth use is concerned they are highly correlated. Go  ride with some boys in blue and intervene with a few meth heads beforre gou open your yap again pussy.

Firepower's picture

Alton Sterling's rap sheet!

yeah! The FBI listed the criminality of that Evil Randy Weaver, too!!



The Greek horse's picture

Nice facts to make a solid case he was a nigger! Black people have become George Soros bitches period... This is a distraction of what this country really needs and lock up Hillary clintons and all liberals and Republicans out there. Instead the MSM shoves this down our throats. ALL COP KILLLERS  were killed themselves which pretty much closes any true findings of the WHY?? Me personally think it's the CIA who is doing the shootings and killing the supposed killer (s).. The cop shootings are happening so fast that  we the people don't have enough time to evaluate each incident by case by case basis. I come to conclusion the elites will rather see a race war then a REVOLUTION. George Soros just put the petal to the metal.. BLACK LIVES MATTER will try to cause chaos at Cleveland tomorrow.      

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

What statute condemns the man with this record to death by cop?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Great Britain solved such problems by...

- Shipping violent criminals to Australia

- Shipping lesser criminals and social misfits & religious whacks off to the New World Colonies

The US needs to do the same:

- Send hardened criminals to ....

- Send lesser criminals and whackos to ...

Oldwood's picture

Anyone condoning violence is an idiot on par with sharpton, Jackson and Obama. Just keep talking this shit up and you wil be wearing for breakfast.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

You are old and tired.  Violence in defense of liberty is righteous.  When the rule of law is kaput (like it is in Murrica), there is only the rule of the gun.  That's what we're witnessing.  A rule of law is superior to the rule of the gun, but requires politicians, judges, cops, and jurors to do their part.

Liberty2012's picture

As a citizen, MagicHandPuppet, you are complicit as well.

MagicHandPuppet's picture

I'm sorry.  I don't speak retarded blibber blabber.  Could I please get an interpreter?

JamesBond's picture

Black Panther Party created a chapter in Baton Rouge a couple days ago.  Not related, I'm sure...

Gold...Bitches's picture

"OK you're live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..."   Obama opens his mouth and says "I Condemn this action in the STRONGEST possible terms".  Turning to his aides he says "There!  That ought to satisfy everyone.  I mean, I condenmed it with words - what else do they expect me to do?  I'm only the POTUS ya know.  Good thing that's solved now I was almost about to miss my tee time if this took any more of my day."

Gold...Bitches's picture

And Obammy's statement a few min ago "I condemn, in the strongest sense of the word, the attack on law enforcement in Baton Rouge. " (ba dum tsss)



Firepower's picture

Obama  says "I Condemn this action in the STRONGEST possible terms".

...just after the 40th hour of FUXN footage of traffic cones, flashin' lights and scurrying donut munchers.