Get Back To Work Kuroda-San

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Today's quizzical meltup brought to you by the number '106' and the words "Bank of Japan."



Because... fun-durr-mentals

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Mother fucker made me bail on my PM Options.  GBTC now, try dumping futures on that, slanty cunt.

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oh everything is great state side, im looking at the brexit bottom jun 27 on s&p to now looks like sun microsystems circa 1999,,,,so party like its 1999,,,,,,,

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When Abe and Kuroda realize that QEs don’t work, they could try sending all Japanese People to... Internment Camps?  ;-)


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This surge in the SP500 is the only good news on the wires.  They're doing this just to keep everyone happy and thinking about taking on more personal debt.

I'm going to take out a $10,000 "home improvement" loan and go on a tropical vacation.

Janet Shalom Bernanke's picture

More diapers are sold to senior citizens in Japan than to babies.

This is so appropriate, as the Japanese Government destroys their economy the public can sit at home, unemployed, broke, hungry, and shitting their pants.

May Kurodasan and Abe hang.  

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Are there any questions about what Obama and yelled spoke of? Comparing notes - yea, right. It was exactly this:

Send me out on a high note or you're gone little woman. How do you expect me to make $10 million on my book if I go out on a low note.

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USD/JPY -> 112 (short term) --> 120 (mid term) --> Infinity (long term).  Buy equities.  

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long-term wise JPY bills will be used in deluxe toiler paper rolls 

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Bernanke is the BOJ now.  

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Correction.  Bernanke takes orders from Ken Griffin. Therefore, BOJ takes orders from Ken Griffin. 

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Thanks Tyler(s), I wondered what the hell was going on.


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Hey Tyler, you need to fix this webpage. As a reader from 2009, I'm seriously frustrated.  I have no idea what scripts that you have running but my browsers keep crashing every time on your site.  This is across multiple computers and tablets so I have no idea what the issue is.  If the advertisements are impacting the experience this much, people will eventually stop visiting your site. 

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I agree with your .....  

<session terminated>


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Yep, same here. Since 2009. ZH on my android devices is horrible. It's not just lagging but if I am playing music while browsing ZH, those video ads at the bottom of the articles start playing and put my music on hold! Wtf?! Why oh why isn't there an option to have a payment option for those who wish to become exclusive members for $10-20 a month. I'd pay. It's pretty much the only news "outlet" I visit regularly. 

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Since 2009 and dont even have an Adblocker?

Block Javascript and you will be fine,especially at tablets.

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Japan is a fucking dead island. 

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"You could blind fold these people with dental floss - you don't give them keys to a fuckin' car!"

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Japan will disappoint.