John Kerry Threatens Turkey With NATO Expulsion

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While the experts debate if Turkey's flash coup was staged or merely grossly incompetent, a rather theatrical fallout is taking place between Turkey and the US.

Recall that on Saturday, as part of its populist campaign to blame the coup on the US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, Turkey accused the US of being "behind the military coup", to which John Kerry promptly responded that such allegations are "utterly false" and harmful to relations. Kerry also said that authorities should respect the rule of law during their probe of the coup. Kerry also noted that there would be no prompt deportation of Gulen (something which is also in Erdogan's favor), when he said that "we fully anticipate that there will be questions raised about Gulen, and obviously we invite the government of Turkey ... to present us with any legitimate evidence that withstands scrutiny and the United States will accept that and look at it and make judgments appropriately," he said.

This however did not lead to any moderation in Turkish rhetoric, and yesterday, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim threatened to go to war with any country that would "stand by" the exiled Fethullah Gulen; this would naturally imply the US which is where Gulen is currently located. "The US is behind the coup attempt. A few journals that are published there [in the US] have been conducting activities for several months. For many months we have sent requests to the US concerning Fethullah Gulen. The US must extradite him," said the Labor Minister in a statement.

Curiously, despite all the posturing, Turkey has yet to send out a formal extradition request.

However, the tensions between Turkey and US appear to have spilled over this morning, when moments ago John Kerry threatened Turkey that it could lose its NATO membership "if it fails to uphold the principles of democracy in the wake of an attempted coup" the US has warned. 

“NATO also has a requirement with respect to democracy and NATO will indeed measure very carefully what is happening,” Kerry tells reporters in Brussels after attending a meeting of European Union foreign ministers. It was unclear how that "requirement" fits with Turkey - one of the world's largest, US-supplied military forces - housing the all-important Incirlik airbase which provides the US (and NATO) with a convenient staging point for air missions across the entire middle east.

“My hope is that Turkey is going to move in ways that do respect what they have said to me many times is the bedrock of their country,” he says.  Kerry adds: “I spoke with the foreign minister three times in the last days and he assured me that they fully intended to respect the democratic process and the law; now obviously a lot of people have been arrested and arrested very quickly” and “the level of vigilance and scrutiny is obviously going to be significant in the days ahead."


This is happening as none other than one of the EU's top bureaucrats voiced a suggestion that the coup had indeed been staged. As Reuters reported earlier, the swift rounding up of judges and others after a failed coup in Turkey indicated the government had prepared a list beforehand, according to EU commissioner dealing with Turkey's membership bid, Johannes Hahn, said on Monday. "It looks at least as if something has been prepared. The lists are available, which indicates it was prepared and to be used at a certain stage," Hahn said. "I'm very concerned. It is exactly what we feared."

So very concerned that Europe is doing, drumroll, precisely nothing. Why? Because Erdogan still holds two million Syrian refugees as the most important bargaining chip that allows him to do anything and everything and get away with it, or else unleash another wave of migrants into Germany, leading to another collapse in the popularity of the German chancellor if not worse.

That said, we wonder if Kerry has seen the latest news according to which Turkey has "democratically" purged around 8,000 police officers following the failed coup, with more than 6,000 people in the army, the judiciary and other state bodies arrested as part of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's response to Friday's staged coup, in which rebel pilots held Erdogan's Gulfstream in their sights and yet inexplicably did not shoot.

At a joint news conference with EU foreign police chief Federica Mogherini, US Secretary of State John Kerry said that America stands "squarely on the side of the elected leadership in Turkey," but that "we urge the government of Turkey to to uphold the highest standards of respect for the nation's democratic institutions and the rule of law".

"We will certainly support bringing the perpetrators of the coup to justice but we also caution against a reach that goes beyond that and stress the importance of the democratic rule being upheld," he added.

We, on the other hand, expect the hollow jawboning and empty threats to continue even as Erdogan rounds up tens of thousands of political opponents and throws them in prison without any due process, all in the name of the "democratic process."

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SimpleJackBlack's picture
SimpleJackBlack (not verified) Jul 18, 2016 7:15 AM

Kerry is a tool. Biggest pussy on the block.

Him and his weirdo new chin.

Bank_sters's picture

Erdogan will now flood Europe with more refugees. LOL   Love this shit.  



philipat's picture

Putin must be loving this display of hypocrisy all round and contemplating his next move.

NoDebt's picture

Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?

philipat's picture

The Big Black Wolf? Albee all right in the end?

NoDebt's picture

No, John "I served in Vietnam" Kerry, his wife the Ketchup Queen and their imaginary son, Middle East Democracy.

It's a pretty obscure reference, admittedly.

Mister Ponzi's picture

That's why I am the strongest proponent of Turkish EU membership as fast as possible. Because that's the surest and quickest way to get rid of the Brussels Soviet. With a country like Turkey in its ranks the demise of the union will be accelerated. I guess the same is true for NATO.

Déjà view's picture

I double dare you to kick Turkey out of NATO...your masters will not allow them to dance with Putin. 

Once driven by Cold War geopolitics, Turkey's continued membership in NATO means that American taxpayers subsidize the Turkish state in the form of guarantees of military defense in case of military conflict with non-NATO nations.

beemasters's picture

"to uphold the highest standards of respect for the nation's democratic institutions and the rule of law"

Somehow that statement doesn't seem to carry that much weight coming from Kerry/the US. After all, Hillary is still not in jail.

HowdyDoody's picture

Turkey out of NATO? That's a good start.


Mountainview's picture

Hillary would never dare, Turkey is the airplane and bomb carrier in the Middle East. Nukes are there, imagine Erdogan takes control of those.

Scuba Steve's picture

Possibly only until November ... January at the latest?

Katos's picture

"DEMOCRACY "? What a fucking joke. The hypocrisy of their spread of democracy is sickening.  They are spreading totalitarian rule by elite billionaires that will reduce those outside of the elites to forced slavery or death. The fact that the whole world realized that the US is using Terrorist mercenaries to bend these backwards countries to their will makes their democracy a worthless and unattractive commodity. ALSO I thought NATO was a grouping of countries, i didn't know that Kerry could unilaterally expel a member at his whim? Another poster said it right, Putin must be enjoying this cluster fuck,  bought and paid for by the USA!

The central planners's picture

Where is that photo of him gobbling popcorn when its most needed.

The central planners's picture

Where is that photo of him gobbling popcorn when its most needed

Nexus789's picture

Putin has already made multiple moves. Always thinking ahead.

small towel's picture

Other Turkish Coup possibilities

1 - Russia, not the United States, is in the driver's seat. Russia used its superb spy forces to uncover a USA plot against Erdogan that was being hatched by his former friend now enemy living in the US. Russia gets word to Erdogan that the Americans are getting ready to stab him in the back and they have the particulars of the plot being hatched to unseat him.

Erdogan flies to Russia, gets convinced the plot against him is for real and KNOWS he'll go down without some Russian assistance. So he agrees to stop being the supply depot for ISIS and the terrorist op in Syria. He decides to suck salt, apologize to Russia, pay the family who lost a member in the plane that was shot down - all in return for Russia giving him CURRENT intel regarding the coup when he gets home. He gets word timely from Russia. Goes on vacation (just like Putin did when he was being chased) and then sits back and sees all the folk who he needs to get rid of because they are plants of the USA.

2 - Kerry's visit to Russia probably was 2-fold - again, Russia in the driver's seat. Russia has Clinton's emails - ALL OF THEM. Kerry needs to make sure nothing leaks between now and November. Russia is willing to oblige on certain conditions - US goes along with Erdogan's decision to shut down ISIS, joins Russia in wiping out the remnants of ISIS, and holds out a couple more Trump cards (pun intended) over Kerry's head. I'm convinced Putin believes the world will be a much safer place under Trump - despite all the "tough talk" - than Clinton, who is a very frightening thought as POTUS for the ENTIRE globe.

small towel's picture

stolen from the comments section in this you tube video

Allen_H's picture

That's okay, as long as the word is spread.

beemasters's picture


The one in the driver seat for the comments above and Youtube is the same individual.

spanish inquisition's picture

Hillary's emails? Would Putin release them all? Currently he know more about what is going on in the US than anybody.

philipat's picture

No he will save them in case she gets elected?

philipat's picture

As always, "Cui Bono"?

Putin holds all the cards, especially with the new "Nord stream" gas line into Europe and, given the present geopolitical situation, IMHO Putin is too smart to get involved in this, And if he had, Erdogan's plane would have been taken out. By Turkish F-16's out of Incirlik and, of course, pilots who would later have been disappeared.

It strikes me that this is an Erdogan job through and through. He has a lot of experience with false flags and I don't think he is smart enough to think through the longer-term strategic implications on at least three different fronts? He's basically just a corrupt third world dictator...

Just my 10 cents.

css1971's picture

You're crediting Russia with an extraordinarily good intel network...

Unless they were in the US computer systems. It's the only way it would make sense.


Or of course. Hillary's email server.

philipat's picture

You're discrediting the Russian intel ability? Do so at your own peril...

BarkingCat's picture

They certainly were on top of the situation in Libya and prevented removal of Khadaffi.

They also did a masterful job neutralizing the coup in Ukraine and prevented the removal of their puppet from power there.


Oh wait...

datura's picture

The coup in Ukraine could not have been prevented and despite the USA propaganda, Yanukovich was NOT a Russian puppet. Ukraine was dependent on Russia economically, but the country was politically such a basket case even before the coup that Putin simply did not know what to do with it. I mean: the Ukrainian elites were totally corrupt and chaotic, it was impossible to "lead" them in any meaningful way. How USA will now find out, while pouring huge amounts of money into Ukraine uselessly. The only way for Putin to really control Ukraine would have been to really overtake it militarily and to eliminate all the elites, which he obviously could not have done:-) Putin did the only thing he could: he has been backing the only useful part of Ukraine (with the most reasonable people). The other Western part is a huge problem for anyone, who will want to deal with them. 

HowdyDoody's picture

The US relies on technology (courtesy Military-Industrial-Intelligence-Congressional Complex) to gather its 'intelligence' and suffers from 'needle in a haystack' syndrome. Russia uses actual agents in place and get good stuff directly.


the phantom's picture

Putin relearned what history was already taught... never trust the Turks.  The convo with Putin should go something like Frank Petangeli did in The Godfather 2.

froze25's picture

Bravo! Good critical analysis and deductive reasoning.

Blankone's picture

There are many possibilities.  But one tell is that Germany and others would not give Erdogan safe haven when he asked.  And he asked when he really did not need it.  My conclusion is that the west/EU wanted the  coup to be successful.

My take on Kerry's threat is this.  They know Erdogan wants in the EU and being removed from NATO would almost prevent that.  But Kerry is making these threats because the purges being done by Erdogan are actually removing people who are assets for the west/EU.  In other words Erdogan has surprised them again and knows who the wests agents are and his purges are not blind swings but effective.  And Kerry's masters are losing valuable assets/agents they worked hard to place/gain.

Did Russia help supply info on who were agents of the west?

BarkingCat's picture

They could have very easily let him secretly land and then disapeared his Gullum ass.

Omen IV's picture

Putin should release the Clinton Docs anyway - knock the witch out  - what is the downside ? - Obama is experiencing rope a dope everywhere

caconhma's picture

Russia is in a midst of its worst economic & political crisis since the fall of the USSR.

Putin is a POS.Do not be surprised to see an Ukraine type coup takes place in Russia in not too distant future.

wildbad's picture

Mr. Ed is in the news again.  Strange bedfellows.  ISIS's oil baron Erdogan, rattling cages in wasington and moscow?  hmmm.  a man with a deep history of false flags, megalomaniam sociopathy.  aided and abedded the CIAida plan to take down the gasline foe Syria for Saudi and Quatar.  Lots of ins, lots of outs..its a very complicated case.


The best thing about telling the truth is that you don't have to remember anything.  Kerry must have a great memory to stay on message.



HowdyDoody's picture

It's not complex at all. ISIS is clearly going down, slowly but surely, courtesy of Syria, Russia, Iran and Lebanon. The Anglo-Zionists need a patsy to take a fall over ISIS. Erdogan is the man - didn't you know he created ISIS all on his own and he is so fiendish that the NSA has only just found out? Regime change stat. Gulen FTW.

"Recently, however, there have been signs that the informal coalition [bettween Erdogan and Gulen supporters] is crumbling, which could be a major problem for Erdogan in the next election — or sooner" What comes before election? A coup, of course, ta daa!

And would you believe it, Gulen who has been living in the US since 1999 declares "Turkish [actually more Islamic than Erdogan] cleric Gulen says Erdogan behind coup, willing to be extradited"

So things are lining up for a final takedown of Erdogan. Gulen will takeover and outdo Erdogan in headbanger anti-Russia bs.

Just remember, whenever the US takes out one of its strongmen gone rogue, the replacement is always worse, usually much worse.




Croesus's picture

But, but, we NEED "terrorists"...without them, how ever will the MIC, ZioCons, and DC kiddie cocksuckers sell us "Needless and Endless War, disguised as Patriotism"? 

You see, according to them, "loving your homeland" (Nationalism) is a bad thing. Their thinking is understandable, since they are Internationalists. However, there are 7 Billion NATURAL Nationalists in the world. 

Government itself (regardless of type, or locale), is the single best advertisement for Separatism out there. 

WE (humanity as a whole) can coexist just fine, as long as we don't have interference from 'useless shitbag' bureaucrats. 

BUT, bureaucrats NEED to convince us that we can't survive without their continual meddling, because THEY would be the poor class otherwise. 

Without their parasitic influence, THEY would starve to death, because the alternative would mean actually WORKING for a living. 

magicdragon's picture

"Biggest pussy on the block."

With is pansy-a** pink bike. :p

RacerX's picture

OOhhh.. I'm sure they are shaking in their boots. Let's hope Kerry doesn't threaten to send James Taylor next. The HUMANITY!!

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

It wasn't when he arrested dissenters for merely voicing opinions.  It wasn't when they supported ISIS.  It wasn't when they massacred Kurds, Christians, and Jews in the Streets.


It was after a fake coup.  Can't decide which is more worthless: Weimar Fiat, or Captain Ketchup NWO as our Secretary of State.

Stroke's picture

Fuck The EU, Fuck Kerry, & Fuck NATO....

Scrap 'em & start over

Trump 2016

Roanman's picture

NATO has a requirement with respect to democracy?

Whooda known?

Somebody might want to explain to NATO about the EU.

Tactical Joke's picture

Someone should remind him about the Greek junta. Kerry depends on the ignorance of the American people just like his boss.

Smerf's picture

It took 8 years, but the Obama 'team' has fucked up one the most important relationships in the middle east.  If Turkey leaves, CENTCOM is going to turn into a bigger shitshow than it already is, not to mention the Black Sea.  What a major fuck uo.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture


Couldn't happen to a nicer group of people that set such high standards along with the selfish pricks at home that they govern that lead the rest of the World "by example"!!!