Prominent Journalist Killed In Ukraine When Car Bomb Explodes In Broad Daylight

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In a stark reminder of how precarious the situation remains in Ukraine two years after a coup took place, which ushered in a new-pro Western government and which the western democracies had no objections against, earlier today a prominent journalist working for the online investigative website Ukrayinska
Pravda was killed by a car bomb
in central Kiev early on Wednesday
morning, in what President Petro Poroshenko said was an attempt to
destabilize Ukraine.

The killed journalist was Pavel Sheremet, a Belarussian known for his criticism of his home country's leadership and his friendship with the slain Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov. He was driving to work in the car of the website's owner when it was blown up. The killing was a throwback to the days of violence against journalists that Ukraine, under a pro-Western leadership since the 2014 Maidan protests, hoped to have shed.

Pavel Sheremet talks on the air at a radio station in Kiev, Ukraine, October 11, 2015.

In 2002, Sheremet won a journalism prize from the Organization for Security and Co?operation in Europe (OSCE) for his reporting on human rights violations in Belarus, including the disappearances of opposition politicians and journalists.

The OSCE called on Wednesday for action to address the safety of journalists in Ukraine. The founder of Ukrayinska Pravda where Sheremet worked, Georgiy Gongadze, was himself an investigative journalist who was murdered 16 years ago, his decapitated body discovered in a forest outside Kiev. The incident helped to precipitate the Orange Revolution of 2004/05, which resulted in an election re-run and the victory of an opposition presidential candidate.

* * *

Sheremet, who was given Russian citizenship after fleeing political persecution in Belarus, had told Reuters in October that he no longer felt comfortable visiting Moscow, where he worked for twelve years as a TV journalist. "I'm threatened often and given hints. Every time I go to Moscow, it's like I'm in a minefield," he said in an interview. Sheremet's friend Boris Nemtsov, a vocal critic of the Kremlin, had been working on a report examining the Russian military's role in the Ukraine crisis when he was shot dead in central Moscow last year. Sheremet led tributes at his memorial service.

Commenting on the assasination, Ukraine's president Petro Poroshenko said that "It seems to me this was done with one aim in mind - to destabilize the situation in the country, possibly ahead of further events." He has asked experts from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation to join the murder investigation in the interests of "maximum transparency."

But what is more interesting is that Interior Ministry officials said they could not rule out Russian involvement in the murder. Supposedly the assumption is that the Kremlin would take out someone who is known for his anti-Putin agenda in the most crude manner, and in broad daylight.

Russia responded quckly: in Moscow, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: "The murder of a Russian citizen and journalist in Ukraine is a very serious cause for concern in the Kremlin."

Sheremet also had domestic enemies: he is also quoted as saying that Ukraine needed strong, independent media to counter the influence of outlets controlled by the country's powerful business tycoons. "Now the problem of freedom of speech and objective journalism is becoming again a serious issue," he said.

"As far as internal politics is concerned, I can see oligarchic games again, black PR, the use of media to settle scores and solve political problems."

Sevgil Musayeva-Borovyk, the editor-in-chief of Ukrayinska Pravda, which has made its name exposing corruption, called him "very brave".

It remains to be seen how aggressively Ukraine will push to make this incident as having been orchestrated by Moscow.

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santafe (not verified) Jul 20, 2016 12:09 PM

Where are the Turkey-like conspiracies now with Ukraine's American puppet government? The truth about the conflict with Russia in Ukraine NO ONE dares to reveal:

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"  In a stark reminder of how precarious the situation remains in Ukraine two years after a coup took place, which ushered in a new-pro Western government and which the western democracies had no objections against, "


ZH - You forgot to mention the coup was run by Victoria Nuland of the State Dept and Soros backed NGOs.


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Oughta have kiddies games designed to ameliorate the trauma as terrorism, like having the kids guess who many of those gooey bloody pink and greasy parts are in the jar?
No Johnnie, you cannot count your old man's Rolex as a two-fer.

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) knukles Jul 20, 2016 12:34 PM

Sad for the typist's family and friends.  Now there is one less false story typist out there.

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And Soros is financing Black Lives Matter in the US.

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If this incident occurred in the United States, police investigators, under the direction of the FBI, would have ruled the death the result of Pavel Sheremet driving the car too fast.  Just as what happened with Michael Hastings and, probably, Paul Walker. 

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Oh come on, don't equate the two crashes -- it weakens your proposition.  Michael Hastings, yes, he had hot scandal info and a history of exposing VIPs.  But Paul Walker and his buddy were hotdogging.

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Shit's getting real! I thought this stuff only happened in movies...

/sarc off

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Hey, I thought the Tylers zapped you!

trumpchain's picture is a free speech blog that is safer than real world reporting.  Wake up or die, the tools are at your disposal, and yes, nobody can censor the blockchain.

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this must be good for stocks

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Indiscriminate slaughter has begun.

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Stay out of cars, away from nailguns, bathtubs, hotel rooms with pillows, open balconies, Turkey, Europe, pretty much anywhere else in the world. Praise the Fed and NIRP for eternity, buy stawks. You should be ok [wink wink]

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Bomb? Reporters cars malfunction all the time.

budd_dwyers_gun's picture

Like a newly leased Mercedes ejecting its engine from the bay after "unintended acceleration?"

*bright flash*
What you saw was swamp gas from a weather balloon, trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus.


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So is there some correlation between a car bomb going off during the day vs a nigh time detonation?

So Confused...

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All we need to know is that this is bullish for Ukranian auto manufacturers. Something, something, broken windows.

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It was broad daylight too not that narrow daylight we get all the time.

There have been plenty of pro- Russian journalists killed in Ukraine. False flags are bread and butter for America these days.

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"Possible Russian involvement" in today's Ukraine is very much a running joke. Their senior officials (and I mean senior, like Minister of the Interior, Head of their Internal Security Agency - SBU - and MP's senior) have already blamed Paris and Nice attacks on FSB. Also Brexit and the Dutch referendum.

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Why can't we all just fucking get along before I cut your gizzard out?

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Ah. Simple as that, eh? Putin is responsible for everything. And here I thought it was Bush.


Well, good thing we have our boys in blue on the case. Put a quick end to all this nonsense.

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Hahahahaha. He said "attempt" to destabilize ukraine

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That'll teach him. Maybe next time he won't be so prominent.

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What is "broad" daylight?   Is it worse than having explode in narrow daylight?   How about at dusk or dawn.   Even worse, what about at night?

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"narrow daylight"  love it.

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It's not that you don't have enough bandwidth. There isn't enough bandheight.

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I'm sure it was just an honest mistake.  These cars are exploding everywhere when a journalist gets behind the wheel.  Though this one doesn't look much like Michael Hastings's mercedes.  Maybe they bought the same seat covers and dancing hawaiian girl. 

Ban journalists driving cars!!!

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You sure he's pushing up daisies?  Maybe it's just a flesh wound.

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Another apparent suicide.

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A Nemtsov buddy, a commie no doubt, sure he had it coming

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Rest in peace.

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Is that car a Tesla?

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I hear Ukrainian regulars aren't doing so well against them rebels as of late!...

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Interesting how the Donbas rebels use the Confederate battle flag.  I noticed it on some of their uniforms over a year ago.  Some people still know what it means.  Hard to believe it's the Russians carrying the tradition.

budd_dwyers_gun's picture

If you're talking about the Novorossiya flag with no stars, that's actually based on an old Russian naval jack, in use from ~1700-1917, and then returned in '92 after the fall of the CCCP.

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Naval flag   not the first time waved over battle 

Search the history


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Kiev is losing that and more every 24hr

3500 plus serious wounded in Ukraine hospitals, most near front. This is only from spring to now result

normal ratio 3-1 all wounded to dead compute over 1000, probable more like 3000 or 20 daily first months year

This is number nurses tell   hospitals north to Kharkiv all full overflow

Poroshenko owns largerst funeral home chain in country





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I remember how he glorified Chechen terrorists in middle 90's, poured shit on my country for many years, justified murdering of Russian people in Eastern Ukraine by Ukrainian Nazis last 2 years. So no condolences.

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Did you fix that Ukrainian thing?

Yes Godfather.


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It looks like an X6.

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It's a Fiat 500x -- damn nice little car. Same car as the Jeep Renegade, made in Italy.  

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It's actually a Subaru XV Crosstrek.