Left-Right Divide Explodes In Spitting, Swearing, Fight As Alex Jones Interrupts 'Young Turks' At RNC

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In a dramatic example of the extreme polarization between the left- and right-leaning American public, a 'brawl' broke out between famous left-wing host of "The Young Turks" Cenk Uygur and controversial conservative Alex Jones (of InfoWars) on the sidelines of the Republican National Convention. The contretemps was caught on tape in Media Row at the GOP convention, but as The Hill reports, it's unclear from the video what exactly they were arguing about beyond name-calling - "anti-liberal," "bitch," "hatchet man," "liar" - and a suggestion that Uygur doesn't talk enough about Saudi Arabia.

Uygur, the host of a popular left-wing web video show, called Stone a "piece of crap" and "the biggest liar in media."


"Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!" shouted back Stone, a longtime Trump adviser who has no official role on the campaign.


InfoWars founder Jones stood over Uygur on the show's set, holding a microphone, gesticulating in the progressive host's face and urging him to debate Stone.


"First of all, Alex, this ain't your f---ing show," Uygur shouted back. "And Roger, this surely ain't your f---ing show."

The fight happened on Media Row at the GOP convention in Cleveland. Security had to intervene.

A young woman in a red dress began shouting at Jones, "Get off the stage, you fat fuck... Shut the f--- up, bitch."


Seemed like such a nice girl too...

*  *  *

The Young Turks perspective...


Alex Jones' perspective...

We are sure next week's DNC will do nothing but further inflame the widening chasm between the left and the right, the 'rich' and the 'poor', the 'gay' and the 'straight', and the 'black' and the 'white' as America's fake culture wars continue.

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Paul John Smith's picture

In general ...

(not a fan of Turkish men or Alex Jones)

(But Turkish women can be quite beautiful)

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Everything's going perfectly to plan.

<Divide and Conquer/Control.>

EscapeKey's picture

he's a bit of entertainment

but yeah, young turks "we're against saudi arabia, but we love hillary clinton"

daft fucks

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I look at this nonsense, and wonder how much longer this can go on ... 

I suppose H-> being POTUS will more or less seal the US' fate in a public fashion.  

froze25's picture

Jones is awesome, fuck the "Young Turks"

American Psycho's picture

Popcorn here, get your popcorn here

Pinto Currency's picture

One of the Young Turks crew in white shirt, plaid tie and glasses fetches Jones to go talk with Cenk Uygar on set.

See here at 40 seconds:


This is a show put on by the Young Turks (Turds)

zeronetwork's picture

Why Young Turks came to convention is beyond comprehension. They are nuisance enough on YouTube already.

Keyser's picture

The young turk is just that, a Turkish muslim... You can figure out the rest... Between Uygur and Jones, I would give the Turk the fat fuck award, although they both have fat heads... 

StagStopa's picture

Agreed. They're both fat fucks. The cunt could use a good bitch slap, and a ball gag. 



DaveyJones's picture

I love Alex Trebek

and I think he's a great role model for our leaders

pretending to know the answers and shit

Handful of Dust's picture

I can honestly say I am looking forward to Dominoes "Apocalypse Pizza."  Very spicey I imagine.

Manthong's picture

..as an old, very well-armed Armenian I want to  meet up with those youngsters in a dark alley.


hey, how about a new TV talk show .. "Old Armed Armenians"....


..with a grudge.

take that Angela and your jocker, wierdo wan. 


glenlloyd's picture

It's all just a bunch of self-important twats who are staging a cheap theatrical

Proximityx's picture

Barev ahper jan! As well armed Armenian myself, I got your six.


The girl in red dress, she is Armenian disgrace POS!


Manthong's picture

..actually, I am not Armenisn at all...


but maybe there is a little NAZI left.....

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Who was the slag in the red dress.

rickv404's picture

Ana Kasparian, a co-host on the show. They had such high hopes for Sanders. Jones already had a running feud with them, calling them "The Young Turds".

frankly scarlet's picture

Trebek hails from Canada and was host of a game show there featuring competing high schooll brainac  teams.

DeusHedge's picture

Davey you get on the rl rl with the Turks because im a shylocks and even I knew they're nothing more than a slag movement for Rand corp, the sleuthy **cks..

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Pinto Currency Jul 22, 2016 10:28 AM

The Young Turks were a Jewish sect, Donmeh Jews who converted to Islam in the 16th century but retained Jewish beliefs and practices.

The were revolutionaries, they tried once and re branded themselves and succeeded

and were responsible for the Armenian Genocide.

These Young Turks are well aware of this history, which is why they took this name.

They should be hanged.

leefool's picture

logged in to just upvote you. f*ck mofos and their agenda. why any armenian will be involved withthem is beyond me

Moustache Rides's picture

Exactly.  They name their show after the group that was responsible for over a million deaths.  The bastards should be skinned.

Socratic Dog's picture

More likely they are clueless to the implications.  "Young Turk" has been a badge of pride in the theatrical and literature worlds for a hundred years.  And it sure as shit has had noting to do with jews slaughtering Armenians.

These are Americans.  You really think they know anything about history?

Moustache Rides's picture

The "Young Turk" expression came to represent 'a new breed, impatient for change'.  This originated from the group that fomented the revolution that led to the Armenian genocide. 

Dancing Disraeli's picture

Yes, the Young Turks were as Turkish as the Russian Mafia is Russian.  They never change.

SyriaL Stowlker's picture

Wheather they were ethnically Turkish or Donmah Jews ,  it doesn't change the fact they Committed Genocide and Ethnically cleansed Armenians and eventually Served the Turkish / Jewish Cause


any_mouse's picture

Jewish anarchists and the Archduke.

Jewish Bolsheviks and the White Russian revolution.

Jewish Bolsheviks and the massacre of the Kulaks.

Jewish Zionists and Palestine.

All coincidences.

Blankone's picture

Just what actions have the individuals on this show done for them to be hanged?  Other than being a group who you do not approve of and who says opinions you do not agree with.

ThanksChump's picture

Hanging is kind of quick.

Don't you have any experiments that will benefit from human testing? Win/win beats Win. I've wondered several times if a good potato gun should be considered a lethal weapon and where, exactly, that red spud line is, statistically speaking.

You know, for Science.

slipreedip's picture

Yes theyve been doing human testing for years. Donald Trump winning the nomination is the obvious culmination of their brain doners program.

StagStopa's picture

That's "donor", brainwave. There, fixed it for ya..


Lea's picture

There is something deeply unsettling about Cenk Uygur. The 'Young Turks' is the name of the ultra-nationalist, Nazi-like, genocidal party that succeeded the Ottoman Empire. As a Turk himself, Cenk Uygur cannot be unaware of this. The Young Turk Party was directly responsible for three ethnic cleansings: the Armenian, the Pontic Greeks and the Assyrian genocides.
And those are "left wing"? Come one, please. Cenk Uygur can only be left wing - pro-feminist, pro-LGBT, pro-pot smoking - if he thinks that will terminally weaken the West. Symbols do not lie. One does not call oneself "Third Reich" without meaning it.

sharonsj's picture

The Donmeh were concentrated in the Greek city of Salonika, until they were expelled to Turkey in 1923-24 as part of the population exchanges between the two countries. The Armenian Genocide took place from 1915-1917.  Since the Armenian Geocide took place six years before the Donmeh went to Turkey, they could hardly be responsible for it.  You are a moronic racist who believes any shit that appears on white supremecist web sites.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

I could believe that because the Young Turds have 1/100 the viewership.  ( Of course ) 

Never One Roach's picture
Contaminated sticker scare at RNC after cops in Cleveland report burning, numbness




At some point, people there are going to start defending themselves against these Soros funded tearrists.

omniversling's picture

They must have noticed Jones was off his chops on his 'man help' supplements, and thought a little jaw grinding and a stoush on stage would boost ratings, divide the sheeple (called culling here in Aust), and polarise the polemic a bit...

And steal the serious talking points. Look, I've just spent 10 minutes on it.. This is dog'nd ponyshow 101..

Having said that, would be super good for ratings if the two 'thinking man's unbimboobs from central casting' ('brains bigger than boobs', so in both camps...YYYUUUUGE brains, just YYYUUUGGE) would get physical...charity mud-wrestle for Vets or sommat?

847328_3527's picture

#LLM (Leftie Lives Matter!


Rauner email: Half of CPS teachers 'virtually illiterate'



All Risk No Reward's picture

Cenk didn't get triggered until he was handed the Bill Clinton "RAPE" shirt.

What was his counterfeit "liberal" response to the shirt with Mr. Lolita Express x 17 who repeatedly hangs out with his pedofile sex slaver buddy (after he ditched his Secret Service...  yeah...)...

Donald Trump is a rapist, too - look at the court documents...

Well, well, Regressives...  I guess Bill's Rapes are "all good" then.  Thank God you stand up for women - who else would if you didn't?

BTW, I have no idea if Trump is a rapist or if the lying Clinton machine trumped it up so people like Cenk would have a "comeback" against the accusations against Bill and his enabler Presidential hopeful wife.

I do know that Trump is Bankster...  just like the Clintons...  otherwise the Banksters wouldn't give him more press than all the other candidates combined.

BTW, rapists deserve to be punished, not excused by MORE RAPE.

I'm a bit surprised Cenk didn't bite Alex on the lip...

What an immoral piece of lying, propaganda trash...

And that guy who spit on Jones should be charged with criminal assault - which is what that was.

Alex Jones Crashes Young Turks Show, Gets Spit-On by Jimmy Dore!

The hypocrisy of the Bankster financed Regressives is AMAZING!

Ana Kasparian is a fat-shaming hypocrite

And, for the record, Alex was invited to go on the show live, but he acted like Alex Jones likes to act...  somewhat like an *ss.  It was all good until THE TRUTH ABOUT BILL CLINTON'S RAPES SIGNAL WAS BROADCAST ACROSS THE YOUNG TURK'S AIRWAVES, THEN IT WENT DOWNHILL FROM THERE.

StagStopa's picture

That's "pedophile", genius.  There, fixed it for ya. You are right about Trump, though..



All Risk No Reward's picture

Hi Roxi, thanks for that correction.  I should have read up on one of the articles describing Bill's BFF...  as long a secret service could be ditched..

Flight logs show Bill Clinton flew on sex offender's jet much more than previously known


Bill Clinton ditched Secret Service on multiple ‘Lolita Express’ flights: Report

Does your nod about being right on Trump wihtout mentioning Mr. Lolita Express and his pedophile buddy mean you still have Mr. Lolita's back?  While ambiguous, it sounds like you are defending the man depicted on the RAPE t-shirt by not calling him out.

Do you think it is healthy to comment on the spelling of pedophile while refraining from commenting on the person who was the subject related to the comment?

The point is they are both scumbag rental rhetoricians employed by Debt-Money Monopolists to divide and rule on behalf of the Debt-Money Monopolists.

If you get that - good on ya!  If you are still mind controlled or perception managed by the false dichotomy political model, well, you've got some work to do to free yourself from the debt-money plantation's propaganda systems.

PS - are you upset I criticized a serial rapist and Lolita Express obsessive?  Genius, really?  -lol-

Or do you think Bill is an OK rapist (<- spelling corrected with edit) and friend of a sex slaver and pedophile...  cut him a break, right?  or wrong?

edit - oops, misspelled rapist as rapidst...  let's obsess over spelling (a good thing) while completely disregard the main point of the argument (a dishonest thing...).  See how the Debt-Money Matrix false dichotomies pervert (or expose) the content of our character?

CC Lemon's picture

Right around 5:57 you can hear Jones say, "this is weird, they invited us over and then attacked us" a few times off camera.

nuubee's picture

I don't like any of these people...

BUT... Alex Jones, as nutty as he comes across, has been consistent in his message. As conspiratorial as it all comes across he hasn't backed down from it and in some cases he's actually been proven correct.


TYT on the other hand, are rampant hypocrites and liars.

EscapeKey's picture

i don't think he's consistent. i think he's a "throw spaghetti on the wall" kind of guy. some conspiracies turn out to be true, all the other ones we never mention again.

TYT are just regressive left wankers.

nuubee's picture

He's said pretty much the same conspiracy theories for like 20 years.