"As Long As All The Offensive Shit Is Verbatim, I'm Fine With It"

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Deep inside the treasure trove of smears, collusion, and questionable fund-raising exposed by Wikileaks dump of DNC leaked emails was this little gem of 'innocent propaganda' by the Clinton campaign against the Trump campaign.

The email - found here- shows DNC staffers’ creating a fake craigslist job posting made for women who wish to apply to jobs at one of Trump’s organizations.

The fake position, titled a Honey Bunny, requires the prospective applicant to, among other tasks, refrain from gaining weight, be open to public humiliation and be alright with groping or kissing by her boss...

Multiple Positions (NYC area)


Seeking staff members for multiple positions in a large, New York-based corporation known for its real estate investments, fake universities, steaks, and wine. The boss has very strict standards for female employees, ranging from the women who take lunch orders (must be hot) to the women who oversee multi-million dollar construction projects (must maintain hotness demonstrated at time of hiring). 


Title: Honey Bunch (that’s what the boss will call you)


Job requirements:


* No gaining weight on the job (we’ll take some “before” pictures when you start to use later as evidence)

* Must be open to public humiliation and open-press workouts if you do gain weight on the job

* A willingness to evaluate other women’s hotness for the boss’ satisfaction is a plus

* Should be proficient in lying about age if the boss thinks you’re too old Working mothers not preferred (the boss finds pumping breast milk disgusting, and worries they’re too focused on their children).


About us:


We’re proud to maintain a “fun” and “friendly work environment, where the boss is always available to meet with his employees. Like it or not, he may greet you with a kiss on the lips or grope you under the meeting table.


Interested applicants should send resume, cover letter, and headshot to jobs@trump.com<mailto:jobs@trump.com>

And when passed up the chain for comms approval, the response was positive...

"As long as all the offensive shit is verbatim I’m fine with it."

And just in case readers thought this was from The Onion, here is the original leaked email chain...


We are sure donors to Hillary's "victim card" funds will be more than happy to see such stunts being pulled... or is this just another example of how the body politik works nowadays - propaganda tops policy any day.

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Can't wait to see this on CNN!?!

Stroke's picture

Watch the libs to become more & more infuriated / infuriating as "the Donald' gets close to winning


They're a sick bunch the libtards

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"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil -
is for good men to do nothing."

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There has to be a law suit in there somewhere that could cause the DNC to be liable to pay $1B + damages to Trump and completely bankrupt them. Hopefully, those groesque and jealous pigs at the DNC will go hide in the closest sewer where they belong.


NoDebt's picture

And nobody goes to jail.  Just like the bankers.

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Thanks for the links. I just sent this to Cate Domino - an Ivy League grad. Twenty-something going on fifth grade maturity:


Just saw your name on the email about the fake Honey Bunny ad - You fail ethics at your Ivy League university - or you never took it?

Cate, the sex workers in Times Square have more personal integrity about their prostitution than you have about yours. Sex isn't the only way to sell your body in exchange for money. You've sold your soul. When you sell the essence of yourself, you're a prostitute. So young, and already a psychopath.
Breezy47's picture

I just sent her a nice tweet...

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What a funny contradiction Cate is..  undergrad at William & Mary, where she graduated magna cum laude Women's Studies while partying with her AXO sorority sisters.

cheka's picture

makes sense.  they all go the same uhhhh church

beemasters's picture

Really? They probably get absolution for the price of one.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Church is about control.  If its Catholic, then its also about child abuse

( http://bishop-accountability.org/priestdb/PriestDBbylastName-A.html ).

LithiumWarsWAKEUP's picture

ditto Jewish and Moslem. See 'dancing boys of afghanistan', and other stuff.

ThanksChump's picture

Some people want to be controlled. Having to think all the time, and take responsibility for things we can change...

Religious people use a god or gods for this purpose, liberals use the state for this purpose.

A liberal, an Islamic extremist, or a Westboro Baptist parishioner, effectively identical in the way they problem solve or (what passes for) reason.

beemasters's picture

Now, for anyone interested in the job, I guess you can write directly to


boattrash's picture


Thanks for the contacts!

We need some new "target holders" at the range. I think I may email these folks to see if they can provide some...

peddling-fiction's picture

Looks like ZH is starting to feel comfortable with using swear words in their articles and now their headlines.

<-- Might as well lower the standards for the goyim. <sarc>

ThanksChump's picture

Cursing to make a point is perfectly acceptable to people under 70.

People 70 and older tend to avoid the internet.

You're an exception, not a rule.

peddling-fiction's picture

Maybe I am, but also ZH has not been in the habit of using swear words. Just pointing out the facts.

peddling-fiction's picture

Apostate pastors, preachers and churches are a dime a dozen. But personal conversion to Jesus Christ, is, well, personal. Then you will always know who or what is apostate through discernment.

<-- Apostate churchmen click here

peddling-fiction's picture

No fear and God Bless.


<-- Lucifer´s minions click here

Seek_Truth's picture

That is the truth.

If anyone wishes to know what Jesus Christ actually taught- read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John- the Gospels.

Organized religion may lead you to Christ- but once you have been led to him, read His words to get to know what He actually taught.

peddling-fiction's picture

+1 So be it.

God Bless and spread His Word.

pliny the longer's picture

so so true seek; i've never understood why so many reject Christ without appraising themselves of who he actually was/is.  people put more thought into camry vs. accord than whether there is actually a God.  I agree churches are full of hypocrites and i'm one of them but you cannot read the gospels and be indifferent about Christ.  You literally have to choose. He was not here to be a great teacher.  ok fine, make an informed choice,  that's all. 

most people 'choose' without knowledge, just my opinion.  and no, i'm not mad at anybody that does not believe like i do.  quite the contrary, i fear my behavior, even on this website, is probably turning people away so i worry about that.  Christians are their own worst enemies most of the time, just my opinion.  

detached.amusement's picture

spiritual power is not a gift from heaven, and since the church isnt interested in creating shepherds, but sheep - its just a convenient way to get you to act morally and never question what made the man.


if one is actually interested in who the man actually was, of course

o2sd's picture

If anyone wishes to know what Jesus Christ actually taught- read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John- the Gospels.

Objection! Hearsay!

knukles's picture

That's what Kaine told Hilda: "As long as it's not that too far from the real shit verbatum, I can deal with that.  Oh yeah and it's Sambo's fault."

Lore's picture

The original ad could have been posted during Bill Clinton's term in the White House.

crazzziecanuck's picture

But was it approved or did it die in the inbox?

knukles's picture

Now that's an interesting philosophical question when one conisdiers the King hisself!

A Colerite and Colerite, my Kingdom for a Colerite

noless's picture

They'll do anything in their power to fuck up your life, then lie to your face about it!


They're "on the right side of history" though, of course.

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This is a result of "leadership", the same leadership at state dept and as senator and as her partner in life while in WH.

It also reflects on msnbc, cnn, cbs, abc, prob npr ethics and values individually and collectively, not to mention wapo and nyt and the 35% who blindly follow her..

If your expectations are low you won't be disappointed.

Part of the reason Trump is disliked is in his business he demands high performance and who wants to be around that type of person? Just high performance high energy people. We can better understands Trumps attacks vs others. He sees them as lazy, inept, corrupt. Compare those to whom he hires who have fire in their bellys.

There is an entire discussion of that for govt employees.

847328_3527's picture

I'm glad Nobama corrected Trump off that there's no "violence and chaos in the world" ....


Mexico catches drug gang leader; mayor shot to death


MEXICO CITY (AP) — A mayor and a town councilman were shot to death Saturday in the conflict-ridden indigenous town of San Juan Chamula, in southern Mexico.




No moar chalupas for Obama or the wookie!

Bumpo's picture

We live in a world where fake Trump allegations are shouted from the heavens, and Black and White crimes from the blessed and ordained receive *crickets* from the press. Note to Oligarchs: We are aware and taking names.

Ballin D's picture

Are you going to take the names of half the population? This only works because enough people want it to work.


She still has half of this country supporting her dispute the fbi saying she broke laws that any other American would face consequences for breaking.

knukles's picture

But many of Mrs K's friends are beginning to really wonder about here with those teen aged lime puce pantsuits.

nightshiftsucks's picture

Exactly and I live in the SF Bay Area,lots of them around here.The main one is Suckerberg,if they pull any crap watch it burn.

ThanksChump's picture

I'm not taking names. It's surprisingly easy to find these dirtbags because they're proud of their fraudulent activities and can't resist boasting in social media. We can find them, their pets, their families, their friends.

Please stop tipping them off with childish pranks and name calling. Leave them alone until more permanent solutions are the logical next step.

Population Bubble's picture

Anyone who couldn't see that this was a satirical jab made at Trump by another political entity would have to be as stupid as most of the commenters on this site.

Bay of Pigs's picture

What about the thousands of other emails fuckstick?

booboo's picture

what do you expect from a racist like Population Bubble, his avatar is even a dead giveaway, a single white person surrounded by black people

Billy the Poet's picture

Anyone who couldn't see that this was a satirical jab made at Trump by another political entity


And that's why all the little people are asked to come to the aid of the party and send in their nickels and dimes  -- so that some desk jockies can piss away their afternoons for LOLs. Makes sense.

Croesus's picture

You know what? Let's repay the favor to the SHILLARY campaign! There's no reason we can't post job ads for Shillary, the DNC, The Clinton Foundation...

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with the Trump/Pence campaign, or any political party.


Vendetta's picture

how do you get made up crap to stick to shillary when the real and known criminal crap has no effect?  

Croesus's picture

@ Vendetta: 

I'm not trying to make anything stick to her...just hit her and the DNC with a taste of their own medicine, since they richly deserve it. 

Hayduke these prick assholes, HARD. 

I am not advising anyone to commit a crime...you're not Shillary, so the "law" still applies to you. Besides, you probably have more integrity than that.

ACES FULL's picture

Politics is about as slimy as it gets.

venturen's picture

an Democrats is the one step from full communist dictatorship

knukles's picture

I first read that as "politicians are slimier than goats"

ACES FULL's picture

That is a disservice to all goats.