Uncontrolled Refugeeism Will Be The Undoing Of Now-Ruling Political Class

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Authored by Ben Tanosborn,

Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, Viktor Orban, Nigel Farage and myriad other populist, right-wing leaders sprouting over much of the Western World, are being tagged by the political ruling class as an  ill-conceived, hate-fest phenomenon; and often portrayed as the mutant offspring of fascism.   Such interpretation, however, might be only serving as ear plugs against the loud, real voices of people who fear a real threat to their economic wellbeing or their cultural identity.

This mischaracterization could end up being the undoing of the now-ruling political class, not just in some European nations but also in the US.  And, when there is no trip switch to prevent emotional blindness as fear holds hands with anger, an egomaniac such as Trump could easily become the hopeful savior to many, instead of the predatory con man his deeds point him to be.

Nowadays, perhaps dating back a generation or longer, we have come to redefine the very meaning of the term refugee.  Where in the past refugees were assumed to be fleeing turmoil – war, political oppression, religious persecution, or even some major natural disaster – in most cases restricted to a locale, region or nation; such clarity is no longer evident.  To a great extent, today’s refugees are either refugees-of-convenience, solely seeking a better economic life; or hybrid-refugees, where economics plays a major role, if parasitic to turmoil, in their decision to flee their native lands.

The present refugee situation in Europe, accentuated by the reality of terrorism, brings to the surface the undercurrents of the immigrant-refugee problem which has been simmering for two generations, and has now reached the boiling point.  In general, we could say that Europe has had mixed success Europeanizing a flood of immigrants, almost exclusively Muslim, with deep-rooted cultural and spiritual traditions.  [Muslims in Europe represent 6 percent of the population versus 1 percent in the US.]

Although with different ingredients and a presumed more welcoming melting pot, a similar problem has been simmering in the US; a problem brought to a boil by the joint corporate-political adoption of globalization, and its Farragut-style motto of “damn the middle class, big profits ahead.”  

Contamination of terms, blamable in part to the media, has created much confusion in how transient people are catalogued: migrants, immigrants, refugees, or economic squatters… all too often interchangeably.  Traditional refugees seeking both protection and shelter still do exist, but they represent a small share of the self-declared refugee population queuing entry to Europe, where documentation is a necessity to work; or to the US, where documentation enforcement to work has had no better chance of success than the metrication Jimmy Carter envisioned in the 1970’s.  [“Metric” was tabbed by much of the conservative-right in the 1970’s as Communist with the same fervor as they now deny climate change or see man as a six millennia ago creation.]

Take our case in the US where 3 to 5 percent of the population is in the country lacking appropriate documentation, economic refugees tagged as “illegals.”  And we could add another 1 to 2 percent as documented-offspring with undocumented family ties.

In the past, the US had the economic capacity and social experience to absorb and post-facto legalize a high percentage of these economic refugees… with only a slight impact, economic or cultural, on the general population.  The formal adoption of globalization, however, has drastically and terminally changed all that.  For several generations, migrant labor, documented or not, had filled just about all jobs in agriculture and the bottom tier of low paid service tasks.  Americans happily welcomed Latin migrants, mostly Mexican, documented or not, to fill these jobs.  However, during the past three decades, as globalization marched towards its apogee, that axiomatic contention that “illegals” are just solely doing those jobs that Americans do not want to do is quickly turning into a myth.

Globalization has resulted in the loss of millions of well-paid manufacturing jobs, we are well aware of it; but undocumented labor flooding the country also has had a significant impact on both wages and the loss of jobs, or opportunity for jobs, by American-born.  Of course, there are no statistics to prove such contention, but I, like many others, have evidenced first hand such claims during my business career, particularly in the building trades. It’s no secret in the construction industry that smaller and mid-size contractors in most trades prefer hiring, even training, Mexicans with “counterfeit documentation” over their legal countrymen.  Why?  No; not because of lower wages since contractors comply with standard hourly scales, but because of overall performance (output), not just in quantity but quality as well.  And that make the contractors more competitive and profitable.

Trump’s clownish proposal to build a wall bordering Mexico to secure legal entry into the US is an affront to the intelligence of the American electorate that only a bully-charlatan would make.  The reason there are millions of undocumented workers in the country is a reflection of Americans’ greed, and not the foreign workers’ criminality.  Truth be said, many businesses as well as individuals prefer to keep things as they are as long as there is economic gain for them, never mind that eventually we will all be asked to pay the piper.  Immigration reform in the US is an easily solvable national problem, but one that politicians of the Tweedledee-Tweedledum variety are unwilling to tackle because of personal (or party) selfishness.

Conservative Republicans and Conservatives-a-little-less Democrats, having failed to tackle Immigration Reform prior to the 2016 presidential election, might have written their own epitaphs, paving the way for someone like Donald Trump to come to the Inaugural Ball wearing a Republican mask.

As ridiculous as Trump’s Southern Wall might appear to the average mind, it is no more ridiculous, or unwise, than the present lack of an enforceable immigration policy… just like all other developed nations have.  Control of the borders could become the critical issue deciding the 2016 presidential election… and Donald J. Trump is counting on it.

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Seek_Truth's picture

The ZWO is being exposed as the enemy they are- and people are awakening.

"So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known." - Matthew 10:36

Supernova Born's picture

So is the author's statement (in italics below):



"Trump’s clownish proposal to build a wall bordering Mexico to secure legal entry into the US is an affront to the intelligence of the American electorate that only a bully-charlatan would make."

philipat's picture

A soveriegn state must have borders. I'm not sure which part of "Illegal aliens" these folks struggle to understand?

The other problem here is that the NWO agenda is reaching the point of pushback from we the people. Brexit was a good example. If they want to keep pushing they will now see incresing pushback because we the people have had enough.

NidStyles's picture

Notice the rating system was quietly removed from ZH shortly after the change over to the new interface.


I bet the listing algorithms for the front page were changed as well...

SWRichmond's picture

+1.  This author's contention that illegals are hired because of quality is ridiculous.  They are hired because they are cheap, and especially because they can be fired for any reason at any time and they won't file labor grievances, wont cause the employer higher unemployment insurance rates, and so on.

In other words, the American regulatory state makes American labor uncompetitively expensive and risky.

bamawatson's picture

they cleaned my yard spec
and span

N2OJoe's picture

A wall may or may not do the trick but it's really just an obstacle, not an actual barrier and anyway there's really no need for such a thing. Stop giving free shit to any of them for any reason.

1) Give the border patrol orders to "hold the line" AKA no one crosses for ANY reason and use of force is authorized. They can turn around or be put down.

2) Wait a couple months.

3) Analyze data on number of illegal crossings and be amazed at their nonexistence.

BP refuses to fire on invaders? Hire family of innocent victims killed/maimed/kidnapped by illegal aliens and anchor babies to replace them.

4) Enjoy restoration of the rule of law.

TheReplacement's picture

Your point on ending the welfare state is exactly on point.  Illegals who come here and are productive we can live with.  Illegals who come here and eat at our productivity are parasites.  Parasites always make the host weaker in some way or another.

IF welfare is to exist it should be voluntary and localized.  If I can afford it, I will not let my neighbor starve.  Sadly, my taxes eat my excess so I will have to let my neighbor starve.  The system is perfectly designed to self destruct while making the ruling class richer and more powerful and it is working exactly as designed. 

Bad Attitude's picture

Even the "productive" illegals are a net drain on our society. While the illegal worker may make the business that hires him more profitable, he drives [badly] with no automobile insurance, when he needs medical care he shows up at the local ER with no expectation of ever paying for the services, his children cost more to educate in our "free" schools, and he pays no taxes beyond those imposed at the point of sale. I could go on.

The author's statement that illegals produce quality work is bovine fecies. I've seen their "quality" first hand - they do the absolute minimum necessary to get by.

Forward (over the cliff)!

TheReplacement's picture

I also noticed he implied that the problem is not illegals but Americans being greedy.  Was he referring to the employers or the unemployed Americans?

Fuck this guy sideways with a Billary.

philipat's picture

A soveriegn state must have borders. I'm not sure which part of "Illegal aliens" these folks struggle to understand?

The other problem here is that the NWO agenda is reaching the point of pushback from we the people. Brexit was a good example. If they want to keep pushing they will now see incresing pushback because we the people have had enough.

The biggest resistance to the NWO agenda is National boundaries and a national identity, which is what they are trying to destroy. At the same time, their economic agenda is to destroy the middle class and take all remaining stores of wealth for themselves. Whilst the average Joe might not yet recognise or understand their agenda, there is, however, a general understanding that "something is wrong" and this is what is resulting in the pushback. So this is the "let them eat cake" moment approaching for Western society and, unfotunately, like in France, the modern oligarchs are so removed from we the people that they cannot see what is happeneing. So the outcomes are likely to be similar.

Sorry for the repeated text. The Edit time is fierce today?

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

A soveriegn state must have borders. I'm not sure which part of "Illegal aliens" these folks struggle to understand?

They don't struggle to understand it because they don't believe in it.  These people view themselves as 'trans-nationals' or 'citizens of the world' and not citizens of a nation-state.  They believe that 'borders' and 'state sovereignty' are quaint, old-world ideas to be tossed on the ash heap of history.  In their world, there is no such thing as a border or an illegal alien because borders and illegal aliens don't exist!

We've all heard the axiom 'good fences make good neighbors.'  Well, good borders make good neighbors, too.  It's too bad that we're going to have to re-learn this.

Doom Porn Star's picture


Enforce them uniformly, without prejudice or equivocation; or change the laws.

When I break a fucking law i pay the penalty.

This must also be the case for everyone else from Obama to the child of aliens carried in illegally against their will.

Without a uniformity of application of the law there is no law; only the exertion of power or the refusal to perform sworn and paid duties.

Absolute unimpeded equal application of all law -or fuck the law entirely.  Choose.

IF the others are not expected to obey the law why should I be morally obliged -or so fucking stupid- as to do so?

Barney Fife's picture

The only way the elite would ever be able to put up a Berlin Wall was for  "the voters" to demand it.

j0nx's picture

Oh brother I made it about a paragraph in before author's bias begins to show and I couldn't in good conscience read any more. Who approves drivel from clowns like this here anyway?

drendebe10's picture

Fuk da ruling political elite. Fukemall 

doctor10's picture

All the oligarchs are trying to do at this point is stay alive. They know that seeding local terror cells will distarct the native from their own criminality

Rutalkingtome's picture

Agree but many things are rather confusing (from my point of view). Whey the rulers (in WEurope) do continue with this open border policy when they do know this will cause their fall? It seems like suicidal policy so I dont understand all this allowing all this chaos for what reason?

fleur de lis's picture

The WEuropean puppeteers know very well what they are doing.

They are trying to --

degrade and destroy the various unique European identities so as to destroy natural socio-cultural cohesion

reform and control European schools, laws, customs, religious traditions so as to change the basic family unit

force new and offensive policies involving the values passed on to children

import millions of angry, primitive, impoverished, and unassimilable Islamics to further stress the locals 

When they create the new police state of culturally disoriented populations, the Islamics will be kicked back to the desert.

The only reason they are there is to assist with the formation of the NWO system.

They are far too much trouble in every other way to have no cost benefit to the host societies.

The fact that they and their leadership are so stupid only assists the NWO and hastens their eventual and sudden return to the desert.

The NWO thinks nothing of violent attackis on their own kind to get a law or pollicy passed.

The Islamics will fare much worse.




Amun's picture

This is why there is NOT a single word about  hundreds of thousands of CHRISTIANS 

 in all of the western MSM

These monks, children, women, elderly are marching now for the third week in their thousands

and having already covered hundreds of miles:






Cloud9.5's picture

Everyone needs to understand that the current chaos is a direct result of oil depletion.  The American invasion of the Middle East, the attempted coups in Syria and the Ukraine were and are about the control of oil and natural gas.  As the oil economies of these fractured countries collapses, the pressure on indigenous populations increases.  As nations collapse, proto states evolve.   The earliest proto states were theocracies.  When hope turns to despair, people return to their faith.  People of different faiths are voting with their feet.  The balkanization is well underway.  What precedes and follows balkanization is ethnic cleansing and genocide.  Buckle up boys and girls this is going to be an interesting century.



boodles's picture

Frankly, I think they chaos is primarily cultural/religious, with the economic factors only adding fuel (oil) to this cultural fire.  Agreed that the "proto states" were tribal and religiously homogeneous, and that a return to such normalcy is in the near future.  But, really, Marx was wrong -- the superstructure is economic, the basis is culture, and not the other way around.

durablefaith's picture

The immigrants...

1) change demographic destiny

2) overwhelm the fiscal sustainability of nation states welfare programs

3) will foster unrest which can be leveraged for moar police state

In global governance 2025, the elites said the biggest risk to globalization is entropy. So they are blowing holes in our boats. There will be no return trip to "great again"

Forward global communist police state, aka, hunger games

Ace006's picture

Merkel is a committed communist still. Fake conversion.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Then you reference their manual.  Sick. 

Dead Canary's picture

Hillary's opening statement:

You dirty coppers, you'll never take me alive, see....

Sam.Spade's picture

Anyone with a set of unbiased eyes can see that it is time to stop adding raw material to our national 'melting pot' until it 'simmers' a bit.  In other words, we need to pause all immigration for a while.

NidStyles's picture

I disagree, we should ramp immigration up. Ramp it up negatively, and start sending some of these fuckers back to where there came from.

Sam.Spade's picture

If you are talking illegals ('undocumented', for those of you who like to use new-speak), then, yes, you are right.  If you are talking temporary work visas, then we should not renew them.  If you are talking tourist or student visas, then we should welcome them as long as they leave when their visas are up.

Ace006's picture

A while=100 years, with immediate, massive deportations.

Here2Go's picture
Here2Go (not verified) Jul 25, 2016 3:23 AM

Vote Tammany!

pitz's picture

Refugees, providing they're legitimately screened, aren't the problem.


"Guest workers", on H-1B, L-1, and OPT visas are the huge elephant in the room, suppressing the wages and political power of STEM workers.  Thus leaving bankster scum to clean up with their positioning in assets which benefit from low-growth and deflation, such as bonds, real estate, and government subsidies.

If you look at the Senate and Congress, they are overwhelmingly non-STEM educated.  Most are lawyers.  Lawyers are in charge of most government departments, even those which regulate scientific activities.  Put STEM trained people into positions of prominence and power, and you'll definitely see a return to rationality and growth.  A cornerstone of this is the cancellation of the H-1B, L-1, and OPT visas.

Supernova Born's picture

Refugees and/or H-1Bs and their families (or similar programs in other nations) can and are overwhelming many nations. Both issues are a problem.


drendebe10's picture

"Kill all the lawyers."  Shakespeare 

Ace006's picture

That line was in the context of killing the people who would insist on the rule of law. See <a href="https://en.m.wikiquote.org/wiki/Lawyers">Wikipedia</a>

Lordflin's picture

That is correct... because STEM trained people put their pants on starting with the other leg...

Are you kidding me?? There is as much corruption in the sciences and technical fields as any other sector of society. Damn all self appointed experts!

If we have a prayer... and personally I don't believe that we do short of a total reset...it is a return to local control and sound money. To hell with STEM, they are a primary cause for our coming collapse...

And as a disclaimer I despise attorneys, and I am a retired chemistry teacher with two daughters... one starting work on her PhD in biology and the other off to medical school. I have a passion for what the sciences were, or were perceived to be... but definitely not what they have become.

If you are looking for the sciences or those scientifically trained to save us you are either an insider or a fool.

Cardinal Fang's picture

Wow. Thought the same thing. This guy obviously never worked with PhDs...what did Buckley say? He'd rather be ruled by the first 500 names in the Boston phone book than the faculty at Harvard?

boodles's picture

We don't need any more "refugees" ... period.  We're saturated.  Overwhelmed.  We need to send them back to where they should be -- their homelands -- and take care of our own citizens.

Trump is right about this, at least -- America(ns) First.



vulcanraven's picture

Progressives will whimper "Americans won't do the jobs that illegals currently fill", well I can speak from first hand experience. I traded a 40/hr corporate desk job for a more physical labor intensive role for far less than the hourly wage I am accustomed to and it has awakened my spirits like wildfire. Never again will I comingle with executive middle management office dwelling ass lickers. Working outdoors, sweating and getting my hands dirty has been medicine for the soul. As a side perk, I feel my entrepreneurial side resurrecting again.... I know there is a shit sandwich coming down the pike, but I haven't felt so alive in 20 years.

It's never too late to switch careers.

freedogger's picture

Me too! It was glorious while it lasted. Today I'm going back to a new office job. Sucks.

Storm Chaser's picture

The author misses the point.  The phenomenon is by design, not by accident or neglect.

ThanksChump's picture

The author missed all of the points, except acknowledgement of the rise in populism.


This was written by the intellectual equivalent of a cockroach.

o r c k's picture

My pet cockroach just went to his safe-space.

Pumpkin's picture

Really.  It is all about the satanic NWO.

Duc888's picture



"Where in the past refugees were assumed to be fleeing turmoil – war, political oppression, religious persecution, or even some major natural disaster – in most cases restricted to a locale, region or nation; such clarity is no longer evident."


Bullshit.  Stop bombing the fuck out of countries and overthrowing legitimate leaders like we've been doing for the last 30 years and then get back to me.

Vegetius's picture

Flawed thinking in this piece, the blame the Far Right.

Pim Fortuyn was one of the first European Politicians to demand change to the immigration system in Europe. This Dutch politician was a civil servant and Professor.  However, that is not the real story Pim was an openly gay man who's policial beliefs had been from the extreme left. When he formed his party Pims List  in 2002 he was viewed by the Elite at first with amusement and then with alarm. The big problem with Pim was he could not be labeled as this author has done as an extremist from the Far Right, code for Nazi.

Pim Fortuyn was murdered in 2002, even though he had received multiple death threats the state refused to protect him.  The man who shot dead this Dutch gay politician was freed in May 2014.

Even today Pim is called a Far Right extremist an obvious lie to anyone who knows his background. Pim Fortuyn knew his life was in danger and in one of his last interviews mentioned this.


The picture MSM wishes to project is of a Racist Far Right threat, not of Nationalists wishing to protect their homeland and way of life. The use of migrants to drive down wages and living conditions is a very profitable business and one as Pim found out people are willing to kill to preserve

FrankDrakman's picture

From the article:

"Why?  No; not because of lower wages since contractors comply with standard hourly scales, but because of overall performance (output), not just in quantity but quality as well [by undocumented Mexican workers, rather than Americans].  And that make the contractors more competitive and profitable."

So,US companies hire Mexican labour because the Mexicans do better quality work, faster than Americans? 

I have no idea if this is actually true, but if it is, I have a lot less sympathy for the Americans who "lost" their jobs. Guys undercutting you on price is one thing, but if another guy offers better quality work for the same price, that's just the competition that I thought America was built on. 

nickt1y's picture

The quality is not there. there may be a few craftsmen among them but all the contactors want is speed and minimal quality workmanship. I work for a company that uses mexiclones and quality work is not a priority.

NidStyles's picture

Proof in point 99% of the houses built in Phoenix over the past 20 years are utter garbage and most are already falling apart after 10 years. It's not unheard of to see a house in PHX that is 10 years old with a sagging roof and cracked foundation already.

It's sadder considering they are asking upwards of 200k for those piles of shit as well, and the morons are paying it....

Zero Point's picture

Where's MDB.... Er... I mean Lars Eric?