"Bedlam" As Wasserman Schultz Boo'd, Heckled Off Stage By DNC Delegates

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Not the greatest start to Hillary's homecoming week. Outgoing Democratic Party chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was booed and heckled at a Florida delegate breakfast, with attendees shouting "shame."



As The Hill reports, Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was repeatedly interrupted and booed Monday as she sought to speak to Florida's delegation.

The Florida lawmaker, who will resign after this week's convention in response to the disclosure of emails that showed top members of the DNC working to boost Hillary Clinton's primary bid, had to strain her voice to yell over the flurry of protestors who showed up to interrupt her speech.


"We need to make sure we move together in a unified way," she said over shouts from the crowd.


As she spoke, people stood on chairs holding up signs that said "emails," "No!," and "Thanks for the 'help,' Debbie."


The heckling didn't stop even as Wasserman Schultz mentioned last night's shooting in Fort Meyers, Florida, that left two dead and more than a dozen injured.


Wasserman Schutz was defiant, insisting that she would remain for the entire convention.


"We know the voices in this room that are standing up and being disruptive, that’s not the Florida we know. The Florida we know is united, the Florida we know will continue to create jobs.”

Yet the remarkable scene raised more questions about the wisdom of having Wasserman Schultz gavel the convention in and out.

"Bedlam" breaks out...



Unity? Just wait until DWS' replacement, Donna Brazile, takes the stage with the same baggage.

The ending was just as calamitous:

It was unclear if she was escorted out to shouts of "Goldman Sachs."

And with The Democrats rapidly losing the narrative, Clinton campaign manager Bobby Mook was dispatched to Bloomberg.


An "angry mob"? Like the DNC delegates above you mean?

Trump, of course, is not shy about chiming in...

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TradingIsLifeBrah's picture
TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) Jul 25, 2016 9:38 AM

Democrats, party of peace

jcaz's picture

Welcome to Hillary In Charge.

This will be just another day.

pods's picture

Well, they aren't talking about Hillary and how she should be in prison?

And nobody had to die. I would say that is positive.


jcaz's picture

...It's early in the day, pods, lol.

BaBaBouy's picture

Democrat Party Banana Convention ~~~

JRobby's picture

But this was to be the "positive message" convention????

Vote for Hillary's experience! Use of public office for favors to the highest bidder is economically sound and will help us all!

SofaPapa's picture

So there may be hope.  The natives are finally beginning to get restless.

For myself, I had an eye-opener last night when I went and looked at Huma Abedin's background, following the tip of a commenter here on zh yesterday.  A lot of things gelled, none surprising, but with a sharper clearer focus than before.  Long story short, the old narrative was that the Bushes were beholden to the oil interests, and the Clintons to the tech/banking interests.  Read about Abedin.  Christ, just read her wikipedia page.  Her background is not a secret.

In particular, it puts a nice exclamation point on the reasons that US policy in the middle east is Saudi policy in the middle east.  No change from Bush to Obama to Clinton.  It's all the same.

In general, this example is the perfect one to show that they are all the same people.  Banking/oil/tech/government.  It's all the same people.  There is zero difference.

Again, this is not really a surprise, given that the Bushes and the Clintons are personally friendly (again not hidden, look it up, MSM sources even if you like), but it provided a nice neat bow on the package for me.

But based on the reaction to DWS, more and more are waking up to this.  Let's hope it's in time to save a little of what once remained to make us proud.

mtl4's picture

Cheers, time for some fresh squeezed orange juice!

Pairadimes's picture

I'm reminded of the old saying. "no honor among thieves."

Lacking any shared principles, party politics has become a sordid game of king of the hill, played by the rules described in "Lord of the Flies".

If you fall, you are eaten by the other players, and the game goes on.

Hopeless for Change's picture

I think we can officially call this whole "Democratic Party" thingy an absolute failure.

WordSmith2013's picture

Wasserman Shultz and Clinton are both toast!




DNC Chair Resigns in Disgrace! Convention in Pandemonium! Clinton Coronation Ruined! Will Sanders Revolt?
HowdyDoody's picture

Hilary Clinton is physically unfit to be anything other than a resident of a care(less) home.  Look at this video where she has a seizure. At 0:14 she actually morphs into Margaret Thatcher, the Original Iron Lady (TM). It is totally scary that she might have control of US nukes.



MisterMousePotato's picture

The fuck you talkin' 'bout? Sanders has endorsed her (i.e., She's The Greatest!!!).


Oh, yeah. He probably didn't know about any of this until Putin/Trump told him.


His supporters, as well as all Democrats generally, are so fucking stupid that none of this will make any difference.


So what? So she's a lying, cheating, deceitful bitch? So what?


If you don't know who Alcee Hastings is, stop. Take a minute. Google him. So you can truly grasp the depths of depravity represented by the Democrat voter.

So It Goes's picture


I just took your advice and began reading about Alcee Hastings

I'm having PTSD - thanks alot :(

I lived in Washington, DC under the administration of Marion Barry.  What a nightmare.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Liberals in the DNC have lied and manipulated the system for years. Their dirty deeds are coming back to bite them. Yes, the party of the common people or more like the common idiot.

Decay is Constant's picture

In the game of thrones, you either win or you die.

Ms. Erable's picture

Shit. It's not even noon here, and I need to go on another beer and popcorn run.

bamawatson's picture

liberal bitches literally eat their own

cheech_wizard's picture

When Democrats and Liberals eat their own, it truly is the best entertainment.

Standard Disclaimer: If there was a time to splurge, this might be it.  http://www.bercospopcorn.com/billion-dollar-popcorn-1/ (garnished with 23-karat edible gold flakes!)


True Blue's picture

I really do not want to have to put the metal detector on the toilet again...

IAmStrider's picture

Unless they've been aborted before they could see the light of day.

halfasleep's picture

you can't just call someone a Mook

MsCreant's picture

With that list of comments?

What a Mook!

El Oregonian's picture


"Hillary, Kaine is not Able!"

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture


Crooked old crone needs a Kaine.

Koch-Kaine, a ticket even the Bernouts can support.

Clinton/Kaine, because real men follow behind a crooked woman.

Here2Go's picture

They're not 'BOOING', they're yellin' 'Joooo Joooo Joooo'!

JRobby's picture

Oh like when Bill & W were down in Haiti together and W wiped his "contaminated" hand on Bill's back?


A littly too close to the rabble for W. The Bush's specialize in war crimes and assasinations from the comfort of well secured compounds.

toady's picture

Agreed, and the Clintons are polar opposites, they'll stuck their dick in anything, no matter how contaminated. 

pods's picture

I have found that if you can look at it in terms of debt creation it all comes together.
That is why when we invaded Iraq, the MIC cheerleaders would defend the invasion by saying "we didn't take their oil."

Sure, but we made them price and trade it in the USD.

Every geo-political cesspool since Bretton Woods broke down can be tracked back to the exchange of the USD.
Everything with China, Saudi Arabia, everything is about opening up new markets for stuffing USD in.

The only thing that matters is that the debt increases, secondarily is that the debt increases while the majority of the created debt leaves the nation so that inflation doesn't destroy the system from within.

Good that you see some of the scabs on the players, but don't lose the forest for trees.  


SofaPapa's picture

I 100% agree, and I appreciate the reminder.  Cheers.

HalinCA's picture

Pods .... dont forget that most important second "C" in MIC:

As Ike originally wrote:


VinceFostersGhost's picture



Well.....isn't this just fun!

Never One Roach's picture

Bernie Sanders supporters see they have been completely deceived and cheated by an intentional evil plot by Hillary and her Gang. Add the fact the platform has no one, not a soul who represents Bernie's ideas of job creation, no TPP, decrease military spending, helping the middle class, etc and they are fuming.


The present Gang of Hillary Thugs only represents three groups as proven by their records:


1) Wall Street bankers;

2) the MIC; and

3) the lower class of poor BLM blacks and welfare dregs.


Hillery does not represent the middle class in any way shape or form like Bernie did. If these bernie supporters want to keep their jobs they would switch to Trump who is more aligned with their views. Not perfect for them but a heck alot closer then Crooked Hillary and the DNC.

SofaPapa's picture

And yet, in the end, Bernie threw his support behind ... ... Hillary!

There should be some serious soul-searching going on in the formerly Bernie camp.  This sewer is never-ending.

Vatican_cameo's picture


They should have brought in Vince McMahon and turned this into a Pay-per-view Event.  Everyone wants front row seats for this Clusterfuck.


"Kaine and Unable 2016"

glenlloyd's picture

If I were Bernie I'd be withdrawing my support and raising a huge stink about the fraud committed by DWS and the DNC.

Of course so far we're not hearing about anything from DOJ or any investigation into the fact that DNC violated the law, that would be too much to ask.

It's amazing to me that even when we out in flyover country know about it the FBI / DOJ pretend like nothing happened, or that it was nothing but rumor.

jcaz's picture

Yeah, he would have done that, had he not already cashed the Clinton Foundation check.

Bernie isn't stupid- it's just business, and he got paid.

Here2Go's picture
Here2Go (not verified) glenlloyd Jul 25, 2016 4:10 PM

"If I were Bernie I'd be withdrawing my support and raising a huge stink about the fraud committed by DWS and the DNC"


Well, you're NOT Bernie...


& what Bernie will do (like all jews would do), is take the huge cash payout, retire, & probably evoke his dual passport priviledges at some point.


Just another day in the life... Outrage is for goys.

Boxed Merlot's picture

Pay-per-view Event...


What do you suppose commercial time costs for this event on the networks?  What significance should be paid to those firms willing to hock their wares buying it?

booboo's picture

" the Florida we know will continue to create jobs"
Libtards have such a limited vocabulary that the canned phrases they throw out when pressured are done so without regard to context.
It's like when one of them are mugged they would start blurting out "continue to create jobs for American workers and protect the environment while protecting women"

847328_3527's picture
Obama Denies Reported Chaos at DNC



Liar, deranged or stupid?

Socratic Dog's picture

Offhand, I'd suggest that if you replaced the word "muslim" with the word "jewish" in her background, you'd get something indistinguishable from the story behind maybe 40% of the staffers in Washington.  And perhaps a whole lot less go-zio than what those bastards are.

She grew up, partly, in Saud Arabia.  The saudis are our useful idiots in the ME.  We guarantee them protection, they give us the petrodollar and all the oil we want.  Who do you think might have come out ahead in that deal?  Yepp, the mafia.

Although I have a sneaking suspicion that the gold in Fort Knox went to/is going to, not the Chinese, but to the Saudis, as part of that deal.  That would make the deal a bit more useful for the Saudis.

She was a Clinton staffer during the 90's.  Have to wonder what she knows about the Clinton body count, about Clinton/CIA ties, about Clinton/Al Qaida ties.  Which brings up 9/11.

Still, I'd do her.  Guess I'd make sure I had a gun under the pillow.

WordSmith2013's picture


DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is in serious trouble
which means Hillary Clinton is in serious trouble ... with the voters!




Conspiracy to Fix the Democratic Primary Blows Up The Nominating Convention
Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

A few days ago these same people would have shouted "conspiracy theorist" at anyone who dared insinuate the political process is hopelessly corrupt... despite overwhelming evidence in favor of that logical conclusion.

I wouldn't get too excited about "people waking up" at these conventions because anyone who believes in the political process at this point is a fucking nutter. Can anyone think of a problem that was solved by a pen recently? I can't. But I can think of a lot that was solved by guns.

PTR's picture

...anyone who believes in the political process at this point is a fucking nutter. 


It's nice to see the shoe on the other foot.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Gee, about fucking time you woke up.  This was very clear in the 70's.  Next go read Confessions of an Economic Hitman.  King Dollar!

fishpoem's picture

It gets even better. Billary's closest aide/lover is hooked up with a terrorist network. Sound like science fiction? Check this out:

28 Pages Suggest Huma-Connected Group Funded Terrorism


I mean seriously, WTF!!!