Dallas Fed Outlook Contracts For 19th Straight Month With Wages Crashing To Sept 2013 Lows

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For the 19th week in a row, it appears low oil prices are not "unequivocally good" for the Dallas Fed region. Despite surging from -18.3 to -1.8 (beating expectations by 3 standard deviations) we note that wages tumbled on the month (to lowest since Sept 2013), as did prices received. The biggest driver of the bounce appears to be 'hope' about the future new orders growth rate (20.3 to 34.7)...

Dallas Fed bounced to its highest since Dec 2014... but remains in contraction


As Wages drop to Sept 2013 lows...


Charts: Bloomberg

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RawPawg's picture

Smells like 20k Dow

btw..i'll keep stacking,muddafukahs

Ghost of Porky's picture

They ain't gonna let this thing tank on Barry's watch.


lasvegaspersona's picture

The market fot 'outlook' is strong. Without that vital substance the 'confidence' industry would tank.

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Let's face it - the Plebs are cheering as they are printed into servitude.  People are stupid and deserve to have their 401k's clubbed like a Baby Seal.

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And yet stock prices are headed to the moon.  No profits needed...