Turkey Launches Investigation Of "Losers" Who Claim Coup Was A Hoax

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Not content with implementing a state of emergency which has given Erdogan unlimited powers to continue an unprecedented purge of political enemies which has seen over 60,000 workers sacked, over 13,000 arrested, among them soldiers, judges, prosecutors, teachers, deans, hospital workers, and as of today, 42 journalists, in the aftermath of the staged failed coup, which also includes the closure and seizure of 1,043 private schools, 1,229 charities and foundations, 19 trade unions, 15 universities and 35 hospitals Turkey's latest target are those who refuse to question the official script.

As AP reports, Turkish prosecutors are now investigating people who have alleged on social media and elsewhere that a July 15 coup attempt was a hoax carried out by the government, the country’s justice minister said Sunday, reflecting a farcical crackdown on free speech.

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said in an interview with Turkey’s Kanal 7 television station Sunday that anyone who suggests the coup attempt was staged likely had a role in the insurrection, which was defeated by loyalist forces and pro-government protesters. There has been some internet speculation that Erdogan engineered the unrest in order to rally support and thereby increase his power, a conspiracy theory rejected by the government and most commentators on Turkey’s recent turbulence.

“Just look at the people who are saying on social media that this was theater, public prosecutors are already investigating them. Most of them are losers who think it is an honor to die for Fethullah Gulen’s command,” Bozdag said.

Turkey also said it plans to hire more than 20,000 teachers to replace those who have been fired in a purge of suspected coup plotters in schools and other institutions. Education Minister Ismet Yilmaz said the new teachers will replace state educators who have been dismissed as well as teachers in private schools with alleged links to Fethullah Gulen, a U.S.-based cleric who has denied Turkish accusations that he directed the coup attempt that killed about 290 people. One can only imagine the educational "slant" that will be part of the new educational curriculum.

In other crackdown measures, Turkey has disbanded the presidential guard after already detaining nearly 300 unit members suspected of plotting against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and authorities detained Muhammet Sait Gulen, a nephew of the cleric who lives in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania.

Turkey has declared a three-month state of emergency to restore security following the coup attempt, granting Erdogan the power to impose decrees without parliamentary approval. More than 13,000 people, including nearly 9,000 soldiers, 2,100 judges and prosecutors and 1,485 police, have been detained, according to the president.

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Lorca's Novena's picture

So, all of the innocent school teachers, lawyers, doctors, women and children are Losers as well? People who say fuck you to sharia are Losers? This Erdogan guy needs the Ghadaffi treatment, and soon.

HyeM's picture

Amen to that Novena....but the Ghadaffi treatment should be handed down not just to erdogan, but also to the savage, opportunistic, mercliess henchmen "followers" of his sick ideology.

Heavy's picture

NATO and EU approve of this type of "government" abroad... and at home

Ghost of Porky's picture

Caterpillar stock spiking upward on all the mass graves Erdogan will be digging.

pods's picture

What good is all the power if he can't use it?

His head will be on a pole soon enough. 

As for the coup being a CIA thing, Turkey has been neck deep in CIA crap for a while. Rat Line anyone?

ISIS oil?

If the CIA wanted to whack him, he would have been dead.


Panem et Circus's picture

CIA is most likely propping him up. Looks to me like it's in "US Interests" to keep him in command, for now at least. The west will continue to turn a blind eye as long as he makes the spices flow, and puts up a good show about keeping our proxy war in Syria with the Ruskies burning.

Keyser's picture

He even looks a little like Hitler... 

WTFRLY's picture

But Erdopig still can't find the ways that Islamic State is using Turkey to help their cause. If there is one person that deserves Gaddafi's fate, it's him.

Never One Roach's picture

I worked one summer in a max security prison as a college student and got to see some of those serial killers. he has that same glow in his eyes. It might be cataracts but I think not.


Secular Turks better get out in a hurry if they can.

Itinerant's picture

Of course this is theatre. This business with F16's shooting at helicopters and flying over Ankara, bombing Parliament -- that has nothing to do with seizing power. The coupists narrowly missed capturing Erdogan at a number of locations (he has Allah on his side) and there are reports of F16's locking onto to his plane but deciding not to shoot down God's messenger. The coup is very real, but it is a coup by Erdogan who is not far removed from the jihadi's in ISIL and the Saudi's: they all want Sharia and government by God, represented by ...

r0mulus's picture

"Democracy is on the march!"

Stainless Steel Rat's picture
Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) HyeM Jul 25, 2016 9:01 AM

Correction: "refuse to not question the official script."

Omen IV's picture

Erdogon is going after Gulen loyalists - clean out the stronghold of his Madrass and Charter Schools which he has in the 100's throughout Turkey

Gulen in PA. is USA sponsored which is why Erdogon is focused and ahead of the curve with the lists compiled of Traitors - the rot is in the military / judiciary / education /  administrators - all must go -  eliminate their income and socialization -put an X on their forehead for all to see

sun tzu's picture

Erdogan himself is a muslim jihadist. It's simply two jihadist groups fighting for power. Erdo staged a fake coup as a checkmate to wipe out secularists and other opponents.

Panem et Circus's picture

It's April 24, 1915 all over again.

HyeM's picture

yup...it sure is.

in April 24, 1915...the turks first started with rounding up and executing Armenian intellectuals and community leaders, then they disarmed the Armenians, and then it was a genocide that wiped out 2/3 of all Armenians in that blood soaked country. they have perfected their brutality over the years, with decades of experience on the kurds, and recently organizing and supporting ISIS.

sun tzu's picture

Ghadaffi was a secularist and NATO had him killed and replaced by their ISIS lapdogs

Omen IV's picture

as pointed out by another poster:



the truth is coming out - USA / Obama was desperate to stop the reproachment with Russia & Syria - they acted  with Gulen people before they had their act together -  must be Debbie  - DWS - Managed

Heavy's picture

doesnt pass the laugh test, I dont doubt their likely presence but their purpose was likely much different

Omen IV's picture

you are NAIVE in the extreme


dirty tricks come in various flavors whether DNC or CIA


ask Daniel Segretti or Snowden or Perkins or Binney

Vageling's picture

Bellingcat as a source? Yeah... I really trust that basement fraud. He's been debunked. 

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

It seems there was US involvement, and at the same time, it is clear there were no real attempts to eliminate or capture Erdogan.  So I am leaning towards it was meant to:

1) Coup at first glance.  Duh.  The troops even tell the civilians "Its a coup.  Go home"  (which is crazy, wouldn't you want popular support for your coup?  Plus, people don't like being told what to do, so telling people to go home is a good way to get lots of people on the streets!  So it seems to me this is just the first layer of this 'coup'.

2)  But it was a fake coup, because Erdogan was never in danger.  As suggested by the purges that are now coming thick and fast.

3)  But did Erdogan plan the fake coup?  Or was it planned with US/Gulen, and they possibly even warned Erdogan (Erdogan intelligence agents uncover a coup attempt, basically)  And then makes Erdogan look back, for 'faking a coup just to crackdown on dissidents'?

So this coup was like a trial run, with the end result of popular support surging for a coup against Erdogan, in the future?

sun tzu's picture

Wow idiots still believe it was a real coup and Erdo was never targeted for arrest or death. LMAO

Vageling's picture

He spent time in jail already. He was also banned for life being a public servant. What happened? Justice party eh? Guess he purged and arrested the judges who sentenced him back then too! How dare they! He sure is laughing his ass of! 


Yet there he is! A power hungry president connected with the Muslim brotherhood destroying the seculair state. 

"Our minarets are our bayonets, Our domes are our helmets, Our mosques are our barracks. We will put a final end to ethnic segregation. No one can ever intimidate us." 

Yup... He's out to spread Islam. 

Peter Pan's picture

If human stupdity had any limits it would be treatable.

I am quite enjoying seeing Erdogan flaunt his stupidity although I pity his victims.

Vageling's picture

Well good luck with that! You see... First, fuck Gulen. Don't even care about the fucker! Second, I'm not in Turkey and you fuckers have no jurisdiction where I live.  

Oh and Erdogan... You are a dangerous man. I have no problem with it if somebody gives you some extra "breathing" holes. And that will happen. Keep angering your own citizens. Your fan base will decrease eventually because when your economy goes to hell moar and moar people will start questioning WTF you are doing. 

And FUCK YOU dumb Europeans that still go to that shitty place for vacation. Have fun in a cell! Erdogan just told you that if you question his narrative he'll jail you. Now sit on that for a while! 

Kina's picture

Pol Pot got rid of the teachers, lawyers, doctors...anybody with an education (brain)

This Erdogan cunt trying the same trick, get rid of anybody with a brain.  

I suspect Erdogan the moment he isn't a useful idiot despot for the US will become a dead despot at the hands of the CIA.

Malus's picture

 Install Pinochet, er I mean Saddam, no no, thats not it. Install Erdogan, yeah thats the ticket. I would hope that if a purge like Erodogans were to break out in America, that it wouldn't be as successful as it "appears" to be in Turkey. I guess Turkey will be the newest member of the legion of axis. Another useless country to keep the fear in check......

Vageling's picture

Ah... I see we got a AKP troll here. Fuck you too! And your fucking insane president! No downvote will change that idiot! 

EDIT: There are four fags that after just sucking of Edrogan went on the mission. 

snakehead's picture

The MSM keeps the demonization of Gulen going, without having a clue.  The Erdo-Gulen war started when Gulen's peeps exposed Erdo's vast corruption, and continued to do so. That's why he's desperate to stomp them out, no matter what the cost to Turks.

TradingIsLifeBrah's picture
TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) Jul 25, 2016 9:06 AM

I'm sure the people will get a fair trial to explain their comments... 

Vageling's picture

Justice and development party my ass! 

"Founded in 2001 by members of a number of existing conservative parties, the party has won pluralities in the five most recent legislative elections, those of 200220072011June 2015, and November 2015, winning 34.3%, 46.6%, 49.8%, 40.9%, and 49.5% respectively. The party held a majority of seats for 13 years, but lost it in June 2015, only to regain it in the snap election of November 2015. Its electoral success has been mirrored in the three local elections held since the party's establishment, coming first with 41.7%, 38.4% and 42.9% in 20042009 and 2014 respectively."

"Controversies over whether the party remains committed to secular principles enshrined in the Turkish constitution despite their Islamist origins have dominated Turkish politics since 2002 and has resulted in numerous unsuccessful closure cases.[16] Critics have accused the AKP of having a 'hidden agenda' despite their public endorsement of secularism and the party maintains informal relations and support for the Muslim Brotherhood."

"Nationwide protests broke out against the alleged authoritarianism of the AKP in 2013, with the party's heavy-handed response receiving international condemnation and stalling the party's once championed EU accession negotiations.[23][24] Since then, the party has brought about tighter regulations on internet useabortion and alcohol consumption, having temporarily blocked access to Twitter and YouTube in March 2014.[25][26][27][28][29]Especially after the government corruption scandal involving several AKP ministers in 2013, the party has been increasingly accused of crony capitalism.[30][31][32] The AKP favours a strong centralised leadership, having long advocated a presidential system of government and significantly reduced the number of elected local government positions in 2013.[33]"

Yeah... I see what is going on. You ain't fooling me. Loadz of controversion during the latest snap elections too. Cars running around with no plates stealing ballots. 


km4's picture

Turkey’s Coup Plotters are Members of NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps and CIA-Gulen network https://youtu.be/_KAxjZWy-Lk via #Newsbud @sibeledmonds and exposes role of CIA-Gulen network. Makes US mainstream media look like lame asses and lap dogs 

snakehead's picture

Deposing Erdo wouldn't have been a bad thing for Turks and Kurds. He's been pushing Turkey towards his "executive presidency" for years. What you see now is what you get with Erdo.

sun tzu's picture

Stupid. NATO would have killed him. It was s staged coup

Aubiekong's picture

And how many USA tax dollars do we send Turkey each year?  How many US weapons do we give them?  Why?

ToSoft4Truth's picture

The new teachers will work at a lower rate.  Erdogan is a visionary. 

quadraspleen's picture

Investigate me. here I am

Pieter Bruegel the Elder's picture

The ministry of truth demands that the truth is known.

cosimdm's picture

  I read an item in today's BARRONS that said several accounts bought puts  on the Turkey ETF right before the coup started.  Coincidence or forknowledge?

SoDamnMad's picture

Erdogen will race to beat Venezuala's Maduro in screwing up his country.  

Piranha's picture

most western democracys would do well with this kind of cleanup throughout its institution and among politicians in order to get rid of the political correct and interventionistas in our societies - a quick reboot so to say

snakehead's picture
 3h3 hours ago

Main ingredient of most bombs manufactured/used by daesh in Manbij is delivered by Turkey. V. Hoseng Hesen Hesen



SilverRaven's picture

U.S. seems a little too quiet.....
Not a place to have 50 or 1 nuclear weapon stored for that matter atm.
And be interesting to see of all the people detained/sacked, what number weren't Islamic and Sunni's just like Erdogan. I'm not saying something else is in play here.... Oh shit, yeah I am

venturen's picture

US better be careful....Obama is taking notes!

snakehead's picture

Would not be surprised much if war with Russia before the election.

Fishy Rickster's picture

Yes, let's not lose our heads over this.

WillyGroper's picture

if it's true, the elephant in the room is the 1500 hostages on the air base.

perhaps erdogan saw he was fix'n to be benghazied.