Migrant Death Toll Passes 3,000 In Mediterranean This Year (Up 50% From 2015)

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Via MiddleEastEye.net,

More than 3,000 migrants and refugees have died while trying to cross the Mediterranean this year, while nearly 250,000 have made the journey to Europe, the International Organisation for Migration has said.

The new toll was reached following the discovery of 39 bodies washed up on the coast of Libya, bringing the current number of casualties among people attempting to cross the Mediterranean to 3,034 so far in 2016, the organisation said on Tuesday.

The IOM said the 2016 death toll among refugees and migrants trying to reach Europe was "significantly higher compared to last year as of end of July 2015 when 1,917 had lost their lives at sea".

A series of shipwrecks involving larger vessels carrying several hundred people have significantly contributed to the toll, it said.

"It has proved extremely difficult to reduce the number of victims despite the constant and increased patrolling of the Mediterranean," said Flavio Di Giacomo, the IOM's spokesman.

The total number of arrivals to Europe this year was also slightly above the 2015 rate. 

Syrians fleeing the country's war again made up the largest group to have risked their lives to make the dangerous sea crossing. Afghans were next on the list, followed by Iraqis. 

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Paging MDB, time to tug on the lib heart strings of socialist propoganda again.

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Why is Europe not assisting these migrants in making a safe journey to their destination? This is what Soros has been saying all along about introducing a sensible system for housing and transporting refugees. It needs to be professional and organized - the EU need to provide safe means of transport and good quality housing, plumbing, central heating and food. America, Canada, Australia and the UK also need to do far more - these western countries are simply not pulling their weight. These are real people we're dealing with, and they deserve better.

Why Everyone needs to Study Critical Race Theory


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Need more submarines.

"Torpedo Los!"

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Headline should read:

"250,000 Invaders cross Mediterranean, only 3,000 Die"

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On a future date I look forward to this news story:

Eirik Magnus Larssen, a self professed Islam apologist and white guiltist was found beheaded after an apparent act of consensual sodomy with 6 Tunisian migrants who were living in his garage. Larssen, had posted an ad for free housing, for 'refugees only' in the local paper and on his Facebook account. In the post, Larssen noted he was open and willing to do anything to attone for his whiteness, his privalege and the foreign policy of the West towards the Middle East and Africa.

Mr. Larssen was found naked, tied to hood of his Volvo with his head removed from his shoulders and placed on the roof of the car. The 6 Tunisian men aged between 17 and 31 were all released by local police after being taken into custody covered in blood and questioned for 5 mins. They've been given the deed to Mr. Larssen's home. 

Larssen leaves behind his wife of African descent and children. Mrs. Larssen has been fined $10,000 per migrant for improper treatment of refugees and has been evicted from her home

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What is the definition of a "disaster" ? 

An immigrant boat overturning in the Mediteranean with one seat empty.

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..dumb-ass Tunesian Africans

..they don't even understand how to install a hood ornament.

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...finally something trending in the right direction!

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Migrant Death Toll Passes 3,000 In Mediterranean This Year (Up 50% From 2015)
Who cares?

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It's really saddening to hear what these people have gone through. Most who died were likely women and children. Sadder still, to read endless heartless comments on ZH. Has humanity really degenerated to this???

Utah_Get_Me_2's picture

Did you see all of the military aged males Children & women? What a travesty.

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The solution is simple. Set up an aid package for Libya or Algeria of a few billion euro a year. Construct a few large processing camps in the desert near enough to the coast line in either country so they can be accessed by boat.

Make it mandatory that all illegal arrivals in Europe are sent by boat to one of these camps in Libya or Algeria once they arrive in Europe. Have a rigorous application process that involves full disclosure of country and background with a minimum waiting period to properly assess mental and physical health and educational background.

Set up education facilities, but more important some kind of privatized manufacturing at each of the camps as a partnership "that cares" arrangement with textile and other industries, so the refugees can educate themselves and do work to earn money for room and board during their stay. Since there will be a large population of people housed there, conditions would have to be sparce but humane. Once applicants meet the criteria for entry into Europe they can apply to the countries of their choice for a proper visa. If at any time they decide to return to their home country a system should be put in place for quick and simple repatriation.

One side benefit would be jobs created for construction, staffing, food contracting and other necessities which would generate income for the host country on top of the aid payments.

Just a thought.

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What they didn't show you was the men tossing their women and children overboard to save themselves

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I do not give one shit if it is women / children / military age men what have you!

This is an invading force.  There are casualties when you invade.  

Try to get that through your thick skulls you mind numbed idiotic liberals.

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sadly here in the usa, our immigrant flood is worse than europes. our masters are simply managing the herd (us) through immigration eugenics.

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You don't care??? Could it possibly be because you are a psychopath like Hillary? Personally, I wouldn't wanna wish it upon my worst enemies. They are all humans like you and I, for goodness sake.

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maybe they need to fix their home country...rather than coming to mine and destroying it!

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As Ben Folds sings, I "give no fuck."

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At this rate it should hit 5000 by years end. If it continues long enough eventualy they will create a land bridge they can easily cross. 

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Obama/Hollande/Merkle and Cameron have encouraged these people to come, nothwithstanding I do not believe any of this propoganda

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Sounds more or less exactly like the old White Man's Burden.

Is that part of 'Critical Race Theory' too?

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

I'm not an expert, but I know that Whiteness and White Privilege are both central topics.

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Consider that not only are some colors not more or less magical than others but that magic isn't the best metric or methodology by which to asses and solve problems.

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the cia and gulen were the Coup leaders.


here a vid about the investigation of Gulen's schools in the USA and the corruption going up th the clintons.


he was also the CIAs go to guy for Gladio B operations to institute Madrasas throughout Euraisa to complete Brzinsky's grand game


many congress people implicated

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MDB, Europe is a small place.  There are potentially billions of people who would move here if they could.  How many should we let in? 

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Ohly me:  I am of european heritage and I want to visit without a muzzy trying to bang my bonghole.

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and not a word about the rich Gulf states who do NOTHING.

You miserable hypocrite.

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I am new to this site. What is MDB? Multidevelopment Bank?

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What do you call 3000 dead migrants?

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And how do you stop a migrant drowning? Take your foot of his head! Boom!

What do you do if you see a.migrant drowning? Throw him his wife and kids.Badum-tish!

Oh, how we all laugh!

Still a crap way to die, and even more depressing to have to die to further a George Soros plan to take over the world. Still, if we are lucky, we will all get to have a go at that soon enough. Just remember to vote Hiliary for Holocaust !

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I've been waiting for the mushroom cloud for a lifetime.

In the 70s RCA had a global radar system giving you 4 minutes warning so they said.

Good, I thought, if it comes I could resume smoking without fear of disease, although there would only be time for one. JFK cut it a little fine there, but  he was no crazy.

Hillary on the other hand is crazy, and would love it down in her Dr Strangelove bunker. She has meglomaniac tendencies and illusions of grandeur. She is the worst risk to mankind in history. Past mad men did not have the means - she has the desire, the insanity  and the means.


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Geez...I teed that one up for you and you get all the up votes....sometimes life just isn't fair. Sad face emoji

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it's cool, you took one for the team

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<< What do you call 3000 dead migrants? >>


I call it front page headlines on WaPo, NYT and NPR.


The funeral ceremonies for the vicitms of tearrist attacks across Euopre and the USA may be found on page 11.

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Globalization and all its posive side effects! Tralalala

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I'd love to hear MDB's opinion on this. 

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If 3000 died imagine how many made it successfully.  (Millions)

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Yes, millions. Then let's say 1 in 1000 is a potential terorist, rapist or thief.

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More simply, it's incentives and consequences.


Incentive: If you physically make it to this zone, you will recieve X and possibly Y and Z.

Consequence: Millions of desperate people (of all stripes), deficient in X, Y and Z, risking life and limb to physically make it to the above mentioned zone.

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It's sure apparent Bush did lie about the Laser Tipped Dolphins program. 

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Please tell me what these human parasites are deficient in other than a work ethic, morals, and good hygiene?

All they want is Free Shit.....