Soaring Chicago Gun Violence Amid 'Toughest Gun Laws' Crushes Clinton Narrative For More 'Controls'

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In continued defiance of the Democrat narrative calling for stricter gun laws, Chicago's homicide problem just keeps getting worse despite gun laws that are already among the most restrictive in the country.  If fact, even the New York Times described Chicago's gun laws as some of the "toughest restrictions," saying: 

Not a single gun shop can be found in this city because they are outlawed.  Handguns were banned in Chicago for decades, too, until 2010, when the United States Supreme Court ruled that was going too far, leading city leaders to settle for restrictions some describe as the closest they could get legally to a ban without a ban. Despite a continuing legal fight, Illinois remains the only state in the nation with no provision to let private citizens carry guns in public.

Data compiled the Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute revealed that homicide rates in Chicago increased to 18.81 per 100,000 in 2015 vs. 17.64 in 2010, a 7% increase.  That's compared to a 6% decline for the United States overall for the same period and over 4x the national average.  In fact, at 18.81 homicides per 100,000, Chicago would be ranked as the 201st most dangerous country out of the 218 countries tracked by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Chicago Homicides


US Murder Rate

Perhaps even more shocking is the disparity in homicide rates by ethnicity.  African American homicides increased 19% between 2010 and 2015 vs. 8% for Caucasians and a 2% decline for Latinos.  Data revealed that African American homicide rates were eight times higher than Caucasians in 2005, 16 times higher in 2010, and 18 times higher in 2015.

Chicago Homicides By Race

Homicide rates were the highest among young people with the highest rates experience among 20-24 year olds at 64.28, a 48% increase in 5 years.

Chicago Homicides by Age

Finally, despite some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, 87% of homicides were committed with firearms, up from 79% in 2010.  So how could the city that has the toughest gun laws in the country, laws described as the "closest they could get legally to a ban without a ban," also have some of the highest gun-related homicide rates?  Could it be, that criminals looking to use weapons for violence have a lower propensity to follow laws and that by banning guns you're really just taking them out of the hands of law-abiding citizens that wouldn't have used them for violence anyway?  Just a thought.

Chicago Homicide by Weapon

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Its unfortunate that they can't shoot more effectively.

VD's picture

libtards despise math and facts so they will keep pushing for more of the same failed policies; gun control only aides the criminals and hurts law abiding citizens. the stats in conceal carry and open carry cities and states prove that honoring 2A makes for generally safer conditions vs Chicago's perpetual dem overregulated bloodbath...


edit: there are so many guns out in the wild in America that no laws will ever reverse those numbers, no matter how draconian...

Huckleberry Pie's picture

I wish The Daily Mail allowed links in their comment section. On every sh@@ting story, the Brits, Aussie's and USA Leftists, demand gun control. Sigh...

Bad Attitude's picture

To Democrats and statists, the failure of gun control in Chicago doesn't mean gun control is a failure. The failure of gun control means they need to try harder. That is why Hillary would like to repeal/nullify the Second Amendment and confiscate firearms.

Forward (over the cliff)!

Socratic Dog's picture

Absolutely right.  Printing money isn't working?  We need to print more!  War on drugs a counterproductie failure?  Double down!  Ditto war on terrorism.

These are some seriously stupid motherfuckers.  And they are in control.

Food Loaf Junkie's picture

No, evil.  Total control is what they seek

Cloud9.5's picture

We need to stop using their language.  This is and never has been about gun control.  This is and always has been about gun abolition.  They seek aboliton.

Transformer's picture

Oh come on.  If we could just get rid of the guns, then gun crime would go away, too.  It's so simple, even a 7 year old can figure it out.

Laowei Gweilo's picture

to be fair, the notion of a 'gun free city' is an imporably misnomer.


the only evidence that gun regulation works is at the nation level, when you look at entire countries (not just cities) because unlike cities, countries have enforced borders and movement of goods.


mind you, I am AGAINST gun control. i grew up a long gun hunter. i just think the constant reference to gun free zones is a silly argument =p there are a lot of great arguments against national gun control without one as bad as the example of 'gun free cities.'

J S Bach's picture

WIll the learned and civic-minded voters of Illinois glean anything from this logic?

No.  The majority of them are 500,000 years behind on the scale of evolution.

Omni Consumer Product's picture

To be fair, that NYT article is a bit old.  Illinois finally got concealed carry in 2014.

However, there are a multitude of restrictions even with a CCW (can't carry on the CTA, in forest preserves, hospitals, schools, government buildings, etc.) and any business displaying a "no guns" sign has force of law.

Last time I visited downtown Chicago, every single place of business I could conceivably go inside - hotels, restaurants, banks, bars, parking garages and others various and sundry - all had the "no guns" sign.  So I spent a lot of time just walking on the street - but not on Lake Shore Drive, because you can't carry on the beach either.

With all the exceptions written into the law, the city is de facto gun free.

JohnG's picture

"With all the exceptions written into the law, the city is de facto gun free."

Except for all the guns that the pavement apes are shooting each other with......

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Maybe if the ferals could read those 'no guns' signs. . .

All Risk No Reward's picture

Why does anyone think the Banksters wouldn't simply run guns after criminalizing them the same way they run drugs after Rockefeller lobbied to have them criminalized?

How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico's murderous drug gangs (that are controlled, top down, by Bankster black ops working in and with government)

Note how their assets weren't seized, there were no criminal charges, everyone kept their job except the whistleblower, they kept the billions in drug money, the billions in drug money wasn't taxed, there were no tax evasion charges, no depositors where charged, no withdrawers were charged...

read for comprehension people... and then compare it to this story...

Cali Cops Ramp Up Robbing Cannabis Companies to Steal Anything they Can Before Vote on Legalization

sun tzu's picture

To be fair, gun control at the national level does not work either. See Mexico and South Africa. If they cannot stop human and drug trafficking, they cannot stop gun trafficking. 

PTR's picture

If they do not stop human and drug trafficing, they will not stop gun trafficking.

Fixed it for ya.

dchang0's picture

You should check the real stats in supposedly successful national gun control efforts.

The gov't officials will lie and say their gun control worked, while the truth of the matter is that it didn't.

Australia for instance only managed to buy back 1/5 to 1/3 of the guns in their national ban:

That's the same gun ban that Obama and Hillary and Bill Clinton love to point to as a success, yet it didn't even approach getting a majority of the guns.

And more illegal guns have been imported into Australia AFTER the ban:

"CARO MELDRUM-HANNA: Almost 750,000 firearms have been imported into Australia since the 1996 gun buyback sparked by the Port Arthur massacre"


Australia, being a giant island, has a huge advantage in controlling their borders over the USA, and even they can't stop 750,000 guns from being imported illegally.

My brother, who opposes guns, says that there is only one country on earth where gun control can actually work: Japan (not Singapore). Why? It's not because it's an island country--the Philippines are an island nation but have tons of guns. It's the HIGHLY RULE-FOLLOWING CULTURE. The Japanese are very law-abiding in general, and their culture is very homogenous. The Yakuza suppress street crime and work with the cops to keep public order.

Everywhere else, gun control won't work, even if done at a national level.

Bollixed's picture

I lived and worked in Japan back in the early '90s. The laws back then stated if you were caught with the possession of a gun it was mandatory 5 years in prison. If you were caught in the commission of a crime with a gun it was mandatory life in prison. Most of the LEOs I saw didn't even carry guns. You just didn't see guns, at all.

Something else you didn't see were Obama's sons hanging around with their pants down looking all ganstafied while the media tried to make them role models. What you did see is the high school kids down on their hands and knees every third Sunday scraping the chewing gum off the floors at the train stations. It's called 'civic pride' and it helps to teach the kids the value of respecting a cohesive society.

LBJ and the Democrats completely wiped out any semblance of a cohesive society when they set out to enslave the African American population with a reliance on handouts instead of old fashion hard work. They knew exactly what they were doing, and they knew exactly where it would lead. The media glorifies gun violence within that community and that too isn't by accident.

Problem, reaction, solution. It's not just a bad idea, it's the law...

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Bad Attitude Jul 31, 2016 2:34 AM

Black mothers to police "Are you going to kill all of us?"

Nope, you are going to kill all of you and not say a word about it.

JoeSoMD's picture

You are absolutely correct about this BA.  Lets assume that the 2nd ammendment is nullified directly or indirectly over time by liberals on the supreme court.  Restrictions in a small area will have no impact on gun availability.  The only recourse is a total national ban.  But a national ban would be ineffective too because guns would come across the southern border as drugs do now.  A global ban on guns is necessary.  The ball is rolling towards this.

Aside:  I was at a gun show in the DC area yesterday.  Turnout pretty good, but not as crowded as it has been in the recent past.  Lots of junk 5.56/.223 rifles priced in the 500 to 750 range.  More robust versions were available in the 1800-2100 range. Lots of parts and 80% lowers.  Lots and lots of anti-Hillary tee shirts and signs.  Pretty funny.

dchang0's picture

The Daily Mail is complicit in the push for gun control (you already knew that), so you'll never get them to allow links, especially those that support gun rights.

Same as Twitter, Facebook, and Google shutting favoring liberal news over conservative. They all stand to make money by helping the globalists suppress the citizenry. And an armed citizenry is more difficult to suppress...

Doom Porn Star's picture

"gun control only aides the criminals and hurts law abiding citizens. "


'Gun control' -aka restrictions of natural rights to defence- does not only aide criminals by rendering those they prey upon defenseless against their predations; but, it also empowers government to exert control over the citizenry by rendering them defenseless against the violences and oppressions of the State and those empowered and granted impunity from prosecution for their activitie by the State.

Private guns ownership is for personal protection from all manner of unwarranted assailments, coercions, forced confessions and/or conversions, incarcerations; whether these violences are perpetuated by ordinary criminals, nutjobs, organized crime -and the State and it's unrestrained thuggery and oppression.

PirateOfBaltimore's picture

Anyone who claims its anything other than a cultural issue is Tull of shit.


You could buy guns via mail in the 60s. We've only gotten more strict. What has changed? Urban animals that don't value life, no matter the color.



dchang0's picture

I remember when and where I grew up it was commonplace to see people walking around with guns slung over their shoulders out in the open during hunting season. People would routinely leave their rifles in their pickup trucks' rifle racks in plain view, often with the doors unlocked. Crime was so low our neighbor took off for vacation for 2 weeks without closing their front door. They only had the screen door shut!

Nowadays, in the same state, there's plenty of gun control and people don't leave their car or house doors unlocked any more.

Something has changed, and it's not related to guns.

Food Loaf Junkie's picture

When I was a lad in small town Michigan I used to put on my hunting vest, lay my cased shotgun accross the handlbars of my bike and peddle through town on my way to hunt rabbits.  No one gave me a second look. Just have a 15 year  old kid try that today ond see what happens.  The world makes me sad. 

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Dont remind 'Oldwood', aka pantloader of this historical fact.  No, no, those evil little black 'assault rifles' behind every blade of grass make tyrannical thugcops more nervous.  So dont carry those (or other firearms) anywhere near the thugpigs.  

nickt1y's picture

Ammunition is where they will concentrate once guns are banned or severly restricted. Black market ammo will be so expensive that training will be next to impossible.

Croesus's picture

More laws regulating the sales, ownership, and transfer of firearms WILL DEFINITELY FIX THE PROBLEM..

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...yeah, because more government meddling fixes everything, right? 

I's worked for Social Security, Medicare, Health Insurance, Crime, Education, Terr-rism, Banking, Food Safety,  etc.


sun tzu's picture

As we all know, hard core career criminals will not violate the law. Wehn they pass more laws regulating guns, they should also pass more laws making murder and rape illegal.

sun tzu's picture

What they need in the hood is more powerful guns and fewer cops. After a decade, the problem will take care of itself. Those who go around killing will eventually be killed off until the violence and stupidity is bred out of the hood. 

nickt1y's picture

EBT card gets you a full auto weapon ... 

fishpoem's picture

They'll figure out how to rotate it vertically someday. For now, still horizontal, since that's how it comes out of the box.

CHoward's picture

It'll stop - it's in the math.  Unless more people move IN to Chicago - eventually they'll kill each other off.  Problem solved. 

Boondocker's picture

No, the breeding rate for hood rats is too high...

sessinpo's picture

Not to mention that the scum spread out. Where I am at, over the last sevveral years, we have had a lot of heroine come down from michigan, several states away.

samsara's picture

You mean heroin from OUR poppy fields in Afghanistan don't you?

willwork4food's picture

One of the reasons there is poverty in inner Chicago is because no contractor worth his salt will venture into areas known for danger. There are many nice homes owned by black folks for years that are well kept and neat. But would I go there for standard pricing? You still have to get the hell out, which might be a problem if your work takes you past dusk. Prices will keep going up, up and up. The quality of living in these areas will go down, down down further exacerbating the problem. I used to work and live in Chicago.

Doom Porn Star's picture

THEIR poppy fields in Afghanistan..

samsara's picture

Ok ok THEIR fields, with our distribution and logistical handling.

They're the prostitute and we're the pip

dchang0's picture

I don't know--Detroit has pretty much emptied out and will probably stay that way.

Same with Watts after the LA riots.

People do have some awareness of the situation: why have kids if they're likely to get killed in your neighborhood?

That's a big reason there are disproportionately more black abortions than for any other race.

Singelguy's picture

Hillary will fix it by passing a law holding the gun manufacturers liable for every murder their guns cause. The stacked Supreme Court will uphold that law as constitutional and the manufacturers will go broke from all the lawsuits. Problem solved.

PTR's picture

Cool.  Does Boeing and Lockheed Martin get sued for every person their products kill?  Or better yet, let's go after Coca-Cola.  Them cats have got BILLIONS.

dchang0's picture

Sue everybody that're their political opponents, Erdogan-style!

Duc888's picture



Now she wants to put a $250 Fed tax on every gun sale.



Croesus's picture

@ Duc888: 

I'd like to put a $250 tax on every stupid thing that comes out of politicians' mouths....and they say "The National Debt is unpayable".


CheapBastard's picture

I know for sure she will put a tax on every cracka to pay for reparations for "the oppressed." She has already met with Sharpton twice to hammer out the details that please him according to rumors but I slightly remember a news blip about it.


Sanders did also but he did not commit himself to this so-called "Cracka Reparation Act of 2017."

I may be wrong but that's my understanding of it.

Croesus's picture

Haha...yeah, and when it passes, (formerly) middle America will be paying out reparations in lead...

These people don't know the meaning of "Quit, while you're ahead".


847328_3527's picture

<< middle America will be paying out reparations in lead...>>

That's the real "Change they can beleive in!"

However, a better plan would be "repatriation" for them instead of "reparation" for any who demand it.