Hedge-Fund Handouts: Hillary Clinton $48,500,000 - $19,000 Donald Trump

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Hedge funds are playing a far bigger role in 2016 than in past elections - and, as The Wall Street Journal reports, Hillary Clinton has been the single biggest beneficiary.

The lines around what constitutes a hedge fund aren’t always clear in the data, or in the financial industry. But the numbers are stark. The top five contributors to pro-Clinton groups are employees or owners of private investment funds, according to federal data released last week and compiled by OpenSecrets.org, the center’s website. The data show seven financial firms alone have generated nearly $48.5 million for groups working on Mrs. Clinton’s behalf.

The total for Donald Trump: About $19,000.


The Wall Street Journal notes that Mrs. Clinton’s big haul from hedge funds also reflects the topsy-turvy politics of this election. In the 2008 campaign, hedge funds contributed just $14 million to Democratic candidates and groups. And amid criticism that Mrs. Clinton has cultivated close ties with the finance industry, her campaign has emphasized her plan to confront Wall Street.

“Hillary Clinton has the toughest plan to reform Wall Street, clean up the abuses…and close the carried-interest [tax] loophole that benefits hedge funds,” a campaign spokesman said.


That said, to many on Wall Street, the Democrat in this election is the safer bet.


Still, some Wall Street donors are reconsidering. Cliff Asness, co-founder of AQR Capital Management, contributed to Mr. Rubio. But he wrote in a RealClearPolitics blog post in March that he found it harder to dismiss Mr. Trump after the death of Mr. Asness’s father, who was a Trump supporter. “So I’m still #againsttrump, but with a bit more confusion, and a bit more willingness to listen than before,” he wrote.

Last month, hedge-fund billionaire John Paulson co-hosted a fundraiser for the Republican nominee at Manhattan’s Le Cirque restaurant, along with SkyBridge Capital’s Anthony Scaramucci and others. Mr. Paulson, whose Paulson & Co. manages about $13 billion, had earlier given to groups backing Republican hopefuls Mr. Bush and Scott Walker.

Mr. Scaramucci said hedge-fund managers were making a mistake by directing their political contributions to support Mrs. Clinton.

“The hedge-fund community has been wrong about a lot this year,” he said. “You can add this to the list.”

We leave it to Senator Snaders to conclude...

"Can you really reform Wall Street when they are spending millions and millions of dollars on campaign contributions, and when they are providing speaker fees to individuals?"

Indeed Bernie, but hey, none of that matters now that you have endorsed her, right? Hedge fund managers are well known for their glee in giving away money and expecting nothing in return.

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If Hedge Funds Voted, that looks like a landslide.

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I hate to break it to Bill and Hillary, but… Chelsea? What a waste of Semen and an Eggplant!  ;-)


knukles's picture

So now we know for sure for whom Debbie Washerwoman Schiltz took the fall.
The Acolytes of Moloch.

Least Jesus had the insight to toss them from the temple.

beemasters's picture

$7-10 million on a candidate... makes you wonder what the behind-the-scene deals are, their plans with Hillary as the POTUS and how much exactly the expected ROI would be.

knukles's picture

Lots.  Whole lots and lots, gobs and gobs, oodles and oodles and bunches and bunches of money.
And a pint of Moloch's blood.

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""Hedge-Fund Handouts: Hillary Clinton $48,500,000 - $19,000 Donald Trump""

DONALD ~~~ Are You Listening ???

STOP Responing to the MSM Baiting Such as the Khan Thing.

Start Hitting Back Hellery with FACTS like the above ~~~

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Trump's appeal is largely because he DOES NOT ACCEPT millions and millions from the wall st crowd.  Remember she is the candidate that owes everyone under the sun, whose every decision's political effects will take priority over what is RIGHT for and by the People of this country.

Bastille Day's picture

Wall st is very good at throwing away money.  Heck, I'd throw money away too if it wasn't real.

peddling-fiction's picture

What is the price of all the world press covering you for free during a day: priceless, yet worth billions if interested.

That is what Trump is leveraging (with the help of some of his friends in the media).

Zero Point's picture

Probably better they give it to Hillary than give it away to the Squid as the result of piss poor trades.

nmewn's picture

"Indeed Bernie, but hey, none of that matters now that you have endorsed her, right?"

Ooo...ouch...but there was never any doubt in my mind that he would. In the words of her infamous crony-husband..."Not once, not ever."...lol.

You see, for a communist/socialist it is still imminently more preferable to have a crony-socialist of any description (to include Hillary) than to have anyone else.

Because at the end of the day you wouldn't want someone standing on some archaic principle that your labor belongs to you first and not the state, that is the very antithesis of the Marxist mind, so they simply cannot and never will abide that.

And her having that crony gene of national-socialism only made it genetically easier for him, cuz...ya know...USA! USA! USA!


So yes, Forward! you besieged middle class serfs, that bugle call you hear is not a squadron of cavalry coming over that hill to save you, it's actually an entire army of bureaucratic paper pushers on a mission to disarm & enslave you.

And you just thought fighting off the Injuns was bad ;-)

VinceFostersGhost's picture



$48,500,000 <---- bring it you bastards!


Is that all you got?

Parrotile's picture

Remember this article?? -  http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-03-16/words-greatest-investment-every... ??

Those "Companies" will be expecting a similar return on THEIR "investment", so you already know who WILL be the next US President.


VWAndy's picture

 Trump took the rest in hookers?

SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

Yesiree Bob! Hillary sure is going to lead Wall St. reform...


New World Chaos's picture

Why did Soros Fund Management and Pritzker Group donate the exact same amount of money ($7,873,257)?  Typo or puppetry?

knukles's picture

That's the proof, albeit remains deeply sealed and top secret, of the cost for a full year's subscription of "Surprise Sacrifice Child of the Month."
12 undeserving miserable diseased child virgin wretches delivered direct to your home.

Smerf's picture

Think of it as a membership fee.

bobdog54's picture

They, the hedge funds, know she is a chronic liar. Who knows when she last spoke a truth?

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That's Because Hillary's Department of State has given these hedge funds hundreds of Billions $USD via OPIC and other Solyndra style Government money laundered US taxpayers dollars. Peruse the last decade of secured and direct loans from OPIC. $BILLIONS going overseas, even to Russian Sovereign Funds in the Republic of Georgia, to corporations owned by the Russian Mafia State. That is direct US funding of the Russian Mafia State by Hillary's Department of State. Individuals and LLC's in Palestine, Turkey, and Eastern Europe combined have received BILLIONS, about as much as offshore banking interests commonwealth nations, but the amounts going into Africa are ridiculous.

This is one example of where our tax money goes.

$70.4 Million for Jamaica Banking via Commonwealth Partners

Commonwealth Partners Inc.
A subsidiary of Rockefeller Group International

Before getting excited about Trump, and the fact that we are funding Russian Sovereign funds with BILLIONS $USD, shamelessly found in other OPIC "investment" reports, Trump is their man.

Trump has been in bed with the Russian mafia for a long time. Their American HQ is in NY and Real Estate is where they wash their dirty money. Our government is part of the international criminal network, the narrative is controlled globally, and both candidates for POTUS are just "Pawns in the Game"
Russian Organized Crime

Our God is bigger than all of this. Don't believe anything but Him.

Money funneled into Russian Mafia.

2012: Organized crime in Chicago
"Fifteen years ago, we had two organized crime squads (in Chicago) focused strictly on the Outfit,” he said. “Now we have one that, a part of their apparatus is focused on the Outfit, but the other is focused almost exclusively on Eastern European organized crime activity.”

2015: ICE, Cooks County Sheriffs Office, Chicago and Miami Police involved in in drug money laundering and wire transfers to "China".

Big names back Trump tower Chicago Tower 2004
Soros, Deutsche Bank said to be in on 90-story building

FinCEN Fines Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort $10 Million for Significant and Long Standing Anti-Money Laundering Violations
" Trump Taj Mahal has a long history of prior, repeated BSA violations cited by examiners dating back to 2003."

Trump's business in the ME, and Eastern Europe, are under media blackout in the US.

The media has not properly questioned the associations between presidential Donald Trump and the Russian Mafia.

Connected Cronies are looting nations, while the media sounds the alarm bells about threats of immigration which were enabled by governments to begin with.

2016: Trump’s Ties to Soros, Organized Crime and the Chinese

2003: Rothschild lined to take over at Yukos
RUSSIAN tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, under threat of arrest as a result of a widening probe into the country's flagship oil major Yukos, has named Lord (Jacob) Rothschild as a possible successor at the helm of the company.

2015: Ruthless mafia networks extending their influence
"inquiry into the London murder of Alexander Litvinenko, a court heard that the former KGB spy and Putin critic was killed after threatening to expose links between the Kremlin and Russian organised crime gangs."

"A significant part of Russian organised crime is organised directly from the offices of the Kremlin. Vladimir Putin's Russia is a mafia state," alleged prosecutor Ben Emmerson.
The claims echoed those of a Spanish judge, who in the 2010 WikiLeaks cables alleges that Russian officials and security services were tightly bound together."

2012: Obama was recorded colluding with outgoing Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev whispering he would have "more flexibility after November's election". The media filled in the gaps of the conversation claiming it was "missile defense", Obama was referring to. That was NEVER in the recorded conversation.

The US Fed has since funneled $BILLIONS to Russia and Eastern European accounts.


2012: $30MILLION USD for CAPMAN Russia

2012: $20 MILLION Republic of Georgia Hotels

This small example of US tax funding of $30 MILLION awarded by OPIC via Citibank and funneled into Eastern Europe. https://www.opic.gov/sites/default/files/files/bankofgeorgia-info-summar...

2015 the Russian owned bank JSC was awarded by OPIC another $10 MILLION" https://www.opic.gov/sites/default/files/files/jsc-db-georgia-info-summa...

The "US sponsors"of the $58 Million loan were Firebird Avrora Advisors LLC, a New York limited liability company; Firebird Management LLC, and The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation.

In 1999 that Bank of New York was charged with laundering $10 Billion for the Russian mafia. Charges were dropped.

According to the SEC Firebird Management LLC belongs to the Russian government.

2015: Follow Trump’s Money to Moscow

1996: Trump Eyes Moscow

1998: Moscow Hotel Director Shot Dead

2002: Trump Takes NY to Moscow

2010: Trump Takes on Tbilisi Real Estate Market
"Saakashvili worked feverishly to help close the deal, twice visiting Trump at his New York headquarters"

As America's national debt rages on, and the media has us focused on foreign threats, our nation is being looted.

Over 30 ago former Soviet KGB agent warned America that we would be taken over from within.

oncemore's picture

You are crazy.

Nobody would put his moeny in any real estate in Tbilisi. Wait, you work(ed) for Mockingbird, he?

Palomadelapaz's picture

You are obviously under the very false assumption that Trump is a legitimate "business man". Both Hillary and Trump would be in jail if our nations laws applied to them. Regardless, they are in the pockets of much bigger fish. They are both sockpuppets. Obama wasnt the first, and he won't be the last. We are being duped again. Look up any of this. Do younbelieve Reuters? The media is controlled, and despite the massive clean up, this is all recent history and easilly found.

Trump flies into ex-Soviet Georgia for tower project


junction's picture

The Donald got his start in real estate fronting for the Pritzker Group when they took over the Commodore Hotel by Grand Central Station.  Trump and his father Fred Trump cleared away the obstacles, Mafia construction unions, evicting businesses in the hotel by eminent domain and getting a 30 year tax abatement. 

MrButtoMcFarty's picture

You're obviously not from NYC.

That's how shit gets done around here.

Your point exactly?

blindman's picture

I'll never fall in love again - Dionne Warwick

Mr. Universe's picture

If they Elect the Donald, he could take out the whole system and then there would be....One less (opening) Bell to answer

5th dimension...dig those outfits they wore on Soul Train


blindman's picture

grand, i'm in, send them all to away jail.
we have the gulags.

blindman's picture

Marilyn McCoo sings Wedding Bell Blues on SOLID GOLD
this sort of sentiment can drag and destroy
a system over time, these blues.

Mr. Universe's picture

I suppose so, but at this time it's all I gots. Never the less, the choice is yours. ZFor me, it's time to Walk On By.


andrewp111's picture

The economy may suck, but  it doesn't collapse. Obama and Yellen (and their fellow central bankers worldwide) are keeping the show on the road.  Hillary is the continuation of Obama. Trump would probably derail the show.

If the Hedgies were smart. they would help Trump win, and make Yuge short bets that cash in when the financial shit show crashes and burns. If you want something to actually move, elect Trump.

Able Ape's picture

Nearly $50 million dollars thrown at her and the bitch doesn't even suck cock... Ask Bill, he'll tell 'ya....

the.ghost.of.22wmr's picture
the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Jul 30, 2016 8:15 PM

The farce is strong with this one!

Dre4dwolf's picture

Small investors and managers are with Trump.

Small businesses in general are with Trump.

The big corrupt Federal Reserve counterfeiting fueled enterprises of the oligarchs are behind Hillary.

When you can just steal grandpas retirement fund and donate 50,000,000$ to Shitlery............

fannyplucker's picture

One sided bet? The word hedge seems oxymoron.  Let us hope for Trump's win!

dexter_morgan's picture

We leave it to Senator Snaders to conclude...

who be dat Snaders guy?

Katos's picture

This is why Hillary has pledged her life, her office and her loyalty to Israel! She doesn't give a rats ass about Americans,  none of them have any money?

cart00ner's picture

Aren't hedge funds "other peoples money"

What difference does it make...


 Hang the witch.

Infield_Fly's picture
Infield_Fly (not verified) Jul 30, 2016 11:57 PM

Big fucking woop!!!


Bush raised $150M and managed to deliver 4 delegates.


Trump is just getting started.

JailBanksters's picture

In 4 years time 100 million sheep are going to whinning why did I ever vote for [insert name]

The next 4 years who are they going to vote for, the same one again.


How do I know this, well because that's what the voters did for Dubya and Obama.

Yeah but this time it's different because it's [insert name] and they won't do that.



Maybe there should be a Petition after 12 Months (a Probation period) you have the option to Fire them with

10 million sigs on petition that must be upheld.



oncemore's picture

Clinton sells out everythig.

Itch's picture

Maybe Trumps friends aren't making any money, or they're all filing as a force of habit.