The Olympics As A Tool Of The New Cold War

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Via Oriental Review,

The 6th Fundamental Principle of Olympism (non-discrimination of any kind, including nationality and political opinion) seems to be forgotten long ago.  In ancient Greece the competition of best athletes was able to halt a war and serve as a bridge of understanding between two recent foes.  But in the twentieth century the Olympics have become a political weapon.  Back in 1980 the US and its allies boycotted the games in Moscow as a protest against the Soviet troops that entered Afghanistan at the request of that country’s legitimate government (in contrast, the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany were held as usual, to the applause of the “civilized” world).

On May 8, 2016 the CBS program 60 Minutes aired a broadcast about doping in Russia.  The interviews featured recorded conversations between a former staffer with the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA), Vitaly Stepanov, and the ex-director of Russia’s anti-doping laboratory in Moscow, Grigory Rodchenkov.  That program was just the fourth installment in a lengthy series about the alleged existence of a system to support doping in Russian sports.

A few days later the New York Times published an interview with Rodchenkov.  There that former official claims that a state-supported doping program was active at the Sochi Olympics, and that the orders for that program had come almost directly from the Russian president.

One important fact that escaped most international observers was that a media campaign, which had begun shortly after the 2014 deep freeze in Russian-Western relations, was constructed around the “testimonies” of three Russian citizens who were all interconnected and complicit in a string of doping scandals, and who later left Russia and are trying to make new lives in the West.

Yulia Stepanova née Rusanova

Yulia Stepanova née Rusanova

A 29-year-old middle-distance runner, Yulia Stepanova, can be seen as the instigator of this scandal. This young athlete’s personal best in global competition was a bronze medal at the European Athletics Indoor Championship in 2011.  At the World Championships that same year she placed eighth.  Stepanova’s career went off the rails in 2013, when the Russian Athletic Federation’s Anti-Doping Commission disqualified her for two years based on “blood fluctuations in her Athlete Biological Passport.” Such fluctuations are considered evidence of doping.  All of Stepanova’s results since 2011 have been invalidated.  In addition, she had to return the prize money she had won running in professional races in 2011-2012.  Stepanova, who had been suspended for doping, acted as the primary informant for ARD journalist Hajo Seppelt, who had begun filming a documentary about misconduct in Russian sports.  After the release of ARD’s first documentary in December 2014, Stepanova left Russia along with her husband and son.  In 2015 she requested political asylum in Canada.  Even after her suspension ended in 2015, Stepanova told the WADA Commission (p.142 of the Nov. 2015 WADA Report) that she had tested positive for doping during the Russian Track and Field Championships in Saransk in July 2010 and paid 30,000 rubles (approximately $1,000 USD at that time) to the director of the Russian anti-doping laboratory in Moscow, Gregory Rodchenkov, in exchange for concealing those test results.

Vitaly Stepanov

Vitaly Stepanov

Yulia Stepanova’s husband is Vitaly Stepanov a former staffer at RUSADA.  He had lived and studied in the US since he was 15, but later decided to return to Russia.  In 2008, Vitaly Stepanov began working for RUSADA as a doping-control officer.  Vitaly met Yulia Rusanova in 2009 at the Russian national championships in Cheboksary.  Stepanov now claims that he sent a letter to WADA detailing his revelations back in 2010, but never received an answer.  In 2011 Stepanov left RUSADA. One fact that deserves attention is that Vitaly has confessed that he was fully aware that his wife was taking banned substances, both while he worked for RUSADA as well as after he left that organization. Take note that Stepanova’s blood tests went positive starting in 2011 – i.e., from the time that her husband, an anti-doping officer, left RUSADA. With a clear conscience, the Stepanovs, now married, accepted prize money from professional races until Yulia was disqualified.  Then they no longer had a source of income and the prize money suddenly had to be returned, at which point Vitaly Stepanov sought recourse in foreign journalists, offering to tell them the “truth about Russian sports.”  In early June he admitted that WADA had not only helped his family move to America, but had also provided them with $30,000 in financial assistance.

Gregory Rodchenkov

Gregory Rodchenkov

And finally, the third figure in the campaign to expose doping in Russian sports – the former head of the Russian anti-doping laboratory in Moscow, Gregory Rodchenkov.  According to Vitaly Stepanov, he was the man who sold performance-enhancing drugs while helping to hide their traces, and had also come up with the idea of “doped Chivas mouth swishing” (pg. 50), a technique that transforms men into Olympic champions.  This 57-year-old native of Moscow is acknowledged to be the best at what he does.  He graduated from Moscow State University with a Ph.D. in chemistry and began working at the Moscow anti-doping lab as early as 1985.  He later worked in Canada and for Russian petrochemical companies, and in 2005 he became the director of Russia’s national anti-doping laboratory in Moscow.  In 2013 Marina Rodchenkova – Gregory Rodchenkov’s sister – was found guilty and received a sentence for selling anabolic steroids to athletes.  Her brother was also the subject of a criminal investigation into charges that he supplied banned drugs.  Threatened with prosecution, Gregory Rodchenkov tried to commit suicide, was hospitalized and “subjected to a forensic psychiatric examination.”  A finding was later submitted to the court, claiming that Rodchenkov suffered from “schizotypal personality disorder,” exacerbated by stress.  As a result, all the charges against Rodchenkov were dropped.  But the most surprising thing was that someone with a “schizotypal personality disorder” and a sister convicted of trafficking in performance-enhancing drugs continued as the director of Russia’s only WADA-accredited anti-doping laboratory.  In fact, he held this job during the 2014 Olympics.  Rodchenkov was not dismissed until the fall of 2015, after the eruption of the scandal that had been instigated by the broadcaster ARD and the Stepanovs.  In September 2015 the WADA Commission accused Rodchenkov of intentionally destroying over a thousand samples in order to conceal doping by Russian athletes.  He personally denied all the charges, but then resigned and left for the US where he was warmly embraced by filmmaker Bryan Fogel, who was shooting yet another made-to-order documentary about doping in Russia.

Richard H. McLaren

Prof. Richard H. McLaren

As this article is being written, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is studying a report  from an “Independent Person,” the Canadian professor Richard H. McLaren, who has accused the entire Russian Federation, not just individual athletes, of complicity in the use of performance-enhancing drugs.  McLaren was quickly summoned to speak with WADA shortly after the NYT published interview with Rodchenkov.  The goal was clear: to concoct a “scientific report” by mid-July that would provide the IOC with grounds to ban the Russian team from the Rio Olympics.  At a press conference on July 18 McLaren himself acknowledged that with a timeline of only 57 days he was unable “to identify any athlete that might have benefited from such manipulation to conceal positive doping tests.”  WADA’s logic here is clear – they need to avoid any accusations of bias, unprofessionalism, embellishment of facts, or political partisanship.  No matter what duplicity and lies are found in the report – it was drafted by an “independent person,” period.  However, he does not try to hide that the entire report is based on the testimony of a single person – Rodchenkov himself, who is repeatedly presented as a “credible and truthful” source.  Of course that man is accused by WADA itself of destroying 1,417 doping tests and faces deportation to Russia for doping-linked crimes, but he saw an opportunity become a “valuable witness” and “prisoner of conscience” who is being persecuted by the “totalitarian regime” in Russia.

The advantage enjoyed by this “independent commission” – on the basis of whose report the IOC is deciding the fate of Russia’s Olympic hopefuls – is that its accusations will not be examined in court, nor can the body of evidence be challenged by the lawyers for the accused.  Nor is the customary legal presumption of innocence anywhere in evidence.

It appears from Professor McLaren’s statement that no charges will be brought against any specific Russian athletes.  Moreover, they can all compete if they refuse to represent Russia at the Olympics.  There are obvious reasons for this selectivity.  A law professor and longstanding member of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, Professor McClaren knows very well that any charges against specific individuals that are made publicly and result in “legally significant acts” (such as a ban on Olympic participation) can and will be challenged in court, in accordance with international law and on the basis of the presumption of innocence.  All the evidence to be used by the prosecution is subject to challenge, and if some fact included in those charges can be interpreted to the defendant’s advantage, then the court is obliged to exclude that fact from the materials at the disposal of the prosecution.

As a lawyer, McLaren understands all this very well.  Hundreds of lawsuits filed by Russian athletes resulting in an unambiguous outcome would not only destroy his reputation and ruin him professionally – they could form the basis of a criminal investigation with obvious grounds for accusing him of intentionally distorting a few facts, which in his eyes can be summarized as follows.


During the Sochi Olympics, an FSB officer named Evgeny Blokhin switched the doping tests taken from Russian athletes, exchanging them for “clean” urine samples.  This agent is said to have possessed a plumbing contractor’s security clearance, allowing him to enter the laboratory.  In addition, there are reports that Evgeny Kurdyatsev, – the head of the Registration and Biological Sample Accounting Department – switched the doping tests at night, through a “mouse hole” in the wall (!).  Awaiting them in the adjascent building was the man who is now providing  “credible evidence” – Gregory Rodchenkov – and some other unnamed individuals, who passed Blokhin the athletes’ clean doping tests to be used to replace the original samples.  If the specific gravity of the clean urine did not match the original profile, it was “adapted” using table salt or distilled water.  But of course the DNA was incompatible.  And all of this was going on in the only official, WADA-accredited anti-doping laboratory in Russia!

How would something like that sound in any court?  We have witnesses, but the defense team cannot subject them to cross-examination.  We cannot prove that Blokhin is an FSB agent, but we believe it.  We do not possess any of the original documents – not a single photograph or affidavit from the official examination – but we have sufficient evidence from a single criminal who has already confessed to his crime.  We did not submit the emails provided by Rodchenkov to any experts to be examined, but we assert that the emails are genuine, that all the facts they contain are accurate, and that the names of the senders are correct.  We cannot accuse the athletes, so we will accuse and punish the state!

To be honest, we still do not believe that the Olympic movement has sunk so low as to deprive billions of people of the pleasure of watching the competitions, forgetting about politics and politicians.  That would mean waving goodbye to the reputations of the WADA and the IOC and to the global system of sports as a whole.  Perhaps a solution to the colossal problem of doping is long overdue, but is that answer to be found within the boundaries of only one country, even a great country like Russia?  Should we take a moment here and now to dwell upon the multi-volume history of doping scandals in every single country in the world?  And in view of these facts that have come to light, is not WADA itself the cornerstone of the existing and far-reaching system to support and cover up athletic doping all over the world?

In conclusion, we cite below the complete translation of the Russian Olympic Committee’s statement  in response to the WADA report:



“The accusations against Russian sports found in the report by Richard McLaren are so serious that a full investigation is needed, with input from all parties.  The Russian Olympic Committee has a policy of zero tolerance and supports the fight against doping.  It is ready to provide its full assistance and work together, as needed, with any international organization.


We wholeheartedly disagree with Mr. McLaren’s view that the possible banning of hundreds of clean Russian athletes from competition in the Olympic Games is an acceptable ‘unpleasant consequence’ of the charges contained in his report.


The charges being made are primarily based on statements by Grigory Rodchenkov.  This is solely based on testimony from someone who is at the epicenter of this criminal scheme, which is a blow not only to the careers and fates of a great many clean athletes, but also to the integrity of the entire international Olympic movement.


Russia has fought against doping and will continue to fight at the state level, steadily stiffening the penalties for any illegal activity of this type and enforcing a precept of inevitabile punishment.


The Russian Olympic Committee fully supports the harshest possible penalties against anyone who either uses banned drugs or encourages their use. 


At the same time, the ROC – acting in full compliance with the Olympic Charter – will always protect the rights of clean athletes.  Those who throughout their careers – thanks to relentless training, talent, and willpower – strive to realize their Olympic dreams should not have their futures determined by the unfounded, unsubstantiated accusations and criminal acts of certain individuals.  For us this is a matter of principle.”

* * *

Finally, Salil Mehta (from Staistical Ideas blog), offers some insightful 'math facts' on Olympic Doping - US vs Russia...

Cheating obviously makes the games unfair.  But so too is the implementation of punishment, when it seems apparent that other nations who cry foul are surely dishonest too.  One need to look no further than celebrated American cyclist and cancer activist, Lance Armstrong.  Mr. Armstrong won 7 consecutive Le Tour de France races (beating standing records by four Europeans who have won 5 times each).  Instead of questioning this extraordinary achievement as a statistician would, people all over the world quickly idolized Mr. Armstrong as an American role model!  He was engaged to singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow, and received major sponsorships from Radio Shack and United States Postal Service.  Only after all of these too-good-to-be-true attainments did we disgracefully come to terms with the true connotation of the title of his best-selling book (It's Not About the Bike).  Let's take a closer look at the Olympic performance of every winter competition in history, and see if the host country's accomplishments should be considered too-good-to-be pure.  For these cold Olympics, could we have had a chance for other host countries, such as Russia's Cold War adversary the United States, to have engaged in more short-sighted "Lance Armstrong" moments, or have had any of a number of other deceptive violations that have been previously overlooked by the broader public?

We begin by looking at each nation's total medal count score in each of the 22 Winter Olympics ever held, both as a non-host (in blue) and as a host (in red), if applicable.  All raw data is freely available here.  In the first games in (France 1924) 49 medals were awarded, but by the most recent games in (Russia 2014) the medal count had blossomed 6 fold, to 295.  So each game's country medal allocation has been rescaled out of 295.  Additionally nation adjustments were made to make them comparable across time without losing much impact since rarely did any of these countries host under a former break-off territory.  As examples, the Soviet Union is now aggregated under Russia, and East and West Germany are consolidated under Germany.

We see that there has generally been a nearly 11 medal count gain for the host country in their performance while hosting, versus during the games on either side of their host games.  For example The United States (U.S.) in 2002 won 34 medals (43 when rescaled), while in 1998 and 2006 the U.S. won rescaled scores averaging 24 between those two years.  Was something mischievous afoot that allowed the U.S. to win 10 additional medals (nearly 40% more) in their host year of 2002?

And that's actually one of the least suspicious of the U.S. host game performances!  In total there have been 11 host nations, and statistics decomposition allows us to see a rather shady pattern for Americans relative to Russians:

  • U.S., and Norway hosted a total of 6 times.  And on average earned 17 more medals during their host years.?

  • France, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland have hosted a total of 8 times.  And on average a little less of an advantage, scoring 9 more medals during their host years.?

  • Austria, Canada, Italy, Yugoslavia, and lo and behold Russia have hosted a total of 8 times.  And on average scored just 2 more medals during their host years.

This is a worrying pattern for some countries for sure, namely the U.S.  But we'll explore the information further below so that we can see if there is other information we can learn about abnormal hosting nation advantages that augment the case for President Putin crying foul.

Now in the global heat map above we show each of the 22 host nations only, and show what the average medal "enhancement" has occurred during their hosting.  On the most equitable side we have Yugoslavia, a country which generally earns 4 fewer medals while hosting, versus at about the same time when they are not hosting.  Russia on the other hand generally earns 4 more medals when hosting, versus normal.  But the U.S. (while contently finding fault with everyone else) somehow takes the gold, literally, with out-of-control home country bias of nearly 20 more medals when hosting, versus normal.

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greenskeeper carl's picture

It is not possible for me to give less of a shit about the olympics. If half of what Ive read about conditions in brazil turn out true,banning russia would probably be doing the russian athletes a favor.


Fuck the olympics and the scum bag grifters who run them.

Eager Beaver's picture

Agreed, the only thing that would matter less to me about the olympics is if they were being held on another planet. Don't watch, don't care, don't know a thing about it, don't care to know. I'd rather be gnawing on mrs. beaver.

The Alarmist's picture

Meh.  Drug testing is just an updated way of accomplishing what the Nazis couldn't get away with at the 1936 games.

0b1knob's picture

In Soviet Union, athletes are using dope.

In Soviet America, athletes are used by dopes.

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

With Lance Armstrong, and many others* the USSA achieved both.

* e.g. that beefy black woman runner who lost all her medals - I can't remember name as don't really care.

Maybe they should just lift all doping restrictions and let them go for it. Every event would be full of extreme freaks... now that would be amusing.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

This article is just a smoke screen to take the focus off of real issues, like WS Bankstering and the theft of future generations via fractional bankstering and zirp/nirp.

Face it,, countries cheat and the russians cheat.

Stop promoting your black and white worldview and get back to the real game.

Antifaschistische's picture

I've always like the olympics...I don't like the politics.   But what I hate is American hypocrisy.  NFL players, NCAA and even high school athletes (like Texas High School SuperTeams [Katy High]) ALL have a well refined legacy of steroid usage.   They also enforcement systems that both look the other way, as well as create a system that is easily gamed.

Then the NFL players who have been steroid junkies since they were 14 want to sue the NFL for their health problems.  They'll probably die before they're 55 which is the saddest part of the whole thing.

...but let's just keep pretending a 340 pound linebacker who can sprint like a 15 year old is just a great athlete.

Killdo's picture

one of my best American friends (whose cousin was the first American ever to win Olympic gold in downhill skiing) knows Armstrong the cyclist (they used to train together) .

He told me about 8 years ago that Armstorong was a doper (apparently everyone on his team knew it - and the only reason they actually reported him at the end  was due to being an  asshole for far too long- so he antagonized everyone eventually)

Jayda1850's picture

My only sympathies are for the athletes who spend all their lives training and honing their god given talents only to realize that they're only being used in a scam. It is a feeling and sentiment that is shared here among alot of ZHers.

JoeSoMD's picture

Sorry... I have worked with some over my life and to a person I thought they were self-centered, narcasistic (sp?) dopes.  A pox on all of them.  I guess I shouldn't generalize, but my interactions left a really bad impression.

knukles's picture

I quit watching years ago when the majority of the time was spent agonizing over the failure of the Kenyan quadriplegic transgender Ebola infected boy to finish the 100m hurdles.
You know, then they go into his life sob story, his daddy's passion with enslaved white young female children, the tribe's Voodoo priest's favorite breakfast cereal (Count Chocula) and the like.
I just wanna see the synchronized swimming live with the headless corpses floating by ....

Sturm und Drang's picture

LOL. Is Henry Rollins available?

Kefeer's picture

Where are all those infested mosquitoes coming from?  Ft Dietrich lab?

knukles's picture

Yes.  Or affiliate.  Or subcontractor.
The shit's not new.  The Brand New Big Pharma Inoculation of Every Man Woman and Child to stop it will be... but that's just Pete and Repete

Kirk2NCC1701's picture


Just to piss off Banksters, Globalists and careerist bureaucrats.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Or institute new sports:

1) WS head toss.

2) WS head curling

3) Speed skating deaths.  How many people (WS'ers) can you kill with your skates in one speed lap?


spanish inquisition's picture

Gonna try and not watch any Olympics on the tv this year. The owners only notice when they are losing money.

MaxThrust's picture

I dont have a TV so that problem is solved

Panic Mode's picture

You confuse with ZH readers who actually give a shit. It's piss circle for commercial sportmen. What they have to lose? If they don't win the gold (gold plated silver) medal, they go back and continue their sporting career. Unlike for amateurs in the old days.

I rather watch Trump speech than watching synchronised swimming, dressage, trampolining, etc

cowdiddly's picture

WHat a WIN! now the USA can show how exceptional they really are and go back home and say WE sure kicked Haiti and Maritania's Butt good at those games this year. That Turd relay sure went down to nose did'nt it.?

Why I even bet Bruce Jennifer makes a comeback.

I prefer colosseum sports meself for my dying empire bread and circus.  Give Ceasar Obummer a pocket knife and baseball bat and the devil Hillery a trident and net-NO ARMOR............... THUMBS DOWN

SixIsNinE's picture

speaking of Bruce,

here's Glamour's Woman of the Year -

take a gander if you dare ; beware, she is bending over in stilettos   ....

"Flaunting her figure: The star showed off her toned pins as she got to work unhitching her car in her skintight jeans"


disclaimer:  eyebleach may be required immediately after

lasvegaspersona's picture

I just hope Putin has more patience than our politician have brains or it  could get ugly very suddenly. He has to protest the aggression of the US without sounding aggressive himself yet at some point has to fight back. That reaction will be calculated to win and winning may take something awful.

When you have to fight there is nothing better than throwing the first surprise.

conscious being's picture

In my informed opinion, not always true about the first punch among people who know what they are doing. Assuming you see it coming, the first punch is not hard to avoid. The person who threw it is by necessity, off balance a bit and the counter-punch can be devistating. I was a counter-puncher. I almost never threw the first punch.

Like the Tour de France, the Olympics is now about competing chemical labs. How boring. Lucky for me, I have no TV. Ok, women's pole vaulting and especially high jumping will be missed.

SoDamnMad's picture

Yeah, I wanted to see Isinbeava set another world record and do front and back flips in celebration. She has great abs AND she got tested all over the world and never came up with any positive results for drugs.  Did I forget her great ABS.  Yelena, my deepest sympathy at this shit.

Grave's picture

sad, such injustice

these nazi fuckers are just pathetic,
they cant compete so they just remove the competition
by any means

Kefeer's picture

You are perhaps more correct than you know.

Putins warning to the world

bid the soldiers shoot's picture


How apout Putin's new ally, Erdogan, sending 7000 police to seal Incirlik today, along with heavy trucks to block the roads.

Does that count as a first surprise?

navy62802's picture

1. Russia has the hottest women in the world.
2. The Olympics have been a political tool for over 100 years. This is not new.
3. Who cares about the Olympics anyway? The athletes are steroid freaks who fuck each other like rabbits.
4. The world has much larger problems to address than which athlete is competing in which sport. I don't give a shit how far you can throw the javelin. I do care how far Russian ICBMs can travel.

laomei's picture

I don't even care anymore, it's time for this crap to be boycotted en mass and let it die.  Let it be replaced by something altruistic and non-pandering, non-"inclusive", with simple rules.


Men only

Objective scoring only

No professionals of any kind

Simple prizes

No endorsements or commercialization allowed

Cheaters agree to be executed


High risk, low reward, exclusive and low cost.

nevertheless's picture

Don't expect America to participate! We ONLY participate if it can be totally commercialized, one sided in favor of using "Pros", million dollar payouts and of course totally feminized. Who cares in men even participate, we know its all about America being the ONLY country that gives a shit about women's sports, that's why they are so heavily subsidized. 

Monetas's picture
Monetas (not verified) nevertheless Jul 30, 2016 6:58 PM

The only criterion for competing .... should be the quality of your game .... not whether you pretend to work at a Russian stove factory .... if you want to crusade .... let athletes participate as individuals .... and not just subjects of their respective states ?

Kefeer's picture

I'll help you out; the Summer Olympics this year start in December.  So set that DVR and it is on CNN.

SPONGE's picture

"Men only"? That would surely destroy it.

The real problem is the lack of gender testing. How is it that the Williams "sisters" have been allowed to participate in a woman's sport for this long even though there are plenty of people in the sport and around the world who know they were not born female.

Monetas's picture
Monetas (not verified) Jul 30, 2016 6:53 PM

The Olympics should showcase .... the joy of sport .... not Russians and East Germans .... bleeding from their eyes ?

Kefeer's picture

Note the Olympic commercials:  they are about the "women" of "Team USA" -cough cough - MSM appeal to women, thus propaganda for Hildebeast.  Note the women's events are the least watched except for gymnastics-perhaps.

I'm surprised there has not been an Executive Order declaring either or both 2016 & 2017 "The Year of the Woman" - Guess that might offend the confused transgender mentals.

I can't wait to see what action the CIA carries out during the Olympics; Sochi was not a disappointment - I have a feeling they will up the ante.  Maybe start WWIII?  Perhaps a few dead Europe athletes or American and blamed on Putin.

Seek_Truth's picture

Spend your early life totally dedicated to improving your physical prowess, in order to prove you are better at that sport than anyone else who has ever lived.

Have your parents, relatives, freinds and sponsors financially, emotionally and mentally support you.

Then, when you are truly ready to prove yourself:



sinbad2's picture

Now you would think that Australia would be the home of Kangaroo courts, but in reality it's the USA is the gold medal holder in the Kangaroo court events.

ebworthen's picture

As if athletes from all the other countries aren't doping themselves into non-gender status.

What a crock.  Remember when Jimmy Carter didn't let the U.S. Olympics Team compete over Russia in Afghanistan?

And now we are losing our boys and girls over there for poppy fields and profits for the Military Industrial Complex!  W.T.F.!?!?

U.S.A. - great at bailing out banks, cheating, lying, selling out to China, fucking over the Middle-Class, and destroying itself much faster than Rome.

SmedleyButlersGhost's picture

Is there any example of a Summer Olympics female with a decent set of tits? Not saying they all have to be that way but shouldn't there be at least one or a few?

balz's picture

I agree. I'd like to see more boobs and the girls should run slower so I could stare at them for longer.

Curiously_Crazy's picture

"...Is there any example of a Summer Olympics female with a decent set of tits?"

Michelle Jenneke??

Might not be 10/10 in the face department but you have to admire the rest of her... oh and her zest for life.


BarnacleBill's picture

I'm surprised the Olympics have lasted this long, to be honest. I've just checked back on a blog-post of mine from four years ago, in which I noted that the 2012 Games had been com pared with the 1936 Games by some commentators. The nationalistic bullshit was about the same, they reckoned. I wondered if the 2012 Games might be the last. How wrong I was! All I can do now is wonder if the 2016 will be the last - and hope that they will. Read the piece, and see what you think.


SixIsNinE's picture

the 2012 London Olympics - the feature was actually the opening ceremonies in connection to the Batman Aurora event in Colorado

It was not shown very broadly in the US - watch it and you'll see why.


and, by the way, the Batman Theater actor convicted, James Holmes,  was taken to a non-disclosed location back in January 2016 - still no word where he has gone -

hey, maybe Reagan's assassinator Hinckley and him could hook up .... hmmmmmm

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

What is surprising to me is that after the IOC "blanket banned" the Russian Track squad Putin and the coaches from the track & field teams didn't unite the rest of the Russian Olympic squad in solidarity to say "FUCK THIS".. "FUCK THE IOC"!... WE'RE NOT GOIN(.)!!!

And what for?  When you consider Victoria Nuland and her flunkies were building a bloody coup when Sochi got underway!!!

Never mind the hypocrisy of the the entire American sprint team and Jamiaca's Usain Bolt who is a major steroid abuser "as they all are" for the Nike and Addidas glory that follow them if they win Gold!!!

It's all such a fucking "people in glass houses" moment for the United States of 'Pain"!!!


My only hope is that some Western European and American athletes have the "balls" to call out their gold medal competition from Russia and say in front of Bob Costas... You know it's always nice winning a gold medal but I will never know now... how much I would have been tested had "gold medal contender" XYZ from Russia been here to compete against me!!!!

Just sayin!

NoWayJose's picture

I will watch the opening ceremony then turn it off, leave it off, and not bother following any of the action. They have succeeded in losing me!

DaNuts's picture

Synchronised swimming? Pure pool porn!

Last of the Middle Class's picture

Don't you wish you could go swim in their raw sewage for a chance at a gold (well a little bit anyway) medal? The athletes should walk out en masse. They are the only ones that can change that con game.