Seven Places Where WW3 Could Start At Any Time

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It seems like you can’t watch the news anymore without stumbling onto a story that contains terrifying global implications. Not since the Cold War have tensions been so high among the nations of the world. You can strike sparks just about anywhere. The threat of another global war is downright palpable.

Most people shrug at the thought of World War Three, either because they’re ignorant or because they don’t think there would be any chance of surviving it, so why bother? But preppers know better. Just about anything can be survived under the right conditions and with the right preparations. And when it comes to World War Three, your best chance at survival rests in your ability to see it coming. And to do that, you need only pay attention to world events, and keep an eye on the following places:


At the moment, this fractured Middle Eastern nation is probably the most likely candidate to spark WW3. You have armed Russian and American aircraft in close proximity to each other at all times, radicalized Islamic extremists battling the Syrian government, Iranian backed Hezbollah units (who happen to be enemies of Israel), Turkish machinations, and Saudi financiers. And let’s not forget that all of these actors are in it for themselves, and alliances are constantly shifting. Syria is one hot stew that could boil over at any moment.


Eastern Europe

After the Ukrainian government was ousted by rebels who wanted out of Russia’s sphere of influence (and some say with the help of Western governments), Russia annexed Crimea and helped support counter rebels in Eastern Ukraine. And that may not be the end of it. NATO and the EU are constantly trying to wrangle Eastern European nations into their own sphere of influence, and the Russian government feels like it’s being encircled by the West. Their only remaining friend in the region is an aging dictator in Belarus who is deeply unpopular. How long before Eastern Europe blows up again is anyone’s guess.


East China Sea

The Chinese government claims that this region rightfully belongs to them. Why? Because there’s tons of oil there, which mainland China is severely lacking. However, just about every nation on the planet disagrees with their claim, especially their neighbors like Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam, who have fought countless wars against them throughout history. Two of those nations are close allies of the US, and are capable of building nuclear weapons at any time.


North Korea

The only thing propping up the North Korean regime is China, and for good reason. If North Korea ever fell under the influence of the South, then an American ally would be about an eight hour drive away from Beijing. They’ll do everything in their power to keep American forces away from their borders. Unfortunately, North Korea is run by the most insane and antagonistic governments on the planet. Any small conflict here could quickly escalate into a global conflagration.


Russia-Chinese Border

These days it seems like Russia and China are real tight. They’ve been building a military and economic alliance for many years now, as they both view the United States as their biggest threat. However, this is a relationship of convenience and nothing more. In fact, there is a long history of antagonism between the two nations, which came to a head in 1969 when the two nations fought a border dispute.


And there’s no doubt that this border dispute could flare up again in the future, and the reason why has to do with the demographics of these nations. On the one hand you have China, which is brimming with people huddled in overpopulated cities, and then you have Russia, which has one of the lowest birth rates in the world. The Russians fear that one day the Chinese will seek to expand their territory into Eastern Siberia, which is sparsely populated, poorly protected, and resource rich. Given those conditions, the lower latitudes of Siberia would certainly be a tempting conquest for densely populated China.


India-Chinese Border

India and China are natural rivals. They’re both large, post-colonial nations with over a billion people, and they’re both trying to leverage their massive impoverished populations to build their economies. Essentially, they’re both vying for the same niche in the global economy; that of a nation with an endless supply of cheap labor. However, there’s only room for one at that table.


So it wouldn’t be surprising if these two nuclear armed nations came to blows in the future. In fact, they fought a border skirmish back in 1962, which India handily lost. A lot of bad blood still exists between these nations, and they both still argue about the dimensions of their borders.



Most people don’t talk or even think about Kashmir anymore, but they should. This region is quiet now, but it’s at the center of the single most dangerous border dispute in the world. India and Pakistan fought a war over this territory in 1999, but China has also laid claim to parts of Kashmir. So you have three nuclear armed nations with nearly 3 billion people all vying for this single chunk of land. That should end well right?


And don’t forget that Pakistan is on the footsteps of Afghanistan; a nation whose central location in Asia has made it one of the most hotly contested regions in human history. The US is currently struggling to maintain control over Afghanistan, so obviously a war over Kashmir could easily pull us in. After that, it’s anyone’s guess what happens next.

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But apart from that, doom-and-gloom is pure fiction...

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Jacksons Ghost Jul 31, 2016 2:07 PM

Ummm... Why am I reading and posting to ZH when the weather is perfect outside? Much more important issue.

cheka's picture

ww3 has begun.  it pits the globalists against the people of the US, several EU countries, australia, more..

the first step was importing the muzzies into the target countries

after the muzzies act up, the govs have the green light to tighten the screws on ALL of the citizens


Vatican_cameo's picture

 Whoever starts it will be blamed, although every nuclear nation in the world will throw their hat into the ring before it's over.  So it doesn't really matter who/where starts it, once the ball is rolling it going to be a "Free-for-all".  Just like WWI, one incident had every country in Europe picking sides and then it all exploded.  This will be on a Grander Scale and everyone is chomping at the bit to bring out their "Big Toys".

Eager Beaver's picture

It will start in my beaver den, and spread outward to all of the other beavers upon the waters, covering the Earth with fire and destruction in its wake, only a boy and girl will survive to start a new race of beaver.

WTFRLY's picture

JOO WORLD ORDER LOADING.. ... ... ... ... 94%

Here2Go's picture
Here2Go (not verified) WTFRLY Jul 31, 2016 3:24 PM

It'll start in your bathroom the next time you forget to put the seat down.

ufos8mycow's picture

I'm still thinking everything will come to a head with a conflict between Turkey and Greece and the great Iranian natural gas pipeline. Seems the western powers are getting both nations riled up at the same time.

Stainless Steel Rat's picture
Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) ufos8mycow Jul 31, 2016 4:57 PM

"All I see, turns to brown.... As the Sun burns the ground..."

Aristotle of Greece's picture
Aristotle of Greece (not verified) Stainless Steel Rat Jul 31, 2016 7:32 PM

It'll start in one place only.

wildbad's picture

berlin, paris, DC, madrid, ahtens

Jacksons Ghost's picture

Ummm, raining here, New Hampshire.  Big world there LowLoser.

umdesch4's picture

You beat me to it. Something about a stockpile of B61 nukes at Incirlik bothers me...

Eager Beaver's picture

Oh, yeah, haven't you heard? A few of those went missing, we don't seem to be able to locate them. But they have compentent intelligence agencies working on the problem, now go back to watching TV, and drink some mind numb fizz fizz of your choice while you wait for the mushroom cloud pizza to arrive.

SMC's picture

Coming back home, hacked by the enemy?

Hitlary and the DNC for Prison 2016.

BeansMcGreens's picture

Noor Mateen was seen in the area with two in her purse.

Barney Fife's picture

No thanks, I just had dinner. 

RawPawg's picture

Umm....Trump Towers...NYC?

JRobby's picture

Lead lined "New England Mariner" styled rain gear (including the cool hat) ON SALE NOW!!!!

Powerslaved's picture

If you're gonna die........die with your boots on.

willwork4food's picture

Yes Turkey. As soon as someone assasinates the idiot leader things might get better.

stacking12321's picture

up until recently i would have agreed with you.

not that he's any less of an idiot or evildoer now, but at least he's pivoting away from the usa and towards the eastern alliance, so he's less likely to act as a usa stooge and foment trouble.

the nuke situation is worrying, however.

MsCreant's picture

MIC: "Business is booming!"

lolmao500's picture

Kashmir is quiet now? What? LOL.

Kashmir is on fire right now.

Also, Turkey is about to betray the west. And Europe got it's borders wide open with politically correct politicians that will do nothing when that happens. Last time Turkey was against the west, it was 1914, you know what happened next.

Also, Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia/Azerbaijan... Turkey/Russia/US on each side...

Belarus is indeed a wild card, if Lukashenko falls and anti-Russian people go in power, this would be VERY, VERY VERY BAD.


Oldrepublic's picture

not much news in Western media but the US just tried to take over Armenia with a color revolution

in the past few days. It seems to have failed. Russia has its second overseas military base there.

As for WW lll, a clash in the South China Seas is my bet. Also on the Romanian, Polish anti ballistic sites aimed at Russia for a first strike.

Putin made a very serious warning about those missiles in June. He said that the 1972 anti-ballistic missile treaty was a stabilizing pact that Bush ll abrogated.

MasterOfTheMultiverse's picture

WWI and WWII started in Balkans. $1000 on Eastern Europe.

Absalon's picture

We only get WW III if America / NATO starts shooting at Russia or China. 


That only seems realistically possible in Eastern Europe.  So far the West has avoided escalating the war in Ukraine.  Ukraine wanted more advanced weapons and the West refused to supply them.  With advanced weapons the Ukrainians could have wiped out the Russian soldiers and armored vehicles operating inside Ukraine.

more60's picture

Lukaschenka is deeply unpopular? with whom? sorry but this is Bullshit.. might be helpful to visit the country one day.. same with russia chinese border..ww3 start there? and any time ??? both should have other problems for now..

geno-econ's picture

Pearl Harbor, only this time by the Chinese ?

Vancouver already suffering land invasion surrender

BetaGap's picture

What is wrong in Vancouver?

I considered relocating...

Absalon's picture

Large numbers of Chinese buyers are driving housing prices through the roof.

BetaGap's picture

Allowing anyone to buy everything will lead to some problems.

As we have with House of Saud owning to much US assets.

Killdo's picture

I lived in Vancouver - very small town mentality place full of drug addicts. I remember reading in Business in Vancouver that an average person there is a foreign born, unemployed, visible minority etc. The most boring place I have ever lived in - coudl not wait to get out of - and haven't been since I left. A friend of mine is from Vancouver and he can't stand the peopel there either  - hardly ever goes back even though he has family there. I remember once it rained non-stop for 3 weeks. Seattle is milion times nicer and a real city (as oposed to a little shithole full of Chinese-owned generic looking apartment blocks)

Meyer Bauer's picture

Well, first learn how to spell. Second, Chinese much better than Amuricans for buyers and residents (they have a brain at least) and thirdly, Seattle is the the skankiest, scumiest city I've ever visited in my life.

geno-econ's picture

Vancouver and port  cities in Canada have been invaded by Chinese real estate investors eager to move wealth out of China driving up prices under programs offering wealthy Chinese  citizenship.  Much of this is HOT money which distorts asset values for Canadians.  A form of invited invasion in effort to stimulate economy.  Practice is legal but also a form of economic warfare

Meyer Bauer's picture

There's nohing wrong with except for the Americans that live there - they fuck up everywhere they inhabit the world.

Rainman's picture

Trump say 'pay me for that fucking wall you fuckers or I'll .. i'll ... '   < finger on button >

2bit Hoarder's picture

we give mexico between 50 and 55 million dollars a year in federal "aid".  That would stop and those funds would go to building the wall.  Not exactly them paying for it, but kinda.  Or you can just spew hyperbole ...

thebigunit's picture

You're not even trying to cheer me up.

Radical Marijuana's picture

As best the author could, there was an attempt to "cheer up," with these preposterously optimistic assertions:

"because they don’t think there would be any chance of surviving it, so why bother? But preppers know better."


At least 99% are NOT prepared, and therefore, the 1% who were preppers would be their first real targets, and

that includes that the best prepared would be the first targets of real governments to commandeer their stuffs!

In the past, I used to try to become prepared. Indeed, the more into the past, the more prepared I tried to be!

However, the main consistent themes have ALWAYS been that: THE MORE I LEARNED THE WORSE IT GOT.

Therefore, I no longer bother to attempt to become better prepared ...

Caprica six's picture

In the 80s as a naieve little forecaster, I ran budget analysis/econometric and forecasting for Air Force Theatre Limited Nuclear War scenarios and full on Ballistic Missile Defense.  But the reality of the nuclear theatre, is that stage is the entire planet.  I remember what it felt like, that feeling of wondering if some accident would cause the first missile to get fired.  In some really weird, Zen way, this refocused everything.  It may very well end.  Statistically, the probablility I'm even alive is darn near zero.   I have been one of the lucky ones on this planet with much to be grateful for.  I'm going to log off and spend time with some good friends this afternoon and call my brother.   

headless blogger's picture

The first 4 are definitely hotspots where WW3 could start, but the last 3 doubtful could cause WW3.

If you vote for Hillary you are voting for more invasions and more deceipt spewed daily by Mainstream media on what is going on in Syria, et al:

"Syrian rebel commander forgets his line while recording a speech & the American director tells him to start over"

VegasBob's picture

If she is elected, Hitlery will start WWIII.  Just look at her failed record as Secretary of State - Ukraine, Libya, Syria, ISIS.

The necons who own Hitlery believe they can win WWIII, even if it goes nuclear.

Rich from PDT's picture

Straight up FEAR PORN. Not gonna happen.


thebigunit's picture

Interesting that Israel-Gaza-Sinai was left out.

Don't know what's going on there right now, but it seems to me that it wasn't that long ago that people were lobbing thousands of rockets into the Promised Land.

And I understand that Libya/North Africa is no ice cream social.  Particularly after Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton tried out her night school diplomacy degree in Benghazi and discovered that it was just a diploma mill and the whole place just blew up in her face.


Infield_Fly's picture
Infield_Fly (not verified) Jul 31, 2016 3:09 PM

4 billion in Asia - a war that will thin that herd may not be all that bad

Strode2's picture
Strode2 (not verified) Infield_Fly Jul 31, 2016 5:56 PM

Thin the 1 billion of useless breeders and disease spreaders in Africa, too!