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Source: Townhall.com

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Yes. What he said.

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I have not yet read this but the title is interesting

Khizr  Muazzam  Khan ,  Juristic  Classification  of  Islamic  Law


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Guns would be blamed if it happened with a knife.

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Aristotle of Greece (not verified) samsara Jul 31, 2016 8:42 PM

That's a RED HERRING. THIS is the PROBLEM. http://goo.gl/l6d22d

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Aristotle of Greece Jul 31, 2016 10:08 PM

Oh yes! That really happened! /sarc

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Thank the Libs and their "unbiased" MSM.

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Here2Go (not verified) wee-weed up Aug 1, 2016 6:13 AM

If Obama had a son, his head would look like the IMAM's if you put it up on a pike.

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The vast majority of chopped off heads fall at the feet of a muslim,

I agree, swords don't behead people, Muslims do,

and Lucifarians cheer them on....

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And Obama would give another speech about people on his "watch list" (supposedly being watched, right?) as they entered the mosque with the words "just crazy" dropped in somewhere completely out of context to the issue at hand.

Well, except to the BAN EVERYTHING & WRAP ME IN BUBBLE WRAP! crowd ;-)

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What, you don't want "Nerf world" imposed on you?

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On a positive note, there is no Usury allowed. I mean come on, who likes Usury??

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Did it ever occur to anyone that the western banking elites cannot allow the world to know there's a religion and section of the world where it's a crime to charge usury on a note? These groups would have to bring demonized???

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fuck any religion or country who calls it a "crime" for 2 parties to voluntarily agree to marketplace exchange.

don't like the terms of the deal? easy solution: don't agree to it.

don't like the fact that 2 other people have made such an agreement between themselves? easy solution: go take a long walk off a short pier, it's got nothing to do with you.

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The extraction just happens in other forms, like bribery and partisanship.

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Except for the fact that you are PAID with usury notes. I didn't choose that nor did I agree to mandatory direct deposit. Where is this free and voluntary marketplace you describe? Oh wait, that's right... "Don't like it? Quit!"

/quit the fiat debt money system like who did again?

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You do and so does your now retired dad who is spending his capital while the banks have ZIRP...no interest for you!

The muslims actually do get paid for lending money but they go through contortions so it does not appear to be interest....it winds up being an equity investment...though I suspect the islamic mafia still breaks your legs if you squander the primciple.

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Only one religion allows usury. But only against the goyim.

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I hate to be an iconoclast, but 'no usury' is a shibboleth.  In most money deals, there is 'equity participation' couple with a yearly penalty if the money is not repaid.  It is often excessive.

A rose by any other name.....

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Try to imagine the same scenario in a synagogue!  Oy Vey!

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They (zooish) killed a teacher 2000 years back

on false accusation (of claiming king)

The results are before us

(but remember the teacher cursed them

then entire zooish nation was sacked & their temple razed

and a new religion sprang up whose followers carried out

holocaust in WW2)

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Funny how we quarentined Japanese Americans during WW II and Germany quarentined German Jews who started this by the Amesterdam plan in 1933. The 'Holocaust' wasn't even a thing until the 50s. If it was a war crime, why wasn't it talked about starting in 1945?

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Why don't you try to read a book before spitting out garbage like this.

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LMAO.  The Christians have it in the bag for wholesale slaughter.  The Muslims are just trying to break into the game.  Amateurs.  The Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, the Philippines, Latin America (Can you imagine what had to be done to break those blockheaded fuckers?).  Anybody care to add to the list?

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Your history lessons need some updating...


Islam – Not a Religion of Peace
Islam has killed about 270 million people: 120 million Africans*, 60 million Christians, 80 million Hindus, 10 million Buddhists, etc.

Standard Disclaimer: History is such a bitch for the those that choose to be ignorant.

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"You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators."  - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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66 million largely Christians killed by a band of mostly Jewish Bolshevics as compared to 6 million mostly jews killed by Nazis? I'm confused.... why have I never seen movies or even History channel programs on the 66 million, yet since my childhood I must have seen many dozens of movies and documentaries with reference to the 6 million. Something very wrong with the world and Mr Solzhenitsyn is right on the money it seems!

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Those who want to claim that the Muslim faith is peaceful, that the extremists aren't true followers of Islam, often hypocritically paint all Christians with the sins of the Crusaders, or the blood thirsty Catholics of the dark ages.  They were not following Christ, though they brandished His name.

Violence done in the name of religion is evil no matter what religion is abused to justify it! 

Christ walked the earth speaking truth to power,  His sword was his tongue, and peace with your neighbor was his message.  His most violent act was to drive the Bankers and merchants from the Temple with a whip made of a tree branch.  No matter who they are who lift a sword in Christ's name, they are not following the teachings or actions of Jesus Christ.  He was a man of Peace, not war!

Contrast that with the life of Muhammad, who began and ended his rise with the edge of a sword, concurring lands with the blood of all who resisted him!  Those who today lift a sword in the name of Islam are following the teachings and actions of Muhammad, who was a man of War and conquest, not peace!

Killing in the name of GOD will always be Evil no matter who the killers follow!



By Richard A. Gabriel

    ......The idea of Muhammad as a military man will be new to many. Yet he was a truly great general. In the space of a single decade he fought eight major battles, led eighteen raids, and planned another thirty-eight military operations where others were in command but operating under his orders and strategic direction. Wounded twice, he also twice experienced having his positions overrun by superior forces before he managed to turn the tables on his enemies and rally his men to victory. More than a great field general and tactician, he was also a military theorist, organizational reformer, strategic thinker, operational-level combat commander, political-military leader, heroic soldier, and revolutionary. The inventor of insurgency warfare and history’s first successful practitioner, Muhammad had no military training before he commanded an army in the field.


    Muhammad’s intelligence service eventually rivaled that of Byzantium and Persia, especially when it came to political information. He reportedly spent hours devising tactical and political stratagems, and once remarked that “all war is cunning,” reminding modern analysts of Sun Tzu’s dictum, “all war is deception.” In his thinking and application of force Muhammad was a combination of Karl von Clause­witz and Niccolo Machiavelli, for he always employed force in the service of political goals. An astute grand strategist, he used non­mili­tary methods (alliance building, politi­cal assassination, bribery, religious appeals, mercy, and calculated butchery) to strengthen his long-term position, sometimes even at the expense of short-term military considerations.


    Muhammad’s belief in Islam and his own role as the “Messenger of God” revolutionized Arabian warfare and resulted in the creation of the ancient world’s first army motivated by a coherent system of ideological belief. The ideology of holy war (jihad) and martyrdom (shahada) for the faith was transmitted to the West during the wars between Muslims and Christians in Spain and France, where it changed traditional Christian pacifistic thinking on war, brought into being a coterie of Christian warrior saints, and provided the Catho­lic Church with its ideological justification for the Crusades. Ideology—whether religious or secular—has remained a primary component of military ventures ever since.

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Let's face it - we're a defective species who breed like cock-roaches and kill each other for the slightest reason.  So let's not bicker and argue about who killed who...   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxFrXuly_B0



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That 6 million figure is (deliberately) incorrect. Red Cross , who were allowed access to camps throughout the war kept records of deaths and the correct figure is in the region of 268,000 inmates of all persuasions and mostly through typhus and towards the end of the war starvation as all the internal supply chain within Germany was bombed to oblivion (see movie "Hellstorm" for more on this real holocaust of the German people )

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Not only deliberately incorrect, but flat out mathematically impossible.  Sad that a lot of people cant do the math and realize its a lie.

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For a change, try getting your info from independently written books instead of white supremacist web sites.

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Damn, by your numbers Islam is worse the even communism.  That is quite an accomplishment.

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All I know is I'm alive and want to keep it that way

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while i don't care for islam, your statement is blatantly false:

"Islam has killed about 270 million people"

islam is just a system of beliefs, it does not kill anyone.

specific individual human beings who are capable of making moral choices, are responsible for each and every one of those deaths.

to say that islam kills people is as idiotic as saying guns kill people.

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Islam did kill a once thriving culture.  How many Arabs are there in the world?

Also, in a court of (non-Shari'a) law, one could make a good case that it was Islam that led to the real First Crusade (632AD to 732AD).  The Red Cross wasn't there to count the victims, but after Mo died, his 'apostles' took his belief, and their swords, and carried his 'message of peace' from Mecca to Tours, slaughtering of 'converting' every step of the way.  They were otherwise not pre-supposed to doing that so far from home.  Before Mo, most of their butchery was intramural.

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Courtesty of WSB:




The speech by Khizr Khan at the DNC the other day has seen some reactions in the MSM reaching even as far away as the BBC, and featured on its London Evening group round table chat program, in which a few earnest, elderly journalists and sundry experts decried the apparent mean-spiritedness of Trump, or else his 'Islamophobia.'

But here are a few facts that simply must be considered, before deciding what the right response to this speech is:

1. It is a clear-cut edict within the Quran, by the Prophet Muhammad and by Allah, that NO ONE can befriend either a Christian or a Jew and that whosoever does, for WHATEVER reason, seeking their protection EVEN in times of crisis - is not a Muslim anymore and is an apostate. That is a crystal clear verse in the Quran.

2. The daughter of Queen Khosrua of Persia, during the battle of Al-Jamal, was about to succeed to the throne of that nation, wherupon the Prophet Muhammad said: 'never will succeed such a nation as makes a woman its leader.' (The Authentic, Strong, Hadith as narrated by 'Abu Bakra.')

3. Khizr Khan, as Obama has been doing recently, ended his speech with the words 'and support those who will UNIFY, and not those who divide the people.' This is code for Islamic conquest, because what is meant is a monolithic religious culture of 'Islamic unity.'

Either Khan is not familiar with his religion and the teachings of his Prophet and his god, Allah, nor of the Hadiths of the Righteously Guided Scholars and Companions, or he is being disingenuous. He cannot, according to the religious teachings of Islam, support a woman as the leader of the nation - UNLESS HE INTENDS FOR HER TO MISLEAD THE NATION ITSELF INTO CATASTROPHE FOR ITSELF

And his son, could not have been a Muslim, if he had joined the US military (more than twelve years previously as it happens, not that that is a major issue) sincerely. He is automatically 'outside the fold of Islam' if he joins the army of a Christian or Judaeo- or 'other than Muslim' country. And so if Khizr Khan is representing as a genuine Muslim, on what basis is he so doing?

It may also be instructive, to those who are still somewhat perhaps 'in the dark' as to what is really going on, to learn that the word 'emigrate' occurs several times in the Quran, and each time it is followed by the word 'Jihad,' and the context is that emigration is conducted in order to practice Jihad against the rulers of your new abode so that 'all may be subdued to Islam.'

Islam is an open ideology of world conquest and domination, through any means, including stealth and deceit, as well as through violence and open warfare.

Calvin J. Bear

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Islam is second only to communism in the pantheon of genocidal religions.

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Damn.  You got me there.

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You missed the entire episode where Muslims conquered and occupied Europe.

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It was redacted.  Peaceful people.

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Please spare us the alleged  comparative analysis BS. What you do not know of the History of Christianity and Islam covers many volumes of books, which you obviously have not read and do not care to read.

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Yeah, we believe you studied history deep, oh wait... you can't read.

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yes great thoughts. 

but there are things the tend to make me think BREXIT will be the next big mess. A good write up here about how to MAKE OFF like a bandit when it hits. Read this ==> http://bit.ly/2aJnc1q

 Realistically we know how evil, and barberic these assholes are. They do not even deservce a bullet, I hope they get their penis chopped off in a roadside accident. We all know the GOVT and those higher up and basically diverting attention back to middle east, and all the bullshit going on there, because it takes the focus off the economy and the CRISIS happening in EUROPE / UK. SEriously.?

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Speaking of muslim penis choppers:


Or glance through Muslim Slave System in Medieval India.


Chapter 9 is on the male sex slaves and the eunuchs who guarded the female sex slaves. Lots and lots of eunuchs.


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... which one is that "profit" fella ? They all look the same.