What If?

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Do you realize that if someone is a radical Christian he is probably building a hospital, feeding the homeless, doing street witnessing in his spare time and raising his kids to be good citizens?

I just realized that

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No, they'd be blowing up abortion clinics and heckling gays

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Nope, those would be apostate churches, run by apostate pastors.

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You guys nights want to go back and read some Nietzche. That'd right, eat your peas and  we'll revisit the subject.

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Your empty snark might be more successful if you knew how to spell Nietzsche. 
But probably not.

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That guy would call David Koresh a Christian.

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No, they'd be blowing up abortion clinics and heckling gays

Unlike majority of Christians who have been conditioned to accept power of expedience and convenience over the tenets of their religion, most practising Muslims have not. You won't see many practising Muslims queuing up at abortion clinics. White Europeans are aborting their race out of business. Some devout Muslims see this behaviour as a further sign that the Christians are suicidely decadent and Allah is about to DELIVER the world to Muslims on a plate. Just be patient.

Don't see many devout Muslims blowing up abortion clinics...have you ever wondered why? While its the non-believers aborting their babies why would a devout Muslim care?

I don't condone blowing up abortion clinics. Consider this: its the Christian belief in the sacredness of all life, that its a gift from God, that drives some fanatical Christians to this extreme action. For them, its usually the last resort after the debates, the picketting, the political pressure have failed.

As for gays: true Christians love gays as they're supposed to love everybody, as required by JC. What they don't love is what SOME gays are doing to traditional institutions. Institutions which happen to be the bedrock of our society. Christians may heckle gays but Muslims stone them to death  -- death penalty for gays in many islamic countries.

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I don't think so. The Christian's battle is spiritual, not physical.

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Well that would be because to be a Christian means to be a follower of Christ. Instead of religion it is a simple act of action, emulate Christ and be his ambassadors on earth. These are things he did on earth, feeding the homeless, caring for the sick, encouraging words in public and denouncement of religious corruption.

The newest faith system of the day requires you to follow the actions of a man who lived his life in a much different way.

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Christ Immanuel was "merely" God Incarnate two millennia ago.

America is God's prophesied Zion, the New Israel, and each is beholden only to God Almighty, the Creator of the universe, direct, ruled only by Truth and Justice, "a nation of priests."

Those who lie and cheat, kill and steal, and protect the Synagogue of Satan and the Anti-Christ's Beast Fifth Column all know run the FedScam, funded Hitler, staged the Holohoax, killed John and Martin to keep us as papal catspaw in Indochina and to restart their unconstitutional money scheme, did Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC, and 9/11, and are staging the hoax and psyop mass shootings in order to disarm the sovereign People, are traitors against God, the Constitution, and the People and must be removed or excised from Our Holy Land after full expropriation.

MegaOlmecanManiac's picture

Yahweh is not the creator of the universe. The Gnostics knew this and adjusted accordingly.

On a side note, did I run into you in Paraguay? You're awesome, dude, but I'm pretty sure you're nuts.

peddling-fiction's picture

Why then are gnostic Kabbalists gaga for Lucifer?


peddling-fiction's picture

Why would they worship the non-creator of the universe.

And Jesus Christ is?

MegaOlmecanManiac's picture

He is the Demiurge, the ruler that should have never been, the ruler of this realm. But what do I know? I was pretty high when my cat was explaining this to me.

Zero Point's picture

We must have known the same cat. I take issue though with "should never have been". The true God knows all, and planned even for all of this in my opinion.

MegaOlmecanManiac's picture

Krishna, Jesus, etc sent to this earth as Christ figures in human form to teach us retards the gnosis to escape this realm and realize the true God. The God above god. And then party an' shit.

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He could also turn water to wine, levitate, walk on water, feed thousands of people using one family's meals, read minds, predict the future, and raise the dead.


A *REAL* Christian could do all that.

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Helping widows and taking in orphans....and teaching them to shoot....

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They also don't tolerate corruption,

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So when they start issuing muslim hunting permits, do you get more meat out of shroud or a beard?

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So....NASA is no longer going to be focused on 'Muslim outreach?'

sysin3's picture

What if some Christians respectfully entered a mosque and prayed ?

Same as some Muslims recently respectfully entered a Catholic church and prayed. Shook hands, kissed folks, stuff like that.

Really, that shit is possible if people will just grow a pair and quit being afraid of their own shadows. There is only a very tiny percentage of humanity which wants to hurt you. The other 99.9% just want to live their lives.

MsCreant's picture

Holy shit! 60 million people are out to hurt me. FUUUCK!

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

Yeah, but the problem lies in the fact that the 0.1% that does want to hurt you has all the money, all the power and no law applies to them.


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And who facilitated that? That is directly under your control.

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When I lived and worked in LA it amazed me how many different races worked together....in peace.

One of my customers had Iranians, an American Jew, a gay American, an Inidian, A Chinese woman and two Filipinos working in an engineering department.

They all managed to interact and get along, for years without any serious disagreements or fall outs.

I think your comment is on the money.



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It only takes a few rotten apples to spoil the barrel. It's just not fair....

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How close were you to San Bernandino?

effendi's picture

You mean as an Orthodox Christian I can not only enter the Vatican to engage in interfaith prayer but also Mecca? Great!

Oh what, they regard me as Dhimmi and forbidden (on pain of death) to step foot there.

Bullsh!t about 99.9%, having lived in Egypt I can assure you at least a few % want you dead and ten times that number will aid them when the time comes.

ACES FULL's picture

He was dreaming of riding a skittle shitting unicorn and singing about world peace. Humans will always find something to go to war over.

newworldorder's picture

What the average American and European does not know about Islam and their teachings, will one day may get everyone killed in a manner worst than the Holocaust. 

Jethro's picture

So, reading the Koran and Hadith aren't enough to get a good grasp on islam?  i know that I didnt understand a lot of things in India until I read the Bhagvad Gita.

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There would be a problem if any of the women were menstruating.  A women 'of a certain period' is prohibited from entering a mosque.

Also, it is harram for a man to walk under a clothesline that has female undergarments on it.  It's a comfort to me to know that in a Universe of billions of galaxies, each with trillions of stars, most of which have planets orbiting them that might hold life, the Big Guy still had time to address the small things, such as the rule that one gender with Tab A of one species on one planet in one solar system in one galaxy in an otherwise pedestrian part of the Universe should not walk under a clothesline where the other gender with Slot B might have hung her dainties.

the.ghost.of.22wmr's picture
the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Jul 31, 2016 8:48 PM

The South was right!

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American by birth. Southern by the grace of God.

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TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) Jul 31, 2016 8:48 PM

Yea like Christians would go on some sort of Crusade and try to wipe out an entire religion like these Muslims are doing, it would never happen in 1000 years...

indaknow's picture

Well if the Iman was bombing our citizens and destroying our Countries then maybe the analogy would work.  But it doesn't. 

Jethro's picture

Meh. Name me some contemporary Christian sects that promote pedophilia, slavery and killing anybody that won't convert to their brand of bullshit. Not that I'm even a Christian apologist, because I've been an Atheist since I was 10. I do however recognize that Christianity played an important part in the shaping of our common culture (along with the 18th century enlightenment, and deeper Anglo-Saxon cultural touchstones). Without the Christian enlightenment during the Renaissance, I could very well have been burned at the stake for holding the philosophical opinion I hold regarding religion (which is generally "live and let live" for all religions save Islam, and that is well deserved--those donkey fuckers can all go eat a bag of dicks). You see, muslims can't leave anybody alone that isn't their brand of islam. They have a mandate to convert them, enslave them or kill them. Jihad is forever. They shouldn't be allowed to dwell within the borders of any non-islamic state because they will eventually try to introduce sharia law. And even if they say they aren't, they are probably practicing taqiyya---mandate lying to non-muslims. Heck Shia islam woould not exist without taqiyya---so the goat fuckers can''t even trust themselves.

newworldorder's picture

You really have to save this post and re-post as often as possible. Lets leave at just - truth spoken by Jethro.

Never will understand why this simple truth does not register with most of the Western overeducated bleeding hearts that want more Muslims imported into the West.

Jethro's picture

Thanks man.  That was very kind.