An America Neither Republicans Nor Democrats Dare Show

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Authored by Ben Tanosborn,

"Be true to causes you believe in, but only cautiously loyal to their champions.”

It’s over, and to use Joe Biden’s favorite and oft-repeated descriptive noun, rebirthed from nine decades ago, the duopoly gatherings in Cleveland and Philadelphia gave America a double dosage of political malarkey.  Republican malarkey coated with both fear and hate; and Democratic malarkey wrapped in chameleonic deception.

As the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia dusts itself off, Americans are left facing 14 more weeks of lies from two camps of politicians who, for the most part, are bidding for soft political-career jobs in Capitol Hill that only require a reasonable skill in oratory, a lack of scruples, and a selfish heart.  And, of course, at the very top of elective offices, one most important of all: that which bids for the American monarchical throne, known in traditional, democratic parlance as the presidency… 

America continues living the long perpetuated hoax that our citizenry has a government of the people, by the people, and for the people… and so, come November 8, at the 58th quadrennial election, we’ll all be taking the ultimate Lesser-Evil or Repugnance Test as we are asked to make a choice between two throne seekers who are long, very long, on selfishness and false pride; and short, very short, on truth and judiciousness.  This 2016 edition, just formalized, brings us the extremely discomforting duo of an insanely lying braggadocio, Donald Trump, and a first-class deceitful elitist, Hillary Clinton. 

Unfortunately for 80+ percent of Americans, no matter how they vote, no matter who turns out to be the victor, their shrinking social (dignity) and economic lots have already been cast, predetermined, before going to the polls.  This Repugnance Test in November will solely determine how the economic spoils are to be distributed between the ruling 1 percent Knights – the millionaires and billionaires who draw Bernie’s ire; and the 19- percent Squires – crumb-gatherers who enforce the edicts of the Knights… in our Haves and Have-nots society.  To see it any other way, again, as Joe Biden would say, is just a bunch of self-deceiving malarkey.

The two ruling political parties that alternate governing America have not addressed the problems that beset the country, not with inspirational authenticity and most definitely not with any required judiciousness.  Problems arising from bigotry and an existing clear racial divide are disturbingly swept under the rug or, even worse, promised to be solved with the law and order magic wand.  Problems of safety and tranquility that have roots overseas, the Daesh boogeyman (Isis to most Americans), are treated as inimical to our democratically pure way of life, instead of the monster we have created and nurtured in our quest for economic, military and political world dominance.  Problems of an abusive economic disparity in our society, created by predatory capitalism deceivingly disguised as free enterprise, are hypocritically acknowledged but insultingly set aside, in-your-face disregarded… the power-elite in both ruling parties well aware that the 80 percent have-nots have no more power than that vassals had during feudal times.

As for the revolutionaries that Bernie Sanders enlisted under the Democratic umbrella, they could become the sprouting force to bring about a rebirth of a more inclusive, just and democratic America.  No, not under the auspices of a corrupt Latter Day Democratic Party but as a new principled force… either, going it alone or, better yet, joining Jill Stein in building a Progressive-Green Party that could become a major political force with its own representation [and the need for another aisle] in Congress and a possible foothold to the White House by the 60th quadrennial… with a little faith, perhaps even the 59th quadrennial (2020).

Bernie has done all he can as herald-prophet of change, continuing his fight from his senate seat; a well-earned reward for a lifetime dedication to progressive causes.  The baton needs to be passed to new leadership emerging from both the campaign, and silenced progressive members in, or about to be elected to, Congress; young, or not so young, idealistic minds that are espousing the just causes of a true revolution.  In truth, progressive issues adopted in the Democratic platform thanks to Bernie’s troops will only prevail, whether Hillary Clinton wins or loses, if they complement the corrupt party establishment and not the progressive spirit in which they were drafted.

For all the moronic celebrity surrounding Donald Trump, stoked by a self-serving media, “the Donald” could find a grateful place in America’s history books.  No, absolutely not as a president, but as the dragon-slayer of America’s corrupt duopoly; helping in the advent to power of two new major political players, Libertarians and Progressive-greens, each possibly garnering as much as 15-20 percent of the popular vote this election year; throwing the election into a much-needed political chaos that will totally discredit any Electoral College results, and force us to review/revamp a defective political system.

We could be living a dream in America as opportunity stares at us to break the political chains enslaving our Republic, finally making Abraham Lincoln’s dictum of “a government of the people, by the people, for the people” not fiction but a reality.

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I Am Me's picture

Taxation is theft.

Déjà view's picture

Debt is theft...Unborn.


TahoeBilly2012's picture

"Two fake political parties run by the Jews, where nothing ever changes...." (Adolf someone)

VinceFostersGhost's picture



This isn't gonna be pretty.....but we're gonna have to do it.


Gear up!

JRobby's picture

2 ways to start over:

1. Target & Neutralize: "The ruling 1 percent Knights – the millionaires and billionaires who draw Bernie’s ire; and the 19- percent Squires – crumb-gatherers who enforce the edicts of the Knights… in our Haves and Have-nots society."

2. Be fortunate enough to be among the 20% that survive.

Silky Johnson's picture

Who cares yo! I just caught a Jigglypuff down by the river!

greenskeeper carl's picture

I agree. Deficit spending is taxation without representation. What are my kids getting out of this? Nothing good

sleigher's picture

They are getting a life of indentured servitude (assuming this shitshow lasts that long).  They get to work their whole life and wonder why they never really got anywhere.  Just like my kids...   


shoulda been a farmer.

Never One Roach's picture

Some economist on the radio the other day summed it up as to who actually benefitted from all these bailouts and deficits and wars: 1) the top 1% mostly on Wall Street (Big Corporations, Banks, CEOs, etc. at one end under both Bush and Obama....... and, 2) the lower 10% who were handed huge increases in welfare benfits under Soweto Obama.

The enitre middle class fell backwards big time he said. Meanwhile, the middle class in places like China have boomed with increase wealth partly due to all the jobs sent there by USA.

BTW, my guess is that economist will never be invited back on the left liberal radio show again.

Beowulf55's picture

Today, farmers are the new serfs...........




These are 1960 prices..........produced with 2016 input cost.......

Land prices......$5,000+ / Acre

Diesel............$2.10 / gallon

Fertilizer cost..........$250 / acre

Seed cost..............$150 / acre (Roundup ready GMO)

You will not be in farming long at these prices........

And I have not even mentioned the taxes on the property..........gone up 40-65% over the last five years in Kansas. Or the price of equipment.....


RaceToTheBottom's picture

Keep the ribbons coming to your kids.  They can line their cardboard boxes with them.

Things that go bump's picture

Then we'll get a forced labor law like Venezuela just passed.

doctor10's picture

The same minds that create the problem, are not capable of its solution.


The mindset that reated the problem is called "usury banking" -and it has reached the final end of its ponzi roots

Pumpkin's picture

Taxation is theft.


The people created government TO PROTECT THEIR RIGHTS above anything else, and government (with all the f'ing enemies they point at) are the only ones forcibly taking my property.  Even with express exceptions of my rights from government in the state constitution. I go to the courts, and they are only complicit with the crimes.  They will be judged!

More Ammo's picture

Lincoln was a traitor and justly executed for his war crimes against the people of the south.

surfer433's picture

A government of corruption, by the politicians, for the bankers.



mkucstars's picture

One of my favorites! Everyone should see this, it does explain what is happening and why.

WOAR's picture

Why vote for a sham that will lose, though?

Whether you vote for the Donald, or Hitlery, at least you know what will happen in either case - chaos, or more of the same slow decay eating America.

Knowing that, why vote for the Greens/Libertarians? If the Donald can't solve it, and Hitlery won't solve it, what makes you think a 'Third Party' is going to do anything? What are they gonna do, use executive orders? Talk over corrupt politicians who don't care? Their floundering, worthless presidency would be worse than anything else. 

"A bad peace is worse than WOAR." - Tacitus

Vote Trump, and at least you can watch the shitshow burn to the ground. Whether you want to plant seeds afterwards is in your hands.

cart00ner's picture

(sniff sniff) i smell war on the horizon... just not the one the elite expect!

Croesus's picture

Who else is hoping that we get to see the downfall of the Establishment?

THAT is "Change We Can Believe In".

jughead's picture

I don't expect any of them to do anything, thus I won't be voting for anyone at the federal level.  

arby63's picture

I have to agree. I have though that Trump has a nice hatred for the massive size of government. We'll see. 

Usura's picture

Jill Stein?  I would prefer David Duke.

Barney Fife's picture

Do what I plan on doing. Go to the polls, vote state and local issues and then skip all the Federals. 

By showing up and not voting you have voted. 

De-legitimize this fraud. 

Look, if 55% show up to vote, but only 38% pull a lever for the federals then what kind of message do you think that sends?

One that puts a chill up the spine of the Establishment, that's what.  Absolutely no mandate and on national parole from day 1. 

BingoBoggins's picture

You *do* cut a stirring figure there, Barney.

drreadski's picture

Tell that to the winner who will declare a mandate 'screw the numbers... I was elected by the voters who cared' ... LOL

jughead's picture

you betcha - my vote is my consent to govern.  The federal government no longer has my consent to govern, thus I will not vote for any federal office. 

Oldwood's picture

Don't know if you noticed but they neither care nor need your consent. You can make all the principled stands you like but it only matters to YOUR emotional needs and ignores the fact that EVERYTHING in life is about choosing what we perceive is the lesser evils. Unfortunately we tend to be short term thinkers which has brought it s to NOW. 

arby63's picture

Nice theory. The 38% who do pull the lever are already on welfare. 

wildbad's picture

i'm not buying the "Trump IS the establishment" canard.


He is doing too much damage to them for that.


I say vote for Trump.


I hope we don't have to give him a JFK sendoff.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



I hope we don't have to give him a JFK sendoff.


Nixon is dead....but daddy Bush is still alive.....and Jeb is egging him on.


Place your bets!

GreatUncle's picture

Seriously ...

They appear so afraid there must be some real bad shit to come out if Trump was to win it ...

Worth him winning it just to find out what what's got the establishment so worried!

We are talking everybody now of worth supporting Clinton and all that they know she has done being made acceptable so that Trump cannot reveal if elected.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

If only 38% vote for federal issues, they don't care; it just makes it easier to get their agenda pushed through via planted, party voters.


No, I do not know what the solution is other than possibly vote the external, least capable one in.  You cannot have a halfway reset.


There was a guy who is running for Governer who calls himself as "Resident Earth" or something like that.  Seems worthy of my vote.

cheech_wizard's picture

It doesn't send any message at all. The same people (Congress) will be in office 2 and 6 years later. And they won't give a flying fuck whether you voted or not.

Standard Disclaimer: OTOH, bullets flying sends a very clear message to a very corrupt system. 

True Blue's picture

The message that sends is "I don't care who is raping me" and further -they don't give a tinker's damn if only the candidates themselves vote; this isn't about 'legitimacy' it is about power -pure and simple.

Dr. Bonzo's picture

As for the revolutionaries that Bernie Sanders enlisted under the Democratic umbrella, they could become the sprouting force to bring about a rebirth of a more inclusive, just and democratic America.

Get the fuck out of here. Every scheme Bernie proposed involved more federal regulation and wealth redistribution. Since wealth redistribution inherently involves sanctioned government theft, what Bernie was promising was a complete Totale Krieg on freedom. Not only is wealth confiscation and redistribution not only not more inclusive and democratic, it is exactly the opposite.

There must be a missing chromosome or something with commies, because every single one of them is economically illiterate, from Marx on down. Absolutely not a single commie has ever voiced a coherent economic thought in his life.

If you need any validation that what Bernie was promising was wholesale plunder by a US commie party, look no further than his base: Black Lives Matter. They not only demand the total destruction of the economy through viscious wealth redistribtion schemes, they propose the eradication of our culture. It's the fucking Nazi Party on steroids.

An inclusive more democratic America my fucking ass..... unfuckingbelievable.......

snakehead's picture

Yeah, much better to go with the unchained oligarchy that steals from the ordinary folks to fund it. Why should the ordinary schmucks get a break from a rigged klepto system?

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Yeah, Bernie's politburo would distribute the "wealth" equitably! After reparations, that is. I'm down with the struggle...

arby63's picture

Sanders and his maniacal supporters couldn't even afford to make a cardboard sign to protest if it weren't for welfare and outside funding. It's all bullshit.

End welfare for all but the severely disabled and cut out our colonial lifestyle and we'd be just fine. 

Frankly, I'm sick and tired of literally funding the same folks who want to reduce our culture to rubble because they are too fucking lazy to do anything else. 

Oldwood's picture

Making us pay for the bullets for our execution. But they do it out of love.

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Dr. Bonzo Aug 2, 2016 5:56 AM

They are religious nutjobs.  Notice the glassy eyes and chanting.

innocent observer's picture
innocent observer (not verified) Dr. Bonzo Aug 2, 2016 5:56 AM

Bernie had dismal blm support. Too much black evangelist jew hate.

They should have been with him, though.

snakehead's picture

Donald Trump: America's accidental hero is a meme that needs to die fast. I'm pretty sure that folks felt that way about Erdogan, Hitler, Chavez and lots of other tinhorn demagogues who were put in power because people were pissed off.

"This time it's different."

Croesus's picture

@ snakehead:

Believe whatever you like. 

Shillary's record shows that she does the opposite of what she says. Decades of lies, corruption, support for policies which have gutted this country's industries, wasted millions of lives, and billions of dollars. Some of her statements, and behaviors indicate that she is mentally disturbed. 

What can they say about Trump? "Failed businesses" <- so what...lots of businessmen fail a few times before they get it right. 

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Put it like's not even close.

Buster Cherry's picture

What's her body count up to now?