65 Million Americans Would Like To Work But Can't Risk Losing Their Entitlements

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At the DNC last week, Anastasia Somoza, who has cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia, took to the stage to deliver an emotionally-stirring speech advocating for the rights of disabled people across the country.  She also took the opportunity to brand Trump as a candidate that "feeds off of fear and division" and "shouts, bullies and profits off of the vulnerable Americans" while describing Hillary as someone who "sees her."  Unsurprisingly, this is a narrative which has reverberated with America's media outlets as they couldn't help but assist the Democrats in their effort to exploithelp Anastasia in her quest to elect Hillary.

Just today, Bloomberg published an article entitled "These Government Rules Trap Millions of Americans in Poverty" that details the personal stories of various folks with disabilities who are willing and able to work but don't out of fear of oppressive rules which could result in the loss of their government benefits. Take the case of Susanne Brasset, who says she only keeps $5 in her bank account because she's "scared to save more" due to the risk that she might lose her social security "medicaid and other crucial benefits".  Brasset goes on to confirm that:

"There’s more money I could be making, but I’m discouraged by all the rules I need to adhere to.

How rude!  We're truly disgusted that our government would seek to oppress the country's benefit recipients with outlandish rules aimed at determining a person's financial wherewithal prior to doling out billions of taxpayer dollars.  This country claims it wants to protect its citizens but blatant taxpayer protections like this only serve to permanently impoverish marginalized segments of our electorate.  Bloomberg describes these taxpayer protections as rules that are:

"intended to bar freeloaders [but] end up keeping disabled people in a permanent state of poverty, unable to put money away for emergencies, retirement, and other life goals."

How could anyone argue with that?  But don't worry, as Bloomberg points out, there is a "loophole" that allows benefit recipients to save up to $100,000 without risking their taxpayer-funded benefits.  Introducing ABLE:

ABLE is a savings account, created by Congress in 2014, that can be opened by or for people with a disability that began before they turned 26.  Like a 529 college savings plan, ABLE accounts are run by states, which need to pass legislation of their own to create them.  Just as investment gains in a 529 plan aren’t taxed if the money is used for higher education, the funds in an ABLE account are tax-free if they go toward disability-related expenses, a broad category that includes housing, education, health care, and basic needs.


ABLE goes only so far in fixing a confusing and frustrating system, but it does create a much-needed loophole.  For some, the account offers a way to prepare for emergencies.  For others, like 35-year-old filmmaker and activist Dominick Evans, it could let them save money that doesn't count toward the asset cap so they can work without losing benefits.


Strings are attached. Total contributions, whether by an account holder, friends, or family, are capped at $14,000 a year. If an account exceeds $100,000, the holder can lose eligibility for cash benefits from Social Security's Supplemental Security Income program until the overage has been spent. When a Medicaid recipient dies, the health insurance program for the poor can take the contents of an ABLE account as compensation for the care that was provided.

News of this option brought a huge sigh of relief from Susanne, who said that ABLE:

“...gives me peace of mind.  Saving money should be a right to each and every American.”

We're a little fuzzy on our founding documents but admit that we missed the constitutionally protected right of all Americans to redistributed wealth. 

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FSA - Free Stuff Army, 61 Million Strong!

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Boris Alatovkrap Aug 2, 2016 9:04 PM

"65 Million Americans Would Like To Work But Can't Risk Losing Their Entitlements"

Correction: 65 Million Americans Don't Want To Lose Their Entitlements.  Work Not Considered.

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Near here our beaches are full of people on disability who surf regularly.  My retarded sister-in-law has about a 60 IQ and a whole host of ailments but she manages to work 40 hour weeks bagging groceries.  A lot of people I know who could be on disability are not because they suffer from a terrible disability in today's society: ethics.

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So your sister in law is feeding the machine with her labor... and you are proud of this?

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Aristotle of Greece (not verified) crossroaddemon Aug 2, 2016 11:21 PM

There's a MALAISE eating away at America's soul.

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So people on welfare have money for beer, cigarettes, pot, iPhones and even enough left over to sock away in a savings account?! So many that Congress needs to pass a law? I am a raging alcoholic, can I get disability benefits for that?

WTF!!! I feel like I'm taking taking crazy pills!!!

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Exactly. Why the fuck are these people still getting MY wealth redistributed to them if they even HAVE a savings account?

Fuck, instead of welfare, if you're that fucked up that you can't be a be a productive member of society then go live in the fucking FEMA camp. I'm so sick of busting my ASS all day, every day then hearing about these fucking parasites demanding MORE of MY fucking labor!

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Good thing there's 65 million jobs waiting for them...

This kind of stuff is exactly the reason there should be some form of basic income/tax credit, and dismantle the entire bureacracy around benefitsa and subsidies.

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

sounds like your brother has a 59 IQ.

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Maybe those people can't get jobs because the government insists on subsidizing retards in the work force. 

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At some point this shit has to stop. I pay 52% out in combined federal, state and local taxes. Moron labe if you want any more Hilary!

Trump 2016!

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What these retards never think about is that voting for more honey from the pot empties the pot even faster...

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

This is "Tragedy of Common" where no one individual is make to account, but as whole every individual is partake until ruin of entire system. Cloward-Piven, Saul Alinsky, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin,… each is master of chaos, and their minion, agent of chaos.

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Yep. Just like all the pensioners in bankrupt places like Chicago and Detroit. They won't take something like a 10% reduction in benefits because they were 'promised' 100%, even though doing so will (temporarily) extend the long term solvency of the program, and they end up getting 100% of nothing.

This shit is sickening. If they are able to save up enough money like that, they clearly don't need all the 'help'. And they still have the fucking nerve to complain about it like this, and even worse, there is an entire political party and millions of voters set to make sure they are allowed to build up savings without losing their gimmedats.

The shittiest part about this all is that other people who don't get freebies and work, hard, are often unable to save up jack shit because they ar taxed out the ass to pay for this kind of bullshit. And, anyone who complains is labeled as greedy and selfish.

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gotta buddy at Houston METRO.   He says hundreds of the bus drivers take "time off without pay"....like a month, two months......the only reason is that if they make 'too much money' working, they will lose their .gov freebies.   Apparently Houston METRO accomodates the pratice freely.

cheka's picture

houston here --- check the demographics.  same demo fcks over every company.  at the point of the affirm action gun

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

I'm fucking abled this has to be racist.

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Why don't you take a job for half the salary you earn now?  You will pay much less in taxes. Oh, you want as much money as you can make. So does everyone else. Who would work for less money? Nobody. Get it. Disabled people want as much money as they can get there hands on. Everybody looks out for old #1...themselves. Just like you.

greenskeeper carl's picture

Please tell me you forgot the sarc tag?

You really don't see the difference between people who want to earn and keep as much money money as they can by WORKING and people who want to keep getting money for free for doing nothing while also working, and won't take a commensurate reduction in benefits since they clearly are capable of taking care of themselves in some capacity? Let's not forget most people who are getting this kind of money don't have conditions like this puppet show prop they trotted out. You think it's a coincidence that labor force participation rate has dropped while the rolls of SSDI have skyrocketed?

When did it become a point of pride to be helpless and unable to care for yourself? I know some people truly are like that, but many of these people have turned convincing the government that they can't do so into a career choice and it has to stop.

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And some of us just want market function back (natural selection).  Let these fuckers starve if they can't support themselves or find anyone in their family or community who knows them and wants to help.

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and the master class pay zero dollars to irs. Google David Rockefeller's speech at irs.

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My pity lies with the tax mules, working away, saving, being responsible - as the FED, the Treasury, the CONgress, the rest of .gov and the banks/corporations/insurers milk them.

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This is happen in Poland and other former Soviet satellite, circa 1990. As productive taxpayer is increase carry of burden, more taxpayer is look for loophole. More loophole is less tax revenue. Less tax revenue and state is increase tax rate. So more honest taxpayer is look for more tactic for evasion. Less tax revenue from smaller base, so state is again increase tax rate. Even more honest taxpayer is evade taxation, so less tax revenue from even smaller tax base. Rinse repeat.

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“You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.” ? Adrian Rogers

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It's been about three/four years since I have gotten away from california. 

4 years I was there... During the entire time I was unable to get a steady(> 3 months) job, and ended up on welfare(cash and food) for the first time in my life.

It was the most embaressing, least productive, depressing period of my life. It also caused me to go into "prepper mode" thinking that it was the end of the world. I began hordeing food, garbage, packing materials, broken TV's, you name it. This went along with the saying "Depression is when YOU lose your job"

I ended up getting a large Ford van for free from a neighbor. I packed it with some things so I could live in the van, said goodbye to the wife and kids, and forcefully left in search for better pickings else where. 

My first stop was in montana. Immediately, I had a job the day I arrived. That job lasted for about a year and a half until I ended up getting into management(and a paycut: no more overtime), resulting in me going into a higher paying mechanic job.

Meanwhile, my wife refused to leave california, she was terrified of losing the welfare and she was infatuated with the place. My arguement was "sand and palm trees don't pay the bills"...

So, under the assumption that we would end up getting a divorce over a retarded state and welfare, I moved to salt lake city about 10 months ago. Once again I immediately was able to pick up a job this time in IT, I was in heaven.

Once again, wife refused to leave. Since the welfare crap was under my name, I cancelled it all... Forcing an ultimatum. This resulted in me supporting basically two households... I dawned on me that I had replaced the government...........

8 months ago, I grew tired of this crap. I took the same free van I had recieved and went to california with a trailer. I pulled up to the apartment(which was still in my name) and with a pile of boxes from home depot, went to town packing everything up. Wife and kids showed up some time later after a run to mcdonalds. Gave them all a hug and told them to pile into the van... [I Win]

It was difficult for my wife to apply for jobs. So I ran around to all the fast food places and picked up applications and filled them out for her. The next day, she got a few calls for interviews and the day after that, she had a job... [I win]

Now she is way, way better. When we were in california, we argued over every stupid little thing. It was a nightmare. Now we are doing so good, everything is good, even bedroom activities are outstanding. I would like to say that we were middle class right now, but until I have payed off debt accrued in california, I won't. But that's just how far we have crawled out of the crater called california... I will never, ever, go back to that state, or a democrat controlled state like oregon or washington, EVER again...



aurum4040's picture

Good for you man...good for you...keep trucking...shit happens in life...I've been in some fucked up situations myself...

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Salt Lake City is very big lake, no? How are you find work?

Agstacker's picture

He probably converted to Mormonism.

Blankman's picture

Life is at its greatest and most fearful when all you have is yourself. Good on you brother.

JusticeTBuford's picture

Hard work creates opportunity.  KUDOS to you.

FireBrander's picture

Let's see:

You can work 40hrs/wk at $12hr and then spend $15,000 a year JUST ON health insurance.


You can work part time for sub $12 wages and get free Medicaid....

Hmm...decisions, decisions.

FireBrander's picture

Run the numbers folks; there is point where you truly are just working to fund the government..knock it off.

Crash Overide's picture

So wait, it's backwards?

So wait, the government is involved?

junction's picture

Drudge Report now has a banner on Obama sending Iran pallets of currency in return for U.S. prisoners held in Iran.  Free stuff for Iran.  Did anyone report this cash transfer to the Justice Department's FATCA unit, sounds like money laudering to me.

I see now that Zero Hedge has a posting below on this story.

otschelnik's picture

Cash payments to government officials is explicitly forbidden by the 1974 Foreign Corrupt Trade Practices Act.   EXPLICITLY. 


Normalcy Bias's picture

..."Would Like to Work," MY ASS!

Paul Kersey's picture

The US is running out of time when it comes to publicly debt funding entitlements and privately debt funding pensions, but we are also running out of jobs:

"The Bank of England believes that machines might take over 80 million American and 15 million British jobs over the next 10 to 20 years, CNN Money reports, or 50% of the workforce in each of the two countries.


“These machines are different,” the bank’s chief economist Andy Haldane said. “Unlike in the past, they have the potential to substitute for human brains as well as hands.”

Better keep those non-working people fed, because the poor and hungry can get violent and angry. 

looseal's picture

We need a new economic system because the current one is not going to work when the majority of employees are replaced by robots.  

km4's picture

If #HillaryClinton is elected America’s Middle Class will be totally Crushed http://thesbjournal.com/from-sbj/americas-middle-class-crushed/ via so no more free lunch

Lynx Dogood's picture

Based on latest information in the US, more like 162 million are on the teat in the US.


Slavery is legal again, just not the blacks, scotish or others. They have a choice to free themselves, to stupid to do so however....

glenlloyd's picture

Oh please, I've heard this argument before and tbh it blows.

If you can work then work and quit bleeding the entitlement system dry. At what point are people going to come out of their hovels and take responsibilty for their actions and situation.

Have a little pride, take care of yourself.

sessinpo's picture

There are a group of people that will always try to take a route that doesn't involve work at all.

The only way to get those people off the dole is to remove  the beneifts. You can't force people to be ethical or have pride.

FireBrander's picture

The way to get those people "off the dole" is to provide jobs that pay wages that allow you to live a "normal" life in your city. "Remove the benefits" without FIRST creating the jobs and all you'll accomplish is creating a shortage of "living spaces" under the cities bridges.

WE DO NOT need a "growing economy", we need a STABLE economy that provides a decent living for all those capable of working...we need a 100,000,000 middle class citizens, NOT a 100 billionaires.

Blankman's picture

Sometime the hardest pill to swallow is that of tough love...


We will not be strong again until we have seen our weakest moment.