Prepare For "War At Sea" China Defense Minister Warns

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In the latest escalation of bellicose rhetoric over the territorial dispute involving the South China Sea, Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan warned of "offshore security threats" and urged for a "substantial preparation for a people's war at sea" to safeguard sovereignty, China's Xinhua writes.

The warning comes a day after China launched a massive naval drill which is set to prepare China for a "sudden, cruel and short" war.

Chang was speaking during an inspection of national defence work in coastal regions of east China's Zhejiang Province. He called for recognition of the seriousness of the national security situation, especially the threat from the sea.

Chang said the military, police and people should prepare for mobilization to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity. He also asked to promote national defense education among the public.

This latest escalation in war rhetoric comes amid unprecedented tensions over the disputed islands in the South China Sea, where Beijing has been building airstrips and military installations on reclaimed reefs and islands in waters also claimed by a number of other Asian states.

The US Navy has dispatched warships and military planes to the immediate proximity of the disputed islands, claiming it has done so to ensure the principles of freedom of navigation in international waters. Washington has been also involved in a number of military drills in the region. Beijing has slammed the naval and aerial displays by the US as provocations, and reinforced installation on the islands with anti-ship missile and air-defense complexes.

Today's unexpected escalation comes hot on the heels of another angry response from China, when its nationalistic Global China Times newspaper wrote an Op-Ed claiming that the "US would suffer more in war with China", in response to a Rand Corporation report which listed four hypothetical scenarios for a US-China war.

It said that "China doesn't want wars, a war with the US in particular. The only possible scenario for a Sino-US war is that the US corners China on its doorstep with unacceptable provocations and China has to fight back."

We will be very prudent about going to war, but if a war is triggered, we will have greater determination than the US to fight it to the end and we can endure more losses than the US.


The contiguous US can only avoid being stricken under the condition that China's land is not attacked. The island disputes in the West Pacific are unlikely to lead to war.


The biggest risks that countries such as Japan and the Philippines will be embroiled into war come from their alliances with the US, which will tie them to the chariot of the US.

So as the US media freaks out over whether Trump may or may not use nukes, China is actively looking for a "provocation" (perhaps one China will gladly provide) from the current US administration that will give it the popular justification to start what may transform into World War 4.

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Cognitive Dissonance's picture

And how well can "We the People" protect 'our' aircraft carriers?

Hitlery_4_Dictator's picture

Make it so China. I'm bored and we are weak, we have female and trans soldiers and obama is gay. The time is now.  It's time for us to be exposed for the paper tiger we are.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

It won't be the trans soldiers who are sent, H4D.  It will be the cream of our youth who will be convinced to volunteer their blood towards some abominable end.

FireBrander's picture

Can't blame them one bit; the USA is falls into the "Bully" catagory that Hillary speaks of constantly.

ISIS attack in China/HongKong/Taiwan in 3..2..1..

FireBrander's picture

If China wants to bring the USA to it's knees, just cut off all cell phone shipments to the USA...Obama will be on a plane within a week promising to blow whomever to get those shipments restarted.


China: "No cell phone shipments until you recognize our rights to those islands"...imagine that...

nuclearsquid's picture

HAahaha let it come!  Submariners have been waiting for this turkey shoot.


blueRidgeBoy's picture

nuclearsquid is correct. Not what you Putin-lovers will want to hear, but US SSNs will sink any and all PRC ships that leave harbor.  The CVNs don't even need to be in the same hemisphere. It will be short and cruel, just as the Chinese say.

a Smudge by any other name's picture

Ooooooh noooooo! We no know how to swim!

(Confuscius say man who fall in ocean land in shark fin soup)

Barney Fife's picture

That's  an army of 50 million millennials having a collective national temper tantrum which would topple the economy via their refusal to spend mom and dad's money.

Handful of Dust's picture

Anyone who reads the Chinese newspapers will see China's leaders view Soweto as a limp-wristed stupid person.

tenpanhandle's picture

Anyone who reads ZH will see that is how Obama is thought of here, as well.

Manthong's picture

Hey Hop Sing…

You can’t rely on your yellow hordes at sea.

At any rate, this would be a war that nobody wins unless you are into zero sums and martyrdom.

Payne's picture

Russian subs can take out the carriers with wake homing torpoedos.  Pacific fleet does not have chance in the South China Sea.

Subs, missles, etc.  Shooting ducks in a barrel.  Navy knows this, Politicians are overstepping.


philipat's picture

Can those US Carrier-based planes still fly from the bottom of the South China sea? No, didn't think so....

And where are all those brilliant F-35's at $1 BILLION + per copy and still not mission capable? Especially against the latest generation Russian fighters?

quadraspleen's picture

"At any rate, this would be a war that nobody wins unless you are into zero sums and martyrdom."


Indeed. And that scorecard is missing the "All Out Thermonuclear War" option, as well.

FireBrander's picture

"China has more ambitious plans than squeezing the US only out of the Pacific Rim"

Switzerland is Paving the Way to Europe for China

"China is working hard to grow fingers long enough to grab Europe and snatch it out of the hands of the US. Europe, dazzled by endless opportunities from cooperation with the powerful Chinese economy, actually, does not mind. But the US is, of course, not too enthusiastic about such scenario."

ironicmerman's picture
ironicmerman (not verified) FireBrander Aug 3, 2016 10:36 AM

China has already been instrumental putting money into other poor continents to curry favor (Africa, South America).  Why not go after another poor one?

philipat's picture

You mean the US? No, give it a few years until it the financial system collapses, then it will work.

ironicmerman's picture
ironicmerman (not verified) philipat Aug 3, 2016 11:01 AM

I'm talking about Europe, which is already poor.

philipat's picture

USSA, $20 Trillion official debt, $200 Trillion including unfunded liabilities. Excluding Bank derivatives of course.

50 Million on Food stamps and almost 100 Million not in the workforce. Healthcare costs highest by FAR in the world yet outcomes fare worse than other OECD countries (Lifespan, child mortality etc.)

So, yes, OK......

froze25's picture

China needs a war, their economy is melting down and they know it. If they can't get something going to divert their people's attention away from their own leadership, their leadership will no longer be leading anyone.

Ignatius's picture

Cuts both ways.  World 'leadership' is stuck on stupid.

Killtruck's picture

In any naval war from 2012-onward, there are submarines and there are targets. That's it. 

LawsofPhysics's picture

Bingo.  The "average" sheep is always cannon fodder.

philipat's picture

Normally like your comments but this one could not be further from the truth. Which is much closer to your home. Have you ever even been to China?

TxExPat's picture

One child policy for several decades, something like 50 million more males than females of marrying age in China right now, and they are not happy about that status quo...

If only there was some way of removeing 50 million or so excess males while leaving the females largely untouched, some activity that they could engage in to bring Ying/Yang back into a harmonious balance...

California Nightmares's picture

"China needs a war, their economy is melting down and they know it."


Some say we need a war for the same reason. We're about to go over the same cliff. 

any_mouse's picture

As long as the Red Dragon targets Davos & Bilderbergers & CFR & WDC, have at it.

nibiru's picture

Don't vote Hillary, and let's hope Trump makes a deal with China and Russia


IF Hillary gets elected - we soon going to see infantry in Ukraine and Navy in the SouthChina Sea

froze25's picture

Hillary has no respect for any human life except her own. She is dangerous to the world at large. Trump 2016

FireBrander's picture

Update to previous posts...we have one super liberal family in the neighborhood...Bernie signs, banners, bumperstickers from day lone Bernie sign during the convention...drove by yesterday...NO SIGNS in the yard...yikes!...holy shit, if these folks won't openly support Hillary (I bet they will vote for her) what about all the soft core Dems and those "Reagan Democrats"...again, this election is for Trump to lose...and I think he's doing a good job of doing just that...losing to one of the most hated cunts on this fucked up planet...

Manthong's picture

“IF Hillary gets elected - we soon going to see infantry in Ukraine and Navy in the SouthChina Sea.”


IF Hillary gets elected - we soon going to see infantry buried in Ukraine and Navy under the SouthChina Sea”


All they have with Trump is innuendo.

What we already have with Hillary is a proved heinous, soulless, avaricious, war-mongering bitch.


Dr. Bonzo's picture

And how well can "We the People" protect 'our' aircraft carriers?


SMH.... you people really don't get it at all do you. Our aircraft carriers haven't actually contributed one iota to our national security since the 2d WW. All they've done since then is bomb the shit out of goat herders and threaten 3rd world losers.

The Chinese sink an aircraft carrier, or two... or three... or even four..... that's not a fucking loss for the MIC. Those are WINS. Cases belli, dumbass.

The last thing 320 million Americans and 300,000 Chinese exchange students in the US want is a shooting war with the Chinese. They want Kim Kardasian and twerking millenials while they Pokemon Go. Irrelevant.

You reaaaaallly don't get it. Every aircraft carrier is basically a floating Pearl Harbor or World Trade Center in the making. Instead of having the Chinese have to come all the way over to the US to sink one, we can park one right off their coast to do it. The only people who would suffer from US carriers being sunk are the sailors on the carriers, and Taiwan. The entire rest of the world is reachable via the USAF, forward deployed US forces and a 400-ship navy. You think the Chinese navy sinks a fucking carrier and we'll do what? Impose sanctions to spank China?

Yeah... the US miiltary sucks at unconventional warfare. Bigtime. Yeah, the US gubmint is on the verge of fucking implosion and they're all crooks and thieves and conmen. So fucking what. And that makes commie Chinese a bunch of fucking angels?

The Chinese kick the US in the balls the only thing that is going to save China is to threaten nuclear retataliation. Because the bottom line is, no matter how much you China-loving cunts refuse to get it, China needs the world a lot more than the world needs China.

I don't really give a shit. I'm done with the military. I'm ready to watch all this shit on my flat screen and listen to the lies and lying and sit back and watch it all burn to the ground. But to think the US is somehow going to get a blooded nose and just let it pass..... pffffffff.



Kina's picture

Nonsense.. really


The Chinese kick the US in the balls the only thing that is going to save China is to threaten nuclear retataliation. Because the bottom line is, no matter how much you China-loving cunts refuse to get it, China needs the world a lot more than the world needs China.


This is wrong.  

China lived without the world for a long time under communism, and for a long time until foreign occupation in the 19th century. China has survived a lot lot longer than the US.  It is US ignorance that thinks it can kick anybody's arse since they have able to bomb the crap out of third rate Middle Eastern goat herders.  But a war with China will cost the USA much much more since it has much much more to lose.  As soon as the USD goes the US is a bucket of bankrupt shit with hyperinflation and no way to fund its war machine.   And all it takes for the shit it hit the USD fan is one bomb getting through to NYC.  AND then there is Russa....

Dr. Bonzo's picture

Nonsense.. really.... China lived without the world for a long time...

Now I know you're a fucking troll and an idiot. But I like how you fucking complete and utter buffoons garner upvotes like cheap VD in Soi Cowboy. You have it exactly backwards you dumb fucking knuckle-dragging chimpanzee. The world was doing just fine before China came along. Its the world that doesn't need China. China is a parasite of 1.4 billion fucking chimps who's only contribution to humanity has been to raise the price of commodities, put more methane gas in the air and consume more valuable resources. China hasn't done a goddamned thing for human progress.

And those golden years you so whistfully refer to in China they slaughtered 45 million fucking Chinese when Chinese were poor backward fucking peasants. If you think the Chinese of 2016 are ready to drop their newfound Gucci bags and go back to Uncle Mao's farming collective because Xi Jinping wants to get into a hot pissing war with the US over some South Sea rocks you're dumber than your post suggests.


SirBarksAlot's picture

There used to be a video up on youtube that was an interview of an ex-CIA asset from China.  He said that there were 325,000 PLO members living in the US, posing as waiters and students and that the CIA knew about them.  The video disappeared.

East Indian's picture

A lot of similar videos disappear.


Case in point: there was a video of camera of International Space Station (ISS), dt 29.11.2014; it was a monotonous night time camera showing some stars, and one light moving slowly and predictably. Towards the end, it takes a 90 degree turn and shoots away much much faster! I could not understand it. There were usual excitements in the UFO circles.

I saw the video in two three sites. Now, it is missing from all the sites and also Youtube! Funny it is also missing from a UFO site:


Now I am seriously considering the UFO conspiracy theories!

Dr. Bonzo's picture

He said that there were 325,000 PLO members living in the US....

You amateur GI Joe wannabe's need to pay attention. There are 300,000 Chinese exchange students in the US. What you misconstrued in the video is how Chinese intelligence collections methodology works. What you misheard is that, there are 300,000 potential intelligence assets in the US, depending on the needs of the PLA.

You're welcome.

Food Loaf Junkie's picture

I fear China using North Korea to launch an emp that would cripple the U.S. and then say "only we can control N. Korea and  make Asia safe".  We would be in no position to oppose them at that point, certainly not in the south china sea.  No shots fired from China, they hold the high moral ground, they come in and rescue the U.S. power grid and save millions of lives as they manufacture the power grid equipment that we would need anyway.  As things stand we cannot repair our power grid without China.  They will have gained nearly total control over us, game over.

InflammatoryResponse's picture

I would think we can protect our carriers much better than publicly acknowledged, everybody knows the carrier centric thinking of our navy, and those admirals would not want their favorite toys broken.


Simple really.  I'm NOT saying they are invulnerable, but I just think their weakness is overstated to let the opposition think they can start thumping dicks on the table with impunity.  only to find the table has a razor's edge.



Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

WW3 is one 'out' to large scale sectarian conflict inside the US.  I wouldnt fight for Murrica, tho.

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

Rattle the fuck outta that saber as your economy crumbles, you silly slants

War Machine's picture

you likely have a solid point.

Governments simply love to ratchet up the war propaganda, blame external forces, etc.

But I'd say if they are 'saber rattling' what term would you use for Vichy DC's actions these past 15 years or so?

pods's picture

We've done more than rattle sabres. We have destroyed several nations.  Not a good thing, but certainly not just rattling sabres.


Ignatius's picture

Chomsky and Vltchek estimate near 55 million dead from US imperial wars since 1945.

We're way beyond "oops," here.

conraddobler's picture

Chomsky is a commie tool.  

That doesn't mean he's not right it just means he has no viable solutions you or I would want.  

I feel it's important to mention this as so many American's have black and white thinking that if they are right about the cause they must be right about the solution.

This is fundamentally in error and very dangerous.

We have gone full imperial of course and of course cronies caused this. 

The thing is cronies come in all flavors, commie cronies are the worst, other than Illinois Nazis which are in a class by themselves. :).

Some call me Richard Parker's picture

That's true. Just look at the success of US operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria!

pods's picture

And Yemen, and the Ukraine, probably several dozen African nations too.