Factory Orders Plunge For 20th Month In A Row - Longest Streak In US History

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Despite a small beat in MoM data (-1.5% vs -1.9% exp), US factory orders plunged 5.6% YoY - the worst drop since September 2015. This extends the period of annual contraction to 20 months - a record streak of declines in US history and one which has always, without exception, coincided with recession...

The big drop was driven by a plunge in non-defense aircraft and parts... (even with a surge in car orders)


It's probably nothing though...

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ah yeah but to 'fix' recessions all they have to do is adjust GDP calculations

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No no no no

Everything's fine

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Yeah, but jobs are fine and the "Markets" are awesome. There are probably rate hikes ahead.......................I mean a LONG way ahead.

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as greenspan warned for almost the last ten years of his reign, interest rates will rise when a critical mass of the world has to realize the worthlessness of the dollar and are offered an alternative. china, russia and the other brics are still in play.

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It's different this time. 

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yea, it's not great britain and there are no western inheritors of the throne in sight.

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"It's different this time."

Indeed it is.  THis time they won't even admit it's happening.  Depression?  What depression?  What layoffs?  What bankruptcies?  What financial collapse?  I don't see anything wrong here.

Shit, it's worked just fine denying there's been anything wrong with Obama's disasterous presidency, why not use it to deny there's anything wrong with the economy?

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To quote a former Hedger, the Collapse wont be televised.

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what's that burning smell?

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I don't smell it.  If there was something burning the smoke detector would be going off.  (There are no batteries in the smoke detector, FYI)

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Pfft!!  Its TRANSITORY.  Is that right YELLEN? 

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It's ONLY on the surface that it appears negative.  Squint really really hard and you can see it's definitely awesome!!

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No problem all Obama has to do is give a speech.

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It's great to be the king AND the man behind the curtain.

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But.. but.. but.. the stock market is too high for us to be in a Recession...

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The market cant come down until the smell of QE leaves the air. Still being freshly baked in EZ and Japan. 

The Duke of New York A No.1's picture

It's not hard to figure out; The Goldman candidate has an election to steal in November.

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well they don't donate to the Obama or Clinton Fund and don't pay bribes for speaking fee...so why would they expected to be showered with free money. Idiots....join the Democrat gang!


I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of middle and lower class voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.


 to Wall Street Money Star moving to a new country to wipe them out

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Infield_Fly (not verified) Aug 4, 2016 9:23 AM

But the Big-Nig said everything is fine.  Big-Nig-Nomics forever!!!!

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Better start printing money to buy factory goods

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What about the money factory?  And yes, the website is actually named this way


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Wonder where .gov is storing all those GM fleet buys lol....

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trollster (not verified) Aug 4, 2016 9:28 AM

What's the problem? Soon, factory orders will catch up with the S&P500 and all will be well.


That's what the graph implies...

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If Trump is elected, remove all bullshit supports, instant depression end of capitalism in America. If Clit-on is elected, more pump, pump, pump, until implosion, then blame it on a Republican Congress; end of Capitalism in America.

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how does that reckon with manufactured goods imported by usa multinationals? that would tell a lot more about this number.

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"drop was driven by a plunge in non-defense aircraft and parts..."

Non-defense, you see. That means big surge in defense aircraft and parts is in the making. Just one false flag necessary...


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Can't they just implement a 500% income tax or throw evryone in jail who can't cough up a randont $500K spot-tax? 

The vast majority of people wouldnt be able to pay - so youd see a HUGE boost to the prison economy. 


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The "Quickening" accelerating to a "critical mass event".
Get out the "urbs" on to a portion of rural, inland, elevated, arable, UNENCUMBERED dirt.
Get very "neighborly" and gunned up.
What's one of the "Blessings from the Beginning" being revealed?
Gathering of the Remnant to fellowship and serve those other repenting in greatest need!
Exciting times, Folks!
No fear - are you having fun yet?

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Reality is a depression and getting worse every day.  The USSA is FUBAR.

Hitlary and the DNC for Prison 2016.


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More QE till it busts.

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see that's why they should drop a couple of Trills on JPM and GS, that will

fix everything. Higher Stock Prices = More GDP and more GDP = people buying more.

It does sound like the Tail wagging the Dog, but it's a really big tail

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Yellen will not allow some stupid business cycle to prevent Hillary from molding the SCOTUS

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Golly, I'm not sure but maybe printing MORE money out of thin air is the answer? Just guessing of course. 

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They forget to poll the paper, ink, cyanide, and arms factories?

I hear they're running 3 shifts

Consuelo's picture



 Looks as though the Snowball is gaining in size and speed.   QE4 may come to pass sooner than expected (like, Way sooner).

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A surge in car orders? Seriously?

That's some expensive artificial reefs

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Just in. Due to (fill in the blank), the November election will be postponed till further notice and the current president will continue his term until things calm down.

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let's hope this happens. 


4 more years


4 more years


4 more years.


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remember where you all came from



2 men enter ,  1 man leave

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Forget the economy while we have the Khan to worry and fret about.  /sarc

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We don't have recessions anymore.  We have buybacks and restaurant expansions that keep employment up, stock market up which eliminates the "recession" label.  Of course when you delay creative constructive capitalism which replaces the obsolete you become France.  Sclerotic industries persist unitl they all head for the door when the big one comes...every century has its Depression, and we have a doozy coming.

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Remind me again exactly how many factories we actually have remaining here in the U.S.?

markitect's picture

What factories?  On the Southside of Chicago there are thousands of acres of empty land that used to have factories, but I dont see any factories anymore.

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Remember:  Everything is AWESOME!!!!

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Dont need no stinking factory orders. We got the SNB to pump this monkey. Speaking of monkeys, where is that rally monkey?

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This is the biggest ZH story of the year so far.

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The persons administering public sector pensions have all been exposed


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