How Europe Is Getting Rich by Fueling Its Own Terror Epidemic

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Though Europe does not have the rates of gun violence the United States continues to grapple with, European governments have made over a billion euros by fueling gun violence in the Middle East and North Africa.

A report conducted by a team of reporters from the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) found a group of European nations has been funneling arms into the Middle East region since 2012, making at least 1.2 billion euros in the process.

According to the report, 68 flights that took place within 13 months transported weapons and ammunition to the Middle East, including to NATO member Turkey, which in turn “funnelled arms into brutal civil wars in Syria and Yemen.” The report also notes that these flights make up only a small portion of the 1.2 billion euros in arms deals between Europe and the Middle East since 2012.

The report’s conclusions are horrifying, to say the least. The report states:

Arms export licenses, which are supposed to guarantee the final destination of the goods, have been granted despite ample evidence that weapons are being diverted to Syrian and other armed groups accused of widespread human rights abuses and atrocities.”

Considering Europe is battling a continually rising terrorist threat, they seem to be going about tackling this issue the wrong way.

Surely the best way to counter terrorism is to cease funding it in the first place.

One astounding aspect of the report is that the lucrative war-profiteering business involves nations the world would not usually regard as overly-interested in war. The countries contributing to the rising terror threat, as identified by the report, are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, and Romania, among others.

This report adds to the already glaring problem of European countries making billions of dollars off the death and destruction of Middle Eastern civilian life. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) found the United Kingdom was second only to the United States in arms sales, making up 10.4 percent of the total $401 billion worth of arms sold around the world for the 2014 period.

Although these figures refer directly to companies selling arms, the fact remains that European governments do nothing to deter this. In fact, former U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron insists the U.K. has one of the strictest regimes anywhere in the world for sales of defence equipment but we do believe that countries have a right to self-defence.”

Shamefully, the United Kingdom’s billion dollar arms sales have been fueling the conflict in Yemen — the poorest and most disadvantaged country in the Arab region — by arming the aggressive Saudi Arabian regime. Saudi Arabia’s ongoing intervention in Yemen merely benefits al-Qaeda.

Arms sales from Britain to human rights abusers are only increasing. The idea that European governments want to prevent terrorist attacks on the European mainland is ludicrous given the fact European governments continue to directly arm terrorist groups and brutal regimes that export jihadist philosophies.

But hey, at least they made a billion dollars, right?

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Captain Chlamydia's picture

The EU sells guns to the terrorists in the ME, the people get their share of terrorist attacks, and screeming for protection they will pay for less privacy more Nato more taxes more control by Washington and Brussels. 

Keep eating your GMO food, pay taxes and be afraid! 

Twee Surgeon's picture

I tried to read the article,just could not be bothered, This THING called MONEY is nothing more than a bunch of guys sitting in an office talking to another bunch of guys sitting in another office (Because they are elected or something.) They have a license to Print coupons and everyone says "Yeah! I want some Coupons" Back in the 80's we had children that needed regular episodes at Toys are Us, the more we spent, the more Jeffrey dollars we got, I have seen Food Stamps getting traded around liquor stores, en mass, sub-culture industry, in coupons, bits of paper, promissory notes.

Here is the rub, a bunch of people have the right to print coupons and funnel them to the people they like but many more people do not, those people are called Producers or the suckers that show up to drive the truck for some coupons. It is just fucking retarded, how has this shit gone on for so long?

Get the fuck out of Coupon syndrome. Detestable fraud that will continue as long as it is accepted as normal, Refuse, Object, Decline, do not engage, It's not like you have to wait in the woods until the Iroquois come to kill you, just a bit of Fuck all This.

I do not know if Gold is the alternative or anything else, just saying, the present system is Hemorrhoids to true economics, business, culture and society in any nation.

Print up some coupons and we can get some jets and bomb Antarctica because of the bastard penguins, that is what is next, when they run out of cunts to kill, Have a nice day.

wildbad's picture

..don't forget the step where the rulers make up billions of laws against everything that only the truckdrivers (sic) have to follow and when broken threaten to take your life and livlihood.a

the laws aren't against real crime , mostly, just other layers of rules that the rulers set up to embolden their fraud with layers of translucent artifice.

don't agress

deal honestly

DownWithYogaPants's picture

1.2 billion Euros is rich?

Somebody has not looked at EU GDP numbers in a very very long time.

That's probably 1 day burn rate for Greece. 

Get real.  Let me guess .......this is probably some open borders libtard?

YHC-FTSE's picture

True, 1.2 billion euros is chicken feed, but I reckon it's an investment to renew stock in their inventories which will yield several magnitudes particularly when they are (will be) dropping several hundred million euros of other munitions to destroy the stock they already sent over there.

Companies that have positioned themselves to resupply the MIC, those that have prototypes in development with drones, AI and other upgrades - new tech to replace old tech which are always very expensive and require hundreds of billions in govt funding - well they will eventually be the winners in this exchange.

As for political leverage and influence in terms of legislations to curb freedom and government spending unhindered to consolidate power, that's priceless to the establishment.

Croesus's picture

They say "Shit Happens"...I have my own version: 

"Wherever Shit is Happening, a bankster and a politician are profiting".

Troy Ounce's picture



The easiest you can do yourself is to exchange your savings in physical gold or silver. 

Paul Kersey's picture

"Europe Is Getting Rich by Fueling Its Own Terror Epidemic"

No, a handful of war profiteering, international arms dealers are getting richer, while the average European is growing poorer by the day.

NO_MAN's picture

Well said Captain! ...these impoverished countries are used up like oil to fuel more Shock Doctrine policies.... at some point, the well will run dry. When will this cycle end?

Manipuflation's picture

So what is being stated is that no one really fucking cares what the law is.  No surprise.  Lord of War is a great movie for a change.  Winners and losers don't matter.  I choose sides.

cart00ner's picture

One day i'm gunna die of not-surprise.

Kaeako's picture

Chump change. Anyway, a lot of this transfer of old Soviet stock is below the radar as well. "Private sector" business, if you will. As long as demand exists, there will be supply..

Dodgy Geezer's picture

Considering Europe is battling a continually rising terrorist threat, they seem to be going about tackling this issue the wrong way.

Surely the best way to counter terrorism is to cease funding it in the first place.


What on earth gave you the idea that we want to stop terrorism?


Ms No's picture

Somebody is making money but it isn't the European people.  The money always funnels back to banking one way or another.

Hopefully Europeans are starting to understand the position that the US population has been in all these years.  Mostly what you hear is that it is always the blame of the evil US.  Well guess what?  It's the evil Europeans too.  We are all vassals for banking powers who use our militaries to punish their rivals and gain further territory.  The only real difference is that our military was bigger and so it was used to a larger extent.  We also received better scraps off of the table in the form of the "materialism" that we are always accused of.  Either we negotiated with our masters better or it's because we had guns.  Not that Britian wasn't screwing the whole world before us anyway.


zhandax's picture

If "Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, and Romania, among others" are allowed some column space in weapon sale 'news', it is simply to cover the BSDs.

neutrino3's picture

There is a say about husband and wife: "Yes, husband is the head of the house, he is in full charge. Wife is just the neck. Can turn him any way she wants" Wonder who is the head and the neck here?

Cardinal Fang's picture

And this compares to the smuggling of Heroin into the U.S. by what order of magnitude?

Both are CIA ops. Probably planes full of guns one way and full of dope the other.

Winning formula since Vietnam ...

Dr. Bonzo's picture

European governments have made over a billion euros by fueling gun violence in the Middle East and North Africa.

Yeah yeah, whitey did it. Yawn. The EU also pumped 12 billion in aid into Africa. So... for every dollar private arms manufacturers made... EU citizens saw TWELVE of their dollars pumped to Africa to do god knows what. Teach the local dumb fucks how to stop raping babies? How to pump water? How to bake a fucking pie?

I'm sick and tired of holding Africa's hand. Fuck Africa. Sort your fucking shit out already. Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia... all occupied by foreign occupiers. All slave economies. All vassal states and colonies. Do you hear them fucking whining and crying on and on and on about the "legacy" of their past? Grow some fucking sack, sort out your shit and BUILD your goddamned country or go fuck off and go be Chinese slaves. Let me know how that goes. No, on second thought. Fuck you. You wanna sell to China so badly, you get what you deserve. Fucking morons.

The fucking Netherlands, one of the smallest countries in Europe has to have Germany as it's neighbor. You think Belgium occupying Congo is rough? Try nesting next to the Teutonic knights. You fucking whining sacks of shit. GET YOUR FUCKING SHIT SORTED OUT. Holland has been OCCUPIED by Rome, Spain, France, Germany. Pick your fucking sob story. 2000 years of occupation, warfare, plague, invasion, forced slavery... you fucking name it, the Dutch suffered through it. My own family has war stories for fuck's sake. I don't need to hear about 3rd world bombings. We have been bombed in our recent past. Fucking DEAL WITH IT. Do you hear them fucking CRYING about it. You pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get on going. SICK OF HEARING THE BLEATING FUCKING AFRICAN SOB SHIT STORY. SICK OF IT. FUCK OFF. ZERO FUCKING SYMPATHY. ZERO.



Vageling's picture

Not sure what triggered your little rant about Africa. I mean we're talking arms sales to Arab nations here.

Anyway... Do you feel beter now?

Friedrich not Salma's picture

Well, some of us have hearts that are larger than our assholes. 

howieg's picture

Didn't Karl Marx write , that the Last Capitalist will sell the rope to the revolutionary, that is used to hang him.