If The Fact Neocons Are Now Supporting Hillary Clinton Confuses You, Read This

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Submitted by JP Sottile via TheAntiMedia.org,

What’s a Neocon to do?

Bill Kristol is downright despondent after his failed search for an alternative to Donald Trump. Max Boot is indignant about his “stupid” party’s willingness to ride a bragging bull into a delicate China policy shop. And the leading light of the first family of military interventionism — Robert Kagan — is actually lining up Neoconservatives behind the Democratic nominee for president of the United States.

At the same time, the Democrats have become the party of bare-knuckled, full-throated American Exceptionalism. That transformation was announced with a vein-popping zeal by retired general and wannabe motivation screamer John Allen at the Democratic convention in the City of Brotherly Love. During his “speech,” a few plaintive protests of “no more war” were actually drowned-out by Democrats chanting “USA-USA-USA!”

This is the same Democratic Party often criticized by Kagan & Co. as the purveyors of timidity, flaccidity, and moral perfidy.  It’s not that Democrats haven’t dropped bombs, dealt arms, and overturned regimes. They have. And they’ve even got the Peace Prize-winning Obama-dropper to prove it.  But unlike enthusiastically belligerent Republicans, the Dems are supposed to be the party that does it, but doesn’t really like to do it.

But now, they’ve got Hillary Clinton. And she’s weaponized the State Department. She really likes regime change. And her nominating convention not only embraced the military, but it sanctified the very Gold Star families that Neocon-style interventionism creates. It certainly created the pain of the Khan family who lost their son in the illegal war in Iraq. But the Dems didn’t mention that sad fact as they grabbed the flag away from the Republicans.

Now that’s truly Neo-confusing.

It kinda feels like reality has slipped off its axis and we’ve landed on a Bizarro World version of America. Democrats are acting like Republicans. Pat Buchanan is championing the GOP’s “Peace Candidate.” And the Neocons are fleeing from a party they’ve used like a geopolitical cudgel for the better part of three decades.

At first glance, it all makes sense. Trump captured the GOP nomination in no small part by trashing two of the Neocons’ favorite things ever — the Bush family and the Iraq War. He also suggested early on that he’d approach the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza as (gasp!) an honest broker. Trump said he really wanted to “make that deal.” Without irony, one-time Neocon wonderboy Marco Rubio remarked that it isn’t a “real estate deal” when, in fact, that’s exactly what it is.

But the ever-pliable Trump quickly got religion on Israel. He did an about-face, marched into AIPAC’s annual confab, and staked out a claim on the reflexively pro-Israel side of the issue. But it wasn’t enough to assuage the angst of the GOP’s forever-circling hawks.

Frankly, nothing seems enough to sway the Neocons in Donald’s direction. But it’s not for lack of trying on Trump’s part. Really, he’s checked off many of the boxes that make Neocons smile.

Trump wants a “yuuge” military … the biggest and baddest ever! So big, that no one in a million years will ever challenge it. That sure sounds a lot like Reagan’s “peace through strength.” Neocons do love Reagan. And, as if on cue, the Kristol/Kagan-led “Foreign Policy Initiative” just posted a clarion call to spend more bucks to buy bigger bangs for an already gargantuan military. Doesn’t that fit with Donald’s plan to spend defense dollars like a drunken sailor?

Maybe Neocons don’t want the military to be so big that no one will ever try anything. Maybe they want a few challenges here and there, just for a little creative destruction to keep the world on its toes. But Trump’s right there with them. He wants to “bomb the shit” out of ISIS. And he even said America has “no choice but to bomb Libya” and “take out” the Islamic State.

C’mon, Neocons … what’s not to like?

And how about Trump’s Islamophobia? It sure seems simpatico with the last two decades of Neoconservative drum-beating. Trump repeatedly uses the magic words — “Radical Islamic Terrorism.” Can’t you just hear the longing sighs coming out of the American Enterprise Institute? He also wants to ban Muslims. Or “just” ban people coming from countries where Muslims have committed terrorism. Who knows? Either way, the message is “Muslims bad.” It even gave Neocon bushwacker Frank Gaffney a serious man-crush on The Donald.

To be fair, other less “fringy” Neocons like Kristol have repudiated the Muslim ban idea. But, as filmmaker Robbie Martin showed in his just-completed series on the Neocons and their “very heavy agenda,” even the most intellectually renowned among them has engaged in the dangerous stereotyping of all Muslims as terrorists.

In fact, Martin featured a frightening clip of two Kagans (Robert’s dad Donald and his brother Fred) making the case that the US military should clean out the Occupied Territories in the aftermath of 9/11 because radical Muslims and “the Arabs” are all basically the same. Oh, by the way, they only respect brute force.  So why not take advantage of the “New Pearl Harbor” and show them all who’s boss?

It’s kinda like the “dancing Muslims” Trump — and only Trump — saw celebrating the 9/11 attacks in New Jersey. Even if he didn’t see them, or just conflated them with an isolated incident in East Jerusalem, what’s the difference? It’s all the same to him. Just like aggrieved and aggressive Muslims were all the same to the Kagans on 9/11. Doesn’t that make Trump’s persistent suspicion of Muslims a perfect match for the Neoconservative wrecking crew?

And then there’s the Iran nuclear deal, which Trump has relentlessly criticized as being so bad that it’s downright suspicious. He said he wants to “renegotiate” immediately after taking office. And he wrongly claims the deal is a fast-track to a nuclear-armed Iran (an error that puts him squarely in the Neocon camp). As a rule of thumb, he’s livid about all things related to Iran. So, what’s the problem? Why can’t the Neocons wrap their arms around Donald Trump?

In a word — it’s Russia.

It’s framed as a troublesome “bromance” between Vladimir Putin and Trump. Critics don’t like Trump’s comfort with a “dictator” who, as Kagan’s wife Victoria Nuland recently told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, engages in “aggression.” She’s currently the assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs. She basically managed the 2014 coup in Ukraine. And she’s outraged by Russian aggression in Ukraine. But she’s nonplussed by her husband’s role in pushing for the most blatant and wanton act of aggression thus far this century — the unwarranted destruction of Iraq.

Go figure.

On the other hand, Putin has the unmitigated gall to move military forces around inside the borders of his own country. He’s blamed for hacking the Democratic Party — despite a lack of actual evidence and the NSA’s own hacking hijinks. And he’s accused of “meddling” in U.S. elections — a pretty rich accusation given America’s long history of surreptitious electioneering around the world.

There is no doubt that “Bad Vlad” likes Donald. And Donald likes Vlad. But the real problem isn’t their bromance. This is about the Neoconservative desire to make sure the United States is the lone guarantor of the geopolitical order. This is about Pax Americana. This is about resurrecting the faded dream of a new American century.

And what stands in the way of the type of the Neocon dream of global “full-spectrum dominance?” Russia’s nuclear arsenal.

Russia is the only nation with an arsenal big enough to withstand the subtle nuclear blackmail of America’s trillion-dollar nuclear “upgrade.” That’s why Russia is concerned about the missile defense systems arrayed on their border. Those systems can knock down retaliatory strikes, thus making a first strike with new nuclear cruise missiles at least theoretically possible.

The United States is also using NATO expansion to increasingly encircle a nation that once was America’s geopolitical equal. That’s why Trump’s criticism of America’s outsized support for NATO must’ve been the tipping point from disdain to panic among Neocon and Neoliberal interventionists alike.

The oddity is that there does seem to be more than a passing affinity between Trump and Putin. Trump’s statements on Ukraine would be easily dismissed if his campaign manager Paul Manafort hadn’t worked as a political consultant to the pre-Nuland leadership of Ukraine. And Trump’s statements on Crimea might be written off if he’d release his taxes and end speculation of financial ties to Putin’s regime.

But the visceral reaction against his repeated calls for cooperation — “By the way, wouldn’t it be great if we got along with Russia?”— exposes the extent to which the entire foreign policy and political establishments are squarely on the same page. They are angling for Cold War 2.0, and Trump is the only major figure willing to challenge that orthodoxy.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, of course, which brings the whole thing back to the miasma of confusion hanging over this strange election. Hillary is on the Neocon team — if not in name, certainly in deed. She will “stand up” to Bad Vlad. She’s targeted by Russian hackers because Putin prefers his “unwitting agent” Donald Trump. And Donald is, according to an emerging narrative, a latter-day Neville Chamberlain just inviting the Ruskies to take over the Baltic States, Ukraine, and God knows what else.

The greatest irony of all is that Trump catapulted over the Neocons’ preferred presidential options by slamming their pet project — the War on Iraq. Trump’s criticism of that war and the chaos it unleashed resonated with the very voters the Neocons took for granted as pliable, fear-responsive bumpkins. That left them out in the cold just as they were angling to trump the disorderly, hard-to-prosecute mess they call “The Global War on Terror.”

What they really want, and have always wanted, is to revive the greatest war of all — the Cold War. That’s the grand chessboard they yearn to play on once again.  The War on Terror was really just a stop-gap, like methadone for imperialists. But now they’ve scored because it looks like the supposed party of imperial intransigence is, under the guidance of Hillary Clinton, poised to take the reins from a Trump-addled GOP.

And if a recent article in Der Spiegel is right, Kagan’s wife Victoria has emerged as a candidate for the prized position of secretary of state should Hillary win. If that comes to pass, the Neocons may not have succeeded in their initial plan for a new American century, but they will have hastily completed their last-minute project for a new Democratic Party. And that means this election isn’t that Neo-confusing after all.

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TahoeBilly2012's picture

Some large portion of "regular Jews" may not be fully aware of the Greater Israel plans, but they are well supportive of the elite's control system and do nothing to stop it. I have a very hard time explaining this to my "regular Jew" friends, but the fact's stand on their own. It's all laid out in daylight for all to see. No one is innocent.

Cabreado's picture

With ~5% of Congress of the Jewish faith, what is laid out in daylight is a failure to focus on corrupt points of control.

And you are complicit.


jeff montanye's picture

it's a fine line, tahoe.  i'm willing to cut you some slack as the problem is going unaddressed in the zionist media (wonder why that is?) and establishment politics, howevermuch the under the radar folks keep accreting damning detail after damning detail.

but your critics do have a point.  there are jewish critics of zionism like glenn greenwald and naomi klein who do not pull many punches.  9-11 truther ed asner was raised orthodox jew.

the number should be larger though, and as the day of truth is coming. many will wish they had said something before whatever revelation it is that truly unravels the crime of the century.

silverer's picture

I'm loving this. It's the very best reason to vote for Trump. I'm absolutely not worried about Trump. Because after Bush and Clinton and Obama, what's there to worry about that you're not already worried about?

gregga777's picture

Barking Mad Hillary MacEvil Clinton is leading the charge for the War Profiteers and Merchants of Death. If she becomes President your military aged sons and daughters are going to be cannon fodder to feed the profits of the war machine.

jeff montanye's picture

yes to the first sentence, no to the last.

not only do they not want their sons and daughters inconvenienced or killed, they don't want millions in the streets burning tires and overturning cars which would absolutely be the near instant result of trying to draft people for these wars.

they will fight the wars with robots before that occurs.  but given the impoverization and indoctrination of so many in the u.s., it looks like they'll have fodder enough for the cannons.

i_call_you_my_base's picture

In fairness to Trump, there is a difference between not wanting muslim immigrants and wanting to bomb the shit out of muslim countries. The democrat neocons want you to show respoect for muslims while they bomb the shit out of them.

jeff montanye's picture

you make an excellent point, one i have made to many a blank stare in the last year.  

occasionally a glimmer though.

exartizo's picture

I like to look into the future to see what might be coming…

Tuesday September 27, 2016

ZeroHedge Headline:


WaPo Headline:

Clinton Allows Trump First Blood Opportunity. Polls show Trump and Clinton now neck and neck.

CNN Headline:

Clinton down but not out in first debate. Trump stoops to bringing up dual claims of questionable competence and criminality on Clinton’s part. Clinton now ahead of Trump by 1%.

Reuters Headline:

Trump unfairly pounces on Clinton in first debate. Trump brings up Bill’s infidelity as indicator of lack of Clinton moral standards. Clinton now only marginally behind Trump in polls.

ABC Headline:

Trump and Clinton Trade Blows during first debate. Trump excoriates Clinton over email server scandal saying she is not fit to be President. Polls show Trump edging Clinton.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

If the rigged polls show them even then Trump is ahead.

bid the soldiers shoot's picture

it's too soon to tell.

I'll bet Trump is going to charm school now

inosent's picture

Neocons are all jews. Always the same thing. Since jews have absolutely no talent to create, innovate, build, design, etc, and with few exceptions (bad ones at that) have produced ZERO artists, musicians and writers that have any talent at all compared to the true masters of creativity down through the ages, all they can do is find a way to destroy things. They are the cancer of humanity. My advice to jews is get a f-n job and keep your bulls- out of my govt, banking, media, and education. If you don't like it, move to the f-n POS racist apartheid state you put a gun to the world's head to create and move there. Now run along and f- off.

T-NUTZ's picture

Neocons are mostly Christian supremacists you stupid fuck.  You are a coward mouthing off behind your little laptop screen in your mommy's basement.  Makes you feel big doesn't it?  you little cunt.  If you ever said anything like that with me around, I would drag you by your hair into the street and rid the world of your filth.   You and your fantasy master race are not worthy of this country.   shame.

cowdiddly's picture

Weul I wuz barn'd a Coal Miners Daughter

On a hill in Butcher Holler

Ill Grab you by the Har of the Haed, an Swang you roun an roun.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

Jews not creative?  Mmmm..... Where do I begin with that..  Football, no, basketball no. But mathematicians, musicians, many and extremely good. .  I could continue, but I think creativity is something the Jews have quite a bit of.

And of course, they did invent Banking!

New World Chaos's picture

Physics certainly benefited from them.  Einstein, Feynman, quite a few others.  The Nazis tried to purge "Jewish physics" and ended up shooting themselves in the foot.  The Manhattan Project might have been the original Revenge of the Jews but V-E day intervened.  So they used Cultural Marxism as a WMD and it will ultimately prove to be more destructive than (limited) nuclear war.  Japan recovered from WWII.  Japan will eventually recover from their current problems, but with reduced population.  Western Europe might be permanently fucked.

Mena Arkansas's picture

Kristol, Kagan, Boot - every one a neo-bolshevik, zionist jew traitor.

Their only allegiance is to the tribe.

They have hijacked US foreign policy, the military and taxpayer dollars to further their agenda to destabilize the middle east in pursuit of a greater israel and ultimately achieve worldwide jewish supremacy.

They are neither republican nor democrat, but loyal only to whichever party promises to best further their goals.

ONEwarrior's picture

This is old news. Maybe new to the Dumb Masses. It's always been true that the Neo-cons and the Dumbos are the same. This election season just brings it more out in public for even the Dumbasses to see.

I like Trump and Putin. Putin knows who started ISIS.

cart00ner's picture

+1 Great article ZH, i almost forgive you for the 'nukes are fake' story.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

That certainly was an "alternative point of view" article alright.

I'm going to say that one was out in mid air floating like Wyle Coyote and flies just as well.

exartizo's picture

excellent article btw.

love all the fun words in it.... -ity, -ity, -idy.

WOD's picture

The world did end in 2012 when the Mayan calendar predicted it would...

Winston Churchill's picture

Couldn't have, it wasn't on the Lardassians.

cheka's picture

and that sheemitah....and those currency wars.....and the never ending impending war with iran.....peak oil.....lmao

Ban KKiller's picture

Oligarchy/Plutocracy 2016           Your vote is useless. 2+2=5. 


I'll count the votes and I will be honest. Said no one ever. 

chindit13's picture

At the risk of repeating myself.....


The Democrats are so dumb, they think they can solve Global Warming with a new Cold War.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

This makes about as much sense as:

Republicans are so dumb they couldnt nominate someone who can act like a grownup.

samsara's picture

And that would have been whom?

Got a name?


Cabreado's picture

You people are really still playing politics?

ZH commentariat slithers its way into mainstream...

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

At the same time, the Democrats have become the party of bare-knuckled, full-throated American Exceptionalism.

Really?  A party that wants to strip people of its rights (not the least of which is the right to defend oneself with arms) in favor of a larger, more expansive, more controlling, and more costly government is a party of 'bare-knuckled, full-throated American Exceptionalism'?

Either this guy doesn't know what 'American Exceptionalism' really is, or he's in a drug-induced fog.  The term refers to the special character of the US as a "uniquely free nation based on democratic ideals and personal liberty."


The modern Democratic Party wouldn't know democratic ideals and personal liberty if they bit the party square on the ass.

SwiffFiffteh's picture


I was beginning to despair that anyone on ZH understood what "American Exceptionalism" actually meant.

yogibear's picture

Reckless Hillary's emails already got one pro-US scientist  in Iran executed.

Hillary is a corrupt and evil bitch. 

samsara's picture

Can we get that substantiated?

navy62802's picture

Welcome back to the 80s.

mountain99889's picture
mountain99889 (not verified) Aug 7, 2016 6:33 PM

if you want to know why life in America is such a crashing bore. If you want to know why life is so irritating and you can't wait to die. It's because a bunch of no talent Jews took control of our media, and flooded us with the worst stupidest propaganda the world ever saw

cowdiddly's picture

I think I can wait as long as possible to die but with nutjobs Hillary and Victoria Nuland as Sec of State, for some reason I get the feeling I won't have to worry about it long

RockyRacoon's picture

If I'm reading the Der Spiegle article correctly:   "Nuland, who is seen as a possible secretary of state should the Republicans win back the White House in next year's presidential election, is an important voice in US policy concerning Ukraine and Russia. She has never sought to hide her emotional bond to Russia, even saying "I love Russia." Her grandparents immigrated to the US from Bessarabia, which belonged to the Russian empire at the time. Nuland speaks Russian fluently."

That's contrary to what the above article's author said: "And if a recent article in Der Spiegel is right, Kagan’s wife Victoria has emerged as a candidate for the prized position of secretary of state should Hillary win."

Am I missing something here or is there a major disconnect in the conclusion(s) drawn?

opport.knocks's picture

She loves Russia, she hates Putin. 

She loves to see Russia kept in it's place.

She would love to see Russia unburdened by economic alliances with troublesome border countries, like Chechnya or Uzbeckistan. She did Russia a huge favour by pulling Ukraine out of their orbit.

That is how much she loves Russia.

Savyindallas's picture

She loves pre-Putin jewish controlled Russia. 

RockyRacoon's picture

Edit:  Two down votes for finding a major flaw in the article....  And I wonder why I post at all.  After 7 years here I see that not much has changed:  Confirmation bias rules!

DuneCreature's picture

Ain't that the truth.

I don't even own a regular TV and I want to slit my wrists after a half an hour at the barbershop watching CNN or The Hysterical Channel.

Live Hard, Resist The Urge To Go On An Anchorman Killing Spree, Die Free

~ DC v2.0


mountain99889's picture
mountain99889 (not verified) Aug 7, 2016 7:29 PM

Washington Post - Irving Kristol Dies - this is Bill Kristol's dad, flat faced russian Jewish khazar - so-called intellectual - Was Godfather of the Neoconservative movement - http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/09/18/AR200909...

Public Broadcasting Station Website - Neoconservative founder Irving Kristol describes his youthful adoration of Trotsky - Kristol is Jewish but despises the Jews who clung to Stalin after the assassination of Trotsky - in other words Kristol abandoned the Soviet Union after the assassination of Trotsky - (Trotsky was Jew his true name was Levi Bronstein - Trotsky wondering around New York City in the early 20th century with 20,000 Rothschild bills in his pocket plotting revolution, it's a wonder he didn't get mugged. Stalin rightfully recognized Jew Trotsky as agent of the Zionist capitalist and had Trotsky assassinated with ice pick that was a righteous death). Neoconservative Kristol ditched the Democrat Party in the early 1970's - was a liberal Zionist but switched to the right to push Israel's war - http://www.pbs.org/arguing/nyintellectuals_krystol_2.html  - http://www.pbs.org/arguing/nyintellectuals_krystol.html

cheka's picture

confirms eustace mullins' analysis-- repug vs dimocraps = trotskyites vs marxists

Savyindallas's picture

I hope he is enjoying Hell with all his other jewish agitators and murderers. Look foward to the day he is reunited with his son. 

WTFUD's picture

Is it true that to join DAESH you have to pledge allegiance to Hollywood?; just like in Blazing Saddles

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

And, you should bring a whole shitload of dimes. 

Mustafa Kemal's picture

Mongo no go. Mongo stay with Sheriff Bart. Sheriff Bart first man never whip Mongo. Mongo impressed. Have deep feelings for Sheriff Bart.